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History of Pickaway County
Source:  History of Franklin & Pickaway Counties, Ohio
Illustrations and Biographical Sketches
Published by Williams Bros. 1880



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     This place, which was at one time much greater than the little hamlet of today, was platted on February 27, 1818 and the same recorded, on the ninth of March subsequent, by Johnson HUNTER, recorder, on the ninth of March subsequent, by Johnson HUNTER, recorder of Pickaway county.  The early records cannot now be found, but it is thought the date of its incorporation was in the year 1842.  For some years the annual elections were held and the routine business transacted, as required by law.  Finally, so much indifference was shown that the elections ceased, by default, and the act of incorporation became virtually extinct.  This condition of affairs remained the same until the year 1858, when an election was held the village officers.  During the Rebellion no elections were held.  July 2, 1866, a third reorganization occurred, when the following officers were elected:  James MARSHALL, mayor; J. D. ANDREWS, recorder; D. L. KNOWLES, treasurer; Dr. George W. HURST, Dr. J. W. HUNSICKER, Captain William B. DAVIS, A. D. BAUGHMAN, and A. D. RADCLIFF, trustees.  Following are the names of those who have served as mayor since that period:  Jacob BAUGHMAN, J. D. ANDREWS, Dr. G. W. HURST,  and A. D. RADCLIFF.  J. D. ANDREWS is the present incumbent; T. HENSON, treasurer; G. R. BAUGHMAN, clerk; Dr. T. C. TIPTON, Dr. G. W. HURST, A. L. HARMOUNT, John Briner, A. J. Walton, and J. R. Wilkinson, members of council.


was organized February 5, 1876, with the following members:  Captain William B. DAVIS, leader; W. E. L. MANLY, A. L. HARMOUNT, E. BLACKER, C. C. PHEBUS, S. PICKLE, J. B. ROSE, J. GOODY, I. B. BARNES, C. O. EYCKE, C. T. HARMOUNT, C. L. LEE, and R. W. MESSMORE.  This band has a fine set of instruments, costing three hundred and twenty-five dollars.  The following changes have occurred in the membership since organization:  L. RECTOR, vice C. T. HARMOUNT; D. P. WALSTON, vice C. L. LEE; and F. HELLAGEN, vice J. B. ROSE.


     There is a chalybeate spring at Williamsport, the medicinal properties of which are said to be similar to the Delaware spring.  Its waters are largely used by the residents within an area of several miles surrounding Williamsport.


     Soon after a settlement was begun at Williamsport, the cause of Christ obtained a foothold that has continued to grow stronger until the present day.  Contemporaneous with the dawning of the present century, occurred the wonderful religious excitement, characterized by various bodily contortions, but generally known as the "jerks."  These were, we believe, first seen in the west, at a camp-meeting held at Cain Ridge, Kentucky.
     In 1803, or, at least, as early as that, we are informed by Ebenezer S. DAVIS, from whom we obtained the data for this sketch, Rev. Barton W. STONE came to the infant settlement, and immediately began preaching the word of God in the wilderness.  Rev. Mr. STONE was one of the leading spirits in the famous camp-meeting above referred to.  The pioneer meetings were held at the house of George ALKIRE, and the subsequent year, 1804, a church was formed (denominated the New Light and Later Christian church), consisting in part of the following persons:  Isaac CADE and his wife; John TEVERBAUGH and wife; George ALKIRE and wife; Isaac W. HORNBACK and wife; and Simon HORNBACK and wife; and from this small beginning has grown a church now having a membership of two hundred and twenty-five persons.
     As early as 1810 a hewed log meeting-house was constructed, at, or near, the residence of Dr. T. C. TIPTON.  In 1816, this building was disposed of, and a small frame church built, located upon grown now occupied by this society as a cemetery.  This, a few years later, became too small to accommodate the rapidly increasing congregation, and a larger one was constructed near it.  This building was occupied untill 1869, when the present commodious brick church edifice was completed.  This building is in size forty by fifty-six feet, and cost complete, four thousand dollars.  In is located upon land donated for the purpose, by Ebenezer S. DAVIS, esq.  The trustees for building the church were:  C. HORNBaCK, John J. ALKIRE, C. W. CRABILL, B. RADCLIFFE, and L. WALSON.  The present church management is:  Ebenezer S. DAVIS and C. HORNBACK, deacons; E. S. DAVIS, treasurer; and T. W. CRABILL, clerk; Dr. George W. HURST is superintendent of the Sabbath-school, which has an attendance of one hundred schollars.  The following ministers have presided over this church:  Revs. Messrs. STONE, Joseph BADGER, George ZIMMERMAN, William KINCADE, James HAYS, Matthew GARDNER, James MAROM, George ALKIRE, James BURBRIDGE, Isaac N. WALTER, S. BRADFORD, Joseph THOMAS, Daniel LONG, John L. GREEN, Isaac CADE, Benjamin SEEVERS, John L. PERKINS, Enoch HARVEY, Thomas HAND, N. DAWSON, C. A. MORSE, T. A. BRANDON, Peter McCULLOUGH, William OVERTERF, B. H. CHRISMAN, Joel OSGOOD, A. C. HANGER, and E. W. HUMPHRIES.


