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Abner Alva died, June 17, 1905, age 35, invalid. 
Overholtz Daniel of Camden, died August 23, 1905, born June 13, 1833, leaves 3 brothers and a sister, age 74.
Card Aaron of Dixon Twp died of neuralgia of the stomach, age 72 years, 11 months, 29 days. Leaves 3 sons and  2 daughters. Had been in the infirmary one week as a matter of convenience, not from necessity. Service at Concord, buried there.
Wells George died of paralysis July 19, 1906, about 80, formerly of Camden. 
Petry Jonathan 75, died of intestinal grippe July 27, 1906, buried New Madison.
Hall Dick died Aug 31, 1906. Service at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Harry Windle of Kritzer's Hill, buried at Lexington.
Hubler Levi died Sept 6, 1906, born Jackson Twp. Wayne Co. OH, Sept. 11, 1828. Married Elizabeth Bunger, July 27, 1851, had 2 sons and 3 daughters, only a daughter survives. One son died in Africa where he had gone as missionary and is buried there. Also leaves brother, 4 sisters. Buried at Ephemia. 
Cottom Evan J. age 52 or 62, died of brights disease Opt 13, 1906. Had resided in New Paris. Nephew, W. C. Hand of Union City took the body to Winchester, IN.
Mugavin James died March 16, 1908 of dropsy, age 71. Catholic.  Service at New Paris, buried St. Johns.
Devire William 45, died March 29, 1908 of tuberculosis. No relatives known. Buried at infirmary. 
Burroughs Isaac 72, died Aug 16, 1908, buried at the infirmary cemetery.
Jones Jimmy colored, died Feb 1, 1909 of stomach trouble, age 52.  Buried there. 
Raid Samuel died March 28, 1909, about 80. About 8 years ago he had both legs cut off at the ankle by a railroad accident near his  home at Brookville and has been an inmate of the infirmary about 4 years. Buried at Ithaca.
Turney Catherine 84, died March 30, 1909 of old age. Buried at Gratis.
Locke Mrs. Jane formerly of Euphemia died last Saturday (May 7, 1909)  83 years.
Allen Mrs. Savina 96, died July 20, 1909, buried in Richmond.
Dunlap Maggie 51, July 31, 1909. 
Strader Mrs. Susan formerly of New Hope, died July 31, 1909 of blood poisoning, widow of Daniel Buried New Hope.
Reynolds Floyd known as "Dad, of paralysis, Sept 20, 1909, age 61, had been an inmate for 35 years.
Hewitt Cyrus 69, died Oct 4, 1909 of tuberculosis. Has son in Anderson, IN. Buried at Liberty, IN.
Roherbecker Henry Phillip died Sept 30,1909 of chronic nephritis, age 72. Buried at the infirmary.
McClure Samuel died June 10, 1910, age 75, spent entire life in Preble with exception of 4 years of childhood spent in Penn. Suffered with dropsy and heart trouble. Leaves widow, a daughter, Mrs. Richard White, 5 grandchildren, brother, Frank and sisters, Mrs. Cyrena Loudenback of near Connersville, Amanda Mann of Eaton.  Buried Mound Hill.
Ring Charleston 71, died July 29, 1910 of paralysis. Born in Liberty, IN, has sister at Connersville. Buried at infirmary.
Yagaer Goerge 60, died Feb 28, 1911, had a blacksmith shop in Gratis some years ago, one of the best smiths, buried at Gratis Fairview
Baker Mary died at Montgomery Co. infirmary July 16, 1912, age 30. Buried Mound Hill.
Cooper Peter 86, died Feb 23, 1913 of apoplexy. Had been a resident of Gratis Twp., at infirmary for 3 years. Has a daughter out west.  Buried at Gratis
Leverton Mrs. Mary 76, died at the infirmary. Leaves son, Riley Brown, buried Mound Hill. Paper dated March 13, 1913.
Waggoner Dan 76, died March 16, formerly of Brown Co. IN. 
