Ohio's Indian Names




The following article was found in: Kalamazoo Gazette printed for Jan. 13, 1895

Ohio's Indian names.

     Ohio has more counties bearing Indian names than almost any of the older Western states.  Even Delaware county is said to derive its name from an Indian word now corrupted beyond recognition.  Coshocton comes from the Indian name Goschochquenk.  Geauga is from the Indian word sheauga, meaning raccoon.  Hocking is from Hock-hocking, Indian for bottle river, the name bestowed upon the Hocking because of some peculiarity of its falls.  Mahoning is a corrupted Indian word meaning "the lick."  Miami is the Ottawa word for mother, and it closely resembles in sound the word "mamma."  Muskingum means "the glare of the elk's eye," and it seems to perpetuate an interesting fact as to the fauna of Ohio.  Ottawa  means "trader," and Sandusky "cool water."

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