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Abstracts of Wills & Administrations
With Misc. Notes & Refs.
Compiled by Genevieve Mary Potts
Columbus, Ohio

(Transcribed by Sharon Wick)


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Will made: 3-20-1852
Probated:  August 1852
Heirs:  Mother, Mary Johnson, Sisters, Matilda and Amanda, brother, Abraham.
Witnesses:  David White, Cummings Porter, Almira Porter.
---Book 9, Page 199
September 1845
Mentions:  Wife, Jane; children, Jonathan, Margaret (Reese), Jane (Brown); grandchildren, Charles F., and Phoebe J., McKibbins.
Witnesses:  Ezekiel Slagle, Alfred Doud.
---Book 7, Page 256
KIDD, NATHANIEL of Fearing Township.
Will made: 5-5-1823
Probated:  October 1824
Mentions:  Wife, Hannah; children, John, William, Joseph, Thomas, Isaac, Amos, Nathaniel and Mary.
Witnesses:  Abe Hill, John Sewers, Richard Hill.
---Book 7, Page 256
NOTE:  Nathaniel Kidd was a revolutionary soldier from Westmoreland, Penna - b. 1743 - d. 1824.  Came from Greensboro, Pennsylvania to Washington County, Ohio in 1805.  Served under Lt. Col. John Pomeroy - Militia.
KINGSBURY, JACOB of Franklin, New London County, Conn.
Administration: September 1837
Mentions:  Wife, Sarah; other heirs, James Wilkinson, William Eustis and Sarah Hill Kingsbury, Julia Ann and Ellis Hartshaw, Thomas Humphrey, Charles Ellis and Cushing Kingsbury.
Witnesses:  Jesse Lathrop, William Ladd, Frederic Ladd
---Book 5, Page 414
KINSMAN, JEREMIAH, of Plainfield, Windham County, Conn.
Will made: 3-22-1830
Probated:  August 1839
Mentions:  Children, Sarah, wife of Rosewell Adams, Joanna, wife of Benjamin Bacon.
Witnesses:  Joseph Eaton, Lemuel Spalding, Pamela Eaton
---Book 6, Page 22
KNOWLES, JESSE, of Belpre, Ohio -
Will made:  9-14-1840
Probated:  October 1840.
Mentions:  Children, Sylvester B., Cynthia A. (Guthrie), Esther R. (Knowles.)
Witnesses:  Walter Curtis, W. F. Pilcher
---Book 6, Page 115
Will made:  7-23-1828
Probated:  October 1828
Mentions:  Wife, Isabel; children, Jeremiah, Calvin, William, Luther, Robert, John
Witnesses:   Charles McIntyre, Isaac Brown
---Book 4, Page 212
LAKE, CAROLINE of Watertown, Ohio -
Will made: 7-7-1848
Probated: October 1848
Mentions:  Heir, Aunt Deborah Lake
Witnesses:  Abner Fish, Ansel B. Ford
---Book 8, Page 177
LAKE, EMALINE of Wesley Township.
Will made: 8-9-1840
Probated: September 1945
Mentions:  Heirs - Father, Peter B. Lake; Grandfather, Thomas Lake; Aunt, Deborah Lake; Brother, James Lake; Sisters, Caroline and Lydia Lake; Mother, Catherine Lake.
---Book 7, Page 253
NOTE:  Thomas Lake, grandfather of Emaline Lake, was a Revolutionary soldier, born 1760, son of Archibald and Mary (Bird) Lake, both of whom have revolutionary service.  Thomas Lake married Elizabeth Tertine, daughter of James Peter B. (1797-1874), Mary (Mrs. Daniel Dembor), James Ann (1800-1895) married David Williams, Martha R. married Reuben Morris, Deborah (1808-1856) married John Payne.  Thomas Lake was a native of New York, died 8-29-1854 aged 97 years.  Ref:  Hildreth's History of Washington County, Ohio and William's History of Washington County, Ohio.  Archibald Lake, father of Thomas Lake was born in 1720 in England, and married Mary Bird (b. 1728) and had the following children; Thomas, William James, George, Andrew, Sally, Marguerite.  He died 7-1-1798.  Came to Marietta in 1789 - Ref: D. A. R. Lineage Book - National number 263167.

