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Abstracts of Wills & Administrations
With Misc. Notes & Refs.
Compiled by Genevieve Mary Potts
Columbus, Ohio

(Transcribed by Sharon Wick)


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RACE, WILLIAM of Wesley Township.
Will made: 8-9-1840
Probated:  8-9-1841
Heirs:  David and Jane Amanda Hart (husband and wife) and William R. Hart, their son; Charles Bowman; John Duck; Wife, Letitia to have land in Columbiana County, Ohio
---Book 6, Page 250
Mar. 13, 1855
Heirs:  Edward, Elias, William, Winchester, Zachariah, Jacob, Elizabeth (wife of James Mummey) and Mary (wife of Samuel Brown, all of Noble County, Ohio
---Book 9, Page 616
RAMBO, JACOB of Waterford
Will made:  6-20-1803
Probated:  9-7-1803
Mentions:  Wife Catherine; son Jackson (other sons mentioned, not named), grandson Jacob Rambo, son of Rebecca Turley. 
Witnesses:  Ezekiel Denning, Wm. W. Williams, Jesse McFarlin.
Will made:
Probated:  September 1838
Mentions:  Wife Anna; children - Edmund, Marcey Frances, David, Daniel, Elzy (Cole), Hiram, Willialm, Lavina (Lepy), Elvira and John C. Rathbun.
---Book 5, Page 510
RAYNE, GABRIEL of Barlow, Ohio
Will made:  7-7-1836
Probated:  April 1839
Mentions:  Children - Abigail (Eliason), John, Samuel, William, Joseph and Gabriel Payne, Hannah (Pugh).
Witnesses:  Horatio Ford, Isaac Castle, Wm. Woodward.
---Book 5, Page 535
NOTE:  Query - Should this name be Rayne or Payne.  The name heading the will was Rayne, but the names of the heirs in the body of the will was Payne.)
Will made: 
Probated:  2-16-1852
Mentions:  Wife, Sarah; Children - Daniel, Abraham, John, Benedict, Thomas, EMily (Larue), Elizabeth (Blackley), Phobe (Knepper) Minerva (Knepper), Catherine (Knepper), and heis of my deceased daughter Rebecca Thompson.
Witnesses:  L. B. Smith, L. F. Smith
---Book 9, Page 102
Will made: 
Probated:  April 1841
Mentions:  Wife, Jemima; children - Zelpha, Thomas, Subrina, Lucy.
Witnesses:  Joel Stacy, Sophia Wood
---Book 6, Page 150
NOTE:  Nathan Rice was a Revolutionary soldier in Capt. John Nixon's Company of Minute Men, Col. John Nixon's Reg't.  Born in Vermont in 1763, married Jemima McClure - died in 1841.
Ref:  D.A.R. Lineage Book 66 - page 224, Nat'l. #65663
RICE, OLIVER of Belpre, Ohio -
Will made:  December 1836
Probated:  10-29-1836
Mentions:  Granddaughter, Abigail Rice Brown, daughter of Ann Brown; nieces - Mary, wife of Cyrus Ames, Esq., Betsy, wife of Wm. T. Howe, late of Belpre; nephew - Oliver Rice, son of his late brother Charles; friends - Andrew Ballard and his wife Olive, Oliver Rice Loving, William Pitt Putnam, Cyrus Ames, Mary, wife of Brooks Blizzard.
Executors:  Brooks Blizzard and William M. Niles
---Book 5, Page 331
NOTE:  Major Oliver Rice in Col. John Nixon's Regiment, born 1752 in Massachusetts, died 1836, Belpre, Ohio.
RICE, THOMAS of Providence, Rhode Island, (now) formerly of Warwick, County Kent, Rhode Island -
Will Probated:  (or made?) 1-12-1798, authenticated copy to Marietta September 1845
Mentions:  Late wife, Anne; sister - Barbara, wife of Benjamin Arnold; brother - Henry Rice and his grandson Thomas Rice Stafford; nieces - Elizabeth, wife of Michael Mellone (Malone) and daughter of my brother Henry; Martha wife of John Stafford, and daughter of my brother Henry; Nephew - Thomas, son of my deceased sister (name not mentioned); Caleb, son of my brother Henry Rice; John Rice Arnold, son of my sister Barbara and her husband Benjamin Arnold; To Elizabeth, wife of Job Carpenter and to Rebecca daughter of Caleb Hill, Esq. of North Kingston, R. I. (relationship not mentioned.)
