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Abstracts of Wills & Administrations
With Misc. Notes & Refs.
Compiled by Genevieve Mary Potts
Columbus, Ohio

(Transcribed by Sharon Wick)


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Will made:  10-18-1847
Probated:  1848
Mentions:  Sister, Margaret Farnley; Brothers, James and Peter (deceased) and Peter's children Mary Ann (Mathews), Margaret (Locker), John Cadwell.
---Book 8, Page 101
NOTE: James Cadwell, born Billings, Lanceshire, England, died August 16, 1848, aged 65 years.  Lucy, his wife,, died 2-24-1838, aged 39 yrs.; Alice (second wife) died 3-5-1848, aged 59 yrs.
(only one date given, cannot ascertain whether it is the date the will was made or when it was probated.) Dec. 25, 1837, probably the date of probation as John Cadwell died Dec. 14, 1837, aged 57 yrs.
Mentions:  Brother, James; Sister, Alice Cadwell and Margaretta Fearnley (wife of Peter); children of of my deceased brother Peter, Mary Ann, John and Margaretta.
Executors:  Brother-in-law, Peter Fearnley
Witnesses:  Arius Nye and Arius Spencer.
Will made: 10-14-1834
Probated:  March 1835.
Mentions:  Brothers, John and James; Sisters, Alice, Margaret (Fearnley) wife of Peter; Children of Peter Fearnley (my deceased brother), Mary Ann, John and Margaretta.
Executors:  Milton Foster and Wm. A. Whttlesey.
---Book 5, Page 217
CALDER, ALEXANDER of Warren Township
Will madeDec. 17, 1848
Probated:  March 1849
Mentions:  Children, John, Alexander, William, David, VanBuren, Wallace, Philip, Margaret (Swan), Eliza (Slater), Phoebe (Tilton.)
Witnesses:  J. J. Hollister, H. H. Cole.
CAMRON, JOHN of Grandview Township
Will made: 6-24-1849
Probated: Oct. 1849
Mentions:  Daughter, Mariah and her husband, Edward Shapley.
Witnesses:  William Little, Wm. H. Young.
(Only one date given) probably that of probation of will. Oct. 1840.
Mentions:  Sisters, Rebecca C. Jencks), Huldah M. (Carter), Elizabeth A. (Danforth) all of Providence R. I.
Witnesses:  Nich and J. C. Brown.
CARTER, HULDAH MARIA of Providence R. I.
Will made: 12-15-1840
Probated: 11-29-1842 in Rhode Island, and the authenticated copy of Marietta, Ohio in July 1850.
Mentions:  Sister Elizabeth Ann, wife of Walter R. Danforth, Rebecca C. Jencks (deceased; Brother, Crawford Carter; Nephews, Andrew Jackson Danforth, Frances and Amos Toops Jencks; Niece, Sophia Barnes Danforth.  Witness:  A. S. Glaffing, Andrw Waterman, Frederick H. Clarke.
---Book 8, Page 444
Will made:  12-1-1819
Probated:  April 1846
Mentions:  Children; Polly (Cone), Hannah Wells, William M., Zenas, Shadrick, Timothy, Augustus; Granddaughter Eliza Alcock.
Witness:  Asher Allen, Richard Hussey.
---Book 2, Page 174
CASE, ZENAS of Marietta, Ohio
Will made:  4-19-1811
Probated: April 1811
Mentions:  Wife, Mary; Children Augustus, William M. Zenas, Shadrick, Timotny, Polly (Cole); Granddaughters, Elizabeth Alcock and Hannah Case.
Executors: August Case and wife Mary.
NOTE; Mary Case died Dec. 5, 1819, aged 75 yrs.
CHAMBERS, JOHN of Laurenceton, Washington County, Ohio
Will made: 9-7-1823
Probated:  10-21-1823
Mentions:  Wife, Ana, Children, James G. and others names not mentioned.
Witness:  Samuel Dye, Nathan Davis, Jr.
---Book 2, Page 422
NOTE:  Names of the other children obtained from a petition:  Thomas, Eleanor, Mary, Joseph, Hezekiah, Joshua, Sarah Anne, Hiram and Grier.
Will made: 12-10-1851
Probated: 6-19-1852.
