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 History of Trumbull & Mahoning Counties, Ohio
Published:  Cleveland: H. Z. Williams & Bros.

Trumbull County, Ohio

  BUSHNELL FAMILYLewis Bushnell was born in Johnston township, Trumbull county, Mar. 23, 1818.  Dec. 30, 1841, he was married to Elizabeth A. Treat, of Vienna, who was born July 4, 1821.  The father of Lewis (his name also was Lewis) was born Apr. 12, 1787, in Hartland, Hartford county, Connecticut.  When about sixteen years of age his father (Daniel B.) and family emigrated to Hartford, Trumbull county, Ohio, and he came with the family, of which he was the oldest.  He (Lewis B., Sr.) was married to Sally Webb Dec. 27, 1808.  She also was born in Connecticut, on Sept. 26, 1790, and had come with her people to Johnston, Trumbull county, Ohio. Her father, David Webb, was one of the Revolutionary soldiers.  After their marriage they lived in Hartford for several years and then removed to Johnston.  They had four children, viz: Linus, who died Sept. 22, 1828, aged nineteen years; Debby, who died Oct. 3, 1812, aged nineteen months; Lorenzo, born Jan.29, 1813, who resided in Johnston until 1852, when he went to Waukon, Allamakee county, Iowa, where he has since lived; and Lewis, who has always resided in Johnston.  Three months after the birth of Lewis, Jr., (June 29, 1818) his father died, and ten years later his mother was married to James Bascom, of Greene, Trumbull county.  They also had four children.  Lirus and John, the two older sons, were in the army and there lost their lives.  Linus died in the hospital on Dec. 29, 1862, aged thirty-one years.  His body was wounded in nine places, and like so many other brave soldiers his sufferings were beyond description.  John went home from the hospital on a furlough in the fall to vote at the ensuing election, and died a few days after reaching there.  His home was in Wisconsin.  The other two children are living.  Sarah D., born July 8, 1829, married Allen Mallory, and went to Massachusetts, where she has since lived, and Lyman W., born June 30, 1836, still resides in Johnston.
     Young Lewis Bushnell spent the first part of his life with his mother, helping her to keep the "wolves from the door," and this phrase was at that time used in another sense than the figurative, for it was not an uncommon event for them to see wolves and bears, as for instance, his mother hearing a noise in the pig-pen one night, went out and found a bear there ready to help itself to the pork, but was frightened away by the light she carried in her hand.  Mrs. Bascom died Feb. 4, 1878, in her eighty-eighth year.  At the age of twenty-three Lewis married.  His wife's father, John Treat, was born Feb. 15, 1795, in Milford, Connecticut.  He came to Vienna, Trumbull county, in 1818.  His wife, Mary Hummason, was born Mar. 20, 1804, in Hartford, Connecticut.  She was the daughter of Jacob Hummason, who was a merchant of that place.  He emigrated to Brookfield about the year 1803, his wife and family coming a year or so later.  They found a log house with split log door, and greased paper for windows very different from the home they left, where plenty of luxuries reigned.  Mr. Hummason was one of the best educated men of the county, one of the first teachers in the schools in Youngstown, and an active man in public life.  They had six children, of whom Mary was the fifth.  She was married to John Treat May 10, 1820, and they have since lived in Vienna.  They had six children, viz: Elizabeth A.; Sidney C, born July 5, 1823, and now living in Hazelton, Mahoning county; Julius H., who died June 16, 1858, aged thirty years; Mary E., who died November 1, 1865, aged forty years, and Garry A., born Apr. 17, 1830, and now living in Vienna.  Mr. and Mrs. Treat have always been noted for their kindness, especially to the poor and friendless.  In 1832 they united with what is now the Presbyterian (then Congregational) church of Vienna, and he has filled the office of deacon or elder since his election to it in 1848, till three years ago because of his age he insisted on laying aside those duties.   In May, 1870, the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage was celebrated, and each of the eleven years since the children and grandchildren have spent a glad holiday with the aged couple.  Though in their living together sixty-one years they have been more favored than most couples, we hope many more years may be added to their united lives.  After the marriage of Lewis Bushnell with Elizabeth Treat they went to housekeeping in Johnston, and there they have lived, and their eight children were born. Hubert T., the oldest was born Sept. 26, 1843.  When seventeen years old he taught a term of school, and then returned to the store where he had clerked the previous year, and with the exception of the time spent in the army has since been engaged in mercantile business.  He was a volunteer with the ninety-day men, and also in the nine months service.
     On Dec. 23, 1868, he was married to Jennie Hollett, of Watkins, New York.  About two years after they went East, and are still residing in Hartford, Cortland county, New York.  They have one child, Charles La Verne, born Jan.10, 1871.
     Mary E. was born Oct. 27, 1845.  She began teaching at the age of seventeen, and followed It quite closely, and with evident success for about thirteen years.  On the 15th of June, 1876, she was married to Frank C. Hinman, of Tallmadge, Summit county.  Their home is in Easton, Wayne county.  They have two children:  Louis C., born Sept. 28, 1877, and Flora E., born Aug. 28, 1879.
     Martha A. was born Jan.4, 1848. On the 10th of May, 1876, she was married to Sullivan Hutchins, of Hartford, and are still living upon their farm in that township. They have two children, Grace A., born June 18, 1877, and Mary E., born Jan.11, 1880.
     Howard L. was born Jan.18, 1850.  He has followed speculating much of the time.  On Sept. 18, 1876, he was married to Kit Clark, of Vienna.  Their home is in that place.  They have one child, Ira E., born July 17, 1880, also one adopted child, Freddie, born August, 1878.
     Linus S. was born Jan.1, 1853.  At sixteen years of age he began teaching, and followed it winters for several years.  He was married to Emma A. Taylor, of Mecca, Jan.I, 1876.  They have one child, Ida M., born Mar. 8, 1877. They settled on a farm in Johnston.
     Esther T. was born Jan. 30, 1855.  She has followed teaching several years, and at present is teaching in the graded schools of Orwell, Ashtabula county.
     Sarah E. was born June 15, 1857.  She has followed teaching a part of the time.
     George A. was born Apr. 20, 1861.
     Though the persons named in this sketch have never gained world-wide fame, they have possessed honesty, energy, and enterprise, and rejoiced to see the many improvements of the country, and while they have helped to put down slavery, intemperance, or any other evil which assailed society, they have tried to strengthen that which is good and all that tended to the advancement of social and public interest.

History of Trumbull & Mahoning Counties - Cleveland: H. Z. Williams & Bro. -  VOL. 2 - 1882 - Page 406


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