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 History of Trumbull & Mahoning Counties, Ohio
Published:  Cleveland: H. Z. Williams & Bros.

Trumbull County, Ohio

Peter Kline

Mrs. Esther Kline

PETER KLINE.  The subject of this sketch is the most extensive land owner in Liberty township.  His father, Abram Kline, removed from Northampton county, Pennsylvania, to Ohio and settled in Youngstown township in the year 1806, on a farm opposite the mouth of Mill creek, on the Mahoning river.  He was of German descent and a member of the Lutheran church.  He was stern, generous, and enterprising, persevering in business, but always kind and social in his dealings.  His death occurred in the year 1816, from a rupture of a blood vessel.  He had accumulated a large estate, having farmed extensively and dealt successfully in live stock.  The public sale of property after his death lasted three days.  He had a love of blooded horses and one named Messenger was purchased by General Wadsworth, of Canfield, at the sum of $1,000.  Mr. Kline was at the time of his death about forty-six years old.  His family consisted of six children.  Jonathan, the oldest son, settled at Canfield, where he died at the age of seventy-five years.  He was small of stature, his weight being only one hundred and twenty-five pounds, but his frame was strong and his muscles wiry, being able to stand in a half bushel measure and shoulder three bushels of wheat without assistance.  He left each of his four sons, who are all living, a good farm.
     Solomon the second son of Abram Kline, resides in Cortland, Trumbull county, and is extensively known as a man of large accumulations of money, and sagacious business talent.  He has no children.
     The three oldest children of Abram Kline were daughters - Polly married Conrad Neff and settled in Portage county, Sally married Daniel Everett and settled in Hubbard, Betsey married John Neff and settled in Canfield; all three are dead.
     Peter Kline, the youngest son and subject of an illustration, was born in Northampton county, Pennsylvania, Feb. 7, 1803.  His early life was spent on his father's farm, and later in general farm labor for other people.  In 1835 he purchased sixty-six acres of land in Liberty township, on which he settled.  Having inherited a strong liking for stock, particularly cattle, and the kind of talent required for stock speculation, he turned his attention in that direction.  He has been the most extensive cattle dealer in the southern part of Trumbull county, and his success is shown by the continued increase of his farm, which now embraces over seven hundred acres.
     Mr. Kline was married in 1822 to Esther Brown, daughter of Rodger Brown, who with his family removed from Connecticut and settled in Coitsville township.  Mrs. Kline was born in 1804 and died Jan. 20, 1877.  Their family consists of four children - Sarah, Zenas, Abram, and Jane.  Sarah was born in 1823; she was married to John Lynch who died at Meadville, Pennsylvania, leaving four children - Lucy, Lois, John, and Charles.  Lois was married to John McMullen, and has one child living named Lois, a granddaughter of Peter Kline; Lucy is married to Lyman LeaseSarah married for her second husband Joseph Wilson, of Weathersfield, where she resides.
     Zenas, second child of Peter Kline, was born Mar. 28, 1828; was married to Malinda Hooks and lives in Liberty township.
     Abram Kline was born May 5, 1831; was married to Lucy McCartney, of Coitsville, and lives at Church Hill, in Liberty township.
     Jane Kline was born Aug. 27, 1836; was married to Rev. Charles W. Reeves, and resides in Warren.
     Mr. Kline was married Aug. 1, 1877, to Elizabeth Tayler, widow of George Tayler, of Warren, and daughter of Elliott Woodbridge of Youngstown, and a great granddaughter of President Jonathan Edwards, the illustrious New England preacher and Philosopher.  She was born Apr. 9, 1819, and married to George Tayler, a sketch of whom will be found elsewhere in this volume.  After his death, in 1864, she continued to reside in Warren until her marriage with Mr. Kline.
An excellent bed of coal was found on Mr. Kline's farm at Church Hill, in 1867, and a mine was opened the following year by Tod, Stambaugh & Co, lessees.  It has been successfully and extensively operated ever since, bringing to its owner large revenues.
     Mr. Kline is healthy, active, and strong.  Though eighty years of age he has the promise of several years of life yet.  His physical powers have never been impaired by strong drink, and was too frequently the case with men of his business and period of early life.  He has made total abstinence of life principle, and has rigidly adhered to that principle.  His whole family in this respect have made him their example.  He is using his large fortune liberally in the support of charities and for the benefit of his family.
Source: History of Trumbull & Mahoning Counties - Cleveland: H. Z. Williams & Bro. - 1882 - Page 441 ok



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