Mentions:  Daughters Mary Jane (Preston), Caroline M. (Smith), Eleanor B. (Chambers.) 
Witnesses:  Isaac Kinkead, Edwin F. Preston, Ellen B. Chambers.
CHAMBERS, WILLIAM, Jr. of Lawrence Township
Will made:  8-13-1838
Probated: June 1838
Mentions: An only son Cornelius and a brother John, who is named as the guardian of his son Cornelius.
CHAMPLIN, CHRISTOPHER GRANT of the Town and County of N. Newport, R.I
Will made: 6-14-1839
Probated:  6-22-1840.
Mentions:  Wife, Martha Redwood Champlin; Sister Margaret Mason; Uncle, George Champlin; Nephews, George Champlin Mason, Jr. and Benj. Augustus Mason, Christopher Grant Perry, Nieces, Elizabeth Champlin Perry; Gr-Niece, Elizabeth Mason Perry, daughter of Ebenezer Champlin Perry; nephews, Oliver Hazard Perry, Christopher Raymond Perry, Christopher Champlin Chadwick, son of Ebenezer Chadwick of Boston, Mass. John Coffin Jones, son of the late John Coffin Jones of Boston; Friend, Thoams Hornsby.
Executors: Samuel Baker, Sonnie B. Vernon, Benj. French.
---Book 6, Page 102
NOTE:  As far as we can ascertain, Christopher Champlin was an uncle of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, who is buried at Nassau, R. I.
CHAPMAN, LEVI of Fearing Township
Will made:  10-11-1842
Probated:  June 1853.
Mentions:  Brother, Simeon and his wife Phoebe.
Witness:  John Collins, Thoas. F. Stanley
---Book 9, Page 447
CHAPMAN, SELDEN of Fearing Township.
Will made: 9-9-1839
Probated:  April 1840
Mentions:  Wife, Elizabeth; Daughters, Nancy S., Elizabeth A., Louisa M., Julia F.; son Oren S.
Witnesses:  Thos. F. Stanley, John D. Amlin
---Book 6, Page 40
CHEADLE, CYRUS of Wesley Township
Will made 3-15-1850
Probated 4-4-1850
Wife, not named; son Peter and other children not named:
---Book 8, Page 405
NOTE:  Cyrus Cheadle's father was Asa Cheadle, a Revolutionary soldier, born 12-29-1762, Ashford, Conn.  Asa Cheadle married first to Sally Gray, 2nd to Nancy Hersey and 3rd to Sarah Devine (or Divens).  Children by first marriage were Cyrus, Joseph, Sally, Martha, Asa, Trypheus and Tryphena (twins), by the second marriage Olive, Parmelia, Martin, Clarissa, Eliza, John, Asa, Jr., Louise and Pinney.  He died in Windson Township, Morgan County, Ohio, Sept. 13.
CHILD (or Childs), JOHN of Warren County, Bristol, R.I.
Will made: 10-25-1809
Probated:  Dec. 1826
Codicil: 11-27-1813
Mentions:  Wife, Eosevilla; Children, John T., Samuel, (to have land in Ohio), Nathan, Abigail M. (Lewis), Eosa A. (Gardner).
Witnesses:  Seth Snell, James Maxwell, Solomon Townsend.
---Book 3, Page 499
Will made 5-9-1859
Probated:  October. 1852
Mentions:  Wife, Lorana; Children, Huldah Melissa (Clark), Esther Ann, Clarinda Jane (Maxwell), Mary (Curtis), Susanna (Chamberlin), Grandson, Willialm F. Curtis; To the heirs of Timothy T. Clark, son of Edward W. T. Clark.
Witnesses:  Darwin E. Gordine, T. O. Learned
---Book 9, Page 238
NOTE:  Major John Clark of Quincy, Mass. died 8-6-1851 aged 84 yrs.  Buried Mound Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio.  Lorana, his wife, daughter of Enoch and Esther Shepherd, died Nov. 28, 1858, aged 84 yrs.
CLAY, DANIEL of Salem Township.
