Perry Twp. -
CORNELIUS THOMSON - is a son of John Q. Thomson, deceased, and Sarah Armstrong, the latter living now in Missouri.  He was born in Madisonville, Hopkins county, Kentucky, Dec. 29, 1839, and came to Monroe county in 1880.  He was married at Antioch, in May, 1880, to Mary E. Truax, who was born in Monroe county, August, 7, 1842.  Her parents were Allen Truax and Susan Vanander.  Mr. Thomson was a member of the 1st Iowa Cavalry, Company I, went into the service in August, 1861, and was discharged in September, 1864.  He was in the battles of Prairie Grove, Little Rock, and Saline River.  The regiment was under fire forty days at Cameron, Arkansas.  He was also in engagements in Blackwater, Missouri; Brownsville, Arkansas; Newtonia and Oscelola, Missouri.  He was wounded in the shoulder by a Minnie ball at Siler Creek, Jan. 8, 1862.  At the same place he also had a personal encounter with a Confederate of large stature.  At first he halted him, but he paid no attention to it, running around a tree; Mr. Thomson followed, when he turned and fired, wounding him in the shoulder, also clubbing his gun struck him over the head knocking him down for the second time.  Mr. Thomson rose up and, drawing his saber, struck the Confederate a heavy blow across the forehead, splitting it open to the left eye.  Mr. Thomson was afterwards taken to the hospital where he recovered.  The Confederate was also taken care of by the Union officers, but death resulted from his wounds.  Mr. Thomson is a resident of Perry township, and engaged in the hotel business.  Address, Antioch, Monroe county, Ohio.
(Source: History of Monroe Co., Ohio - Publ. by H. H. Hardesty & Co., Publishers, Chicago and Toledo - 1882 - Page 23)
Malaga Twp. -
     The earliest account of this family is the record of marriage of Thomas Tomlinson and Joan, daughter of Henry and Walmsley in 1719.  They first settled on a farm back of Edge Hill, but afterward sold the property and purchased a large farm in Bensalem, where he resided the remainder of his life.  He died in 1764, and his widow, Joan, in 1772.  Children: Henry, Elizabeth, Joseph, Thomas, Mary and Rebecca.


     Henry, born Nov. 16, 1720, married Jemima Bolton, in 1753.  At the death of his father, who died intestate, he being the eldest son secured all the real estate, thus leaving the rest of the children poor.  He was a carpenter by trade and frequently made plows, grain-cradles, etc.  He died in 1800, much respected by his contemporaries.  Jemima died in 1802.  Children: Sarah, Jemima, and Jessie.
, born Oct. 13, 1724, married Elizabeth, daughter of John and Mary Worthington, in 1740.  Children: Rebecca, John, Thomas, Joseph, Francis, Mary and BenjaminElizabeth died in 1761 and Joseph married Peggie McCann.  The union being an unhappy one they finally parted.  Joseph died in 1793.  Children: Keziah, Benjamin, Naomi, Phebe Ann, and Issachar.  Of these Benjamin married Betsy Carlisle, and moved to Delaware county.


     Sarah and Jemima died single.
     Jessie, born Mar. 1, 1766, married Sarah, daughter of Jonathan Wilson in 1794, and settled on the homestead in Bensalem.  He was a man of great physical endurance and was much respected.  He died October, 27, ____.  Children: Jessie, Rhoda, and Charles.


     Rebecca, born Mar. 2, 1745, married Andrew Singley.  Rebecca died in 1791.  Children:  Elizabeth, Catharine, Mary, John, Joseph, Andrew, Rebecca, Phebe, and Jemima.
, born Jan. 26, 1748, married Phebe, daughter of Patrick Malone, in 1773.  Several years afterward he purchased a farm of Amos Simpson, near Bustleton, where he resided the remainder of his life.  Their children: William, John, Sarah, Elizabeth, Benjamin, James, Mary, and Thomas.
born Feb. 21, 1847, married Phebe, daughter of Isaac Carver, in 1775.  They lived for forty years on a farm back of Smithfield, which belonged to Silas Walmsley.  Their children: Elizabeth, Phee, Martha, Isabella, Joseph, John, Amos, Isaac, Francis, Thomas and Silas.
married Mary, widow of Benjamin Taylor, and daughter of Isaac Carver.  He died in 1792, leaving no issue.
     Francis, born Aug. 8, 1753, lived near the Forks of Neshaminy.  He married and had children: Tacy who married John Roberts, and Elizabeth, who married William Tomlinson.
, born June 22, 1755, married John Malone, and settled near Westchester.
     Benjamin, born Apr. 25, 1758, died Mar. 22, 1875.


