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Abstracts of Wills & Administrations
With Misc. Notes & Refs.
Compiled by Genevieve Mary Potts
Columbus, Ohio

(Transcribed by Sharon Wick)

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ABORN, LOWRY of Providence, R.I. 
Will made 1-10-1830
Probated 3-22-1830 (in Rhode Island). 
Mentions: wife, Sarah; Children: Mary Barrows Greeno, wife of Ronedad Greeno; William Henry Aborn; Ann Louise Spencer, wife of Christopher V. Spencer; Lowry Washington Aborn; Sarah Tucker Aborn; Charles Bowler Aborn; James Anthony Aborn. 
Witnesses:  Benjamin Aborn, Thomas F. Carpenter, Philip Crapo. 
---Book 9, Page 357
ADDIS, THOMAS of Adams Township. 
Will made 4-10-1852. 
Mentions Jonathan, Jesse and Rebecca Addis; Eliza Ann and Sonnie Gessell; Betsy and Joseph Simons. 
---Book 9, Page 192
ALEXANDER, ANDREW of Union Township. 
Will made: 2-8-1815
Probated: 3-16-1815. 
Mentions: wife, Margaretta; Sons- James and John. 
Witnesses: Benjamin F. Stone, Elijah Warren, Rewett Varnum.  Executors Benjamin F. Stone; James Alexander. 
---Book 1, Page 280
ALEXANDER, JAMES of Union Township. 
Will made: 8-11-1829 
Probated: October 1829. 
Mentions: Step-Mother, Margaretta, brother, John. 
Witnesses:  Lyman Stacy, William Stacy, Benjamin F. Stone.  
---Book 4, Page 387
made:  4-27-1821
Probated: July 1821. 
wife, Cynthia Catherine; daughter, Cynthia. 
Amos P. Harvey, Leonard Foster. 
---Book 2, Page 214
made: 3-14-1831,
May 1831. 
 sons, Jackson and Andrew Allen; granddaughter, Claris First child of Polly Allard; daughters Polly Allard wife of Reuben Allard, Betty Bartlett, wife of William Bartlett and Louisa; also another son David Allen. 
---Book  4, Page 440
made: Jan. 13, 1824,
Jan. 1824. 
sons, William, Robert, Hugh, Jr., and Andrew Allison; daughters, Polly, wife of Frederick Davis, Betsey, wife of Morgan Wood, Sally, wife of John Morris; Grandchldren, Eliza, Sally and Betsey, children of daughter Alice (or Agnes) late wife of Elijah Davis; Sally, Polly and Asubah, children of daughter Hannah, late wife of Daniel Owen. 
Sardine Stone, Charles and Hester Allison. 
---Book 3, Page 155
NOTE:  Hugh Allison was a Revolutionary Soldier who moved to Lowell, Ohio in 1798.  He was born in Virginia in 1747 , son of Robert Allison, who was born in Ireland and died in Virginia in 1800, aged 104 years.
Lt. Hugh Allison married Sally Scott (1757 - 10-18-1823).  Lt. Allison died August 18, 1824.  Reference: Hildreth's History of Washington County, Ohio; William's History of Washington County, Ohio; Revolutionary Soldiers buried in Ohio.
AMES, CYRUS, of Belpre, Ohio. 
made: 9-8-1847
October 1847. 
sons, Cyrus, Jr., & Charles R.; daughters, abigail, wife of Charles H. Brough, Susan Ames and her children William and Azuba; Daughter-in-law, Mary, wife of Charles R. Ames, Sarah, wife of Cyrus Ames, Jr. 
  William Pitt Putnam, William W. Rathbone. 
---Book 8, Page 50.
ANDERS, JOSEPH, of Harmar City, Ohio. 
Will made: June 1852. 
No mention of heirs. 
Witnesses: Douglas Putnam, F. F. & M. A. Williams. 
---Book 9, Page 187.
Will made 7-30-1823
Probated: November 1823. 
Mentions: wife - Electra; brothers, Philander, Jared and Gideon (deceased).  Gideon's share to go to his children; nephew Alanson Devereux. 
Witnesses:  Samuel and Anne Beach.  -
--Book 2, Page 444.
made: 1827. 
wife, Betsy; Children, Hannah M., Samuel, Richard, Polly and Hetty Andrews.  Note:  All children minors. 