Will  made:  3-24-1823
Probated:  Mar. 1824
Mentions:  Children, Jonathan, Deborah (Wharf),
Executor:  Daniel Sanford
NOTE:  Daniel Clay, Revolutionary Soldier, enlisted, Rockingham, N.H.  Other children not named in will were, Sarah, Eunice, Daniel, Timothy.
CLINE, PHILIP of Liberty Township
Will made: Sep. 16, 1852
  Dec. 1852.
Mentions:  Wife, name not mentioned; Son George.
Witnesses:  John A. VAncoy, Andrew Cline
---Book 9, Page 323
COBB, SAMUEL of Boston, Mass. -
Will made: 5-20-1829
Probated:  Aug. 1842
Mentions:  Wife, Sarah; To Sarah Augusta Scott (now living in family); to Mrs. Elizabeth Scott and her daughters Elizabeth, Margaret, Helen (Scott) Stone, Harriett, Mary Anne and Susan; To late niece Catharine Packard, wife of Silas Packard and to her daughters Eliza and Harriett; To Louisa Packard (relationship not mentioned); To Lucy Cross (nee Base) wife of Nathaniel C. Cross and daughter of his late niece Calhoun Packard; To M. Augusta Selden, wife of Dudley Selden of New York, daughter of my late niece Bethiah Packard; To Louisa Binsse, wife of Donation Binsse of New York, also a daughter of my late niece Bethiah Packard; To my nephew William Witherele of Castine, his brothers Hoshua and John H., and his sister Betsey; To sister-in-law Betsey Inches, and to Susan Inches (relationship of latter not mentioned)  Brother-in-law, Henderson Inches; To Elizabeth Paine of Troy, N.Y., widow of Amasa Paine; To the daughter of my late uncle Eleazer Cobb of Brewster, Barnstable County, Mass., land inherited from my late father Samuel Cobb; To Benjamin Cobb White, and my niece Susan J. White, wife of William White; To Sarah J. Warner, wife of William Warner; To Joshua Witherle of Boston, and his children Joshua, William, John Abigail, Rebecca, Elizabeth and Anne Witherele.
Witnesses:  William, John H., and Betsy Witherele, Richard Robins, Harry J. Sargeant and Leumel Shaw.
---Book 6, Page 340
COLE, THOMAS of Providence, R.I. -
Will made 6-30-1828
Probated: Mar. 1846
Mentions:  Wife, Sarah; sons of my deceased sister, Flora Bowley; children of my sister Susan Comly (seven living.); To Thomas Coles Hoppen, son of Thos Coles Hoppen; to brother-in-law Samuel Comley, husband of Susan Comley; to Thoams Coles Peckhorn; To Sarah Coles Stanton; to wife's nieces, Sarah Ann Walker and Elizabeth Lyman; to Benjamin Gardner; to Barnard Eddy's four daughters; to Mrs. Mary Walker (my late wife's sister-in-law);to Thomas C. Stanton
---Book 7, Page 299
NOTE:   Sarah Coles died prior to June 6, 1841.
COLWELL, WILLIAM of Watertown, Mass -
Will made 3-3-1849
Probated:  3-26-1852
Mentions:  Wife unnamed in will
Witnesses:  Henry Walburn, Christiana Mehoney
---Book 9, Page 105
CONKLIN, RICHARD late of New York -
died Sept. 1832.
Adminstration of his estate made in 1836.
Mentions:  Wife, Mary; children, Mary, Cornelia B., George W. H., Alanson H., Antoinette, William H. Conklin.
CRAVEN, HIRAM of Wesley Township
Will made: 2-4-1852
Probated:  4-6-1852
Mentions:  Wife, Hannah; Children, Amy, Ezra, Manson, Calvin, Ezra, John, Lucinda (Stembrook), Ida (Harris).
Witnesses:  Thompson Walker, Smith and Ezekiel Patton.
---Book 9, Page 108
Will made: 3-28-1844
Probated:  April 1849
Mentions:  Wife, Catherina; Children, Hannah Jane, Margaret, John L., Eliza (Broan), Mary Ann (CLine.)
Witnesses:  J. L. and Henry Deterly.
---Book 8, Page 273
NOTE:  Monument Mound Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio - George Crawford, d. 4-14-1849, aged 67 years, Hannah J. daughter d. 7-9-1847 aged 34 years.