Mead John 55, died March 18, born in New York, came to Preble as an orphan. Inmate for 32 years.
Wikle Samuel died Jan 30/31, 1914, had been there for 22/25 years, age 65/69.  Buried at Lewisburg.
Watson Joseph 73, died Feb 3 1914, buried at Lewisburg. 
Lebolt John 56, died May 31, formerly of Israel Twp. Apparently no family. Buried at infirmary.
Lambert Mrs. Susan 75, died Oct. 8, 1914 at the infirmary, buried there, leaves 3 sons.
McKee Sadie 78 died Jan 10, 1915 at the infirmary, widow of James McKee who died several years ago. Native of Monroe Twp.
Baker Mrs. Mary 82, died May 20, 1915, born Harrison Twp. Leaves adopted son, Daniel Claark of West Manchester. Buried at Monroe. 
Mull David 88, father of Mrs. Jefferson Bean, died May 23, 1915.  Daughter, Mrs. Oden Ellis of IN. Buried at New Paris.
Taylor Mrs. Mary Jane 86, died June 13, 1915, from Somers Twp. into infirmary Aug 1912. Leaves 2 sons, Bert (Delpha H.)  of Eaton and Calvin of Camden, daughter, Mrs. Laura Long who is employed at infirmary. Buried at West Elkton
Davis Angaline nee Breece, 92, died June 19, 1915 of old age. Had been an inmate for 6 years. Leaves son , Alonzo and daughter, Mrs. Kortwright of Richmond. Buried at New Westville. 
Davis Mrs. Laura 65, died Sept 17, 1915, formerly of Camden.  Foster daughter, Mrs. Myrtle Mustard of Chicago.  Separated from 2nd husband, 1st husband is dead. 
Wise John 58, inmate of infirmary was killed by a bull in the barnyard, Sept 6. 1915. Formerly of Twin Twp. no family.
Wilson David 68, died Oct 13, 1915. Leaves 2 brothers, buried at infirmary.
Morton Adeldine  80, died Jan 20, 1916. Brother, Late Col. Thomas Morton, Squire of Eaton, nieces, Mrs. Laura Upham, Mrs. Emma Oxer, Nephew John Morton of Eaton. Buried Mound Hill. 
Shinn Mrs. Martha ca 75, widow of William died Jan 24, 1916 of lagrippe. Buried Mound Hill. 
Overholtz Raymond 37, died May 16, 1916 at the infirmary, buried at Camden. 
Stiles Chris 74, died 1918, no relatives. Came from Gratis Twp in 1908, buried at infirmary. 
Shafer Jacob 86, died, services Feb 25, 1918 at the home of his brother Philip in West Alexandria. 
Voorhis James 78, died June 5, 1918 age 78, leaves wife. Recently moved in from MO. Buried West Manchester.
Newport James 70 died June 13, 1918, buried Mound Hill. 
Wurker John 79, unmarried, died June 24, 1918, born in Germany, lived in America a long time. Buried at infirmary. 
Hines Mrs. Nancy 60, died July 7, 1918, buried New Paris. 
Painter Philip died July 28, 1918 been in infirmary since Jan 1, 1917, would have been 88 on Aug. 12. Came from Jackson Twp. Leaves 3 daughters. Buried Frame.
Wilson Mrs. Rena about 90, died April 30, 1919. Had been born in Slavery. 
Watt Miss Sarah died June 5, 1919. Service from home of Mrs. Margaret Wilson of New Paris. Buried Springlawn. 
Rule Thomas  H.  66, died at the infirmary June 5.      
Rape Clinton 79, died at the infirmary April 16, 1919, buried at Sugar Grove. Leaves sons, Joseph and Lafayette Rape.
Wright Frank  died at the infirmary May 14, 1920, had been there 50 years.
Pottenger Margaret 70, d/o William and Marfy Minferd Pottenger, single, died July 22, 1920.  Buried Concord. 
