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Abstracts of Wills & Administrations
With Misc. Notes & Refs.
Compiled by Genevieve Mary Potts
Columbus, Ohio

(Transcribed by Sharon Wick)


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WADSWORTH, BENJAMIN of Danvers, Essex County, Mass.
Will made: 8-1-1825
Probated:  December 1826
Mentions:  Wife, Mary to have dower land brought by her marriage, located at Lynn, Mass., inherited from her mother and father, late deceased); daughter- Betsey (Ruggles), grandchildren - John, Betsey, Elizabeth and Mary Ruggles.  Also, a bequest to President and Fellows of Harvard.
Witnesses:  Nathan Felton, Jonathan Proctor, Daniel Felton
---Book 3, Page 504
NOTE:  Benjamin Wadsworth was a Doctor of Divinity, and pastor of the North Parish Church at Danvers, Mass.
made: 12-1-1854
Probated:  March 1844
Mentions:  Wife, Eleanor; children - Utley, Jr., Edward, Sally, Matilda, Liddy and Lucy.
Witnesses:  James Ferguson, Rhomas W. Hill.
---Book 7, Page 56
WARD, ELIZA of Providence, R. I.
Will made: 6-30-1840
Probated:  Rhode Island 4-8-1845, authenticated copy to Marietta in March 1847
Heirs: niece Harriet E. Ward; to daughters of the late Rev. Stephen Gano; to Cornelia Halroyd, a married daughter of the late Stephen Gano; to Joseph Brown Benedict, to John Brown, son of Hugh H. Brown; to kinsman, Moses Brown Ives; to niece Eliza B. Rogers; to Joseph B. Rogers, husband of Eliza.
Witnesses:  Franklin and Richard W. Greene, Samuel W. Peckham.
---Book 7, Page 465
WARD, WILLIAM H. of Rochester, Monroe County, N.Y.
Administration: 1832
Mentions:  Children - Frances Maria, Joseph Buell and William Hand Ward; to Marian B. Ward, formerly Marian Buell, late of Rochester and deceased wife of William S. Ward.
---Book 4, Page 571
WATSON, JOHN of East Windsor, Hartford County, Conn.
Will made: 4-15-1824
Probated at Hartford 11-2-1824, authenticated copy to Marietta June 1851.
Mentions:  Wife Anne; children - John, Jr., Polly (Tudor), Sarah Ann (Perry), Nancy (Hall), Harriett (Watson), children as my son Henry, children of my son William
---Book 8, Page 589
Correction:  Sarah Anne Perry is a granddaughter
made: 1-14-1832
Probated:  4-16-1852
Mentions:  Wife, Mary L. - sons - James Louis, and John B.
Witnesses:  T. J. Westgate, Martin McCarty, C. F. Buell
---Book 9, Page 113
made:  3-18-1839
Probated:  April 1839
Requests that he be buried according to the rites of the Roman Catholic Church.  Specifies that his brother James support their mother
Executors:  James Waters, Michael Tarpy
Witnesses:  James McCaffrey, Michael Kelley
---Book 6, Page 534
made: 6-7-1852
Probated:  11-17-1852
Mentions:  Wife Hannah; children - Mary, Susannah, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Harriett, Timothy, William Case, Polly Hannah, Julia Adelia Wells,
Witnesses:  John and J. H. Broadhurst
---Book 9, Page 252
August 1840 (date of probation only)
Mentions:  Wife, Eliza Anne to have the land which he inherited from his parents in Huntington County, Pennsylvania
Witnesses:  Otis Wheeler, Robert Crawford
---Book 6, Page 86
NOTE:  Cemetery record - Samuel Weston d. 4-22-1840-aged 26 yrs.
WHIPPLE, ABRAHAM of Fearing Township
Will made:  1-23-1813
Probated:  July 1819
Mentions:  Wife, Sarah; daughter Katherine, widow of Col. Ebenezer Sproat; grandchildren Ebenezer Sproat Sibley and Henry Hastings Sibley to have a quadrant and sword belonging to their illustrious grandfather.
Witnesses:  Andrew Harris, Solomon Sibley.
---Book 2, Page 138
NOTE:  Cemetery record - Abraham Whipple, Commodore of the Rhode Island Fleet in the Revolutionary war, conducted to sea the first square rigged vessel built on the Ohio River at Marietta, thus opening commerce resources.  Born 9-26-1733, died 5-27-1819.