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM of Salem Township
Will made: 7-13-1843
Probated:  August 1843
Mentions:  Wife and children mentioned but not named; brothers; Robert and John
---Book 6, Page 464
NOTE:  Robert Crawford d. 8-5-1859, aged 63 yrs.
Lucy R., his wife d. 8-11-1813, aged 52 yrs.
CROFT, DEBORAH  of Fearing Township
Will made: 7-4-1830
Probated:  September 1838
Mentions:  Children of my brother Richard Smith, Jacob, Isaac and Richard; daughters, Esther Light, Phoebe Ferris, Sophia Smith; Niece Elizabeth, daughter of my brother Maurice Smith; Deborah Smith, daughter of James Smith, and granddaughter of my brother Richard; George,,, son of Ebenezer R. Robinson; Jemima, daughter of William Galbert; Elizabeth, daughter of Abram and Deborah Daniels; Esther L., wife of Ebenezer R. Robinson.
Witnesses:  Henry Smith, Stephen Smith, Elizabeth Lynch
---Book 5, Page 508
NOTE:  Deborah Craft died 9-11-1835
Only one date given, probably that of Probation of will, November 1819
Mentions:  Wife, Bridget, Father, Peter Cross, deceased a resident of Mansfield, Conn.; son, Lucius (land lying in Mansfield, Conn.)
Witnesses:  Obehiah Lincoln, Lewis Anderson, Daniel H. Buell
---Book 2, Page 156
NOTE:  Wade Cross d. 8-14-1819, aged 41 years, a native of Mansfield, Conn.
Will made: 11-27-1835
Probated: Sept. 1836
Mentions:  Wife, Nancy; children, Isaac, eldest son by first marriage, Isiah, second son by first marriage, William, eldest son by second marriage, John second son by second marriage, Asa, son by present wife, daughters, Hannah (Henline) by first marriage, Elizabeth (Carlin) by second marriage, Lucretia (Dain) by third marriage, Nancy, youngest; To servant boy Jesse Hessington.
---Book 5, Page 318
Administration:  1835
Wife, Mary; children William F., Adeliza, Charles C., Sarah J., James O., Mary, Lucy G.
(No book & page on this one)
Administration:  1830
Children: Hiram, Thomas Weston, Harriett Weston, Calhoun and George.
---Book 4, Page 466
Captain John Curtis, Revolutionary soldier buried at Marietta
Ref: Lytle's History of Delaware County, Ohio, page 378, also information from Delaware Chapter D. A. R.
Administration:  March 1824
Mentions:  Father, Samuel Chshing, Sr., (deceased); mother, Barsheba Beadle, late wife of Samuel Cushing, Sr., Wife, Almina; son Charles a minor and only heir;
---Book 3, Page 325
NOTE:  Almina Cushing, widow of Samuel Cushing, Jr. married second to Samuel Beach.
CUTLER, WILLIAM - Physician -
Will made: 5-16-1817
Probated:  6-16-1838
Native of Portsmouth, Rockingham County, N.H.  Parents, Mr. & Mrs. Anmar Ruhamah Cutler; brother Daniel Cutler; brother-in-law, Daniel R. Rodgres.
Witnesses:  Robert L. Thomas, Shadrach Twonbly, Josiah Webster.
---Book 5, Page 476
DALLIER, MARIA J.  of Gallipolis, Ohio (now in Athens, County)
Will Probated:  4-8-1800
To John Vandenbander, son of Mortimer Vandenbender; to Angelique and Alexandrienne Magriel (single women); To Mrs. Davis, wife of Francis Davis; To Lydia, daughter of Robert and Catherina Stafford
Executor:  Robert Stafford
---Book 1, Page 37
DANA, BENJAMIN of Waterford Township.
Will made: 6-17-1838
Probated:  September 1838
Mentions:  Wife, Sally; children, John Winchester Dana, Eliza (Fearing), Charlotte P. (Allen), CAroline and Eunice Dana; To Warner Shaw (relationship not mentioned.)
Witnesses:  John D. Chamblerin, Richard Gordon.
