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Abstracts of Wills & Administrations
With Misc. Notes & Refs.
Compiled by Genevieve Mary Potts
Columbus, Ohio

(Transcribed by Sharon Wick)


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O'BLENESS, HENRY of Lawrence, Ohio -
Will made:  5-13-1842
Probated:  November 1842
Mentions:  Wife, Rachel; children, James, Henry, John, Phoebe, Eliza, Gertrude (now deceased) her portion to her children.
Witnesses:  Samuel D. Jones, David Jones, Samuel Dye.
---Book 6, Page 381 
OLYPHANT, ANNE of Newport, Rhode Island
Will made:  6-21-1828
Probated:  12-9-1829 in Rhode Island, authenticated copy to Marietta, March 20, 1846.
Mentions:  Children, Ann and David W. C. (the latter now in China and the East Indes; Granddaughter Ann, daughter of David.
---Book 7, Page 350
Mentions:  Wife, Margaret, Children, David, Elizabeth, John Wester, Giles Western, Albert, Danny, Margaret, Christiana, Thomas Ames and Henry, all these children under 15 years of age.
---Book 9, Page 476
Will made: 
Probated:  1811
Mentions:  Children, William, Lancelot, Mary, Minerva, Eliza, Robert, Anne (Quigley); Christiana, wife of William Burnham; Eleanor, wife of Thomas Lord and her children; heirs of daughter Mary, who married in New England and long since deceased; Isabel, wife of James Brown; Mary, Minerva, Elizabeth G., and Catherine Oliver, relationship not stated.  Margaret Waterman.
---Book 1, Page 192
NOTE:  Lt. Col. Robert Oliver -- 3rd Mass. Regiment - Born 1738 in Boston, Mass., and died in 1811 - Was a Representative from Washington County in Territorial Legislature in 1798.
Ref:  Hildreth's History of Washington County, Ohio.
Will made: 
12-12-1804 at Marietta, Ohio
Mentions:  Wife, Sarah; son, Washington, Discovery, Sarah (Davis) wife of Daniel Davis and their children Joanne, Edwin, Olney and Sophronia Davis; adopted daughter Jenny.
Washington Olney son of Major C. Olney born 2-16-1789, d. 12-12-1826 and Appia his wife, b. 7-20-1797 - d. 10-5-1852.  Their son was Rev. George Washington Olney b. 11-9-1821. d. 12-7-1842.
Major Olney's wife was nee Sarah Scott.
OLNEY, NATHANIEL of Union Township
Will made:  2-12-1818
Probated:  6-1818
Mentions:  Wife, Mary; daughter Mary Matilda.
Executors:  wife and James Whitten
---Book 2, Page 82
Will made: 
April 3, 1842
Probated:  April 1843
Mentions:   Wife Fanny; children Charles (and wife); Anny and three children; grandchildren John, oldest son of Charles Paine; Joseph, son of James Paine
Witnesses:  Edward and Dennis Ryan.
---Book 6, Page 437
NOTE:  John Paine was a Revolutionary soldier - (private in Rhode Island Militia)  Born 1762 - d. 1-8-1843.  Married Nabby (or Fanny) Paine who d. 9-18-1824.
Ref:  William's History of Washington County, Ohio.
PARKER, JOHN of Lawrence Township
Will made:  8-31-1819
Probated:  November 1819
Mentions:  Wife, Rachel; Children, Joshua, David, John, James and Joseph (all minors), Margaret (Gardiner), Mary and Elizabeth Parker.
Witnesses:  Nathan Mathany, John Sharp
---Book 2, Page 157
PARR, NATHAN of Grandview Township.
Will made:  5-24-1826
Probated:  December 1826
Mentions:  Wife Mary; children, Stephen, Isaac, Samuel, Benjamin, Jesse, Hamilton, Vachel, William Harrison, James H., Rebecca and Catherina.
Witnesses:  Oliver Aplin, Esau Dailey, James Williamson.
---Book 3, Page 510
PARSONS, ENOCH of Hartford, Connecticut
Will made:  10-10-1839
Probated:  March 1847
Mentions:  Children, E. Henry of Ashtabula, Ohio; Mary wife of James Dickson; Samuel H.; Thomas E. P. Dickson, son of his daughter Mary.  Mentions his eldest son who died several years ago and is interred in Middletown.
---Book 7, Page 454
NOTE:  Will probated at Hartford, Conn. January 22, 1847, authenticated copy sent to Marietta March, 1847.
