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Source: New Hampshire Sentinel - New Hampshire
Dated: Jan. 23, 1851
A school teacher named MORROW, belonging in Wayne, Ohio, was murdered by two of his pupils on the 9th inst.  The murderers were young men, one 21 the other 19 years of age.  They interfered in the correction of a younger pupil, and in the course of the scuffle that ensued beat Morrow over the head until his scull was fractured.  Both fled and had not been arrested up to the 11th inst.
(Transcribed by Sharon Wick from Genealogybank)
NOTE by Sharon Wick:  Not sure if this is for Wayne Co., Ohio or the town of Wayne in Wood Co., Ohio.

Source:  Sun - Massachusetts
Dated: Oct. 30, 1856

     At Perrysburg, Ohio, Sept. 20th, Mrs. ORRA W. FUREY eldest daughter of Benj. Franklin Hollister, Esq. - On the 2d inst., after only a few hours illness, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HOLLISTER, ESQ., in the 56th year of his age, one of the oldest and most respected citizens of Perrysburg.  Mr. Hollister was a native of Pittsfield, and son of the late William Hollister, Esq.

Source: Plain Dealer - Cleveland, Ohio
Dated: Dec. 21, 1857
DEATH OF AN EDITOR. - Mr. Luis C. Stumm died at the Insane Asylum at Newburgh on Saturday.  He was about 27 years old and had been a young man of much promise.  For two years he conducted a Democratic weekly paper at Perrysburg in Wood County with marked ability and was very highly esteemed by a large circle of friends.  He became insane some two years ago and continued in that unhappy condition until he died.  His remains were taken to Fulton County for interment.

Source:  Fulton County Tribune - Ohio
Dated: February 14, 1885

     Rollin E. Brisbin
of Weston, Wood Co., and Lucy E. Harris of Swan Creek, were married February 6th at the residence of her brother, William Harris.

Source:  Jackson Citizen Patriot - Michigan
Dated: Oct. 22, 1900
Into the Oil Tank Fell a Gauger and He Strangled to Death in the Fluid.
     Fostoria, Ohio, Oct. 22 - A. C. Collins, of Bradner, lost his life Saturday morning while performing his duties as guager for the Paragon Oil Co.  He left home on his wheel and dismounted at tank 2, half a mile from Bradner to guage the tank.  It is supposed that while standing on top of teh tank and stooping over with his guage pole he slipped and fell into 15 feet of oil, where unable to get out he strangled.  A searching party found him last night, and removed him to his home.  He was aged 20, married and had one daughter.

Source: Weekly Beacon Newspaper - North Baltimore, Ohio
Dated: ca. 1901

George G. Rockwell, "Dropped" into Wood County in 1880 and purchased the flower mill in the village.  Jimmie Filson conducted a small grocery store on South Main Street.  Jacob Katzenmeyer was leading grocer of North Main Street and had first bakery in town.  Eb W. and T. C. Poe had a large general store.
Also mentioned are: Mrs. Dr. Henry, Joe Patterson, Mrs. G. G. Rockwell, Jayce Sailesbury.

Dated: Oct. 4 & 11, 1901
Samuel Slaughterbeck
, came to Perry Township, Wood Co., Ohio in 1838 from Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania with father John Slaughterbeck and family at age 5.  This article gives interesting account of trip and early life in the swamp.  (Oct. 4, 1901 & Oct. 11, 1901)
Also mentioned in this article are T. O. Copus, Wesley Copus, Charley Foster, Joel Hales, Jake Ryan, George Swain, John Swinehart.

Dated: Nov. 1, 1901
G. B. Smith
, came from 6 miles southwest of Bucyrus, Crawford Co., Ohio and settled 4 1/2 miles west of North Baltimore on the Wood and Hancock County line of Apr. 3, 1865.  It gives an account of band making trip through swamp to Bowling Green to play in a tournament on July 4, 1877.  (Nov. 1, 1901)
Also mentioned is W. H. Anderson, L. D. Arnold, F. P. Clark, D. K. Coleman, B. F. Crone, T. L. Davis, Dr. Eaton, David Fulton, H. H. Hudson, F. M. Hough, Jasper Hutton, Does Lyan, Jos. Magruin, O. E. Porter, Jim Porter, John Reed Porter, D. Randall, S. A. Raridon, Wm. Shauffler, Wm. Sheffield, James Withrow, John Withrow, Salathiel Withrow.

Dated: Jan. 24, 1902
Israel Smith...
mentions a letter from Dellville, Perry Co., Pa., Jan. 14, 1902.  Born in Perry Co., Pa. on April 22, 1832.  Married Marguerite Ebersole on Sep. 6, 1850.  His father was John Smith and his brother John T. Smith.  Arrived in Henry Twp., Wood Co. on Aug. 22, 1853.  Given interesting account of trip (Jan. 24, 1902)
Also mentioned were Fred Bealer, H. C. Derodes, Jacob Deter, B. L. Peters, George Shafer

Dated: Nov. 8, 1901
Thomas Witten...
mentions... came from Crawford Co., Ohio and settled on Isaac Taylor's farm west of town.  Had visited brothers Harrison Witten and Wm. Witten about 4 years earlier in 1863.  Married Sarah E. Hardesty in Guernsey Co., Ohio before he came to Wood Co.  Had a daughter Maggie Witten.  Gives interesting account of life in swamp  (Nov. 8, 1901)
Also mentioned were Frank Clayton, John Howe, Furguson Hughes, Peters.