---Book 5, Page 511
Mentions:  Wife, Maria; Children; Elizabeth, wife of John McCracken residing in Pittsburgh, Penna, Frances, wife of Israel Archibald of Carrol County, Ohio, Mary B., wife of Meghill Dustin of Brown County, Ohio, Grace D., wife of Thomas Ewart; mention made of the following persons, relationship not stated, Charles and Jsph D. Clarke, both of Washington County, Ohio; Joseph, William B., Dorcas J., Asa M., Constance Ann, Nancy M., Isabell W., and Henry Dana all of Warren County, Ohio.
---Book 9, Page 398
DANA, WILLIAM of Newport, Ohio -
Will made: 1-6-1848
Probated: May 1852
Mentions:  Wife, Maria
Witnesses:  Jacob and Eeleanor Cook
---Book 9, Page 146
made:  4-9-1828
Probated: 1828
Mentions:  Wife, Mary; child unborn
---Book 4, Page 214
made: 3-8-1843
August 1843
Mentions:  Wife, Sarah; children, Sarah, Sophia, Jesse and Asa.
  A. F. Davis, Cyrus Anderson
November 1825 -
Late of Dedham, Mass., wife of Jonathan Dean.
Heirs:  Ebenezer, Francis and Balch Dean.
---Book 5, Page 465
Dec. 5, 1835
Heirs: Henry Delano, Elizabeth Broderick, Jane Armstrong and Claudia (or Clarinda) Delano.
---Book 3, Page 463
DELANO, THOMAS of Warren Township.
Will made April 1811, 1834.
Mentions:  Wife, Cynthia; Julia Ann and Lucy Angelina Delano, heirs of Amos Delano, deceased their father; children not named.
---Book 5, Page 114
made:  9-24-1823
November 1823
Brothers and sisters, REuben, Abigail, Lydia, Anna, Samuel, Eunice, Howard and Moses; a friend, Hugh Allison, Jr.
Samuel Beech, Oliver and Rachel Sheets
---Book 2, Page 443
made:  8-6-1834
Probated:  October 1834
Mentions:  Wife, Patience; children Belinda (Cook), Martha Jane Deval, Dalphron and Grosvenor Cook.
Witnesses:  John Pratt, Stephen Deval.
---Book 5, Page 142
DEVAL, GILBERT*DYE, JOHN of Lawrence Township
November 1825
Mentions:  Widow, Anne; daughters Sally, wife of Nathaniel Huckley, Priscilla, wife of John White, Polly, wife of Andrew McClure, Barsheba, wife of Benjamin Beadle; To Alpha and Philip Deval (relationship not staed; William Brown and Nancy, late Nancy Deval; Hannah Deval, Sally Deval and Silas Deval, children and heirs of Wanton Deval, deceased; Gideon, Wanton and Harry Deval (relationship not stated); Betsey Diery (late Deval) and Eleanor Diery; John Bourens and Electra his wife, the late Electra Deval, children of Jonathan Deval, deceased; Clarissa Cook, formerly Clarissa Deval, late widow of Joseph Cook, Jr.; George Dunlevy and Harriet (Deval) his wife; G. Gilbert Deval; Isaac Rice and Lucy (Deval) his wife; Solomon Goss and Polly (Deval) his wife; Wm. D. Beighton and Sophia (Deval) his wife (Polly and Sophia Deval were children of Gilbert Deval, Jr.) Harrison, Benj., Austin and Anthonlinda Deval, all minor heirs of Gilbert Deval, Jr.
---Book 3, Page 416
made:  10-21-1822
Probated:  April 1824
Mentions:  Wife, Anne; Daughters, Sarah Huckley, wife of Nathaniel Huckley, Priscilla, wife of John White; Polly McClure wife of Andrew McClure, Bathsheba Beedle, wife of Benjamin Beedle; Son, Gideon; Grandson, Gilbert son of Philip Deval, and Alpha Deval; Daughter-in-law, Sally, widow of my son Wanton, and her children Hannah, Alpha, Philip, Sally, Silas, Nancy (now the wife of William Brown.)
Executors:  grandson, Philip -
Witnesses:  Jonathan Deval, Seth Booker, Stephen Deval
---Book 3, Page 151
NOTE:  Captain Gilbert Deval died April 25, 1812, aged 46 years.
made: 3-19-1850
Probated:  9-2-1830
Mentions:  Wife, Elizabeth; Daughters Rebecca Spooner and Patience Moore, sons; Abner, Richmond, and Charles M. Deval; Elizabeth and Isbale, heirs of George Deval.