     The following sketch of this church is prepared by Dr. T. C. TIPTON: According to the best information at hand the first class of this society was formed in 1826.  Samuel PARROTT,  having purchased the farm now owned by S. G. HUNSICKER, one-half mile east of Williamsport village, soon collected a few people of the Methodist faith together, and at his house held meetings, and soon after ward formed a class, consisting of Samuel PARROT and wife, Mary; Samuel MANLEY and wife, Ann; George FRAME and E. HUNSICKER.  In 1831, Rev. Adam POE, preacher in charge of what was then called "Deer Creek circuit," held meetings at the house of Mr. PARROTT, who was now appointed class-leader, and John TIFFIN, Joseph HAYS, and Jesse HAYS, local preachers, were added to the class, with others whose names are now forgotten.  An effort was not now made to build a meeting-house.  The frame was erected, but never finished, owning to the death of Mr. PARROTT.  Preaching was now held at the house of Peter HUNSICKER, and James McFARLAND alternately.  In 1839 another effort was made to build a church, Wesley ROE taking the subscriptions.  Joseph HURST, Lewis MANLEY, and William SUMMERS were appointed trustees, and in due time a framed church edifice, some thirty-five by fifty feet in size, was completed.  Its cost was perhaps three thousand dollars, and it was formally dedicated to the service of God, by Rev. Francis WILSON, in 1841.  Additional ground was purchased in 1864, and upon this the present substantial brick church edifice was erected, the same season.  Its cost was four thousand dollars.  Rev. Joseph M. TRIMBLE preached the dedicatory sermon in the winter of 1865-66.  In this work Dr. G. W. HURST was the contractor for the building, and Joseph HURST, James MARSHALL, John COX, Elijah PARROTT and Dr. G. W. HURST, trustees.  In 1871 a neat parsonage was constructed, at a cost of three thousand dollars.  Scioto circuit (from which Williamsport was detached) was formed in 1799;  Deer Creek circuit was formed from a part of Scioto circuit in 1808;  New Holland circuit was formed in 1799;  Deer Creek circuit was formed from Deer Creek circuit in 1854, and Williamsport was separated from New Holland circuit in 1866.  The following pastors have been in charge of the circuit sine its formation: 

1866 Rev. David SMITH
1867 Dr. W. F. HUGHEY, who served three years, during which period an extensive revival occurred, and two hundred and eighty-two names were added to the membership
1870 Rev. B. F. Thomas, now of Groveport, Ohio
1872 Rev. F. S. Davis, now in the Cincinnati conference
1874 Rev. David Mann, now at Lewis Center, Ohio
1875 Dr. T. G. ROSS, now in Kansas
1876 Rev. H. L. WHITEHEAD, now of Stanton, Ohio
1878 the present pastor, Rev. George W. LOTT, was assigned to this circuit.
1878-79 During the winter of 1878-79 an extensive revival occurred, Mrs. L. O. ROBINSON, an evangelist, from Greencastle, Indiana, assisting the pastor.

Two hundred names were added to the church membership, as a result of this meeting.  The present trustees are:  Dr. T. C. TIPTON, S. W. DUNLAP, James BENNETT, George BETTS, H. L. RECTOR, Samuel G. HUNSICKER.  George C. HAYS is the present efficient superintendent of the Methodist Episcopal Sabbath-school.  The number of scholars enroller is one hundred and seventy-six.  Since the organization of the Methodist church in this section, in 1799, the following pastors have served in the work here:

