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Mens' Names and Their Nicknames

(Source: New England Historical & Genealogical Register Vol. CXVII -
Transcribed by Sharon Wick)

Abe, Able, Abram - Abraham
Acey - Asa
Al - any name that begins with these two letters, particularly Albert or Alfred
Alex, Aleck - Alexander
Alf, Alph - Alfred, Alphonse
Alonzo - Alphonso
Andy - Andrew
Archie - Archibald
Aze - Azariah
Barney - Barnabus, Bernard
Bart - Bartholomew
Bele, Bela - William, but also a given name from the Bible
Ben, Benny, Benjy - Benjamin
Bennet - Benedict
Bert, Bertie - Albert and any other ending in "bert"
Biah, Bijah - Abiah, Abijah
Bial, Biel - Abiel
Bill, Billy - William
Bob - Robert
Bony - Bonaparte
Chan - Chauncey
Chris - Christopher
Claes, Claus - Nicholas
Clem - Clement
Con, Conny - Conrad, Cornelius, Constant
Cy - Cyrus
Dan - Daniel  (pronounced "Dannil" in old New England.) Note that Dan may not always be a derivative - one of the twelve patriarchs of the Old Testament bore it.
Dave, Davie - David
Day - David
Diah - Obadiah, Jedediah, Zebadiah or any name ending in "diah."
Dick - Dicken, Dickon - Richard
Dirck - Derrick
Dob, Dobbin - Robert
Dolph, Dolphus - Adolph, Rudolph
Don - Donald
Dug - Douglas, Dugald
Dyer - see Diah
Eben - Ebenezer
Elbert - may be a form of Albert
Eleck, rarely Ellis - Alexander
Eph - Ephraim
Ethel - Ethebert, also usd as a name in the Starr family
Ev - Evan, Evander, Everett
Fay, Fayette - Lafayette (for the Marquis de Lafayette).
Fran, Frank - Francis
Fred - Alfred, Frederick, Wilfred, Winfred and others ending in "Fred"
Gene - Eugene
Gil, Gill - Gilbert, but this name may be the surname Gill
Gordie - rarely for George, more frequently Gordon or even Jordan
Greg - Gregory
Gus - Augustus, Gustavus
Hal - Harold, Henry
Ham - Hamilton usually for Alexander Hamilton
Hank - Henry
Harry - Henry
Herb - Herbert
Hiel - Jehiel
Hob, Hobkin - Robert
Hod, Hoddy, Hodie - Horace
Hodge, Hodgkins - Rober
Hop, Hopkin - Robert
Horry - Horace
Hub - Hubert
Hy - Hiram
Ike - Isaac
Jack - John (rarely for Jacques, Fr.)
Jake - Jacob
Jamie - James (Scotch)
Jed - Jedediah
Jef - Jeffrey, Jefferson
Jeffrey - Geoffrey
Jem - James (Scotch)
Jerry - Jeremiah
Jim - James
Joe - Joseph
Johnny - John
Jos - Joseph, Josiah, and even Joshua
Josh - Joshua
Jud - Judge, Judson
Juke - Jacob
Jule - Julian, Julius
Kester - Christopher
Kit - Christopher
Kully - Karl or Carl
Lance - Lancelot
Larry, Laurey, Lawry - Laurence or Lawrence
Lazar  - Eleazer
Lem - Lemuel
Len, Lenny - Leonard
Lew or Lou - Lewis or Louis
Lig, Lige - Elijah
Lonzo - Alonzo - Alphonso
Lorry - Laurence
Luke - Lucas, Lucius
Mal - Malachi, Malcolm
Marcus, Mark - Marquis (de Lafayette) this nickname became popular after the visit of Lafayette in 1824.  Note that Mark is more frequently used as a Christian name.
Mat, Matt, Maddy - Matthew, Matthias
Mel - a diminutive of naems such as Melvin, Melbourne, etc.
Miah - Nehemiah
Micky, Mike - Micah, Michael (not same name)
Mose, Moze - Moses
Nat - Nathaniel, not for Nathan
Nate - Nathan, never for Nathaniel
Ned - Edward, Edmund, Edwin
Nels, Nils - Nicholas
Nick - Nicholas
Nob, Nobby - Robert
Olly - Oliver
Orlando - variant of Roland
Ozzy - Oswald
Paddy, Pat - Patrick
Percy - Percival, but also a name in itself
Phil - Philander, Philip, Philemon
Rafe, Ralph - Raphael
Ray - Raymond
Reggie, Ren, Renny, Rex - Reginald
Riah - Uriah and other Biblical names of this ending
Rick, Ricky - Richard
Rob, Robbin - Robert
Rollo - Rudolph
Rolly - Roland
Rube - Reuben
Rupert - variant for Robert
Sal, Salmon - variant for Solomon
Sam, Sammy - Samuel, Sampson
Sandy - Alexander
Sid, Syd - Sidney, Sydney
Sim - Simeon, Simon
Sol - Solomon
Stan - Stanley and other surnames beginning with __ syllable.
Cy - Cyrus, Silas
Tad - Thaddeus
Ted, Teddy - Edward, Edmund, Edwin, Theodore and perhaps others
Terry - Terence
Thad, Thady, Thaddy - Thaddeus
Toby - Tobiah, Tobias
Tom, Tommy - Thomas
Tony - Anthony
Uley - Anthony
Uley, Ulysses
Val - Valentine
Vester, Vessie - Silvester, Sylvester
Wally - Wallace
Walt, Wat - Walter
Wash - Washington (i.e. George Washington)
Will, Willie - William, also Wilkie or Wilkins
Win - Windsor, Winfred
Zach - Zachariah
Zeb - Zebedee, Zebina
Zeke - Ezekial
Note: some names are used for both men and women.

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