Frederick John  73, died Nov 11, 1920. Native of Germany had no relatives in this country. 
Rape Emeline 86, died Dec 13, 1920, leaves a sister also in the infirmary. Buried Sugar Grove. 
Seiler George J. born Dec 3, 1822, s/o Christopher and Susan.  Horner Seiler died Dec 24, 1920 of cancer. Buried at Lewisburg.
Diegenbach Samanatha born March 8, 1838, single, died April 2, 1921 of pneumonia. Buried at Gettysburg. 
Northrop Margaret 78, died May 4, 1921. Leaves son in Eldorado, brother in Ansonia. Buried Hollansburg.
Thrush Perry born in OH, age 60, s/o Oratio and Syunthia Coddle Thrush, blacksmith. Single. Died June 25, 1921, buried at Sugar Hill .
Byrne William C 86, born in OH, died July 22, 1921 of cancer, Carpenter. Buried Camden.
McAdams Nathaniel born Nov 10, 1833 in OH, farmer, died Aug 5, 1921. Buried Mound Hill. 
Shackleford Lundy died Aug 22, 1921 at the infirmary. Buried at West Alex. 
Shaw Samuel R. born Jan 10, 1865 in OH, s/o Charles and Elmira Harbel Shaw, died Sept 21, 1921, buried Mound Hill. 
Kreckler Amanda McGriff born Nov 15, 1845 d/o Samuel and Katy Harper Hood , died December 28, 1921. Had 6 children, buried Twin Chapel.
Wesco Mary born Feb 8, 1836 in OH, d/o Amos and Elizabeth Hackard Mills, widow, died Jan 26, 1922, buried at Camden.
Lucas John 75, of Somers Twp. died. Buried Mound Hill March 15,1922. 
Robinson William Henry s/o William age 69, died March 23, 1922, buried Mound Hill. 
Hager John born Sept 7, 1847, single, died April 11, 1922, buried at Gratis. 
Harshman Elmira d/o Daniel and Isabel Overpeck Harshman, single.  Died April 21, 1922, buried Mound Hill. 
Broughman John s/o George and Harriet Redman Broughman, 86, died, service in Lewisburg July 15, 1922.
Crabill Edward 36, s/o Titus and brother of John, married, died Jan 16, 1923 at the infirmary, buried New Lexington.  Survived by divorced wife and several children.
Gift Eliza born 1845 d/o John and Mary Arberight Gift, single.  Died Feb 21, 1923, buried Mound Hill.
Vought John 66, died Feb 23, 1923, buried at infirmary cemetery. 
Pierson Joseph 80, farmer, single/Died, Buried at the infirmary cemetery May 3, 1923. 
Adylotte John 84, single. Died July 1, 1923 of apoplexy. Service and burial at Lewisburg. 
Day Susanna born 1849, widow of Marion Day, died July 21, 1923, buried at Camden. 
Moore George W of Verona died Sept 6, 1923 of pneumonia, 80 years 3 months. Wife Sarah Ann also in county home.  Buried Verona. 
Hornaday Samuel Mitchell born Nov 27, 1849, s/o Ezra and Eliza Barnett Hornaday, died Nov. 29, 1923, buried Mound Hill. 
Cail Catharine 75, died Dec 6 1923 of cancer. Son, John, brother, William Hornaday of Eaton. Buried Mound Hill.
Werts William 77 years 9 months 16 days, died Jan 2, 1924.  Service there. 
Wilson Edward born Sept 1, 1935, teacher, single. Died March 2, 1924, buried Mound Hill. 
Doty George 81, died Sept 14, 1924 of heart trouble. Sister, Ida Marvill of Chicago. Buried Camden. 
Rape Amer 85, died Nov 22, 1924. Last of 10 children of John (Jacob). Buried Sugar Grove.
Fudge William 69, born Preble, had 4 children. Died Jan 24, 1925. Buried Stump.   