Dated: Sept. 27. 1901
J. B. Zarbaugh
... mentions... Letter sent from Ithaca, MI, Sept. 1901.  Fifty-one years ago his father, with family of 4 boys and 3 girls, left York Co., PA for this area.  Walked 600 miles in 6 weeks.  His father traded a horse and the wagon to Harrison Ensminger for a house and lot.  They ate off the chest and had pumpins for chairs.  Married Mary A. Nos with a fortune of .50.  Enlisted in 21st Reg. and served 3 years.  Now nearly 65.  Sep. 27. 1901)
Also mentioned in this article were Boyer, Carroll, Mathew Dawson, George Franks, David Fulton, Hough, B. L. Peters, Squire Racely, Wm. Shauffler, L. A. Tarr, Taylor, Dr. Weily.

Source: Augusta Chronicle
Dated Nov. 14, 1907
Two Men Killed and a Third Fatally Injured.
Bradner, Ohio, Nov. 13 - The Hercules Nitro-Glycerine factory a mile and a half east of here, blew up with terrific force today.  Only three employes were in the neighborhood when the explosion occurred.  W. C. Cisco was burned to death, John Washburn was blown to fragments and Henry Easton, superintendent of the factory, was probably fatally injured.
     A residence near the scene of the accident was utterly demolished.  Nothing remains of the factory.  A huge pit in the earth shows where it was located.  In Bradner no great damage was done except to windows and mirrors which were shattered by hundreds.
     Cisco was injured by the explosion and fell among the debris which caught fire, burning him to death.
     The shock of the explosion was felt at Upper Sandusky, and at other towns forty miles away.

Source: Plain Dealer - Cleveland, Ohio
Dated Dec. 1, 1920

Friends of Pemberville Man Start Search: Say He has Been Ill.
(Special to the Plain Dealer)
TOLEDO.  Nov. 30 -
Believed by friends to be suffering from a temporary mental lapse.  J. G. H. Stein, 39, president of the Pemberville bank, ahs disappeared and is thought to have been wandering in Wood county afoot.
     His accounts are in good condition according to seven or eight Pemberville friends who came here o search for Him.
     The last place he is supposed to have been seen was on a road one mile north of Toniogany.  Rapid Gillespie, former Wood County auditor and Judge C. R. Nearing said they passed the banker while he was walking along a road.
     Stein left Pemberville for Toledo Monday morning, saying that he intended to return at noon.  Saying that he intended to return at Noon.  Friends accompanied him on the car; he left them at a shoe store here.  He intended to visit the Commercial Bank & Trust Co. office here.  He did not visit the bank.
     Stine suffered a nervous collapsed about two weeks ago.

Source: Jackson Citizen Patriot - Michigan
Dated Jan. 11, 1921
     If you do feed your hens (Dong Sung), Chinese egg laying tablets.  We have many customers who think it does wonders.
     One of the best reports we have had was from Mrs. Anna Heminger, of Bradner, Wood County, Ohio who is spending the winter in Jackson.  Last winter she had 100 hens and was getting about 18 to 20 eggs each day.  She sent to Jackson for a ox of Don Sung and in two weeks after she commenced giving it was getting 80 to 85 egg each day.

Source: Plain Dealer - Cleveland, OH
Dated: Jun. 9, 1925
Ohio Pump Co., Bradner, $300 ($500?).  William F. and H. Henry Miller, Charles P. Carroll, Frank J. Manus, John Kerins.

Source: Times - Picayune - Louisiana
Dated: Aug. 16, 1931
(By The Associated Press)
     Bradner, Ohio, Aug. 15 - Three children were killed when they ran in front of a speeding Chesapeake and Ohio passenger locomotive a mile south of here late today.
    The dead are Ralph Adkins, 13 years old; Billy Harmon, 11, and Garnet Harmon, 9, all of Bradner.
     They were playing along the track while returning to their home from swimming, apparently not hearing the whistling of the engine bearing down on them from the rear, they ran in front of it when it was less than 100 feet away.
     Engineer C. D. Southworth was exonerated.

Lexington Progress
Henderson Co., Tenn.
Nov. 10, 1999

Services for Mrs. Rose Marie Briggs were Thursday, November 4, 1999 at Stony Ridge Methodist Church, Stony Ridge, OH with burial in Troy Twp., Cemetery, Luckey, Ohio.  Brewer Memorial Funeral Home, Decaturville was in charge.  Mrs. Briggs, 69, died Friday, October 29, at Decatur County General Hospital (TN).  She was a homemaker.  She leaves 3 daughters, Susan Muscovich of Washington D. C., Linda Meeker of Decaturville and Debra Rowland of IL; two sons, Charles and William both of Perrysburg, OH, 10 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.
(Found at Genealogy Bank & Transcribed by Sharon Wick)



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