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Source:  Republican Farmer - Connecticut
Dated: Dec. 5, 1843
DIED.  At Rootstown, Ohio, on the 17th ult.  Miss Catharine Sanford, aged 84, formerly of  New Milford, Ct.
Source: Ohio Star
Dated: Mar. 16, 1853
- Amelia MASON - Ravenna, died on the 2nd inst., of cancer, wife of Rufus I or Ira, born 20 Feb. 1808 at Bridgewater, Oneida Co., NY.
Source:  Portage County Advocate
Dated:  Apr. 26, 1854
SUICIDE - An old citizen of Palmyra, named G. Smith committed suicide last Thursday by hanging himself in an out house.  Mr. Smith had been in poor health for some time and subject to turns of mental abberation, and in one of his desponding moods, committed suicide.

     In this village, on the 23d inst., LOIS E., youngest daughter of John Whittlesey, aged 4 years.
     In Charlestown, on the 29th ult., of Consumption, SUSAN R., wife of A. Mahan, and daughter of Sophia Parsons, aged 25 years and 6 months.
     In Ravenna, on the 22d inst., suddenly, Mrs. SARAH JANE WISMAN, wife of George Wisman, aged 30 years.

Source:  Portage County Advocate
Dated:  Apr. 26, 1854

     In Mantua July 25th, of typhoid fever, MARGARET wife of DANIEL BIDLAKE in the seventy-sixth year of her age.
     The deceased was a native of Chester, Massachusetts.  Having moved with her husband to Ohio in the year 1811 she must necessarily have suffered some of the hardships and privations incident to early settlers she has been permitted to see a wilderness converted into fruitful fields, and her children grow up to be men and women.  She has also in her declining years enjoyed many of the comforts of life.  Now in the full maturity of age, she has sunk to rest, having left a companion and a large circle of friends to mourn her irreparable loss.

     In this village on the 1st inst. of typhoid fever, after a distressing illness of twenty-five days, MISS ANN CELESTIA KEYS, niece and adopted daughter of LYMAN W. and ELIZABETH S. HALL,  aged 20 years and 9 months.
      Amiable and lovely in life, she died with a confiding soul-sustaining trust in her Redeemer, leaving to surviving friends in their deep affliction, the most comforting assurance, that she rests, life's sorrows over, at peace in the bosom of her Savior and her God.

"He giveth his beloved sleep."
"Gone to the slumber which may know no waking
Till the load requiem of the world shall swell;
Gone! where no sound thy still repose is breaking,
In a lone mansion through long years to dwell,
Where the sweet gales that, herald bud and blossom
Pour not their music nor their fragrant breath;
A seal is set upon thy budding bosom,
A bond of loneliness - a spell of death!

Yet 'twas but yesterday that all before thee
Shone in the freshness of life's morning hours;
Joy's radiant smile was playing briefly o'er thee.
And thy light feet impressed but vernal flowers.
The restless spirit charmed thy sweet existence,
Making all beauteous in youth's pleasant maze,
While gladsome hope illumed the onward distance,
And lit with sunbeans, they expectant days.
And hope's false anthem died upon the air!
Death's cloudy tempests o'er thy way have gathered,
And his stern bolts have burst in fury there
On they pale forehead sleeps the shade of even,
Youth's braided wreath lies stained in sprinkled dust
Yet looking upward in its grief to heaven,
love should not mourn thee, save in hope and trust."