Overholser Isaac 91, died Jan 27, 1925, had been at infirmary  at since 1919.  Born Preble. Had daughter in Dayton.  Buried West Elkton.
Jenkins Sandy 80, died Jan 27, 1925, had been at county home since Nov 1923. Born in VA, farmer. Buried Twin Valley. 
Moore Sarah Ann 82, died March 24, 1925. Widow of George W., who died Sept 6, 1923. Buried Verona. Leaves sister, Mrs. Aaron Hunt of Verona and brother, John Staver of Montgomery Co. 
Trissel William Henry 65, died April 9, 1925, has 3 sons near Brookville, daughter in Canton. Buried Slivers. 
Howard Watson Clark about 79, died April 20, 1925, buried at New Paris. 
Wise Lewis about 70 single, died July 24, 1925 at the infirmary, buried Mound Hill. Leaves sister in Dayton.
Stewart Martha born Dec 10, 1839 d/o Henry and Elizabeth Styar Stikeleather, died Nov 24, 1925, buried at New Paris. 
Hubler Matilda Wolf born Aug 8, 1833, d/o John and Mary Bickle Woolf died Dec 3, 1925, buried at Zion. 
Brindley Thomas 71, died Dec 27, 1925, leaves wife. Buried Mound Hill.
Owens James 75, died Feb 5, 1926. Leaves son of Richmond, daughter in New Paris. Buried Earlham. 
Stewart Eva 81, died Feb 21, 1926, formerly of Lewisburg. Buried Sugar Grove. 
Stadden Rachel Ann  born Aug 10, 1852, d/o William and Mary Cable Carson, w/o Samuel Stadden, died Feb 23, 1926, buried Mound Hill. 
Gulick Clifford 75, died March 1, 1926, leaves brother in NJ.  Buried Sugar Grove. 
Stoctin Winfield 74, single, died March 13, 1926, buried Mound Hill .
Brindley Charity 83, died April 9, 1926, buried Mound Hill. 
Bristow Josephine 85, died June 16, 1926, resident of home for 45 years. Buried Mound Hill. 
Harriss Benjamin born July 2, 1855, d/o Isaac and Martha Lawyer Harriss, died Oct 5, 1926, buried at West Alexandria. 
Heckman Isaac born Jan 23, 1846, s/o Isaac and Mary Young Heckman, died Oct 13, 1926, single, buried Wheatville.
Kulp Milo 46, born in IN, died Jan 16, 1927, buried Mound Hill.
Roe Mahlon 76, died March 20, 1927.  Buried Mound Hill. 
Marshall Mary A 79, died April 2, 1927.  Buried Hopewell.
Marshall Ella died April 6, 1927 sister of Mary who died April 2. Buried Hopewell. 
Sackett Oliver born in PA, 75, died April 29, 1927 of cancer. Buried Mound Hill 
Reid Anna E. 92, died May 6, 1927. Widow of Samuel N., leaves sons and daughters. Buried Zion. 
Kuss Nick about 68, died July 16, 1927. Born in Germany, in U. S. 6 years. Buried Mound Hill.
Warner William Henry born Nov 25, 1878 s/o Francis and Berthenia Warner, husband of Alma, died July 16, 1927, buried Mound Hill.
Etzler William Wallace about 80, died Jul.y 29, 1927 home. Buried Roselawn. 
Conley Mary born Oct 1, 1851, w/o R. N. Conley, died Aug 26, 1927.  Buried at Felicity, OH. 
Brate John single, died. Service at West Chester, OH Sept 27, 1927. 
Blossom Matilda Jane 79, died December 11, 1927. Born in IL.  Buried Somerville.
Kulp Milo 46, died Jan 15, 1928. Buried Mound Hill.
Marshall Mary A. 79, April 2, 1928. Buried Hopewell.
Reid Mrs. Anna E. died May 6, 1928. Widow of Samuel N. Leaves children. Buried Zion. 
Evertrue Charles 75, died March 25, 1928, born Muskegum Co., no family. 