Mrs. Sarah Whipple, his wife died 10-14-1818, aged 79 years.  She was a native of Providence, R.I.
WHIPPLE, LEVI late of Muskingum County, Ohio.
Will made: 4-15-1845
Probated:  June 1845
Mentions:  Wife Eliza; children - Warner W., Edward Augustus and his wife Anne, and their children Anne Eliza, Sarah and Levi; Eliza W. (Putnam); Francis R.; Lucy R. (Allen); William Wells; Lucy Maria; nephew Rev. George Warner; son-in-law Douglas Putnam.
Witnesses:  Augustus Stone, David Putnam, Jr.
---Book 7, Page 179
Correction:  Lucy Maria Whipple was a niece, not a daughter.
WHITE, JOHN H. of Fearing Township.
Will  made: 4-18-1827
Probated:  July 1827
Mentions:  Wife, Matilda; children - George L., Mary Ann, James Howell, Edward Howell, Abraham Whipple, Isaac William Hannah Matilda and Esther Leven White.
Witnesses:  Silas Hobby, Abraham Daniels
---Book 4, Page 63
Will made: 1-3-1846
Probated:  October 1849
No heirs mentioned.
Witnesses:  Wm. Cline, Sam'l. Burgess
---Book 8, Page 345
WHITLOCK, MARIA of Fearing Township
Will made: 6-2-1848
Probated:  October 1850
Mentions:  Sister Sophia, wife of John Collins,
Witnesses:  W. J. Morris, Joseph G. Collins.
---Book 8, Page 517
WHITLOCK (or Whitlock), WILLIAM of Fearing Township.
Will made:  9-14-1822
Probated:  November 1822
Mentions: Children - Henry, Elizabeth, John, William, Samuel, Sophia and Maria.
Present:  John True and Mary Anne Fisher
---Book 2, Page 269
WILKES, CHARLES of New York City.
Will made:  6-9-1833
Probated:  March 1835
Mentions:  Wife, Janet; children - Charlotte (Jeffrey), Fanny (Golden), Horatio, George, Hamilton; niece ELiza Henry; nephews John, Henry Wilkes, Edmund and Charles Wilkes; friend Chas. R. Cadman of Boston.
---Book 5, Page 176
made in 1825
Probated: 1826
Heirs - George J. Willard, Caroline (wife of Henry P. wilcox; Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Carpenter of New York City; Joseph Willard of Pike County, Ohio; Ellen Willard of New York City; Peter Willard of Harkersburg, Va. (now West Virginia). 
NOTE:  The last three mentioned are children of Joseph Willard
---Book 4, Page 52
Will Probated: June 15, 1805
Mentions:  Wife, Martha; children - William and Alvin or Alvira.
Executor:  Simeon Demming
Witnesses:  Simeon Starling and Simeon Starling, Sr.
---Book 1, Page 65
WILLIAMSON, MOSES of Grandview Township.
Probated:  1-22-1804
Mentions:  Wife, Christena; other heirs Jacob, son of Andrew Brown; David, son of Jeremiah Williamson (deceased); Susanna, mother of Jacob Brown and wife of Andrew.
Executors:  Christena William, and his brother Samuel
Witnesses:  James Riggs, Anthony Sheets, John Collins, Isaac Wilson.
---Book 1, Page 78
Will Probated: 
Heir:  William Pitt Racer.
Witnesses:  Royal Prentis, Feliz Regnier, Jonathan Jennings
---Book 8, Page 452
NOTE:  Robert Williamson died 6-3-1830, aged 86 years.
WILLIAMSON, SAMUEL of Grandview Township.
Will made: 11-14-1807
Mentions:  Wife, Deborah; children - Moses, James, William, Samuel, Ruth, Jane (Caldwell), Elizabeth (Bryson), Sarah Williamson.
Witnesses:  Philip Whitten, James Riggs, Henry Jolly
NOTE:  Samuel Williamson was a Revolutionary soldier - Ensign 1778 in Virginia Militia.  B. 1745; married Sarah Claypool - died 1808.
Ref: D. A. R. Lineage book Vol. 66, Pg. 156, Nat'l #65458
WILSON, AMOS of Adams Township
Will made: 5-14-1837
Probated:  June 1837
Mentions:  Wife, Elizabeth; children - Newell, Nelson, Lorenzo, Charles, Eliza, Polly (Lewis); grandchild Emeline Lake.
Witnesses:  George Bowen, Wm. A. Whittlesey
---Book 5, Page 384
Mentions:  Widow, Jane now residing in Noble County, Ohio; children - Rhoda Elizabeth, Eleanor Eliza, Nancy Delila, Wm. Alonzo, all children under the age of 15 years.
NOTE:  Jane Wilson, widow later married John C. Paxton
---Book 9, Page 491



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