---Book 4, Page 208.
ATKERSON, SAMUEL of Fearing Township. 
Will made: 3-14-1850, Probated March 1850. 
: children, Hannah, Wate, William, Samuel, Ann, Elizabeth, Frederick, Maria, wife of Asa Perkins, Margaret, wife of Joseph Hall, Elizabeth, wife of William Kelly; Others whose relationship is not stated, Benford Croy and Edith Morris. 
:  John Collins, Charles Yeo. 
---Book 8, Page 380.
AYLES, DAVID of Aurelius Township. 
Will made: 3-23-1836
April 1850. 
Wife, Susan; children, Betsey Puth, Elias Ayles, Hannah Low, Louise Eitts, Palm or Paton Ayers. 
:  James Palmer, Thomas Flanders, Jr.
---Book 8, Page 401.
BAKER, SAMUEL of Waterford, Ohio - Physician. 
made: 9-30-1805
December 1805. 
Wife, Rhoda; children, Isaac, Seth, Samuel, Rhoda and Sally.  Witness:  Joseph Frye, Rebecca Culver, Anthony McCandlish, Robert Oliver.  Executors:  wife, Rhoda and William Gray. 
---Book 1, Page 58.
made: 11-19-1822,
May 1833. 
Wife mentioned but not named; children, David, Elizabeth, Austin and Levi, Jr. 
:  James Whitney, Timothy Cone, David Barker. 
---Book 5, Page 2.
BARSTOW, ISAAC of Newport Ohio. 
made: 1826
Wife, Frances; children, Cynthia and Adaline. 
Note:  Mentions his land in Mobile, Alabama. 
---Book 4, Page 95.
made 1832. 
:  Mary Blizzard, wife of Brooks Blizzard, she was formerly the wife of William Beebe, deceased. 
---Book 50, Page 5
See Note Below *
made 4-12-1834
Oct. 1834. 
Children, Nathan (oldest son), William, Margaret, Maryon, Elizabeth and Jane?.  Witness: Robert and Matthew Henry. 
---Book 5, Page 143.
BELL, JAMES of Salem Township. 
Will made July 18, 1850
Probated 2-28-1853. 
: Wife, Margaret; children, James, Jr., Katharine, Margaret  (Jackson, Alison (Carlin), Betsey (Hall).  Witness: R. Crawford, William P. Skinner. 
---Book 9, Page 357
made 8-4-1824
October 1824. 
Wife, Charlotte and child unborn; nephew, George Benedict.  Witness: Joseph Barker, John Stone, William H. Browning. 
---Book 3, Page 156.
Will made 1-11-1828
May 1828. 
Wife, Elizabeth; Children, Lewis, Lucy, Nahum, Dorcas D., and Susan Oaks. 
Witness: George Dona, Susan Oaks. 
---Book 4, Page 130.
BERKINSHA, POLLY of Belpre, Ohio. 
made: 6-23-1849
Probated: April 1850.  Sisters, Lucretia Root and Sally Polly;  Others, relationship not mentioned, Sarah Maria Hubbard, Diantha Jane and Lucy Dorcas Rosecrans, Lydia Goss. 
:  Benjamin F. Stone, Alva S. Hubbard.
---Book 8, Page 404
Will made: 7-15-1850
Probated Oct. 1850
Children:  John W. and Margaret Ann (Fleming).
Witness:  Richard Scott, John L. Smith.
---Book 8, Page 512
Will made 12-1-1825
Probated:  Dec. 1828
Heirs: David Buel, Jr. of Troy, N.Y. and William Bird of Black Rock.
Witnesses: D. Buell, Ed. E. Coe, Henry F. Baynes.
---Book 4, Page 320
BIRD, JOHN of Troy, N.Y.Counsellor-at-Law.
Will made: 4-20-1805
Probated: May 1846 in Harding County, Ohio
Mentions:  Wife, not named; Son, Clarence, also mentions a second son under 14 years of age living in Burlington, Vermont.  Other named in will, Col. Albert Pawling, Ebenezer Wilson, Benjamin Smith, John Hampden.
Witnesses:  Moses Hale, Stephen Barnes, Isiay Marble.
---Book 7, Page 357
BIRD, SETH of Litchfield, Conn.