Witnesses:  David Wightman, Peleg Wilburn, John Rice.
---Book 7, Page 242
Will made: 
Probated:  June 1815
Mentions:  Wife, Mary; children - Basil, John, Edmund, Samuel, Maye (Sneetz), Mary (Ridgeway), Jane (Williamson.); granddaughter of Martin and Maye Sheetz. 
Executor:  Edmund Piggs
Witnesses:  Richard Talbot, Henry Jolly, Martin Sheetz, John Collins.
---Book 1, Page 281
NOTE:  James Riggs was a Revolutionary soldier in the Pennsylvania Regulars.  Born 1742 at Rock Creek, Montgomery County, Maryland, later lived in Bedford County, Pa.
Will made: 
Mar. 1846
Mentions:  Children - John, William Elizabeth, wife of Abner McGee, Mary, wife of George Posey, Susan, wife of Ezekiel Hoskinson.
---Book 7, Page 303
made:  3-3-1841
Probated: October, 1841
Mentions:  Wife, Betsey.
Witnesses:  Oliver Woodward, Jr., William Riley, Julian Riley
---Book 6, Page 251
made: 5-3-1841
Probated:  October 1841
Mentions:  Wife, Pamela and her son Adolphus
Witnesses:  James L. Baldwin, ELijah Mason
---Book 6, Page 248
made: 4-12-1838
Probated: Sep. 1839
Heirs:  Late father Ebenezer Sweet of Deerfield, Massachusetts.
Witnesses:  John Crawford, Walter Ward
---Book 6, Page 24
Heirs:  Emeline, Reuben, Elizabeth and Leon W. Robbins; wife Charity C.
---Book 4, Page 464
Heirs:  Emeline, Reuben, Elizabeth and Leon W. Robbins; wife Charity C.
---Book 4, Page 464
made: 9-2-1823
November 1823
Mentions:  Wife, Patty; six children mentioned but not named - all minors.
Witnesses:  Robert Carwford, Asa Beach
NOTE:Cemetery records - Rev. Samuel Robbins, son of Rev. Samuel Robbins born at Marietta August 25, 1611, was a missionary to Siam for four years.  Died July 6, 1846, Martha Read, daughter of Deacon Luther Pierce of Connecticut, wife of Rev. Samuel P. Robbins, died 8-18-1841, aged 28 years and three months.  Infant son of S. and M. Robbins, named Joseph Emerson.  Rev. Samuel P. Robbins, Pastor of the Congregational Church at Marietta, Ohio died 9-2-1823, aged 47 years.  Martha (Burlingame) Robbins, second wife of Rev. Samuel P. Robbins, born at Campus Martius, Marietta, Ohio 8-19-1792 - married Rev. Robbins September 1810 - died 12-19-1872, aged 80 years.
(Correction- This name should be Samuel Prince Robbins)
ROGER, BATHSHEBA of Belpre, Ohio
Will made: 6-23-1807
Probated:  Not given
Mentioned:  Children- Daniel Dunham and Bathsheba (Tilton).  Grandchildren - William and Sarah Wright.
Witnesses:  Edward Halsey, Zadoc Foster, William Withington
---Book 1, Page 129
ROOD, WINE of Fearing Township
Will made: 8-27-1818
Probated:  November 1823
Mentions:  Children - Wine, Jr., Carolina and Matilda
Witnesses:  Edward Postlewaite, Eliljah Rose and Samuel Cook
---Book 2, Page 428
made: 6-26-1848
Probated:  October 1850
Mentions:  Robert, William, Sarah (Mullen), Betsey (B_nt), Margaret (Rowland), Jane (Leonard), Isabella (Rowland).  Grandson, Augustus Leoanrd to have land in Wood County, Virginia (now W. Va). 