BIRD, MARY, Mrs., wife of Archibald Lake was a Matron in General Army Hospital at New Windsor, N.Y.  She was born 1728 in Bristol, England - died 4-27-1796.
Ref:  D. A. R. Lineage Book, National number 263167, also William's History of Washington County, Ohio, page 464

LANCASTER, THOMAS of Salem Township.
Will made:  October 1844
Probated:  June 1846
Mentions:  Wife, Elizabeth; children, Elizabeth (Clay), Rachel (Pixley), Nancy (DeLong), Mary (Scovil), James, David and Benjamin Lancaster.
Witnesses:  Henry and William Schofield
---Book 7, Page 346
LANKFORD, STEPHEN of Fearing Township.
Will made: 9-28-1850
Probated:  October 1850
Mentions:  Wife, Anne (Littlepage); children, Thomas, James, Joseph, Anne Elizabeth (Stanley), Patience (Lane), Mary Lankford.
---Book 8, Page 515
LAWRENCE, JOHN of the City of New York
Will made: 11-9-1810
Probated:  March 1837
Mentions:  Children, John, Elizabeth, Mary, Emily, Frances, Margaret (the first two children by a first marriage, the three latter named by the second marriage; Son-in-law, George W. Hookes, husband of his daughter Anne;  Brother-in-law, William Tilghman of Philadelphia.
---Book 5, Page 352
Will made:  10-5-1827
Probated:  March 1837
Mentions:  Sister, Elizabeth Lawrence.
Witnesses:  Patrick Garvey, James and Mary Thompson.
---Book 5, Page 355
Administration made: 
Mentions:  Wife, Rebecca, children, Henderson, Minerva and Sarah Lawrence.
---Book 5, Page 279
LEAVEN, ELIZABETH late of Belpre, Ohio -
Administration made:  1831
Mentions:  Children Esther and Catherine Leaven to whom she leaves land in Athens County, Ohio.
---Book 4, Page 592
Administration made:  1827
Mentions:  Wife, Elizabeth; children, Lucius W., Edward H., Caroline (wife of Augustus R. Street), Nana S. (wife of the late Timothy Dwight), Maria; grandchildren, children of late son William Leffingwell- To the President and Fellows of Yale College, a farm in Kingsville, Ashtabula County, Ohio, which was leased to James Leffingwell by his father and mother, Christopher and Margaret Leffingwell.
Witnesses:  Lewis Hotchkiss, Alvan Wilcox, James Donaghe.
---Book 6, Page 16
Will made at Cincinnati, Ohio 6-4-1832
Probated:  October 1832
Mentions:  Mother, Sarah Featherston, Brothers, James, Henry William, Robert; Nephew, Samuel Leget.
Witnesses:  William W. and Anna Bachelor
---Book 4, Page 600
LEIPER, THOMAS of Philadelphia, Penna.
Will made 4-24-1824
Probated: 2-10-1830
Mentions:  Wife, Elizabeth; children, George (to have land in Delaware County, Ohio where he now lives), William, Samuel, Jane Duvall (aken), Anne Grey Leiper, Julia (Dunlap); Granddaughter, Elizabeth, daughter of his son James: Sons*-in-Law, Rev. Jacob J. Janeway, husband of his daughter Martha, Robert Taylor, husband of his daughter Elizabeth, Dr. Robert W. Patterson, Husband of his daughter Helen.
Witnesses:  Nathan Atherton, Mary B. Grey, William Glenn.
---Book 5, Page 453
LING, GEORGE of Newport Township
Will made: 6-24-1848
Probated:  December 1849
Mentions:  Wife, Louisa, sons, Augustus and Henry.
Witnesses:  William Rea, Abigail Valentine.
(Signed in German)
---Book 8, Page 372
LITTLE, KEZIAH of Belpre, Ohio.
Will made: 9-3-1811
Probated:  April 1814