Witnesses:  Daniel Davids (or Davis), Eliljah Mason
---Book 9, Page 110
NOTE:  Abner Deval married Clorinda Mason, 9-2-1830  A complete sketch of their family in Genealogy and History of Hugh mason, William Mason & Family, by Mary Eliza Mason - page 88.
Will made: 8-9-1824
Probated:  October 1824
Mentions:  Sons, Charles (eldest), Barker and Francis; Daughter Maria Barker Deval.
Witnesses:  Joseph Barker, Robert Good, Anthony Hill
---Book 3, Page 156
Captain Deval was born in 1755, married Nancy Barker in 1776.  Their children were Charles, Barker, Henry, Francis, Sally, Maria and Nancy.
DEWEES, WILLIAM of Roxbury Township
Will made: 3-17-1839
Probated:  June 1852
Mentions:  Wife, Deborah; Children, Mary, Isaac and Sarah Doudna.
Witnesses:  Isaac Huestis, ELijah Hollingsworth.
---Book 9, Page 162
DEXTER, JOHN S. of Cumberland County, Providence, R.I.
Will made: 1-19-1842
Probated:  at Marietta, Ohio 3-1847
Probated:  at Rhode Island 8-5-1844
Mentions: Children, John Pearson, Eliza (Nightengale); Grandchildren, Frederick Anboynean Eddy, Mary Dexter, Ellen Evans, George and Edward Nightengale.
Witnesses: Albred Arnold, Ezra Kent, Mourning Rawson.
---Book 7, Page 466
NOTE: Correction - Ellen Evans correct name was Ellen Evans Dexter, she was the daughter of deceased son, and arrived at legal age in 1838.  Her mother intermarried a number of years ago with an officer in the U.S. Army.  John Dexter was 88 years of age at his death.  
DEXTER, TIMOTHY of Newburyport, Essex County, Mass. (Near Malden)
Will made: 3-1-1799
Probated:  8-5-1808
Mentions:  Wife, Elizabeth; Children, Nancy, wife of Abraham Bishop, Samuel Lord Dexter (who died in 1819); Brothers, Nathan and John; Edmund Plummer, son of Samuel Plummer, John Tracey, son of John Tracey, Esq., Joseph Somerby, Schoolmaster.
Executors:  Enoch Titcomb, Nathan Haye.
Witnesses:  Caleb Stickney, Joshua Davis, Samuel Plummer.
---Book 2, Page 148
He died at Athens N.Y. while on his way home from Washington, D.D. with his family.
made: 1-11-1840
Probated:  August 1840
Mentions:  Father, Thomas Dickerson; Sister Rebecca Dickerson
---Book 6, Page 85
NOTE:  Thomas Dickerson, a Revolutionary Soldier of 8th Pennsylvania Regiment - born October 15, 1757, married Margaret Davis - their children were: Rachel, Isabella, Eleanor, Thomas, Sarah, Rebecca, Joseph, Frederick, and Elizabeth.  He died in 1836 in Ohio - National #58066, Vol. 59, Page 25 - D. A. R. Lineage Book.
made: 2-14-1827
Probated:  July 1827
Mentions:  Daughters, Rebecca and Sarah; Sons, Thomas and Joseph A.; Granddaughter, Rebecca McKinzie.
Witnesses:  Henry Jolly, Olive Aplin, Isaac Parr.
---Book 4, Page 62
DICKEY, SOLOMON of Union Township
Will made: 3-13-1835
Probated:  June 1835
Mentions:  Wife, Margaret; children (not named)
Witnesses:  John Crawford, Joseph Humbold, Matilda G. Denham
---Book 5, Page 221
1831 (or 1832?)
Mentions:  Children of Aquilla Doan, Archibald, Elbridge, Henrietta Maria, Jiliana, Caroline Jane Doan; Jerusha Hill, wife of Harry Hill, formerly widow of Orgilles Doan.
---Book 4, Page 573
made:  3-13-1854
Probated:  date of probation not legible.