Witnesses:  Caleb Emerson, John D. Riley, Abram Winal
---Book 8, Page 514
1832 (1833?)
Mentions:  Cihldren - Caroline, William, Charles, Jonathan, Jane, Lucy, wife of Robert Crawford, Polly, wife of Pardon Cook, Betsey, wife of Tillinghast A. Cook.
---Book 5, Page 31
Mentions:  Widow, Eliza; children Sarah D., Emeline, John Rutter, and John McCune of Keokuck, Iowa (relationship not mentioned)
---Book 5, Page 31
made: 8-1-1807
Probated: 4-12-1808
Mentions:  Hal_om Hempstead, Gates Hempstead.
---Book 1, Page 120
NOTE:  Nathaniel Saltonstall was a Captain in Artillery Company from New London, Connecticut.  Born in New London, 1727 - married Rebecca Young - died in Marietta, Ohio in 1807.
Ref:  D. A. R. Lineage Book Vol. 62, page 4.
made: 2-6-1821
Probated:  July 1821
Mentions:  Sisters - Lucretia, wife of Giles Hempstead, and Nancy, wife of Rev. L. Lindsley. 
Witnesses:  Dr. S. P. Hildreth, Lucretia Saltonstall and Lucretia S. Hempstead.
---Book 2, Page 212
Will made: 
May 1823
Probated:  no date for probation given
Mentions:  Children - Lucretia Hempstead and Lucretia Lindsley; grandchildren, Lucretia and Harriett Hempstead, William and Lucretia Hannah Lindsley (Lindley).
Witnesses:  Samuel Nixon, Samuel Whipple
---Book 5, Page 129
NOTE:  Cemetery Record - Nancy Saltonstall Lindsley, daughter of Rev. Stephen Lindsley, died August 5, 1813, aged 5 years.
SAMPSON, CRACKER of Kingston County, Plymouth, Mass
Will made:  1-8-1806
Probated:  7-21-1823
Mentions:  Wife, Rebecca; children Benjamin (a mionr), Harriett, Rebecca, Lucy.
Witnesses:  John Gray, Samuel Stetson, Seth Perkins
---Book 5, Page 129
SANDFORD (SANFORD), THOMAS JAMES HARRIS, late of Rotherham, County of York, England -
Will made:  9-12-1820
Probated:  1825
Mentions:  Wife, Mary; son - Thomas Harris Sanford, land in Buerton, Chester County, England; brother - Charles Samuel Roberts Sanford of Masborough, York County, England; brother-in-law-Phillip William Mackworth Yonge of Winson Green near Bingham, Warwick County, England, and Harriett Anne Maria his wife.
Witnesses:  Frederick Kean 38 Upper Temple Street, Bingham, England, Frederick Mills, John Mason Guest Underhill
---Book 3, Page 485
NOTE:  Thomas Sanford, born Essex, England.  Mary, his wife born in Yorkshire, England, September 17, 1790, died Marietta, September, 1876.
SARGENT, WINTHROP of Glouster, near Natchez, Mississippi Territory
Will made:  10-11-1818
Probated:  December 1823
Mentions:  Wife, Mary; children- William Fitz Winthrop Sargent, and George W. Sargent to be educated at his own Alma Mater Cambridge; sister - Mrs. McMurray; Grandchildren of his deceased sister Esther Ellery; friend - Lucius Manlius Sargent and Jonathan Temple to have land in Ohio under the supervision of Benjamin Ives Gilman.
Witnesses:  Martha Provon, A. Brewer Thompson, Chauncey Pettibone.
Will Probated in Adams Co., Mississippi 1823
---Book 5, Page 493
NOTE:  Codicil - Sargent Harding and Sargent Gilman, sons of Gilman A. Harding and (nephew) Winthrop Sargent, Jr. of Boston, respectively.
