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Graciously contributed by Nancy Hannah from files of Mrs. Audrey Gilbert.


* These stones are broken off at base and stacked in a pile
Surname First  
_____ _____ of John & Mary d. Jan. 175h 1840 age 17? 9m 11d
______ ______ age 20y 10m 22d
______ ______ d. Apr. 11, 1855 age 81y
______ AM___ wife of ___ Joshua _____ P
ADAMS Elijah d. Sep. 24, 1850 age 49y 7m 2 d
ADAMS M. J. d. June 29, 1858 age 25y 5m 1d
ADAMS Rebecca wife of James d. May 21, 1847 age 24y 26d
ALEXANDER Robert T. son of __ & S. L. d. Jan 8 1873 ae 2y 7m 15d
ALEXANDER James James d. __ 21 __ ag 79y
ALEXANDER Malinda wife of Wm. Alexander d. Sep. 16 1870 age 39 y 3m 6d
ALEXANDER Martha d. Dec. 30 1883 age 71y 6m 2d
ALEXANDER Nancy wife of James Alexander d. Jan. 26, 1865 age 76y 4d
ALEXANDER * Infant son of R. & L. (or E.) d. Dec. 24, 1875
ALEXANDER? Zella Berrenis dau. of Wm. & Davina d. Sep. 8 1882 age 8m 4d
ARCHABALD Mary d. Oct. 11, 1850 age 52y 8m 15ds
AUSTIN Stephen son of John & Mary d. Jan. 17, 1840 age 27y 9mn 11d
BATES Abraham d. May 7, 1855 age about 76yrs
BATES Infant of E. & P. Bates
BATES Mary Jane dau. of Eli & Peninah d. July 20, 1854 ae 3y 23?d
BATTEN Hattie M. wife of Wm. A. d. May 14 1863 age 26y 9  24d
BILBEE Ether d. Nov. 27, 1888 age 78y 9m 16d
BILBEE Frederick d. Apr. 25, 1852 age 40y 2m 16d
BILBEE Isabella wife of Peter Bilbee ____
BLAIR Lot d. 10-17-1843 age 27y 7m 1d
BRAFFETT Alfred d. Apr. 26, 1866 age 63y 5m 16ds
BRAFFETT Alva G. b. Dec. 18, 1850 d. Apr. 18, 1866 age 15y 4m
BRAFFETT Charles F. b. July 4, 1833 d. Sep. 21 1877
BRAFFETT Eliza d. Jan. 20, 1885 age 81y 3m 4d
BRAFFETT J. L. 1825-1887
BRAFFETT Mrs. Kate M. d. June 4, 1871 age 45y 3m 2da
BRAFFETT Mrs. Nettie L. d. Oct. 28, 1883 age 38y 6m 9d
BRAWLEY * Flora E. dau. of C. H. & M. A. d. Aug. 11, 1866 age 2m 28 ds.
BRINLEY Achsah w/o John Brinley d. 1029-1864 age 81-2-8
BRINLEY John d. 6-22-1827 age 44-7-19
BRINLY Elizabeth dau. of Silvester & Nancy d. Nov. 5, 1856 age 3 y 10 m
BRINLY Oliver R. son of Silvester & Nancy d. Sep. 3, 1855 age 2m 2d
BRINLY Silvester son of Silvester & Nancy d. Mar. 6, 1851 age 5m 7d (all on same stone)
BROWN Alexander d. Feb. 11, 1871 age 58y 9m 20d
BROWN Hannah wife of Alexander Brown d. Dec. 5, 1863 ae 54y 3m 15d
BROWN Perry C. son of J. H. & E. J. d. Aug. 13, 1866 age 2y 9  7d
BROWN Rebecca R. d/o James & Jane Brown  d. 12-16-1855 age 31y 11m 13d
BROWN James d. Sept. 23, 1851 age 54y 7m 18d
BROWN Jane wife of James d. May 11, 1857 age 52y 2m 13d
BROWNE Lucinda only dau. of T. M. & M. J. d. ____ 1850 ___
BRUMBAUGH Ward C. son of C. & L. E. Brumbaugh d. Feb. 4, 1870 age 2y 1mo 28da
BURNAU Elizabeth w/o T. G. Burnau b. 12-1-1795 d. 10-12-1878
BURNAU Frances w/o George Burnau d. 5-291855 age 35y 7m 23d
BURNAU Thomas G. son of J. M. & Edith d. Apr. 10, 1862 age 1y 2m 10d
BURNAU Thomas G. b. 4-5-1794 d. 10-9-1871 age 76 y 26d 5m
CAIL Anna Eliza dau. of J. L. & N. d. June 18, 1857 age 16y (broken)
CAIL David M. d. Mar. 10, 1864 age 37y 8m 24d
CAIL Henry Clay son of John L. & Nancy d. Mar. 30, 1862 age 18y 1a 27d
CAIL John L. d. Sept. 17, 1874 age 83y 10m
CAIL Nancy d. Dec. 16, 1880 age 78y 4ds (ss as John L.)