Will made: 11-27-1804
Codicil: 2-8-1805
Probated: March 1846
Mentions:  Children, Minerva, wife of James Stoddard, Sarah, John, Herman.
Codicil:  To Angelina Sperry, who has lived with me since infancy. 
Witnesses:  William Rea, Rhoda Farnam, Urial Holmes, Jr.
---Book 7, Page 354
Will made: 12-25-1844
Probated: Apr. 1845
Mentions:  Wife, Rachel; Children, Katharine, Mary, Lovina, Rachel Elenor, John, Michael.
Witnesses:  Richard Scott, Isaac Thomas
---Book 7, Page 142
Administration dated:  Dec. 1853
Mentions:  Husband, Daniel P.; Children: Henry Martin, Daniel P., Jr., Frank Huntington and George Wells Bosworth.
---Book 9, Page 494
NOTE:  Deborah Bosworth was heir to lands in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, inherited from her father and mother the late Martin and Deborah Wells.
BOSWORTH, JOSEPH of Marietta, Ohio.
Will made: 7-9-1828
Probated: April 1830
Mentions:  Daughter, Mary Babcock; Grandchildren, George Claghorn and Sarah Babcock Bosworth, and Sarah Bosworth Fearing.
Witnesses:  John P. Mayberry, David Barber.
---Book 4, Page 322
NOTE:  Joseph Bosworth married Mary Winslow, daughter of William Winslow of Wareham, Mass, June 11, 1766.  They settled in Marietta, Ohio with their daughter Mary, who married Joseph Babcock.  Joseph Bosworth was a Revolutionary Soldier, the son of Deacon Jos. Bosworth and his 2nd wife Sarah Cobb.  He was born in Halifax, Mass. 11-15-1765, died Marietta, Ohio May 6, 1830.  Ref:  Bosworth Genealogy by Mary B. Clark, Part 5, page 638.
made: July 23, 1823
Probated: Nov. 1823
Mentions:  Wife mentioned but not named; Children, Charles, Daniel Perkins (a minor), Sala, Jr., John William, Amanda, Clarissa, Deborah, Selina.
Witnesses:  Thomas Broadhurst, Alfred Mayhew.
---Book 2, Page 440
NOTE:  Sala Bosworth died October 12, 1823, aged 58 yrs., buried Mound Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio; Deborah T. his wife *errata- this should be wife of D. P. Bosworth, born Feb. 10, 181_, died 1845; Charles S. Bosworth, died May 14, 1843; Sala Bosworth, Sr., a Revolutionary soldier (see "Massachusetts in the Revolution, Vol. 2, page 382)  b. Halifax, Mass., March 11, 1764, married Rebecca Perkins, Feb. 21, 1788 at Plymouth, Mass., died Mar. 27, 1847 buried McConnellsville, Ohio.
BOWEN, WILLIAM of Providence County, Providence, R.I.
Will made 12-20-1831, probated Oct. 1835.
Mentions:  Children, Elizabeth (Amory), Sarah (Skinner), Harriet (Morris), Maria, wife of John Whipple; Grandson, Wm. C. Bowen.
A bequest to Thomas Burgess of Providence, relationship not stated. 
Exr's: Henry Bowen, Wm. Halroyd, James M. Halroyd.
---Book 5, Page 250
BOWERS, HENRY of New York City.
Will made: 12-26-1799.
Probated: 1841 (or 1845)
Mentions:  Wife, Mary; Children John M., Rebecca, Harriett; Father-in-law, John R. Meyer, Brother-in-law *errata, this should be son-in-law, James C. Duane.
Witnesses:  John S. Henry, Abraham Skinner, Thoams Doyle.
---Book 7, 245
made 1-24-1820
Probated:  May 1823.
Mentions:  Wife, Louise; Children, Samuel Adams, Robert, Jr., Otis L., Sally, Sophia.  (Sally was the wife of ___  Pier.)
NOTE:  Robert Bradford was a Major in the Revolutionary War; born 1750 Plymouth, Mass.; married 1st to Keziah Little, buried at Belpre, Ohio.  He was a direct descendant of Governor Bradford. 
Ref:  Hildreth's History of Washington Co., Ohio.
---Book 2, Page 387
BRIGGS, ZADOCK of Adam, Washington County, Ohio.