1808 Benjamin LAKIN, John CRAIN
1809 John COLLINS, Wood LLOYD
1810 Francis TRAVIS
1812 R. CLOUD, Charles WADDLE
1813 Samuel PARKS, Alexander CUMMINS
1814 H. B. BASCOM
1815 Isaac QUINN, Ledosa BAKER
1816 Walter GRIFFITH, Isaac PAVLY
1817 Samuel GLAZE
1818 Shaderick RUARK, R. W. FINLEY
1819 William SWAYZE
1820 John BROWN
1822 Andrew MCCLAIN, I. C. HUNTER
1823 William SIMMONS
1824 Zach CONNELL, J. F. WELLS
1825 James COLLARD, Nathan WALKER
1826 Jacob DELAY, G. W. YOUNG
1829 Francis WILSON, J. T. DONAHOW
1832 John H. POWER, J. GURLEY
1833 Davis LEWIS, Joseph A. READER
1834 C. C. LYBRAND
1835 Edward ESTEL
1838 Wesley ROE
1839 Robert CHANEY, Wesley ROE
1840 ELijah H. FIELD, W. M. D. RYON
1841 B. A. CASSETT
1842 David REED, Philip NATION
1844 Alexander Mehany
1846 J. W. LOCK
1847 J. G. DIMMITT
1848 William SUTTON
1849 Alexander NELSON, J. LAWS
1850 D. H. SARGENT
1851 Samuel MIDDLETON
1855 T. H. PHILLIP
1857 H. T. MAGILL
1859 William MORRIS
1860 J. Q. LAKIN
1861 J. W. CLARK, T. G. ROSS
1863 I. B. Brodesick
1864 E. H. DIXON

The remainder, to the present, are given in the sketch of Williamsport church.


from data furnished by Newton RECTOR. The first class of this society was formed by Jacob TERWILLIGER, in the year 1826, under the administration of Rev. Jacob DELAY.  It was composed of the following persons:  Thomas and Abigail EEMERY, Jacob and Elizabeth TERWILLIGER, Henry and Elizabeth RECTOR, James, Jonathan and Lucy Rose, Philip, Sarah Ann and Mary WIGGINS, John and Sarah TIFFIN, Mariah VanWAGONER and Amy KIDNEY.  Thomas EMERY was the first class leader.  There was preaching each alternate week, at the house of Henry RECTOR, who lived on land now owned by Newton RECTOR, and class meetings were held on the Sabbath at the house of Jacob TERWILLIGER, who lived on the farm owned by Cyrus Courtright.  In 1838 a small frame meeting--house was built.  This occupied the spot where now stands the commodious brick church edifice of the society.  This first building was, in size, twenty-eight by thirty-two feet.  It was built by subscription, and cost something over six hundred dollars.  The trustees, or building committee, were James Rose, Jeremiah BROWN, Henry RECTOR, Philip WIGGINS, John RECTOR, Peter ROSE, Jonathan ROSE, John W. WIGGINS and John W. DALLAS.  The building was completed, and in June, 1839, it was dedicated by Rev. A. M. LORAIN.  During the winter of 1848-9, a great revival occurred, under the preaching of Rev. Alexander NELSON and James LAWS, and many were added to the church membership.  The present church edifice was completed in 1859, and dedicated by Rev. T. H. PHILLIPS.  The cost of the structure was five thousand dollars.  Following are the names of the building committee:  John R. RECTOR, Levi ALLEN and John WIGGINS.  This society has been supplied by the ministers of the circuit, whose names are given in the sketch of Williamsport church.  A Sabbath school was formed in the early days of this church, which has proved a valuable auxiliary to the Christian work.
     Pleasant Grove chapel was dedicated in August, 1849.  There was at this time a Protestant Methodist organization.  After a time the society ceased to be, and at present there is no regular service held here.


     The first school of Deer Creek township of which we have any definite knowledge, commenced in a little log house standing on or near the site of E. S. DAVIS' present residence in the village of Williamsport, in the summer of 1818.  The teacher's name was  WHITE, and his scholars were quite numerous, being some twenty-five in number.  Among these were Charles WILSON and a sister, and Margaret DAVIS and her brother, Ebenezer S., to whom the writer would express his thanks for valuable aid in the collection of general data for the history of this township.
     Williamsport village school district was formed April 27, 1874, at an election held two days previous.  Dr. T. C. TIPTON, A. D. RADCLIFF, W. B. DAVIS, S. G. HUNSICKER, Dr. George W. HURST, and A. D. RECTOR were elected directors.  The present school building was constructed during the ensuing summer, being completed in October.  The costs of this structure, including real estate and furniture, was four thousand dollars.  The school comprises two departments, primary and grammar.  The total enrollment of pupils in the district is one hundred and thirty-three.  Following are the names of the teachers in each department since its formation:  Grammar, Anna M. LEIBY, F. S. RAREY, P. R. EYCKE, D. W. KELLEY, W. J. REYNOLDS and G. W. LOTT; primary, Mento HARMOUNT, Flora S. RAREY, Mrs. P. R. EYCKE, Anna NORRIS, Emma G. STOKER, and Anna M. LEIBY.  The officers of this district for 1879 are:  A. D. Radcliff, president; W. B. Davis, clerk; M. WELTON, treasurer; Dr. George W. HURST, Dr. T. F. WHITE, and A. J. WALSTON, directors.