Source:  Portage County Advocate
Dated: May 5, 1854

so well and generally  known in this community, died at the residence of Mr. GUSTAVUS LANE, in this village Tuesday night.
     Mr. SLOANE was born in Pelham, Massachusetts, in November, 1785, and was, therefore, at the time of his death, in the 69th year of his age.
     He was a gentleman of liberal education, having graduated at Williams College, in Williamstown, Massachusetts, in 1812.  He subsequently studied Law in the office of JONATHAN LYMAN, Esq., in Northampton, Massachusetts, and in the year 1816, took up his residence in Ravenna, and entered upon the practice of his profession.
     He soon gained an honorable position at the Bar, rather as a sound and able counsellor, then as a brilliant advocate; and in the hight of his practice, achieved the distinction of being the best Chancery Lawyer on the Western Reserve.
     Mr. SLOANE was uniformly urbane and courteous in his intercourse with society, and these qualities he carried into the practice of his profession, and was fair and honorable in conducting his business; above mere trick and stratagem to carry a point, but always truthful and reliable in professional as well as in personal statements.
     Hon. DARIUS LYMAN, now the oldest surviving member of the Portage Bar, and the early and constant competitor of the deceased, bears cheerful and cordial testimony to his invariable fairness, high mindedness, and honorable bearing in professional life, a testimony which as highly adorns the character of the survivor, as it does the memory of the deceased.
     How profitable for study, are such worthy examples of professional urbanity and rectitude.
     Mr. SLOANE filled many offices of trust and responsibility, with fidelity and unwavering integrity.
     Soon after entering upon the practice of the law, he was appointed Prosecuting Attorney for this county, and in subsequent years, he was elected by the people successively as Representative and as Senator in the State Legislature.
     In 1832 he was elected, and in 1834 re-elected Representative in Congress, from the district then composed of the Counties of Portage, Cuyahoga, Lorain and Medina.
     Having served his two terms in Congress, on his return home, he gave up his professional practice, and withdrew, in a great measure from active life, an ample fortune and impaired health, making active exertion neither necessary nor desirable on his part.  Physical infirmities growing upon him, for the last dozen years he has been entirely secluded, as an invalid, from society, always relishing, however, with peculiar zest, the visits of his old friends and associates, to his sick chamber.
     Mr. SLOANE never married, and the last years of his invalid life were spent, successively in the families of Doct. LYMAN COLLINS, J. H. LEFFINGWELL and GUSTAVIS LANE, in all of which his necessities were ministered unto with considerate kindness, and with patient untiring assiduity.
    Mr. SLOANE was a gentleman of generous impulses and liberal feelings, and in the active portion of his life, his generosity was the frequent theme of just commendation.
     His funeral was attended on Thursday last, at the Congregational Meeting House, in this village.
     Among the pall bearers on the occasion, were notice four of his early associates, long tried and steadfast friends, namely, Hon. DARIUS LYMAN, Col. WM. FRAZER, Judge ISAAC SWIFT, and SETH DAY, Esq.  Rev. J. C. HART, Pastor of the Church, preached a discourse upon the occasion, solemn, impressive and highly appropriate.
     In the course of his remarks Mr. HART bore the following honorable testimony to the character of the deceased:
     "In private life he was a man of the most unblemished integrity.  He is said to have been liberal in the use of his property; and as an instance it is related that upon an effort made some years ago to supply this town with Bibles, he was called upon for a subscription.  He inquired the number found destitute and the cost of the books, and subscribed the whole amount of himself.  He was one of the founders and advocates of this society, while many opposed.  He procured its incorporation, and was one of some eight or ten who assumed the responsibility of building this house of worship, and while in active life, continued his support and attendance.  His views of religious truth were such as we believe to be taught in the Bible.  In calling upon him a few days ago, he expressed his views of an entire dependence on the grace of God in Christ, and in such a way as to show  that he had made the matter  a subject of thought, and thoroughly understood the theory, at least, but he added in respect to his own interest in that salvation, he had not that evidence which he could wish, but some feeble hope he did entertain."
     Thus, after a long life, has passed away from our midst, "to that bourne from whence no traveller returns,"  an old and much respected citizen, one who once moved among us in activity, and took and interst in all our affairs - shared in the labors and the strifes, the success and the disappointment, the honors and the emoluments of worldly affairs, but now is not, for the insatiate grave has clamed him; and what now to him are any or all of earth's strifes, its honors or renown?
     Verily, what shadows we are, and what shadows we pursue!

Source: Portage County Advocate - Ohio
Dated: May 24, 1854  (This clipping is very hard to read)

DIED.   In this village, on the 20th inst., Mr. Salmon Carter, ____ years and 6 months.  Mr. C. was one of the first settlers of this township, a most valuable citizen, a devoted christian, and an exemplary man.  Although departed, his memory will long be cherished.  Peace to his ashes.

     In Randolph, on the 8th? inst., Hiram Winchell aged ____ - seven years.

     In Freedom, on the 18th inst., very suddenly of Croup and inflamation? of the windpipe, Mary Isabella, daughter of Ralph W. and Julia A. Shepard, aged 4 years and 2 months.
___ all ___ beautiful for earth too frail its storms to _ear,
Too gentle in thy loveliness? its toils and griefs to share;
A Father's voice has summoned thee in life's green promise ___
A Father's hand has guided thee to everlasting rest.

