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Graciously contributed by Nancy Hannah from files of Mrs. Audrey Gilbert.


* These stones are broken off at base and stacked in a pile
Surname First  
SAWYER Caroline wife of J. P. Sawyer  d. Nov. 26, 1860 age 28y 1m 17ds
SCHENCK Sarah d. Feb. 20, 1851  age (3) Oys 7m 6d
SLIPPEY Sarah E. w/o Jacob Slippey  d. Jun. 20, 1858 age 37y 4m 20ds
SMITH Ann E. 1836-1851
SMITH Ann Elizabeth d/o Samuel & Mary R.  b. Mar. 10, 1835  d. Apr. 10
SMITH Della V. 1842-1851
SMITH Elizabeth 1804-1885
SMITH John 1800-1847
SMITH Mary w/o Charles Smith (unreadable)
SMITH Mary A. 1839-1900
SMITH Mary Eliza d/o Samuel & Mary R.  d. Dec. 3, 1871  age 18yrs 3m
SMITH Mary R. w/o Samuel Smith died June (wore off)
SMITH Nathan J. d/ Mar. 29, 1853  9  24y 9m 9d
SMITH Samuel b. in Chester Co., Penn, July 28, 1802 d. Sept. 22, 1879
SNODGRASS John M. d. Mar. 29, 1847  24y 1m 16d
STEPHEN Mary Ann w/o __  ___ d. Aug. 7, 1854 age 22 y 5m 27ds.
STIPHER Ellen w/o A. G. Stipher  b. July 7, 1831  d. Jan. 19, 1845 age 24y 6m 12 ds.
STOCKTON Elizabeth w/o Daniel  d. Apr. 15, 1878 age about 65y
STOCKTON Mary b. Oct. 1, 1794  d. July 19, 1887
STOCKTON William d/ Feb. 17, 1867 age 78y 1m 5d  (ss as Mary)
SWERER Dora w/o B. W. Swerer d. June 2, 1872 age 21y 6m
SWERER Mary w/o John Swerer  d. Aug. 5, 1883 age 72y 6m 13ds
SWERER * Agnes w/o Peter Swerer   d. May 21, 1864 age 78y 13d
SWERER * Francis M. d. (broken)
SWERER * John d. Aug. 12, 1852 age 47y 5m 20d
SWERER * Peter d. Oct. 20, 1863 age 83y 3m 16d
SWERER * Robert M. d. Aug. 29, 1872 age 37y 19 d
TAYLOR __rd ___? of Maryland, Rev. Sol. d. 8-28-1838 age 83y
TAYLOR Catharine /o Isaac Taylor d. 8-30-1855 age 62y 9m 14 d
TAYLOR Isaac d. 5-20-1855 age 64-5-3 (same stone)
THOMAS Ethalinda d/o Saul & Isabella  d. Oct. 16, 1839 age 8y 8m 29da
THOMAS Isabella w/o Saul Thomas  d. Apr. 30, 1851 age 56 y 21 ds.
THOMAS Mary A. T. d/o Saul & Isabella  d. Feb. 23, 1851 age 22y 11m 17ds.
THOMAS Sylvester s/o Saul & Isabella d. Oct. 24, 1839 age 5y 5m 6d
THOMAS   (Isabella, Ethalinda, Sylvester and Mary A. T. all inscribed on same stone)
THOMPSON Hannah M. (no dates)
THOMPSON Prudence (no dates)
THOMPSON Robert P. (no dates)
THOMPSON Walter (no dates)
THOMPSON Mary J. w/o Moses Thompson d. Jan. 4, 1854 age 25y 5m 2d
TILLMAN Julianna R. w/o Richard S. Tillman  d. 7-30-1855 age 50-1-10
ULLERY Florence G. d/o Isaac & Elizabeth d. Mar. 20, 1863 age 10y 2m 3d
UNKNOWN Unknown (broken stone top gone.  d. Feb. 19, 1863 age 59y 3m 11 d (14d?)
UNKNOWN *   (broken stone) d. Apr. 8, age 23y 6m 20ds
WAGNER Martin d. July 3, 1855  age 78y 5m 9da
WALEY Elias son of J. K. & _ J. d. Mar. 8, 1848 age 1y 1m 11 ds.
WEAVER Michael b. June 8, 1789  d. Oct. 20, 1861
WEIST? John d. Mar. 6, 1857 age 53y 1m 13d.
WEILAND Elizabeth 1825  1899 (ss)
WEILAND Martha E. d/o Saul & Elizabeth  d. Sep. 20, 1863  5y 3m 2d
WEILAND Samuel 1821 1908
WEST Elizabeth w/o Josiah West  d. Feb. 25, 1869 age 72y 8m 25ds.
WEST Josiah d. Feb. 20, 1870 age 69y 10m 9d
WEST Nancy w/o Nathaniel West  d. Feb. 28, 1849 age 84y 10 (exact as one stone)
WEST Nathaniel d. Sept. 6, 1833 age 77y 8m 15ds
WEST   (inscriptions for Nath. & Eliza. all on same stone)
WILLIAMS John d. Aug. 31, 1846 age 64y 11m 28d
WILLIAMS Mary w/o John Williams  d. Sept. 10, 1850  age 59y 10m 23d
WILLIAMS Rosannah d. June 15, 1839 age 15 y 9m 12d
WILLIAMSON Thos. d. 12-21-1848 age 1y (1 or 10m) 15 d.
WOLLARD Martha w/o Hiram T. Wollard  d. 3-30-1845 age 25-10-16 (dau. of Robt. McGrew)
WOODS Caroline (no dates)
WOOFLER (Weffer?) Elizabeth w/o James  d. in 41st yr of age
WOOFTER James d. 7-28-1865 in 62th yr.
WOOFTER Sarah w/o James Woofter  d. 8-7-1849 a. 61 yr.
YOUNG James H. b. Nov. 25, 1807 d. Dec. 25, 1852
YOUNG Mary b. June 18, 1802  d. Feb. 19, 1870 (same stone as James H.)
YOUNG Mary A. d/o J. H. & M.  b. Aug. 18, 1842 d. May 9, 1855



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