PATTERSON, NATHANIEL of Adams Township, Washington County, Ohio.
Will made:  12-1-1818
Probated:  November 1823
Mentions:  Nieces Esther Patterson, Betsey Leamon, Margaret Wells, Margaret and Mary Patterson; nephews William, Samuel and James Patterson.
Executors:  Truman Ranson.
Witnesses:  Theophilus and Truman Ranson, Walter Hold.
---Book 2, Page 433
PAYNE, ABRAM of Salem Township
Will made:  3-11-1824
Probated:  December 1826
Mentions:  Wife Hannah (Lewis); children Hannah (Messinger), Tamnia Payne, Lucinda (Whiting,) Mary (Humphrey), Nancy (Stanley), Abram, Jr., Norman, William, George and Rufus (the last named not mentioned in will.)
Witnesses:  Joseph and Lydia Chapman.
---Book 3, Page 508
NOTE:  Cemetery record - George W. Payne died 6-15-1853, aged 27 years - Norman Payne b. 10-9-1797, d. 9-15-1857
PEET, SAMUEL of Waterford, Ohio -
Will made:  4-21-1808
Probated:  3-1-1809
Mentions:  Wife Mary; children Olive, Truman, Clarissa.
Administrators: Wife and William Gray
Witnesses:  Robert Oliver, David Wilson, Cook Deval.
---Book 1, Page 165
Will made: 
Probated:  Jan. 1823
Mentions:  Wife Hannah R.; children Thomas L. who was appointed guardian of hsi brother, a minor, William L.
Witnesses:  Joseph Barker, Nancy B. Plummer
---Book 2, Page 286
PERKINS, WILLIAM of Salem Township.
Will made:  5-20-1816
Probated:  May 1816
Mentions:  Children Asa (eldest), Samuel and Ezra.  Elisha Allen (relationship not stated)
Witnesses:  Benj. Carlisle, Ebenezer Tolman, Francis R. Stanley.
---Book 1, Page 295
Will made: 
Probated:  August 1842
Mentions:  Children Susannah, John, James Perry; grandchildren Andrew Carris and Margaret, the oldest child of my daughter Sarah
Witnesses:  L. P. Cook, Isaac Perry.
---Book 6, Page 378
NOTE:  Thomas Perry was a Revolutionary soldier - b. 1753, d. ca. 1842
REF:  State Library & Museum, Harrisburg, Penna.
Will made: 
Probated:  January 1853
Heirs:  are Trustees of M. E. Church.
Witnesses:  Marcella J. Morris, Mahley Morris, Jr.
---Book 9, Page 347
Will made: 
Probated:  August 1840
Mentions:  Wife Anna F. Pewthers.
Witnesses:  Joseph Palmer, Elizabeth Hiett
---Book 6, Page 84
PFANTZ, MARTIN of Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Will made:  3-5-1852
Probated:  3-13-1852
Mentions:  Sister Martha A. Phantz; Freeman Smith, Sr. of Marion, Lime County, Iowa (Relationship not mentioned).
Witnesses:  J. D. Cotton, M. D. Reall Payne
---Book 9, Page 101
Cemetery Record Martin Phantz born 2-27-1815- died 3-15-1852
Will made: 
Probated:  April 1839
Mentions:  Sisters - Maloney Wadsworth, living in Newark, Michigan; Betsey Blossom of Freetown; brother-Pierce Phillips of Freetown, Mass.; Friends - Mrs. Catherina James, Jonathan Jennings, Eli Iams, Lewis MacIntosh, the orphan son of Samuel MacIntosh, Rev. Aroza Brown, Robert Crawford.
Witnesses:  William Green, John Cunningham
---Book 5, Page 538
PIGNOLET, JOACHIM of Gallipolis, Ohio (now Athens County)
Will made:  9-20-1796
Probated:  1796
Mentions:  Daughter - Jeanna Francois, wife of John Parmintier to have his land in Gallipolis.
Executor:  His daughter Jeanna F. Parmintier.
Witnesses:  John Peter Romaine Bureaaau, Nicholas Orious, Joseph Winocus Devacht
---Book 1, Page 23
NOTE:  John Parmintier died at Gallipolis, Ohio 9-16-1796
PITMAN, JOHN K. formerly of Providence, Rhode Island
Will made:  2-3-1819
Probated:  December 1826
Mentions:  Sisters - Anna, wife of Jonathan Tiffany; Mary Dorrance of Providence, R. I.; Nephew - William Frost, son of his sister Susannah Frost (deceased) to have land purchased of his late brother Samuel Pitman in Providence; Asa Learned to have the cotton mill in Warwick County, Kent, R. I. called "Tiffany Mills."
