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1810 Tax List
Tax Resident Duplicate for Tuscarawas County for the year 1810
Auditor of State of Ohio
Albright, Henry Goshen Flash, John L. Lawrence Moore, John Goshen
Allman, William W Fry, Abraham Salem Morison, James Dover
Andrew, John Lawrence Gallen, Joseph Lawrence Mosser, Abraham Lawrence
Backer, William W Gass, Jonathan Lawrence Mosser, & Baude Lawrence
Ball, Henry One Leg Ginnis, Gedeon Lawrence Mosser, Samuel Lawrence
Barber, Silas Oxford Good, Jacob Lawrence Night, Benj. One Leg
Barr, John Lawrence Gramm, Henry Salem O'Donald, Connel, Jr. Salem
Beck, John Goshen Gregor, George Goshen Oliver, James One Leg
Beever, John Oxford Griffith, Wm. Goshen Painter, George Oxford
Best, Samuel Goshen Haga, Godfrey Goshen, Lawrence, Oxford, Salem Parator, Charles One Leg
Biggs, Benjamin Goshen Harnice, Christian Lawrence Parkhill, David Goshen
Biggs, Zachar Goshen Harris, Daniel Oxford Parks, Robert Nottingham
Biggs, Zachar Lawrence Heckewelder, John (many entries) Dover, Oxford, Salem Petdycoart, Nathan Goshen
Bohn & Slingluff Dover Hill, William Lawrence Petdycoart, Horatio Salem
Bolsely, John Goshen Huff, Godfrey Lawrence Premer, Conrad Oxford
Bolsely, John & Boyd Goshen Hugua, Jacob Goshen Rathbone, John Oxford
Boude, Mosser Lawrence Itzkin, Philip Salem Ratican, James One Leg
Boughman, Christian Goshen Jackson, Benj. Lawrence Remmel, Michael Salem
Brion, Charles Lawrence Jackson, Francis Lawrence Reppert, Iac? Oxford
Burral, Jonathan Oxford Jackson, Thomas Lawrence Richard, Conrad Lawrence
Burroway, Hannah Salem Johnson, Benj. Nottingham Romig, Abraham Oxford
Butt, Willialm Sr. Dover Johnson, Henry Nottingham Romig, Abraham Salem
Carr, Aquilla Oxford Johnson, John Nottingham Romig, John Salem
Carr, Benjamin Oxford Johnson, Wm. Nottingham Roth, Conrad Dover
Carr, John Oxford Johnston, James Oxford Shamel, Joseph Salem
Carr, Joshua Oxford Judy, John Goshen Shaopp, Richard Oxford
Carr, Thomas Oxford Kelle, Mare Lawrence Shederak, Jacob Lawrence
Casebeer, David Goshen Keller, Henry Salem Slingluff & Bohn Dover
Cazier, Abraham Lawrence Keller, Martin Salem Smith, Sara Oxford
Cent, Abvalorn One Leg Keller, Neronia Salem Smith, David Nottingham
Cill, Daniel Lawrence Kiggan, John Nottingham Snider, Jacob Goshen
Clark, James Goshen Kinsely, John, Sr. Goshen Soldings, A. Oxford
Colver, Charles Salem Kintner, George Dover Sparks, Robert Salem
Colver, John Salem Krouse, John Salem Stanburg, Jonas Oxford
Colver, Nathaniel Salem Krouse, Lewis Salem Stiffler, John Goshen
Cryden, Gabrien Dover Krug, Phil. Oxford Stiffler, George Goshen
Daniel, Kurtz Salem Laffer, Henry Goshen Switzer, John Goshen
Davis, Henry Salem Lafferty, Edward Nottingham Tell, Henry Oxford
Deardorff, Samuel Dover Lamb, John Nottingham Thomas, Samuel Goshen
Deardorff, Christian Dover Lange, ___? Oxford Uhrick, John Salem
Demuth, Christopher Salem Lappin, Samuel One Leg Uhrick, Henry Salem
Demuth, John Salem Leininger, George Goshen Uhrick, Michael Salem
Eakin, James Lawrence Lenhard, Chri'pher Goshen Wallick, Benjamin Dover
Edgigton, John One Leg McLoughlin, Berriman Nottingham Walton, Jesse Salem
Engler, Carper Salem McThompson, Thos Goshen Warden, Benjamin __
Everly, George Oxford Minnick, Philip Goshen Watson, James Oxford
Everly, George Salem Means, Thomas Goshen Westhaver, Godrey Salem
Farver, John Lawrence Melone, John Lawrence Williams, Mathias ?
Farber, Philip Lawrence Mitchel, John Oxforde    
Ferms, Peter Lawrence        



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