Cemetery record - Rowena, daughter of General Benjamin Tupper, and wife of Winthrop Sargent (secretary of the Northwest Territory), born 1766 - died 1799.
SCHIEFFELIN, JACOB of the City of New York.
Will made:  6-10-1829
Probated:  1835
Mentions:  Wife, Hannah; children - Richard L. Henry, Effingham, Jacob, Edward L., John L., Anna Maria S. (Ferris).
---Book 5, Page 246
NOTE:  He was born in Philadelphia 8-24-1747, Registered in the Lutheran Church of that City - married Hannah Effingham.
(or will?) April 28, 1846
Mentions:  Wife, Sarah; children- Elizabeth, John, Leonard, Charlotte, wife of John Rathbone, now living in Illinois, Emeline wife of John Finch, Rosetta Schoonover of Peoria, Illinois, children of his son Henry, deceased, Adolphus, Alvin, Carolina and Asa Schnoover (Schoonover?).
(last four named children minors)
---Book 9, Page 292
SCOTT, ELIPHALET of Aurelius Township
Will made:  7-6-1850
Probated:  October 1850
Mentions:  Children - Mark E., James B., Charlotte Jane Scott.
Witnesses:  John Smithson and John Smithson, Jr.
---Book 8, Page 532
SCOTT, JOHN McM of Franklin County, Kentucky
Will made:  8-26-1812
Probated:  9-3-1814
Mentions:  Wife, Kitty; children - William Henry Harrison Scott to be educated under the direction of Governor Harrison, and the Honorable Harry Imes.
Administrator:  Matthew Scott
---Book 1, Page 27
NOTE:  John Scott died in Athens County, Ohio.
Wife, Thankful; children - Celestine, wife of Nathaniel Fuller of Licking County, Ohio, Almira, wife of John Beach of Morgan County, Ohio, Tracey Scott a resident of Licking County, Ohio, Obediah, Jr., Hannah, James, Hiram, Rothens, Adline, Winchester, George Scott all residents of Washington County, Ohio.
---Book 4, Page 595
NOTES:  Almira (Scott) Beach, was married first to Samuel Cushing, Jr.
Will made:
Probated:  5-23-1812
Mentions:  Sisters - Mary (Atcheson), Susannah (Olney), Sarah (Craig), brothes - Samuel, Gilber, Preserved; friends - Benjamin and Martha Nowell, Samuel Postlewaite and John Bowman of Adams County, in the Territory of Mississippi.
Witnesses:  Nathaniel Oliver, Gilbert Oliver and Jonathan Sprague.
---Book 1, Page 201
SEAMON, GILBERT of Adams, Washington County, Ohio
Copy of this will states "Probated at Marietta, Ohio 1-13-1800)  He was probably a resident of Adams County, Territory of Mississippi at the time of his death.
Mentions:  Wife, Martha; children - Gilbert, Preserved, Susanna, Sabra, Martha, Polly, Samuel, Benjamin, Benijah; grandson William, son of his daughter Sabra.
Witnesses:  Enoch Ewing, William Davis, Stephen Frost
---Book 1, Page 36
SEARS, SARAH late of New York City
Will made:  10-14-1805
Probated in New York 1806
Authenticated copy to Marietta in 1806
Mentions:  Sister - Rebecca, wife of John Blogges, Esq.; daughters - Hester (Smith) and Rebecca (Sterrett); grandchildren - Peregrine, James and William Bordieu, sons of my late daughter Mary; Harriett Artemissa, daughter of my late daughter Sarah Fendall?
Witnesses:  W. H. Smith, Julia Bloggs, Elizabeth Smith.
---Book 7, Page 297
NOTE:  Sarah Sears was the widow of Isaac Sears of New York City.
SEELY, THOMAS of Waterford, Ohio -
Will made:  9-26-1827
Probated:  July 1829
Mentions:  Wife, Margaret; children - John H., Sarah A. (Dearaborn), a minor, Abijah, Thomas, Simeon F., and Lavena Baldwin, Solomon F. Cogswell.
---Book 4, Page 258
Wife, Polly; children - Peggy, Noble, Wealthy, Philip Cooper, and John Cooper Shaffer.