Pittman Frank of the infirmary, age 66, single, s/o James Pittman buried Sept 3, 1928. Born in New Paris. 
Gilbert William S. 73 died Dec 21, 1928, leaves 2 brothers and 4 sisters. Buried Pittsburg.
Gustin Alonzo 66, died Jan 4, 1929. Wife died in 1922. Buried in home cemetery. 
Conley Ruben 78, died Feb 4 1929, leaves two sons. Buried at county home. 
Garrett Henry of Harrison Twp., born Harrison Twp. died May 11, 1929. Single. 
Palmer Orville died May 27, 1929. IOOF, carpenter, had lived with Mason Montgomery. Leaves father and sister in CA. 
Dunlop Mary Ann 73 died May 30, 1929, leaves daughter, Mrs. Emma Mann of West Elkton, son, Harry of Dayton, 1/2 brother Wesley Petit, grandson, Gordon D. of Eaton, buried West Elkton. 
Geeting Adam 77, died June 15, 1929, born Preble, leaves son, Charles, Cecil, Harry of Dayton, William of Columbus, Roy and Lawrence of Cincinnati, another son in Washington Court House, daughters Anna and Pearl of Cincinnati, brother Jacob of Eaton, 2 sisters. Buried Roselawn.
Rudel John of the infirmary age 71, widower, born in Verona buried at county home. June 18-21, 1929.
Saylor Ambrose 85, died Sept 22, 1929, buried Fairview, Lanier Twp. 
Neff Webster 82, born Preble, died Nov 26, 1929, buried Camden. 
Caldwell George of county home, widower, buried Dec 12, 1929 at Memorial Park, Dayton.
McLain Sophia 73, born Preble, died Dec 6, 1929. 
Haley Mary 65, born in Lewisburg, died Dec 23, 1929, leaves sister in Eaton.
Kirkland Jacob 66, buried Jan 6, 1930 at infirmary.
Guy Frank born April 22, 1859 s/o James andd Catharine Russell Buy, died July 20, 1930, single. Buried at infirmary cemetery. 
Asey Mary 81, d/o Samuel, single, died Sept 28, 1930, buried at infirmary cemetery. 
Swihart Maria born Feb 22, 1854, d/o David and Sarah Miller Martin, w/o Francis Swihart, divorced. Died Oct 22, 1930, buried Sugar Grove.
Lipscomb William Henry born June 11, 1856. in IN, s/o William and Mary Houser Lipscomb, husband of Minnie, died Feb 27, 1931, buried Mound Hill.
Meeks Jane born June 16, 1860 in KY, d/o John Jones, w/o John Meeks, died March 21, 1931, buried Mound Hill. 
Chapin Perry born June 27, 1849 s/o Daniel and Hannah Blossom Chapin, single, farmer, died March 27, 1931, buried Somerville.
Moore Ballard W. 74 died July 12, 1931. Leaves daughter near Farmersville, 2 sons in VA, a brother. Buried at infirmary. 
Garver Wilson born Sept 18, 1857, s/o Joseph and Rachel Thompson Garver, single, died July 16, 1931. Buried at infirmary cemetery. 
Hapner Elmore born March 12, 1860, s/o James and Mary Gleck Hapner, farmer, died Aug 7, 1931, buried Lewisburg. 
Yost Susan Ann born May 8, 1857 d/o James and Hannah Wombolt Arp, w/o George Oliver Yost, died Aug 24, 1931, buried at Castine. 
Wilson Frank 79, died Sept 9, 1931, cigarmaker. Buried Mound Hill.
Greenfield Caroline born 1846 d/o Ned Taylor, widow of William Greenfield, died Dec 7, 1931, buried at Camden.
Waters William born Dec 13, 1855, s/o Bennet and Lydia Williams Waters, single, baker, died Dec 15, 1931, buried Mound Hill.