Source: Portage County Advocate - Ohio
Dated: Oct. 18, 1854
     In Brimfield on the 11th inst. of dyssentery, Mrs. ELVIRA CHAPMAN, wife of HENRY CHAPMAN, aged 42 years.
     In Mishawaka, St. Joseph Co., Indiana, on the 3d of September of an Abscess, A. E. JEWELL, son of AMOS JEWELL, aged 21 years.
     At the same place on the 8th of September, of Flux, JULIA D. JEWELL, daughter of AMOS JEWELL, aged 30 years.
     At the same place on the 24th of September, of typhoid fever, LARINDA JEWELL, wife of AMOS JEWELL, aged 54 years.
    In the year 1820 Mr. JEWELL immigrated from New York State to Atwater township in this county, where he resided thirty-two years.  In 1852 Mr. J. with his family removed to Indiana, and in the month of September, 1854, was called upon to follow to the grave three of the loved ones that made the home circle complete.  Mrs. JEWELL was a devout christian and had been a member of the Congregational church eighteen years..
     In Charlestown on the 28th ult., of Chronic Diarrhea JAMES NEWTON, aged 70 years.
Source:  Portage County Advocate
Dated: Dec. 27, 1854
     In Rootstown Dec. 26, of typhoid fever, ORLINA M. wife of Wm. H. Co___ , aged 21 years.
Source:  Portage County Advocate
Dated:  Jan. 31, 1855
DEATH OF MR. DANIEL MERRITT - The people of this village were much pained on Monday last, to hear of the death of their well known fellow-citizen, Mr. Daniel Merritt -  (See Obituary Notice)  Mr. Merritt was one of our most industrious and enterprising mechanics.  He has been at Marquette, Lake Superior, since last Spring, superintending the construction of a pier, having under his charge some seventy or eighty laborers, a portion or all of the time.  Last Fall he visited his family, in this village, and returned to Marquette, to spend the winter.  The heavy tidings of his sudden demise reached his family, in this village, last Monday.  They share largely in the sympathy of the community in their sad bereavement.  Mr. Merritt was a worthy and respectable citizen, and occupied a wide field of useful activity.

     In Marquette, Lake Superior, on the 20th ult. of Small Pox, Mr. Daniel Merritt, of Ravenna, in the 49th year of his age.  He suffered much during his sickness which was of thirteen days duration.  Some of his last expressions were "There is a God to rule and reign."  "I must go."  "O my God what will become of my wife and children."  Mr. M. was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Ravenna, where he leaves a wife of four children, and many other friends to mourn his irreparable loss.
     In this village on Thursday, Jan. 25th, of Cong___tion, Mary Kelley, daughter of N. and E. E. Wilson, aged two years and eleven months.
           Ere sin could blight or sorrow fade,
               Death came with friendly care;
           The opening bud to heaven conveyed;
               And bade it blossom there.

Source:  Portage County Advocate
Dated: Mar. 14, 1855
In Ravenna on Sabbath morning last, of typhoid fever JOHN HARTLERODE, aged 55 years.

     In this village on the 8th inst. of Consumption, Mrs. ELIZABETH F. SEVERNS, wife of Oscar F. Severns, aged 29 years.

Source:  Portage County Advocate
Dated: Mar. 14, 1855
FATAL CASUALTY - ORLANDO HALL, merchant, of Akron, of the ___ of P. D. Hall & Co., was killed by a fall last Saturday night, which broke his neck.  Mr. H. and been but recently married.  He was standing on a raisin box in the cellar, when it turned up and threw him backwards; his neck struck upon the chime of a headless barrel, and was broken.
Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette
Dated: April 6, 1869
     Amelia, the favorite among the wives of Brigham Young, and the last of them but three is now on a visit among her friends in Atwater township, Portage county.
Source: Freeport Press
Dated: September 23, 1880

     Patrick Gohins, of Ravenna, aged 35, got drunk, sat down on the railroad track, run over by the cars and killed.  Leaves a wife and 2 children for the citizens who have nothing to do with the liquor traffic, to support.
Source:  Dallas Morning News - Texas
Dated: Oct. 12, 1923
By the Associated Press.
AKRON, Ohio, Oct. 11 - Eight children were killed and three others and one man seriously injured Thursday morning when the Clevelander, fast New York - to - Cleveland train on the Pennsylvania Railroad, struck a horse drawn school bus on a grade crossing one-half mile north of Rootstown in Portage County.  The bus was on its way to the Centralized School at Rootstown.
     One girl and four boys, passengers in the busy, escaped uninjured.
List of the Dead.
     The three Shaw children killed and Lawrence Shaw, 8, who was injured and may die, are all of one family.
     County and school officials are at a loss to explain how the accident happened.  The crossing where the crash occurred affords a clear view of the track for sixty rods, it is said.
     The bus was nearly across the tracks when struck, the horses escaping uninjured, as the vehicle was torn away behind them.
Source:  Portage County Advocate
Source:  Portage County Advocate
Source:  Portage County Advocate
Source:  Portage County Advocate


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