CAIL? after Henry Clay Cail (infants stone - unreadable)
CARTER James W. son of Marley A. Elizabeth Carter d. Apr. 5, 1851 age 4m 21d
CLARK Joseph s/o David & AgnesClark  d. 9-20-1850 age 18y 2m _d
CO___(RR?) Elva J. dau. of J. & E.  d. Aug. 6, 1849 age 3m
CRAIG Lewis d. Oct. 22, 1872 age 34y 11m
DALRYMPLE Sarah wife of Edmond  d. May 5, 1866 age 66y 5m 7d
DAUGHTY Francis W. son of Dr. Jos. & Sarah A.  d. Feb. 9, 1855 age 2 weeks 2ds
DAVIS Catharine wife of Lewis Davis  dau. of G. & N. Lane  d. Oct. 14, 1845 age 54 y 2m 25 d
DAVIS Thomas d. Feb. 27, 1848 age 17y 2m 1d
DAVISSON Laura J. d/o George B. & Martha J.  d. Oct. 9, 1853 age 3y 3m 25d
DAY Jane d. Nov. 28, 1849 in 77th yr.
DODGE Clarissa Milvinia w/o Francis Dodge d. 2-10-1845 age 18-11-8
DOLLOFF Bertha b. 6-3-1842 d. 12-9-1846
DOLLOFF Eliza d. 6-15-1832 age 3-1-29
DOLLOFF Mehitable d. 1-13-1833 age 9m
DOLLOFF Thomas F. d. 2-25-1849 age 26y 15d
DOWLER * Edith F. d/o P. C. & A. F.  d. Nov. 13, 1878 age 4m 20 ds
DUNHAM Thurza W. w/o Wm. A. d. Feb. 20, 1871 age 70y 11m 14d SS
DUNHAM Wm. A. d. Dec. 27, 1846 age 54y 14d
DUNN Della Virginia 1854-1855
DUNN Nicholas 1826-1860
DWELLE Linda w/o ___ Dwelle?  d. June 2, 1887 age 23y (28) 9m
ELIASON David A. s/o John & Nancy  d. June 12, 1877 age 43y 3m 27d
ELIASON Mattie A. w/o D. A. Eliason & dau. of J. A. & Elizabeth Knox  d. Aug. 4, 1875 age 30y 10y
FALL Tetrarch d. Jan. 12, 1861 age 67y 7m 6d
FLEMING Eliza Elle d/o John C. & Mary Jane  d. Dec. 15, 1848  age 3y 7m 1d
FLEMING Juliet d/o Ezekiel & Margaret Fleming d. 2-21-1829  age 1y 8d
GARRETSON Elizabeth w/o G. Garretson d. Oct. 3, 1869 age 83y 8m 10ds
GARRETSON Gideon Sr. d/ Nov. 30, 1862 age 86y 10m 18da.
GARRETSON Joel P. d. Aug. 31, 1851 age 30y 4m 28da
GINGER Daniel F. O. s/o D. & K. d. Nov. 3, 1865 age 26yr 4m 25ds
GINGER Kezia w/o Daniel Ginger  d. Sept. 9, 1872 age 67 y 7 m 2 ds.
GRAHAM James d. 9-20-1844 age 72 y
GROVES Mildred w/o Thomas Groves d. Nov. 30, 1846 age 90 yrs.
GUNDER Olive May d/o Martin & Ann E.  d. Aug. 24, 1855 age 4m
GUNDER Sarah C. d/o Martin & Anne  d. Aug. 19, 1855 age 2y 2m 5d



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