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Abstracts of Wills & Administrations
With Misc. Notes & Refs.
Compiled by Genevieve Mary Potts
Columbus, Ohio

(Transcribed by Sharon Wick)


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EDDY, FREDERICK A.   W-1848 pr 8-p 104    
of Boston, Mass. wehre will proved, 1847
Legatees are: Uncle John P. Dexter; Eliza Whipple, wf of John G. Whipple of Providence, R. I.; Mrs. Charlotte Leach, widow; Nathaniel Green of N.Y. & Joel Scott
Exr - Joel Scott
EDDY, FREDERICK A. -          
Will made:  4-8-1847
Probated: 6-21-1847 - authenticated copy to Marietta, Ohio March, 1848.
Heirs:  Eliza, wife of John Whipple of Providence, R.I.; Uncle, John P. Dexter; John Scott of Boston, relationship not mentioned; Charlotte, widow of Ezekiel W. Leach; Nathaniel F. Greene, Merchant of New York.
Witnesses:  A. G. Tenny, Frances N. Mitchell, N. T. Dow
---Book 8, Page 104
NOTE:  Frederick A. Eddy was a Boston, Massachusetts, physician.
EDGERTON, Luther   E-1823 pr 3-p 88, 303    
Family got support for 1 yr, but no names given
Admr - William H. Shipman
EDLESTON, Jarvis   E-1850 pr 8-p 517    
wife - Mary
"To all my children except dau Mary, wife of Thomas H. Wells, who has been provided for by property form her mother my 1st wife"
Execx - wife - Mary Edleston
ELDER, JAMES Ludlow Twp. E-1847 pr 7-p613, 615 pr 8-p41, 288 pr 8-p 600
wife - Sarah Elder
minor children - Sarah Matilda & Isabella Elder
pr 8-p 600 gives accts by their gdn., James Rinard; also, for James & Henry Elder, their bros.
Admr. - Richard Scott.
EDLESTON, JAMES of Harmar, Ohio
Will made: 8-20-1850
Probated:  October 1850
Mentions:  Wife, (2nd) Mary; daughter Mary child of his first marriage who is now the wife of Thomas H. Wells; children of second marriage not mentioned.
Witnesses:  Joseph Andres, Douglas Pittman
---Book 8, Page 517
EDWARDS, DAVID Ludlow Twp. E-1848 pr. 8 p 180, 267, 271  
Will made: July 4, 1848
Probated:  October 1848
Mentions:  Wife - Rachel;
sons - James R., Charles H., A Whittlesey & Bazelle (or Bezzele) Edwards
daus - Mary B. Scott, Prisla Bloomer & Elizabeth P. Edwards
Exrs - wife - Rachel & Alexander Bell
Witnesses - Alexander Bell, John McCay
NOTE:  It has been brought to my attention that this is DAVID EDWARDS, Not Daniel Edward as I had originally transcribed it.  I found the Record in a book compiled by a Genevieve Mary Potts of Columbus, Ohio.. 
ALSO: Gravestone says:   David Edwards - Pvt. Capt. Thornley's Co. - Ohio Militia - War of 1812 - 1792 - 1848 - Correction sent to me by his great great granddaughter, Sandy.
Click below for picture of his gravestone.
ALSO Click Here for Page 1 of Will and Click Here for Page 2 of Will -
Contributed by Sandy
ELLIS, EPHRAIM Roxbury Township        
Will made: 2-27-1849
Probated:  July 1849
Heirs: children, Susannah (Hill), Mary (Joy), Roxanna (Brokaw), Martha (Shrader), Levi, Ephriam C., Alfred, Isaac, Moses, John, Thomas J., and heirs of Joel Ellis.
Witnesses:  Charles Burr, John Shrader
---Book 8, Page 275
NOTE:  Ephriam Ellis was a revolutionary soldier, Continental Line, born 6-15-1755 - pensioned John 2, 1818, Washington County, Ohio.
Will made: 4-14-1825
Probated:  April l853
Heirs:  Wife Mary; children not mentioned.
Witnesses:  William R. Putnam, John Mills
---Book 9, Page 384
NOTE:  Information from monument in Marietta Cemetery;
Caleb Emerson, born in Ashley, Mass. - was for over forty years a resident of Marietta, died March 14, 1853
Mary, his wife, daughter of Captain William Dana, was born Amherst, N. H. September 18, 1786 - d. 3-21-1871
Will made:  1-20-1834
Probated:  April 1833
Heirs:  William Dana Emerson, Caleb Emerson
Witnesses:  Thomas Ferguson, William Dana
---Book 5, Page 118
NOTE:  Deacon Ephraim Emerson, native of So. Reading, Mass. died at Newport, Ohio, near Marietta February 1833, aged 66 years.  He was a Revolutionary Soldier.