---Book 4, Page 628
made: 7-29-1818
Probated: Date not given
Mentions:  Wife, Kezie; children William Thompson, Esther, James Madison, John, Samuel, Louisa, George and Joseph
Witnesses:  Wm. Slocum, John Sharp, George Duilery
---Book 2, Page 84
made:  10-16-1824
Probated:  March 1825
Mentions:  Wife, Mary; only child Eliza
Witnesses:  Isaac L. Palmer, Benjamin M. Brown
---Book 3, Page 190
SHEETS, ANTHONY of Grandview Township -
Will made:  3-30-1829
Probated:  March 1835?
Mentions:  Wife Mary; children - Malinda, Axius, Martin, Henry, Polly, wife of Benjamin Fort, Polly, wife of John Talbot, Ruth, wife of Isaac Parr.
Witness:  Chas. R. Talbot, Adam Cline, I. Proctor.
---Book 5, Page 180
SHEETS, MARTIN of Grandview Township
Will made:  6-14-1844
Probated:  September 1845
Mentions:  Wife, Sally;  Children - John E., Henry J., Mary (Kiger), William, Nancy (Dye), Matthew, Priscilla (Dye), Anthony, Elizabeth J. (Dye).
Witnesses:  Elliott H. Collins, R.(or P.) K. Ewart
---Book 7, Page 257
Mentions:  Wife, Olive; children, Jeremiah Fayette, William Washington Sheldon
---Book 4, Page 388
Will made: 
Nov. 1821
States that his daughter Anna is to divide his property among the children of his first marriage, i.e. Esther, Enoch, Anna, Rhoda, Daniel, Larena, Luther, Huldah, Calvin.  The children of his second marriage by his wife Margaret were Silas M., and Elizabeth G.
Caleb Emerson, Emory Keyes, William Morris
---Book 2, Page 220
July 1, 1853
Mentions:  Children - Elizabeth and Catherine of Marietta, Ohio, John C. and Rebecca A., of Madison Indiana
---Book 9, Page 579
Relationship not stated, but presumably his children.  Herman Sherman, residence unknown, Lyman Sherman of Sandusky, Ohio, Electa, wife of Daniel Loomis of Rochester, N.Y., Olive (Ward) formerly Sherman of Dresden, Ohio, Curtis Herman Sherman of Tupper's Plains, Meigs County, Ohio, Abel Sherman of Waterford, Washington County, Ohio, Wakeman Sherman of Morgan County, Ohio Uriah Sherman of Waterford, Washington County, Ohio.
---Book 5, Page 36
NOTE:  Timothy Sherman was a Revolutionary soldier and was aged 58 years in 1818 - his wife Polly was aged 64 in 1825.  Wakeman, Uriah and Able and six other children all married.  Soldier died in 1820.
SHIPMAN, JOSHUA, late of Wheeling, Virginia (now West Virginia)
Administration:  1831
Mentions:  Wife, Eunice and minor children, not named.
Book 4, Page 517
his father Joshua, Sr., and heirs of his father; Charles, Frederick, Julia, wife of Nathaniel Holden, Maria, Samuel, heirs of Eliza and Joseph C. Shipman.
---Book 5, Page 43
SHIPMAN, WILLIAM H. late of Wheeling, Virginia, (now West Virginia)
Administration:  1831
Mentions:  Wife, Mary Anne; children - Susan, George, Anne, William
---Book 4, Page 521
Heirs:  Mary M., Sarah J., William M., Jesse P., and Charles A. Sinclair
---Book 9, Page 573
Will made: 4-25-1825
Probated:  April 1841
Mentions:  Wife, Mary; children - Charles S., David C., Sarah C. (Ward), William P.
Witnesses:  John P. Maybery, Timothy Cole, A. Warner
---Book 6, Page 169
NOTE:  William Skinner was born in Carlisle, Penna.  February 1763, died at Harmer, Washington County, Ohio, 1840
Heirs:  David L., James W., Mary L., Emma J.