Surface Jacob W. born Jun 29, 1849 s/o Adam and Sarah Irick Surface, husband of Mary Ann, farmer, widower, died Jan 2, 1932, buried Mound Hill 
Barnet Benjamin born Feb 25, 1856 s/o John and Nancy Campbell Barnet, married, painter and paperhanger, died Jan 19, 1932, buried Mound Hill 
Gard Williama  born June 15, 1863, s/o Aaron and Catharine Toler Gard, married, died Feb 6, 1932. 
Meeks John born April 4, 1855 in KY s/o Joseph and Sarah Martin Meeks, farmer, widower of Jane died March 4, 1932, buried Mound Hill
Cox Mary 76, d/o Solomon, single, died March 12, 1932, buried at infirmary cemetery. 
Ward Richard 75, single, farmer, died March 23, 1932, buried infirmary cemetery. 
Miller Albert born July 3, 1853 in Canada, s/o William and Anna Alan Miller, husband of Emaline, woodworker. Died at April 24, 1932, buried at Woodland in Dayton. 
Simpson Valentine born in VA, age 73, s/o John and Fannie Trammel Simpson, farmer, husband of Margaret. Died Aug 19, 1932, buried Mound Hill. 
Stewart Frank born June 10, 1841 in N. C. s/o Ross and Elizabeth Allen Stewart, widower of Martha, farmer, died Sept 20, 1932, buried New Paris. 
Miller Charles 76, died Nov 21, 1932, buried at the infirmary cemetery 
Gray Joseph 83, died Nov 24, 1932, cabinet maker, buried at the infirmary cemetery. 
Phlieger Sarah  born Feb 10, 1850, d/o Daniel and Rebecca Mikesell Kitterman, died Nov 24, 1932 of influenza, buried at Gratis.
Eakle Amos born Feb 16, 1853 in MD, s/o Amos, farmer, died Dec 1, 1932, buried Sugar Grove. 
Wittiman Morris born May 12, 1862, s/o Samuel and Susan Miller Wittiman, single, died Dec 3, 1932, buried at Lewisburg.
Arnold Elizabeth born May 14, 1846, d/o James and Malinda Griffin Corwin, died Feb 12, 1933, buried Lewisburg. 
Hoffman Daniel 96, s/o Manuel and Sarah House Hoffman, farmer died March 13, 1933. Buried in infirmary cemetery. 
Hunt Alvina died Aug 2, 1933 at county Home.
Smith A. Wesley H. single, born 1907, died Aug 25, 1933, s/o Robert A. and Helen Smith.
Dearth Mrs. Ella Davis widow, born April 12, 1861, d/o Henry Shafer, died Jan 2, 1934. 
Smith Sarah Frances w/o William, born Dec 23, 1860 in Twin Twp. Preble Co. d/o William and Elizabeth Catherine Stover  Clawson, died Jan 31, 1934. Sister is Mary Alice Clawson of West Alexandria.
Beane Nathaniel born Feb 24, 1855, s/o Joseph and Rosalie Moore Beane, carpenter, widower of Jennie, died June 1, 1934, buried Mound Hill. 
Scofield Nettie born Feb 17, 1856, d/o John and Catharine Freeman Keckler , widow of William, died July 16, 1934, buried Ft. Jefferson.
Jewell Sarah Vickers born March 3, 1860 in KY, d/o James and Julia Pestun Vickers, w/o Robert, died Sept 22, 1934. Buried at infirmary cemetery.
Frey Perry born Jan 19, 1863, s/o Jacob, painter, married. Died Aug 31, 1935, buried at the infirmary cemetery. 
Detmore Henry born March 17, 1857 in Germany, gardener, single, died, buried Mound Hill.
Duane William 70, died Jan 26, 1936.
Wehrley John C. born Oct 17, 1859 died March 7, 1936. Carpenter, widower. S/o Jacob and Catherine Olinger Wehrley. Buried Springlawn.