Administration:  7-7-1853
No mention made of widow - children, Benjamin Ellis of Knox County, Ohio, Martin of Champlin County, N.Y., Martin Ellis and Diana wife of Stinson Burris, latter two of Washington County, Ohio
---Book 9, Page 486
Will made: 8-17-1842
Probated:  November 1842
Mentions:  Widow, name not mentioned and to Mary Anne Anderson, (presumably a daughter.)
Witnesses:  Levi Arnold, Thomas Coulter.
---Book 6, Page 377
NOTE:  Information form monument in Mound Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio - Captain Ira Ellis, born in Portland, Maine, died November 27, 1851
Will made: 10-11-1852
Probated:  11-10-1852
Heirs:  Wife, (name not mentioned; children, Elizabeth J., Thomas
Witnesses:  A. Sheets, J. M. Talbott
---Book 9, Page 257
NOTE:  Robert k. Ewart, born 12-16-1790 - d. 10-14-1852.  Mary, his wife b. 12-30-1793, d. 9-8-1870
Will made: 6-30-1795
Probated:  Sept. 12, 1795
Heirs:  Sister Anne Boler and her children; Abel Rice & Christiana, wife of William Burnham (relationship not mentioned); nephew, William Fairchild to have all of his land in Rhode Island. 
Executors: William Fairchild Magge of Rhode Island and Return Jonathan Meigs, Jr. of Marietta, Ohio.
Present - Josiah Munro, Abraham Whipple, Jesse Beache.
Will made: 1829
Probated:  1829
Mentions:  Widow Hannah - Children - (minors) Daniel, Levi, Joseph W., Samuel A., (of age) Hiram, Erastus, Polly, wife of Abel Dafer, Lucy, wife of Eli Gilbert, Jr.
---Book 4, Page 306
FEARING, NOAH of Marietta, Ohio
Will made: 10-5-1799
Probated:  April 1809
Heirs:  wife, Rebecca; children, Silas, Paul and Lucy (Willis).
Executor: (son) Paul Fearing
---Book 1, Page 171
Will made: 11-25-1820
Probated:  Nov. 1822
Mentions:  Wife, (name not mentioned), children, Henry and Lucy W.
Executors:  Joseph Mayberry of Parkersburg, Va. (now W. Va.), Levi Barber
Witnesses:  William Skinner, James Whiten and George Dunlevy.
Requests that he be interred by the side of his father, Ft. Harmar, near Marietta, Ohio.
Will made: 1-14-1800
Probated:  3-7-1805
(he was formerly of Waynesburg, Greene County, Penna.)
Heirs:  Wife, Mary; children, William and Minerva.
Witnesses:  Joshua Hudson, Geo. Grigsby, Wm. Hudson
---Book 6, Page 39
FORD, HORATIO N. of Barlow.
Will made: 4-06-1850
Probated: 4-16-1850
Heirs:  Wife, Lucy Anne and James Merrill (relationship not mentioned)
Witnesses:  William Beebe, Simeon Deeming
---Book 8, Page 402
Will made:  4-5-1848
Probated:  October, 1851
Heirs:  Children, Rosanna, Lucy E., Caroline, wife of O. Nellis, Louisa F. (Dunham), Chauncey, Daniel; grandchildren; children of my eldest daughter Harriett, wife of Gilbert Bishop.
Witness:  Alexander, Letitia and James S. Hendric.
---Book 9, Page 70
FORD, WILLIAM, Sr. of Wooster, Washington County, Ohio
Will made:  6-8-1819
Probated:  November 1823
Heirs:  Children - William, Judah, Chauncey, Truman & Larey Ford and Diana (Woodford); grandson - Giles H. Ford.
Witnesses:  Simeon, Lucy and David Deming
---Book 2, Page 427
NOTE:  Captain William Ford, Revolutionary Soldier, born Berkshire, Mass. 1745d.1823
Will made: 9-8-1823
November 1823
children, Joseph N., Anselm B., Amos R., Horatio N., Romanta B., Josiah M., William P., Mary A., Katherine B., Julia A.
Mentions land in Illinois.
William Woodford, Judah Ford, Simon Denny
---Book 2, Page 425
Will made: 1-6-1840
April 1840
Mentions:  Children - Tamzen, wife of Henry Gaddis, Rachel, wife of John H. Ralston, Mary wife of John Morris, John M. Forst; Grandchildren - Susannah, daughter of his late son Joseph. 