Witnesses:  John Holden, Richard Salisburg, Samuel W. Bridgman.
---Book 3, Page 502
PITMAN, SAUNDERS of Providence, R.I.
Will made:  9-7-1799
Probated:  3-18-1840
Mentions:  Wife, mentioned, not named; children Maryy, Anna, Sarah, John Hannicutt, Samuel, Amey, wife of William Potter, Rebecca, wife of James Greene, Abigail wife of Ebenezer Johnson; grandson William Frost, son of his daughter the late Susannah Frost.
Witnesses:  Levi Hunt, John Holden, Stephen Harris.
---Book 6, Page 35
Will made: 
Probated:  August 1833
Mentions:  Children - John, Fanny F., Catherine I. (Shepherd), Amy Mitchell, Sally (Preston), Hetty (Tinkham), William S. (Reverend William S.) Catherine L. Love, formerly Catherine L. Kelley, relationship not stated.
Witnesses:  Susan B. Cotton, Shubel Fuller
---Book 5, Page 56
POOL, SAMUEL of Jolly Township
Will made:  7-22-1846
Probated:  9-24-1846
Mentions:  Wife, Mary Eleanor; children - John, Thomas R., Susannah (Pines), Jonah, Samuel, Richard, Sarah Eleanor, Catherine.
Witnesses:  James Williams, Seth F. Price.
---Book 7, Page 380
Will made: 
October 10, 18__
Probated:  Sept. 1845
Mentions:  Children, Simeon, Jonathan and other children names not mentioned.
Witnesses:  George Hartshorn, David Nash.
---Book 7, Page 251
Mentions:  Children - Savannah Adeline, Volumna, Alice and Sally
---Book 4, Page 101
PORTER, SIMON of Salem Township
Will made:  Date of will not given.
Probated:  April 1843
Mentions:  Wife, Elizabeth - children Simeon, Cyrus F., Louise, Mary and Ruth.
Witnesses:  Cyrus Spooner, Daniel F. Stanley.
---Book 6, Page 441
PROCTOR, NATHAN of Barlow Township
Will made:  1-26-1832
Probated:  April 1834
Mentions:  Wife, Abigail; children - Henry, John M., Phoebe (Henry), Lavannah (Henry), Polly (Gould), Mary R. (Houghland), Nabby Proctor; niece - Elizabeth G. Green.
Witnesses:  Smith Green, Jesse Lavtor
---Book 5, Page 112
March 6, 1855
Mentions:  Wife, Jemima; children - Polly, wife of Ralph Ingraham of Brown County, Indiana; Sally, wife of Peter Crow of Noble County, Ohio; Nancy, wife of William Crum of Washington County, Ohio; Betsey, wife of Jeremiah Burton of Washington County, Ohio; John Pryor and children of Iowa; Samuel and Andrew Pryor, children of Elijah Pryor, deceased, all of Iowa.
---Book 9, Page 611
Will made: 
Probated:  May 1831
Mentions:  Sister - Susan Burlingame and Martha Tupper; brothers - William R. and Edwin Putnam; niece - Elizabeth Tupper; nephew - Rufus William Howe.
Witnesses:   Jabez Davis, Martha Robbins.
---Book 4, Page 447
Heirs:  Susan Burlingame, William R. Putnam, William K. Browney, Rufus W. Howe, Persis Howe (all of these persons residents of Washington County, Ohio; George Browning of Knox County, Ohio; Samuel Browning of Licking County, Ohio; Abby Walker of Athens County, Ohio; Catherine P. Burlingame of West Point, New York.
---Book 4, Page 546
NOTE:  The will and administration of estate of Betsey Putnam are both given in this instance.
Will made:
Probated:  1-28-1842
Mentions:  Wife (widow) of Israel Putnam of Union Township (deceased); children - Elizabeth A. (Clarke), Helen P. (Duvall), Susan G. Putnam, Lewis P. Putnam; granddaughters - Frances Anne Chappell, Elizabeth Augusta Chappell, children of her daughter Laura Anne Chappell, now deceased.
Witnesses:  Caleb W. Fouts, William Russell, Douglass Putnam
---Book 6, Page 276
Will made: 
Probated:  April 1811
Mentions:  Wife, Lucy; children - Betty (Batchelder), Lucy (Small), Debbie (Fuller); granddaughters - Betsey and Lucy Putnam.