---Book 9, Page 605
SMITH, HESTER of New York City, widow of Paschal Nelson Smith, late of New York City.
Will made:  9-19-1823
Probated: in New York 12-14-1846 - copy to Marietta March 1847
Mentions:  Nephews - John Aspenwell of New York City, Merchant; George Strong, Merchant; George W., and Isaac Sterrett, sons of my deceased sister ___ Sterrett; nieces - Mary B., Sarah Caroline, Harriett A., daughters of my deceased sister ___ Sterrett; Augusta (Dana) nee Sterrett, daughter of my sister ___ Sterrett; Harriett Artmire Randall; the following persons are probably nieces but the relationship is not stated - Hester W., daughter of John & Rebecca (deceased) Blagg; to Juliana (surname not mentioned); to Susan Aspinwell, wife of John Aspinwall; to Elziabeth Smith, daughter of my deceased husband's brother Henry; to Ann Hadden, wife of David Hadden; To Grace Amelia Blaggs; To Sarah S. Lockwood, now Sarah Deering; To Augusta, Hester and Juliana Blagage; to Rebecca Caroline Hamilton; to Sarah Platt.
Witnesses:  S. Plumb, Frederick W. Bishop, Eli Mix, 3rd.
---Book 7, Page 466
NOTE:  Will later states that Hester, Juliana and Augusta Blagge were daughters of Rebecca Blagge.
Will made: 
September 1845
Michael, Hannah, Jane and Emily.
Edward Dawson, Benoni Williams.
---Book 7, Page 247
Will made: 
Probated:  May 1817
Mentions:  Wife, Jemima; children - Benjamin F., Nathaniel Augustus
---Book 2, Page 18
NOTE:  "Died at Marietta on Sunday evening, Captain Nathaniel Smith, aged 25 years.  His infant son also died at this time, and both were interred in one grave."
SMITH, PASCHAL N., late of Gallia County, Ohio
Will made:  in New York 11-4-1805
Probated:  10-6-1836
Mentions:  Wife, Hester; children - Harriett, William Templer, Georgiana, Augusta; nephews - Benjamin Strong, John Aspinwall
---Book 8, Page 510
Children - Elijah, Samuel, John (deceased), Mary, wife of Richard Patton, Huldah, wife of John Test.
Heirs of son John (now deceased) are Hannah, wife of Jefferson Carroll of Gallia County, Ohio and Clarinda, wife of John Hearn of Gallia County, Ohio
---Book 9, Page 404
Will made: 
March 1848
Daughters - Catherina and Margaret; grandson Isaac Victor Solomon
Witnesses:  Hamilton Cree, Hugh Brown, E. Battelle, Jr.
---Book 8, Page 103
SOUTHMAYD, SAMUEL of Watertown, Ohio (formerly of Litchfield, Connecticut
Will made:  3-19-1810
Probated:  10-6-1837
Mentions:  Wife, Dorcas; children Millicent (Scoville) deceased) her heirs to have land in Ohio, also land in Harpersfield, New York; Philander F.; Samuel Southmayd, Dorcas (Dutton), Alma (DeForest.)
Witnesses:  Uriel Gridley, John Byron (or Bryon), Daniel Brooks
---Book 5, Page 463
SPEAR, EBENEZER of Salem Township
Will made:  1-2-1835
Probated:  March 1835
Mentions:  Wife, Polly; children - Daniel, Ebenezer, Jr., Susannah, Polly, Roxene and son-in-law Charles Spears.
Witnesses:  Wm. Crawford, Allen Close.
---Book 5, Page 182
SPRAGUE, JONATHAN of Adams Township
Will made:  8-4-1838
Probated:  8-11-1838
Mentions:  Wife, Hannah; children - Elijah, Seamon, Benjamin Owen, Arthur Wayne, Jonathan, Johnway (deceased).