Heirs:  Sidney Dodge, Israel S. Dodge of Cincinnati, Ohio, Patterson O. Dodge, Collina N., wife of Sam'l. M. Dodge of Peoria, Ill., Eliza A. Glass, wife of John P. Glass of Lewis County, Iowa, William M. Brooks of Cincinnati, Ohio, Henry McQuinn (or Ormes) and Eliza McQuinn (or Ormes) of Oregon State.
---Book 9, Page 525
Following heisr mentioned in partition of land, John Dodge of Waterford, Susanna W. Baker, Sydney, Solomon and Andrew Dodge.
---Book 1, Pae 268
NOTE:  John Dodge, Jr. was an officer from Beverly, Mass., where he was born in 1748, and their married to Susannah Marsters.  Died Marietta, Ohio - Ref: Nat'l. #994 10-56206, Vol. 57, pg. 71 D.A.R. Lineage Book.
made: 8-1-1835
Probated:  June 1838
Mentions:  Children, Sally (Greene), Polly (Tilton) of Exeter, Oliver; Heirs of Jonathan Crow; Children of deceased daughter Rebecca Stone; Grandchildren, Wallace and Mary Dodge, Nathan and Dudley Tilton.
---Book 5, Page 478
NOTE:  Nathaniel Dodge, Revolutionary Soldier, native of New England, born 7-5-1763, d. 5-13-1838.  Enlisted in New Hampshire 1780 (he was born at Hampton Falls, N.H.)
The following information from monument, Mound Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio.
Rebecca Dodge d. 10-20-1833, aged 62 years
William Dodge d. 11-14-1825, aged 20 years
Dudley Dodge d. 10-19-1832, aged 19 years
Nathaniel, Jr. d. 11-20-1821, aged 34 years
Oliver Dodge d. 8-3-1836, aged 47 years
Eudatia Dodge, wife of Oliver Dodge died 5-12-1835, age 36 years 6 months
made: 11-20-1838
Probated:  April 1839
Mentions:  Wife, Catherina; sons, William, Jr., and Thomas.
Witnesses:  Charles S. Cary, John Vincent
---Book 5, Page 537
DOUGLAS, JOHN, ESQ. of Plainfield, Windham County, Conn.
Will made: 2-3-1824
Probated:  April 1830
Mentions:  Wife, Pamela, child unborn; Sister Olive Bradford, Sarah Kinsman and ___ Brouch; Nieces Olive Spalding (formerly Doolittle) Harriet and Susanna A. Brouch; Nephew, John Douglas.
Mentions property to be given to Theological Seminary at Andover, Mass. (He was probably the son of William Douglas of Plainfield.)
---Book 4, Page 316
DOUGLAS, WILLIAM of Plainfield, Windham County, Mass. and died November 1, 1811.
Will made: 2-11-1811
Probated:  Marietta, September 1839
Mentions:  Sisters; Olive Bradford, SArah T. Kinsman, Rebecca Branch, Abiah Smith; Brother, John Douglas; Nephews, Henry Bradford, son of Olive, John D. Branch, son of Rebecca, Douglas Spalding, son of Susanna; Nieces, Sally Adams, daughter of Sarah Kinsman, Joanne Kinsman, daughter of Sarah Kinsman, Julia Ann, daughter of Rebecca Branch, Olive Spalding, daughter of Susannah
Witnesses:  Aaron Gary (Capt.), Minor Spalding, Dale Edena.
---Book 6, Page 20
DRURY, ABRAHAM of Waterford, Ohio
Will made: 1-28-1832
Probated:  July 1841
Mentions:  Wife, Catherine; children, Elmer, Ambrose, Annis, Daniel, Eliza, Abijah, Isaac and Lovina Drury.
Witnesses:  Robert Legget, David Baldwin, W. B. Cogswell.
---Book 6, Page 252
DUDLEY, CHARLES E. of Albany, N.Y.
Will made: 12-1-1840
Probated:  June, 1845
Mentions:  Wife, Belinda; Aunt, Rebecca W. Wood of Lockport, N.Y.; Cousin, Catherine M. Crooke of Rhode Island and William Malburne Crooke of me.