Will made: 4-26-1822
Probated:  11-25-1823
Mentions:  Wife, Sally; Children Henry, Anselm, Zora, Marcus, Franklin, Sally, Polly.
Witnesses:  Sardine Stone, William Davis.
---Book 2, Page 430
BRITTON, JAMES of Fearing Township.
Will made:  12-15-1832
Probated: February 1833
Mentions:  Wife, Sarah; Children, Nathan, Levi John and Jane.
---Book 5, Page 3
BROUGH, BRIDGET (late Bridget Cross of Marietta)
Will made: 4-1-1822
Probated:  July 1822.
Mentions:  Husband, John; Daughter, Mary, wife of John Baker of Dutchess County, N.Y.
Witnesses:  F. A. Jett, Thomas Jett, Fannok Bryan.
---Book 2, Page 254
NOTE:  Mary Brough wife of John V. Brough, a native of Great Britain, died Sep. 7, 1807, aged 48 years.  She was the mother of Governor Brough, and was buried in Mound Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio.  Children of John Brough were John, Charles H., William P., Mary Ann and Jane (wife of Hugh Ferry.)  Bridget Brough, second wife of John Brough died 4-26-1820.
BROWN, JAMES of Providence, R.I.
Will made:  Nov. 20, 1856
Probated:  June 1837
Mentions:  Sister, Sarah Herreshoffe and her children; Nephew, John Brown Francis of Warwick, Kent County, R.I.; Nieces, Sarah B. Ruggles, Anna Rosa Mason who were the children of his deceased sister Alice Mason.
Witnesses:  Thomas P., Moses Brown, and Robert H. Ives.
---Book 5, Page 580
BROWN, NICHOLAS of Providence, R.I.
Will made: 5-3-1828
Probated:  November 1842
Mentions:  Wife, Mary B.; Children, Ann Brown Francis, wife of John B. Francis, Esq., John Carter Brown, Nicholas Brown; Nephews, Moses B. and Robert Hale Ives; Granddaughters, Abby Francis and Ann Brown, children of John Brown Francis, Esq. and Ann Brown Francis (his deceased daughter.)  Grandson, Nicholas Brown, son of Nicholas Brown, my oldest son, now living in the city of New York; Sister-in-law, Amy Brown Steele; Sister, Mrs. Hope Ives; to Friend, Partner and Brother-in-law, Thomas P. Ives, Esq; To Mrs. Sarah Balles and her son Nicholas Brown Balles (relationship not stated.)  Also, to Hugh Brown (relationship not stated.) 
Witnesses:  T. B. Fenner, S. R. Rathbond, D. W. Vaughn.
---Book 6, Page 382
NOTE:  Nicholas Brown was the Founder of Brown University or as it was once known Rhode Island College.
BROWNING, WILLIAM R. of Belpre Township.
Will made: 6-3-1850
Probated:  June 1851
Mentions:  Wife, name not mentioned; Children, Sophia, Joseph W., William (this son was to receive land in Mercer County, Ohio; Nephew, Archer Browning; Grandson, William B. Knapp; Cousin, James Smith of Philadelphia.
Witnesses:  Josiah Henderson, George W. Henderson
---Book 8, Page 587
Will made:  4-30-1793
Probated:  March 1836
Mentions:  To a friend, James Patterson of Marietta, Ohio.
Executors:  S. Barnes, N. Hunkley, Wm. Burndon.
---Book 5, Page 290.
NOTE:  He was a sergeant in Capt. Haskell's Co., U. S. Army
BUCKLEY, THOMAS, of New York City.
Will made:  4-30-1841
Probated:  March 1847
Mentions:  Wife, Anna, Children, John L., Phineas H., Mary Ann (Wood), Jane L. (Buckley); Grand-children; Mary Ann and Walter R. Wood, Edward M. and Ann M. children of my deceased son Effingham L. Buckley.
Witnesses:  Johnh C. Merritt of New York City, Wm. H. Powell, Thomas G. Stevens.
NOTE: Authenticated copy of above will sent to Marietta, Ohio in March 1847.
Will made:  10-12-1843
Probated:  Nov. 1, 1843
Mentions:  Wife, Theodosia; Mother, Siba (or Liba) Buell; Children, Mary Elizabeth, Susan (Ward), Edward Wyllys, William Hall, Henry Joseph, Charles Ferdinand Buell.