Witnesses:  Orrin N. Morris, Henry Rose, Andrew Allison
---Book 6, Page 42
NOTE:  ELijah Sprague b. 3-10-1818, married 1st Henrietta Morris, 2nd Lydia A. Gray.  Seamon b. 4-3-1821, married Mary Deval.  Benjamin Owen b. 10-25-1824, married Lucinda Deval.  Arthur Wayne, b. 4-13-1795, married Lucinda, daughter of Allen Deal.  Jonathan b. 4-12-1804, married Melissa Smith.  Johnway's children were - Joshua b. 5-8-1793, married Phoebe Brown, Cynthia b. 5-4-1797, married Washington Olney Dec. 13, 1795.  Oliver T., M-riba b. 8-23-1799 - d. 5-6-1816.

Mrs. Sabra Sprague, consort of Jonathan Sprague died Adams Township 5-12-1815.  She was nee Slemmons, born 4-30-1767 Nantucket, Mass.; married Jonathan Sprague 9-18-1792.  He married second Susanna Owens who died 10-6-1833, and third to Hannah Morris on March 6, 1834, she died 7-17-1867.

Mentions:  Wife, Phoebe (Ross), children - Oliver P. and Jonathan Sprague
---Book 9, Page 332
SPRINGER, JACOB of Warren Township
Will made:  8-5-1830
Probated:  August 1830
Mentions:  Wife, Catherine; children - Susanna (Misner), Abigail (Rickford), Jane (Morris), Humphrey N., Jacob, John, Garrett, Peter
---Book 4, Page 358
NOTE:  Jacob Springer was a Revolutionary soldier in the New Jersey Continental Line.  Served under Capt. Pratt.  Born 1763
Will made: 
Probated:  April 1829
Wife, Sarah; children - Joseph, Clark, Harris, ALbert, Lucy (Hudson).
Broadberry Hutchins, Nathan Proctor, Samuel Woods.
---Book 4, Page 231
STANBERRY, JOSEPH of Zanesville, Ohio
Will made:  5-4-1839
Probated:  November 1843
Mentions:  Wife, Ann Lucy; children - Eliza (Flanner), Harvey, Job, Ann Lucy (Pierce), Henry Howard, Charles and Edward.
Witnesses:  Chas. B. Goddard, Willis Hawes.
---Book 7, Page 6
Will made: 
Probated:  March, 1819
Wife, Abigail; Children - Timothy (a minor), Abigail, Thirza, Eliza, Lydia (Newell), Mary (Kellogg) Julia (all the girls under 21 years of age).
Caleb Emerson, James M. Bovet, Jacob Rice.
---Book 2, Page 105
NOTE:  Timothy Stanley, d. 2-14-1819 aged 47 years.
Abigail, his wife d. 8-4-1823, aged 48 years.
Eliza, their daughter, died 8-14-1823.
STANLEY, DANIEL G. of Fearing Township
Will made:  7-19-1852
Probated:  November 1853
Mentions:  Children - Lot Putnam, James, Thomas, (daughters not named); adopted son George W. Putnam; adopted daughter Martha W. Cottrell; brother James Stanley.
Witnesses:  Luther Curtiss, C. H. Stanley, Joseph Lankford.
---Book 9, Page 334
STANLEY, THOMAS of Salem, Washington County.
Will made:  3-1-1807
Probated:  May 1816
Mentions:  Wife, Mixenda; children - Daniel Groswold, Thomas Ford, Francis Roulandson, James, George W., Joseph, Anne (oldest daughter, a minor), Betsey, Lucy, Clarissa, Cynthia, Sarah, Mary, Mixenda.
Witnesses:  Chas. H. Martin, John Davis
---Book 2, Page 1
NOTE:  Thomas Stanley was a Revolutionary soldier - Born 9-27-1762 at Wethersfield, Connecticut, son of Thomas and Mary (Francis) Stanley.  Married Anna Ford 11-27-1783, married second to Mixenda Nott.  Soldier died March 14, 1816.
REF:  Sumer's History of Washington County, Ohio.
STEARNES, AMOS of Belpre, Ohio
Will made:  2-16-1813
Probated:  April 1813
Heirs:  are his youngest brother Rufus, and his parents, Elias and Sarah Stearns. 
