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  Delphos Village Delphos Village is located both in Van Wert and Allen Counties.
Part of the city of Delphos is located in Southeastern Washington Township, along the border with Allen County, and the Village of Middle Point is located in the Western part of the township.
  Harrison Twp  
  Hoaglin Twp.  
  Jackson Twp.  
  Jennings Twp.  
  Liberty Twp.  
       *Ohio City Village      The village of Ohio City is located in central Liberty Township.
     The village was platted on March 4-8, 1876 by Butler, Patterson & Company as Van Wert Junction. On June 1, 1882 a vote was taken with 28 for and 11 against to change the name to Enterprise. The name Enterprise caused much confusion to the post office at the time because there was another Enterprise in Pickaway County. Again, the name was in need of being changed.
     The town council met on June 1, 1890, and a man by the name of Lewis J. Kiggins brought up the subject, and asked the rest of the men if they liked Ohio City. The vote was taken and Ohio City became the new name.
     In 1910, Ohio City was a very prosperous town. It had three churches, one union school, two dry goods stores, two hardware stores, one clothing store, two millinery establishments, three hotels, three restaurants, one bakery, four saloons, two shoe shops, one tailor shop, one silversmith shop, one slack barrel factory, one lumber yard, two blacksmith shops, two elevators, one tile factory, one lumberyard, two blacksmith shops, one beet dump, two sawmills, one harness shop, one ice-making house, and three railroads all using the centrally located Union Depot.
     Ohio City has seen three bank robberies, in 1925, 1930, and 1996.
     John William Lambert made his first gas-powered car in Ohio City in 1891. Later that summer, Ohio City became the scene of the first automobile accident in the United States, when Lambert's car struck a tree stump in the road and bounced into a hitching rack.
     The annual "Lambert Days" festival is held on the third full weekend in July.  This festival has activities such as ATV stunt show, a car show, a wiffle ball tournament, softball, a parade, and a Texas Holdum tournament.
  Middle Point Village  
  Pleasant Twp.  
       * Van Wert City The majority of the city of Van Wert, the county seat and largest city of Van Wert County, is located in the eastern half of Pleasant township.
Part of the city of Van Wert, the county seat and largest city of Van Wert County, is located in the western half of Ridge Township.
  Ridge Twp.  
  Scott Village Part of the village of Scott is located in Northwestern Union Township.
  Ridge Twp.  
  Tully Twp.  
       * Convoy Located in Southeastern Tully Township
  Union Village  
  Van Wert Village is named for Isaac Van Wart, one of the captors of Major John Andre in the American Revolutionary War.  Van Wert is the home of the first county library in the United States, the Brumback Library.  It also has a thriving community art center the Wassenburg Art Center and the award-winning Van Wert Civic Theatre.  Van Wert is the smallest city in the United States with both a YMCA and YWCA.
    The town is located in an area originally known as the Black Swamp. Early pioneers had to deal with swampy ground, mud, and malaria. They perservered, draining the swamp for agriculture and eventually reclaiming enough dry land to establish the town. Van Wert was the birthplace of aviation pioneer Walter Hinton.
     At one time, Van Wert was the only place in the world producing Liederkranz cheese. This pungent dairy product was made at the now-closed Borden plant.
     The people of Van Wert (400 of which called themselves "Cheesemakers") contributed to the town of Vimoutiers, Orne, Lower Normandy, France with help in the costs of reconstruction and reparation of the town after it was mistakenly bombed by the US airforce during the second world war. They volunteered to pay for the replacement of Marie Harel's statue. This is recorded by a plaque in the market square of Vimoutiers. Vimoutiers is a centre for local making of Camembert, Livarot and Pont l'Eveque cheeses.
     On November 10, 2002, an F4 tornado ripped through the town, killing two people. This was one of many touchdowns during the Veterans Day Weekend Outbreak. Van Wert's emergency warning system is credited with saving many lives after several cars were thrown into a movie theatre that had been packed with people just minutes earlier.
  Willshire Twp. Willshire was founded by Captain James A. Riley. Willshire served as the first county seat for Van Wert County, a replica of the first courthouse sits in the village park.
       * Glenmore an unincorporated community in eastern Willshire Township.  It lies at the intersection of the North-South Glenmore Road with the East-West Glenmore Road.  Twenty-seven Mile Creek, a subsidiary of the St. Marys River, runs on the Western edge of Glenmore after rising a short distance to the South of the community.
       * Wren Village is located in the Northwest part of Willshire.
  Willshire Village  
  York Twp.  
       * Elgin is located in the Southeast part of York Township
       * Venedocia is located in the Northeast part of York Township


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