Witnesses:  Charles Shipman, Weston Thomas
---Book 7, Page 13
NOTE:  Siba (or Liba) Buell was the daughter of Daniel Hand of East Guilford, Conn., and the wife of General Joseph Buell.  She died at Marietta, Ohio aged 63 years.  Phoebe, consort of Daniel H. Buell, Esq., died 10-12-1843, aged 53 yrs.  Theodosia, daughter of William and Eunice (Fotte) Hall, was the second wife of Daniel H. Buell.  She was born in Colchester, Conn., died at Marietta 1-27-1875, buried at Mound Cemetery.  General Joseph Buell, father of Daniel H. Buell was born in Killingsworth, Con. 2-16-1763, died at Marietta, June 13, 1812.  He came to Marietta (Fort Harmar) May 6, 1786 - A State senator 1803-5, buried Mound Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio.
Ebenezer Buell, native of Killingsworth, Conn. born 1726, d. 1802,  He was either an uncle or grandfather of Daniel H. Buell.
Will made:  11-27-1830
Probated:  March 1837
Mentions:  A wife (his third).  Also, mentions there were children by each of these wives, but only on is mentioned, William P. Buell.
Witnesses:  John R. Gilmore, Eleanor Chambers Parker
---Book 5, Page 358
NOTE:  Sally Buell, wife of Timothy, died 8-2-1811, aged 32 years.  Timothy Buell died 2-6-1837, aged 66 years; Roswell, son of Captain Timothy Buell, died 6-29-1814, aged 19 years.
BULKEY, ROGER of East Haddom, Colchester County, also lived in New London, Conn.
Will made: 8-4-1819
Probated: May 1817
Mentions:  Wife, Mary; Children, Benj. R. Geishom, Roger; Grandchildren, John A., Augustus W., Elza L., Caroline and Aurelia Bulkley.
Witnesses:  James Otis, John Ishom, Ralph Ishom
---Book 9, Page 268
May 10, 1852
Mentions:  Talbert Bullard of Indianapolis mentioned as the guardian of her infant children, Frank C. and Henry T. Bullard.
Will made:  3-20-1853
Probated:  3-28-1853
Mentions:  Wife, Rachael; Children, Thomas, Jr. and others not mentioned.
Witnesses:  Joseph Penrose, Evan Smith
---Book 9, Page 376
Administration made: 1826
Mentions:  Children, Mahala, Mary, John and Thersey?
Will made: 6-15-1841
Probated: October 1841.
Mentions:  DAughter, Charlotte H., wife of John Bennet Burlingame; Friend, Douglas Putnam, the money received from his pension as soldier in the Revolutionary War.
Witnesses:  Seth Hart, Clifton Hodley.
---Book 6, Page 249
NOTE:  Christopher Burlingame, a Revolutionary soldier was born in Providence, R.I. in 1753, died 7-12-1841, married Susanna Putnam in 1787.  Their children were, Susannah, Persis Maria, Martha, Elizabeth, Lucy Sarah, Edwin, Rufus P., John Bennet, Christopher, Jr. and William.
Ref:  Year Book of Ohio Society, 1897 also Official Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers buried in Ohio.
made:  Nov. 11, 1837
Probated:  October, 1840
Mentions:   Husband, Christopher; Father General Rufus Putnam; Son, John B. Burlingame.
Witness:  Wm. R. Browning, Sophia Browning
---Book 6, Page 116
Administration of Estate: 
March 1825
Heirs:  William, Susanna, Ephiriam Burnsides; Nancy (his widow); Betsey and Susannan children of John Burnsides, deceased, Charlotte DeBolt and William DeBolt, her husband.
BURRIS, JOHN of Grandview Township.
Will made: 12-29-1848
Probated:  July 1850
Mentions:  Wife, Eleanor; Children, Benjamin, Van, Swearingen, Stancile, Martin, John, David, Martha, William, Nancy Elizabeth and my youngest daughter Lovina, my present wife's child.
Witnesses:  John Green, Jr., James B. Davis.


*William Beebe can be found in the 1820 Census of Fearing County, Ohio - Roll 95, Book 1, Page 267

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