Witnesses:  Rufus Putnam, Ichabod Nye, Joshua Shipman.
---Book 1, Page 192
NOTE:  Major Ezra Putnam was born 1728 at Middletown, Mass. died 3-19-1811, aged 83 years at Marietta, Ohio.  Lucy, his wife died 7-20-1818, aged 87 years.
PUTNAM, ISRAEL, JR. of Belpre, Ohio -
Will made:  7-30-1811
Probated:  April 1812
Mentions:  Wife, Sarah (Waldo); children - Polly (Mayo), Betsey (Craig), Sally (Thornilly), Israel, Aaron, Waldo, David, George W., William Pitt.
Witnesses:  Com. Delano, Joseph Tilton, Beal Steadman.
---Book 1, Page 200
NOTE:  Col. Israel Putnam served as aid to his illustrious father General Israel Putnam.  He was born 1739 Salem, Mass., son of Israel and Hannah Putnam - married Sarah Waldo in 1764.
Ref:  Hildreth's Pioneer History of Washington County, Ohio and William's History of Washington County, Ohio, also D. A. R. Lineage Book - Vol. 13, Page 111, Nat'l #12286.
Additional note:  Sarah Thornilly, daughter of Col. Israel Putnam, died at Philadelphia, 6-14-1818, aged 54 years.
PUTNAM, ISRAEL, 3rd, of Union Township
Will made:  3-4-1824;
Probated:  3-4-1824
Mentions:  Wife, Elizabeth; children - Clarinda, Helen Penelope, Lewis Pope, Laura Ann, Francis Maria, and Elizabeth
Witnesses:  William R. Putnam, John Howe
---Book 3, Page 121
Will made: 
Probated:  October 1818
Mentions:  Daughters - Deborah Fuller and Betsey Batchelder; grandchildren Nehemiah Putnam, Lucy, Betsey and Jedediah Fuller, Betsey and Lucy Putnam, Katherine Crawford (nee) Ims.
Witnesses:  Ichabod Nye, Jabez True.
Executors:  William Rufus Putnam.
---Book 2, Page 84
Mentions:  Children - Lewis J. P., Laura Ann, Elizabeth and Susan Putnam, also Helen wife of William Deval.
Will made: 
Probated:  July 1824
Mentions:  Wife, Persis; children - William Rufus, Edwin, Elizabeth, Persis, Susanna (Burlingame), Patty (Tupper); grandchildren - William Rufus and George Rufus Browning, Samuel McFarland, Franklin Putnam, Catherine Putnam Buckingham, child of his deceased daughter Catherina Buckingham.
Executors:  David Putnam, Wm. Rufus Putnam.
Witnesses:  Joshue Shipman, Joseph Morris, Josiah Bodwell
NOTE:  Cemetery Record - General Rufus Putnam, Revolutionary Officer and leader of the colony which made the first settlement of the Northwest Territory at Marietta, Ohio 4-7-1778 was born 4-9-1738 at Boston, Mass. and died Marietta, Ohio 5-4-1824.  Persis, his wife was born 11-19-1737 - died 9-6-1820.  William Rufus Putnam b. 6-13-1812 - d. 5-1-1881.  Phoebe Wood Putnam, wife of William Rufus Putnam b. 1-4-1815 - d. 6-6-1877.  Elizabeth, daughter of Rufus and Persis (Rice) Putnam b. 11-19-1765 - d. 11-8-1819.  Deacon Rufus Putnam (William Rufus) son of Rufus and Persis Putnam b. 12-12-1771 - d. 1-1-1855.  Jerusha (Gitteau) Putnam, wife of Deacon Rufus Putnam b. 4-7-1777 - d. 10-3-1845.
Ref: D.A.R. Lineage book - Nat'l #31403
QUIMBY, DEBORAH of Fearing Township
Will made:  3-5-1821
Probated:  June 1835
Heirs:  Underhill, Elizabeth and Polly Lynch and John Wesley L. Brown.
Witnesses:  Sarah Craft, Elizabeth Lynch.
---Book 5, Page 218
QUIMBY, (or Quinby), PHOEBE of Fearing Township
Will made:  8-26-1830
Probated:  June 1835
Heirs:  Underhill and Elizabeth Lynch, and John Wesley L., son of James and Ziporah Brown.
Witnesses:  Ephriam Quimby, Abrahal Daniels, William White.
---Book 5, Page 219



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