---Book 7, Page 176
Administraton:  1827
Heirs:  John Duncan and Howell L. Duncan (resident of Virginia); Ann Cole (Minor) by her father and guardian Sampson Cole; Nancy Hoff, wife of Enoch Hoff; Sally Cole, wife of Levi Cole.
---Book 4, Page 174
Administration:  3-29-1824
Heirs:  Horace S., son of Phineas Dunsmore; Abner G. and Mary K. Heil, Lucius P., Adelina and Daniel A. Dunsmore.
---Book 3, Page 141
Will made:  3-23-1852
Probated:  August 1832
Mentioned:  Children of first wife mentioned but not named; daughter, Mary A. Green; son, Joseph A. Duvall; Grandsons, William Blackison and Ephrian Taylor Duvall.
Witnesses:  Wm. A. Skinner, Jacob Skinner.
---Book 9, Page 206
Will made: 9-4-1796
Probated:  12 -13-1796
Mentions:  Brothers and sisters, Stephen, Anthony and Martha all living in France.  Mentions that he was a native of Parish of Harfeuil, Province du Forest, Republic of France.  At the time of his death was a resident of Gallipolis (now in Athens County, Ohio.
Executor:  John Gilbert Petit, Esq;
Witnesses:  P. Bureau, N. Prious, P. Ferard.
---Book 1, Page 23
DYAR, JOHN of Union Township
Will made: 10-5-1824
Probated:  8-1-1833
Mentions:  Wife, Sally, Children, Joseph B., John Benjamin Franklin, Albert, Sarah (Otis), Esther Ann (Ridgeway); deceased daughters, Mary Jenkins, Harriet Dyar.
---Book 5, Page 54
NOTE:  Joseph Bumstead Dyar, son of John Dyar was born in Annapolis, Nova Scotia, October 1, 1800, and married 1st Amanda Hall (2-20-1802) on 2-22-1827; married 2nd to Abigial Proctor (b. 3-14-1802) on 1-24-1839.
There is a complete record of this family at Marietta Public Library and at Ohio State Library, Columbus, Ohio in "Bible and Family Records."
DYE, JOHN of Lawrence Township
Will made: 4-18-1817
Probated:  May 1813
Mentions:  Wife, Elizabeth; Children, Amos, John, Thomas, Jonathan, Ezekiel, Jenny Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Patience.
Witnesses:  John and Eliza Sharp.
---Book 2, Page 388
NOTE:  A complete record of the Dye family by Mrs. C. T. Sloane, Marietta, Ohio.  There is a collection of 18 boxes of material placed in the New York Historical Library in New York City, by Mrs. J. W. Dye who has made an extensive research of the Dye family history.
made: 7-19-1823
Children, John Washington, Daniel Hoff, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Moffett, Samuel Moffett, Susannah (Pierce), Emma, Hannah.
Witnesses:  Isaac and Abraham Hill, J. Sharp.
---Book 2, Page 439
DYE, JONATHAN Lawrence Twp. W-1851 pr 9-p 69, 95, 108, 486 B38, 112  
Wife - Fanny
sons - Thomas, Amos, Alexander, Samuel 3rd
daus - Matilda Wilgus, Elizabeth Dye, Jane Dye
bro - Amos Dye

Exr - Thomas Dye

Will made (or Administration) August 1 -1853
Mentions:  Wife, Fanny; Other heirs mentioned, probably children, Matilda (Wilgis), wife of John Wilgus, Samuel, Amos, Alexander, Elizabeth and John Dye.
---Book 9, Page 480
DYE, JONATHAN of Lawrence Township
Will made: May 4, 1852
Probated:  October 1851
Mentions:  Wife, Fanny; Brothers Amos and Samuel Dye; sons Thomas and Alexander Dye, daughters, Matilda, Elizabeth and Jane.
Witnesses:  Samuel and John Dye.
---Book 9, Page 69
*DYER, AUGUSTA R.   G-151 pr 8-p 569    
minor heir of John Dyer, (Jr.), dec'd,
now Augusta R. Huggins
Guardian - John Crawford
*DYER, JOHN W.   G-1851 pr 8-p 567    
minor heir of John Dyer, Jr.) dec'd whose widow was Rosanna D. Dyar and is now Rosanna D. Selby
Guardian - John Crawford



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