Witnesses:  Elias Pewthers, Daniel Travis, David Shinn.
---Book 6, Page 43
Will made: 2-7-1852
Wife, Jane; children, Lewis Dexter, John Milton, Hannah (Sharlott); Grandchildren, Rhoda Sophia and Samuel Lewis McIntosh, William Henry Wheeler and Mary Ann Foster.
---Book 9, Page 100
  Monument in Mound Cemetery - Milton Foster, died 2-11-1852, aged 80 years - Sophia, died March 22, 1843, aged 59 years. 
Will made: 4-29-1802
Probated:  2-23-1803
Heirs:  Peregrine Pitt, Frederick Augusta, Theodore Sedgwick, Polly (Putnam), Seraph (Dwight), Betsey Marietta (all children).  Mentions land in Newark Township, State of Vermont, now in the hands of a friend and his brother.  Son, Dwight Foster, Esq.; Also mentions an undivided estate in Wood County, Va. (now W. Va.)
---Book 1, Page 63
NOTE:  Died at Gallipolis, Ohio (now in Athens County) Peregrine Foster, August 28, 1815.  He was a revolutionary war soldier of Massachusetts - born in New England 1749 died 1804.  He was one of the surveyors for the Company of Pioneers who landed at Marietta, April 7, 1788.  In 1796 secured a franchise for a ferry across the Ohio River.
Will made: 3-7-1849
Probated:  October 1849
Wife, Jane, children - Patrick, James, William, Sarah (McVinnie), Mary (McAnna).
Harvey Holland, Arthur McGinnis, Richard Carey
---Book 8, Page 343
Will made: 5-13-1848
Probated:  March 1849
Heirs:  children, Elizabeth (Faris), Margaret Sanderson, Christiana (Lamb), James Frasier.
---Book 8, Page 251
Will made: 3-6-1837
Probated: June, 1837
Heirs:  Wife, Electa; children, Eliza (Buzzard), Melissa (Dilley), Delila (Posten), Electa (Hopkins), Lefa (French), Cynthia (French)
Witnesses:  Stephen Needham, David Rathburn
---Book 5, Page 386
Will made:  11-6-1834
Probated:  October 1835
son, Joseph French
Witnesses:  Solomon Dickey and Hezekiah Peck
Will made at Pittsburgh, Pa 6-23-1790
Probated:  in Marietta, Ohio 4-23-1791
Heirs:  wife, deceased (not named), Brothers, Peter, John and Samuel (and his children, not named); sister, Hannah to have his personal estate at Middletown, Lydia; Sister-in-law, Betsey and Sally Boardman, to have his deceased wife's property.
Executors: Father Ebenezer Frothingham, Brother Peter Frothingham
Witnesses:  Jacob Springer, C. Ormsby, Thomas Love.
---Book 1, Page 7
Will made: at Greenville, Ohio 8-12-1795
Probated:  at Marietta, Ohio 1-10-1798
Ensign in U. S. Army.
Heirs:  Sisters, Lydia and Hannah; Brothers, Samuel and John (and John's children).
Witnesses:  Piercy Pope (Lt. in Artillery), Joseph G. Andrew, George Strother.
---Book 1, Page 31
Will made: 4-18-1821
Probated:  July 1821
Heirs:  Wife - Phoebe, now living in Shenandoah Valley,,,,, Virginia; children, Phoebe, Leah, Gabriel, Rachel, Timothy.
Witnesses:  Ephriam Cutler, Samuel Brown, James Brown
---Book 2, Page 214
made at East Greenwich, R.I. 4-9-1791
Probated: at Marietta, Ohio 10-2-1797
Late of the Kingdom of Ireland, now a resident of Providence, R.I. mentions his brother Thomas Fulham, of County Eastmeath, Ireland, a physician who studied in the College of Edinburgh.  Also wills land in the Ohio Territory at Belpre, near Marietta, Ohio to Peter Turney of East Greenwich, R.I. (a physician), and to Wanton Casey of Belpre, Ohio (these men were also executors)
Witnesses:  Andrew Boyd, Miss Lydia King, Jonathan Gray.
---Book 1, Page 29
Will made:  3-9-1809
Probated:  April 1809
Heirs:  Wife, Zeporrah; children, Russel, Samuel, Moses, Stephen, Sally Porter, Leray (Sours or Sooers), Almire and Betsey (Fuller)
Executor:  Moses Fulton
---Book 1, Page 171
Administration: March 1825
Widow, Eliza Fulton
---Book 3, Page 316



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