Mentions:  Children, Lydia (Crane), Christiana (Tisdall), ___ (Cotton), Grandchildren, Theophilus, Lucy, Joshua and John Cotton, Robert, Samuel, Otis Bradford, George Nash, Betsey Seall, Maria Seall, Sally Pier, Children of Nathaniel Little and Pamela (Bradford) Little-Wealthy, Charles, Henry Otis, Lewis Bradford, Nathaniel, Jr., and George Little.
Witnesses:  Ebenezer Batelle, Jr., Luther Dana, Philip Green.
Exr: Col. Isreal Putnam.
---Book 1, Page 255
NOTE:  Complete information on this family from the Bible of Capt. Nathaniel Little, now owned by the Mayflower Society of Ashburton Place, Boston, Mass also Marietta Public Library "Bible and Family Records."  Nathaniel Little, was a Revolutionary soldier.
see D. A. R. Lineage Book - National number 162941.
:  1830
Witnesses:  Jonas and Andrew Livermore of Marietta and Oliver Livermore of Illinois, who were also heirs
---Book 4, Page 468
made:  May 17, 1822
Probated:  April 1830
He was formerly a resident of New York City,  later of Washington D. C.
Mentions:  Wife, mentioned but not named; children, Carroll Ansom, Henry Brackholst, Jasper Hall, Susan French (Ledyard), Catherine Augusta, wife of Archibold McVicker; Daughter-in-law, Mrs. Joseph (Elizia) Hall Livingston and her daughter Catherine Louise; Friend, Joseph Story; servants, Anne Grout and Mary Leamy.
Executors: Friend, Isaac L. Kip and Kinsman, Thomas Streatfield Clarkson.
---Book 4, Page 312
LOOMIS, LIBBENS of Cherry Valley, Otsego County, N.Y.
Will made: 6-12-1835
Probated: March 1837
To Libbens Loomis White and Mary Elizabeth White, son and daughter of late Dr. Delos White of Cherry Valley, and his wife Eliza O. White; Julia E., wife of David H. Little; David L., son of Eliza O., White; William S. White; To Robert Morris, brother of Thaddeus Loomis of Richfield; Sister-in-Law, Mary Loomis, wife of brother Daniel of Plainfield, Otsego County, N.Y.;
To the heirs of Freedom Loomis of Shaftsbury, Vermont; Brother Collins Loomis; Sister Abigail, widow of his late brother Alpheus; sister, Hannah, widow of Josiah Bunce, late of Syracuse, N.Y.; Sister, Polly Baker, wife of Elihu Baker; To Julia Seelye, wife of the late Isaac Seelye, and her daughter Harriett M.
---Book 5, Page 338
LORING, DANIEL of Belpre, Ohio.
Will made: 9-8-1822
Probated:  November 1823
Mentions:  Wife, Lucy; children, Mary (Beebe), Israel, Ezekiel Howe, Jesse, Oliver Rice,; heirs of daughter Charlotte Putnam;  grandchildren William and Mary Beebe and Elizabeth Putnam.  Witnesses:  Nahum Bent, John Scott, Sylvester Haynes
---Book 2, Page 435
NOTE:  Daniel Loring was a Revolutionary soldier, born in 1740 at Sudbury, Mass.; married Bathsheba Horn (or Harm) had the following children:  Israel, Charlotte, Ezekiel, Bathsheba, Daniel, Polly, Oliver Rice, Jesse.  Died in 1822 at Belpre, Ohio.  Ref:  Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution.
LUND, ABIGAIL - or Aurelius Township.
Will made: 11-27-1844
Probated:  June 1845.
Mentions:  Children, Sarah, Abigail, Mary (Danforth), Nancy Anne, Catherine, Isaac Taylor Lund; grandson Charles Doan, son of Sarah.
Witnesses:  Benjamin and John S. Carp, J. H. DeLong, William F. Cox.
---Book 7, Page 175
made:  5-3-1834
Probated:  March 1837
Mentions:  Wife, Abigial; children, Mary (Danforth), Nancy Anne, Susan, Catherine and Isaac Taylor Lund.
Witnesses:  George Wickers, Jr., John S. and Benjamin Carp.
---Book 3, Page 320



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