     Williamsport village has been noted for its incessant war upon the liquor traffic, and, of course, the Sons of Temperance and Good Templars have, at different periods, had extensive and effective organizations in the township.  They have now ceased their labors.  The oldest of the societies now in existence is Alpha Grange, N. 59, Patrons of Husbandry, whose charter bears date June 3, 1873.  The following are the charter members:  E. J. STRONG, Lewis TERWILLIGER, E. L. HALL, A. HIBBONS, M. RECTOR, M. F. RECTOR, N. RECTOR, L. J. RECTOR, S. R. RECTOR, M. L. RECTOR, W. BOLIN, G. B. RECTOR, Belle F. RECTOR, A. D. RECTOR, Martha RECTOR, D. TERWILLIGER, E. TERWILLIGER, S. M. YATES, W. S. RECTOR, M. RECTOR, Benjamin LITTLE, Mary LITTLE, J. R. HULSE, J. R. RECTOR, J. A. RECTOR, W. A. FLOWERS, J. PUGH, H. C. PALACHER,  and Cyrus COURTRIGHT.  On May 22, 1875, it was consolidated with Deer Creek Grange, No. 449, which was organized, January 27, 1874, with the following charter members:  C. O. EYCKE, Phillip EYCKE, J. J. MYERS, Mary A. MYERS, Wesley WORK, Catharine WORK, J. W. RECTOR, William GIRTON, Susan GIRTON, R. W. Eycke, S. W. DUNLAP, B. W. Harris, T. W. CRABILL, John SILVER, Mary M. CRABILL, J. B. WATSON, Thomas FURGUSON, Mary E. DUNLAP, B. F. NORNBECK, Mary HARRIS, Cyrus HORBECK, William I. WOOD, Lizzie ALLEN, Joseph BORTS, David J. COX, D. C. PHEBUS, S. H. PHEBUS, I. C. HORNBECK, sr., W. H. HAYS, Wesley HAYs.  First officers:  J. J. Myers, master; B. W. HARRIS, overseer; C. HORNBECK, lecturer; P. EYCKE, steward; B. F. HORNBECK, assistant steward; T. W. CRABILL, chaplain; S. W. DUNLAP, treasurer; C. O. EYCKE, secretary; William I. WOOD, gates keeper; Catharine WORK, ceres; Mary A. MYERS, pomona; Mary E. DUNLAY, flora; M. CRABILL, assistant stewardess.  Meetings are held on the forth Saturday in each month.  The total membership is now sixty-eight.  Officers for 1879:  J. J. MYERS, master; J. W. ATER, overseer; Lizzie ALLEN, lecturer; William E. ROSE, steward; S. R. RECTOR, assistant steward; E. L. HALL, chaplain; Z. ATER, treasurer; D. MATER, secretary; R. B. YATES, gate keeper; Mary ROSE, ceres; Annie ATER, pomona; Ella WOLFE, flora; Mary A. MYERS, assistant stewardess.


     The charter of this lodge is dated Oct. 21, 1875, and bears upon its face the following names:  William B. DAVIS, Henry CLARKE,,, John A. ALKIRE, Palmer LOWE, Benjamin LINVILLE, John J. MYERS, James D. FINNELL and Clinton L. LEE.  Its first officers were W. B. DAVIS, W. M.; H. CLARK, S. W.; J. J. ALKIRE, J. W.; J. D. FINNELL, secretary; J. J. MYERS, treasurer; P. LOWE, S.D.; B. LINVILLE, J. D.; C. L. LEE, tyler.  The lodge organized and met in a small room over Dr. George W.  HURST's drug store.  In May, 1876, the lodge, had completed and first occupied its present spacious hall.  This is in the second story of the Masonic building, at Williamsport, erected at a cost of fifteen hundred dollars.  The present membership is thirty-five.   Stated communications on Tuesday evenings, on or before the full moon.  Officers for 1879: Dr. T. F. WHITE, W. M.; R. WOLFE, S. W.; J. W. ATER, J. W. ; C. C. PHEBUS, secretary; J. J.MYERS, treasurer;  R. E. HARMOUNT, S. D.; M. COMPTON, S. H. PHEBUS and W. B. DAVIS, stewards; W. R. DAVIS, tyler.