Executors: Aaron W. Putnam and brother, Asa Stearns.
Witnesses:  Charlotte S. Putnam, Julia H. Putnam and D. Loring.
---Book 1, Page 232
STEVENS, ABRAHAM of Waterford Township.
Will made:  1-20-1824
Probated:  October 1828
Mentions:  Wife, Rachel; children - John, Samuel (to have land in Morgan County, Ohio on Olive Green Creek), David, James, oldest daughter Delila (deceased) wife of John Perry; Sally, wife of Joseph Williams; children of daughter Amarilla and Nathaniel Chapman, her husband.
Witnesses:  Isaac Baker, Thoams Seely, Thomas Seely, Jr., John Seely, Jr.
---Book 4, Page 210
Will made: 
July 1839
Only daughter Sarah Ann Catherine (Stephens); cousins - Peter Stephes of New York, Ephriam and Benjamin Snyder Stephens.
Borden Stanton, Olive and John Root.
---Book 5, Page 571
STEWART, ARCHIBALD of Providence, Rhode Island
Will made:  11-17-1803
Probated:  November 1843
Mentions:  Children - Charles and Jane, wife of Walter Lawrence; to Peggy Reed, a poor girl whom I brought from Ireland; to my brother Richard Stewart of Clare, near Belle Castle, County Antrim, Ireland; to the sons of my sister Rose Thompson's two daughters of Belle Mully, near Newton in the county of Londonderry, Ireland; to William Hutton, the son of my wife Austis; mentions that his son Charles is on a voyage to Batavia, and to have estate if he returns from this voyage.
---Book 7, Page 8
STILLE, EBENEZER of Salem Township
Will made:  7-10-1814
Probated:  April 1821
Mentions:  Wife, Esther; children mentioned, not named (all minors.)
Witnesses:  Dudley Davis, John True.
---Book 1, Page 205
STILLWELL, ELIAS of New Haven, Connecticut
Will made:  3-6-1813
Probated:  8-22-1837
Mentions:  Wife, May - following persons mentioned, probably children - Hezekiah Howe and son Ebenezer; Sally, wife of Amos Townsend; and Elias her oldest son; Hannah, oldest daughter of Hannah and Solomon Collins of New Haven, Connecticut.
Witnesses:  Robert Townsend, Asa Bradley, Eleazor Foster
---Book 5, Page 416
Will made: 
Probated:  6-23-1846
Nephews - Stephen, Daniel H., Charles and Sherlock Stone.
Anies Spencer Nye, Mary M. Puertis
---Book 7, Page 344
STONE, JOSEPH of Union Township
Will made:  9-27-1830
Probated:  October, 1830
Mentions:  Children - Amanda, Collins, Vesta and Jasper (a minor); brother- Benjamin Franklin Stone.
Witnesses:  J. Cotton, William Stacey, John Stacey
---Book 4, Page 407
NOTE:  Jasper Stone, was the son of Israel Stone who died about 1809 in Marietta leaving the following heirs - Sardine, B. F., Matilda (Smith), Jasper, Harriett H. (a minor), C. C. (a minor), and A. Stone (noted in Probate Record 1, 184)
"Amanda Stone lived in McConnellsville, Morgan County, Ohio.  Collina, wife of Emerson Nash lived in Wheeling W. Va., Vesta Stone resided in Wheeling with her sister.
STURGIS, RUSSEL of Boston, Mass.
Will made:  12-8-1815
Probated:  October 1831
Mentions:  Wife, Elizabeth; children - Nathaniel, James, George W., Sarah Paine (Pope), Elizabeth (Sturges), Ann Chsing (Sturges). 
Witnesses:  Timothy Dodd, Freeman Dodd, A. P. Hodkins.
---Book 4, Page 254
NOTE:  Mentions undivided land in Barnstable, Mass. held with his brother Thomas (now deceased) before 1822 according to the codicil of that date.  Heirs of Thomas were his wife Elizabeth and children Nancy (Freeman) Martha (Calhoun) and Esther.



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