Early Ida born July 25, 1873, d/o Daniel and Amanda Hapner Locke, widow of William, died July 14, 1936, buried at West Alexandria
Borden Charles Edgar born Jan 20, 1871, s/o George and Frances Sharkey Borden, died Aug 20, 1936, single, farmer, buried Mound Hill.
Loy William Theodore born Sept 14, 1853 s/o Lewis and Elizabeth King Loy, farmer, widower of Lydia, Aug 22, 1937, buried Mound Hill.
Wieland Allen W.  born July 2, 1856, s/o George and Susan Rudy Wieland, blacksmith, single, Feb 16, 1938, buried at Farmersville.
Phillips Henry E. single, born May 21, 1858 near Gratis, s/o Richard and Cyunthia Pearson Phillips, died June 3, 1939. Buried Camden.
Miles Sara Ellen widow of Bill, born July.21, 1848 in Preble, d/o Dennis and Aleltha Griffin Llewellyn, died Oct 15, 1939. buried at Camden.
Mosier Sherman born June 2, 1866, s/o Abraham and Harriett Clay Mosier, carpenter, widower of Anna Mosier, died Jan 19, 1940, buried at Old Teegarden.
Lutz Mary Ellen single, born Jan 22, 1888 in Eaton, d/o Newton and Liza White Lutz died April 29, 1940. Buried a tthe infirmary cemetery.
Shewman Emma born May 23, 1845, d/o John and Catharine Sleppy Lehman, widow of Martin, died Jan 23, 1940. Buried Mound Hill.  
Drake Fred born Aug 8, 1861 s/o Frederick and Sarah Shaffer Drake, divorced from Ella, died, buried Mound Hill.
Weissgerber Lovell born June 1874 in IN, s/o John and Sarah Bynn Weissgerber, single, wood carver. Died April 27, 1940, buried Earlham.
Berden Mary Alice widow of Charles, born April 10, 1860 in Sidney, OH, d/o Joseph and Mary Alice Alexander Goings, died Oct 31, 1940. Buried at Mound Hill.
Myers Alice born Dec 11, 1861 in N. J. d/o William and Jane Clark Taylor, widow of Edward, died June 4, 1941, buried at Earlham.
Thompson Frank 71, died April 19, 1942, s/o William and Susan.  Buried at the infirmary cemetery. 
Fudge James Thomas born Oct 5, 1898, s/o William and Mary Milstead Fudge, single. Died Aug 6, 1942, buried at Stump.
Hawley Samuel Stafford born Jan 4, 1883 in VA, s/o Marion Hawley, farmer, married. Died Sept 6, 1942, buried Sugar Grove.
Shafer Cora born in Preble, d/o Henry and Sarah Ann Hapner Parks, died Feb 4, 1944, age 76.
Sloan Samuel B. born Oct 22, 1876 in IN s/o Silas and Susan Longest Sloan, widower of Lydia Bailey Sloan, died March 3, 1944, buried Mound Hill.
Schulling Jesse Robert born May 7, 1869 in VA, s/o Riley and P. Simpson Schulling, husband of Lydia, farmer. Died June 26, 1944, buried at Earlham.
Shafer Mary M. of Eaton, born March 28, 1866 in Clermont Co. OH, d/o Andrew and Margaret Marquenette Gross-nickle, died Sept 19, 1947. Buried Zion. Leaves son, Albert of Miamisburg.
Hickman Albert L. single, born Sept 25, 1861 in Preble, s/o Samuel and Phoebe Smith Hickman, died Aug 15, 1948.
Moore Charles N. born July 22, 1880 in Preble, s/o David C and Sarah Stephens Moore, died Dec 20, 1953.
Schilling Margaret born Jan 11, 1870 in VA, d/o Silas and Sarah Pullen Wright, widow. Died Aug 30, 1957, buried Mound Hill.
Decker Warner C. born Jan 5, 1890 s/o Fred and Emaline Cole Decker, widower of Mabel, farmer, died July 14, 1965, buried Mound Hill.

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