     Perhaps no village in Pickaway county, with a population equal to that of Williamsport, has been blessed, or cursed, as the case may be, with the great a number of doctors.  Early in its history, Dr. M. BROWN located here.  He accquired an extensive practice here and in the surrounding country, and his ability was above the average of practitioners of that day.  After a term of years, he removed to Circleville, and is now president of the First National bank, of that city.  Following him were Drs. PERKINS, THRALL, RUSH, HERRIMAN, CASSETT, TIMMONS, ECORD, MARTIN, LEWIS, BLACK and SMITH, of the "old school," and Drs. ZIMMERMAN, GOULD, HALSTEAD, RADCLIFF, JUDY, and HUNSICKER, of the eclectic school.  Many of whom died here, while others removed to fields of, perhaps, greater usefulness.
     There are, at present, three practicing physicians in the township, viz.:  T. C. TIPTON, M. D., who graduated at the Starling medical college, Columbus, Ohio, in the class of 1852 and '53.  He married Miss Miranda LOOMIS, of Central College, Ohio, and located in Williamsport, in January, 1855.  Dr. TIPTON was in the army during the years 1862-5, as assistant surgeon of the One Hundred and Thirteenth regiment Ohio volunteer infantry.  He returned home, at the close of the war, and has since enjoyed a large and lucrative practice.  George W. HURST, M.D., graduated at the Eclectic college of medicine, at Cincinnati, in 1856, and located here soon after.  He married Catherine TERWILLIGER, and, aside from his practice, conductes a drug store and an apiary.  T. F. WHITE, M. D., is also a graduate of Starling medical college, at Columbus, Ohio, receiving his diploma at the session of 1863-4.  He entered the army as assistant surgeon of the Sixty-eighth regiment of Ohio volunteer infantry, in the fall of 1863, and served till the close of the war.  His wife was Miss Anna NICHOLS.  He located in Williamsport in 1867.
     Of dentists who have practiced in Williamsport, there are:  Dr. SCOTT, now of Lancaster; Dr. PEASELY, now of Fayette county, Ohio, and Dr. James R. McCOLLISTER, who has long sine retired from practice, but who still resides here.


     Great inconvenience was experienced by the pioneer settlers everywhere for the want of means by which to convert their grain in to a condition suitable for breadmaking.  Foremost in the appliances for that purpose, we find the "stump mortar," a description of which is given elsewhere.  Following this, was a hand-mill.  This was a slow and tedious means of preparing one's "daily bread;" still it was an improvement on its predecessor.  Next came the grist-mill, rude and imperfect, 'tis true, as compared to the mills of today; yet its advent was a long stride in advance of anything preceding it.  The pioneer grist-mill in Deer Creek township was built by Pennell H. BAKER, in 1812.  Its location was on the north side of the present "pike," and its cumbrous machinery was propelled by the waters of Deer creek.  About the same time a saw mill was constructed near the grist-mill.  The mills were destroyed by fire some ten years later.  The saw-mill was rebuilt the John Reynolds, and the grist-mill by John McFARLAND, but both eventually went to decay.  David Yates built a grist-mill, the second in the township, in 1814.  This occupied the site of the mill now owned by A. T. FOSTER.  The present mill was built by Daniel and Benjamin HAYNES, but a few years since.
     The present grist-mmill, at Williamsport, was erected for a distillery, in about 1836, by a man named LARAMORE.  It was in operation some three years as a distillery, and then converted into a grist-mill.  It is now owned by George WOOD and Moses WELTON.

     David YATES put in operation the first distillery in the township.  The date was early, perhaps 1815; the location, on Deer creek, near the site of Foster's grist-mill.  The manufacture of whiskey was at this time a very lucrative vocation, and it was continued many years, while the owner waxed rich from the avails.  David HANSON built a distillery on the opposite side of the stream from YATES' on the farm now owned by James BENNETT.  This was in the early years of the settlement.






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