     Elizabeth married Daniel Osmond.  Children: Rebecca, who married John Osmond; Mary, who married Daniel Stevenson; add Sarah, who married Elisha Newbold.
married John Hill, and lived near the Red Lion.  They had one daughter.
     Mary married Abraham Vansant.  Children: John and Alonzo.
married Sarah, daughter of William Walton (Jersey Billy).  They had one child, Hannah, who married John Lippincott.
married Esther, daughter of Thomas Knight.  They had two daughters. Ellen, Susan, Edward, Joseph, Andrew, and Mary.
married Joseph Rees.  Children: William, Mary, Phebe, John.
married first Robert Ervin, and had two sons, Andrew and William.  She married second John Price, and had one daughter.
     Jemima married Moses Davis.  Children: William and others.


     William married Martha, daughter of Benjamin Taylor and granddaughter of Isaac Carver, and settled in Byberry.  They had children:  Mary, Aaron, John, James, Silas, Benjamin, Phebe, William and Isaac.
married Sarah, daughter of Joseph Worthington.  Children:  William, Mary, Sarah, Joseph, and JasonJohn died Jan. 21, 1841.
     Sarah and Elizabeth died single.
     Benjamin married Asenath, daughter of Joseph Walton, but had no children.
     James married Tacy, daughter of James Carter.
married Joshua Worthington, and settled on the old Worthington homestead, in Byberry.  children: John, Camly, and Spencer.
married Ann, daughter of Joseph Walton.  They have children: Watson, Spencer, John, Isaac, and Lydia Ann.


     Elizabeth married Benjamin Field.  Their children: Robert, Phebe, Thomas, Tomlinson, Isaac, Mary, Benjamin, and James.
married James Carter. Children: Mordecai, Tacy, Emily, Stephen, Thomas, Mary, James and William.
married Elizabeth Twining.  Children: James, Caroline, Hannah, Thomas and Joseph.
died single.
     Thomas married Rebecca Twining.  Children: Elizabeth, Emmor, Mordecai, Abner, Hannah, Phebe, Thomas, James, and Rebecca.
married Mary Dewees.  Children: Samuel, Aaron, Rebecca, Carver, Susannah, Comly, Chalkley, Thomas and Sarah.
married Martha Worthington.  Children: Ezra, Hannah, Wilmer, Francis, and Stephen.  He died Apr. 5, 1846.
     Francis married Deborah Twining.  Children: Edward, Hannah, Phebe, Deborah, and Francis.  He died July 10, 1865.
     Martha married John Praul.  Children: Isaac, Thomas, William, Francis, Elias, and Philip.
married Caroline Praul.  Children: Rebecca, Charles, Francis, Edward, and Amanda.  He died Jan. 31, 1841.
     Silas, unmarried.
     Thomas, son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Twining) Tomlinson, married Aletta Nicholson.  Children: Alazana, who married Henry S. Williams; John N., who married Jane Beardmore; Joseph, who married Priscilla Tipton; Elizabeth, who married C. W. Adams; Isaac, who married Tacy A. Tipton; Mary C., who married Robert McBroom; Hannah E., who died single; Sarah A. V., who married Jesse D. Grissell; Hervy P., who married Louisa Beardmore; Rebecca Jane, who died single; Charles N., who resides at home; and Thomas W., who died single.
     John N. settled in this county in 1841, and was married in Malaga township, Jan. 11, 1859.  His wife's parents were Isaac (deceased) and Susannah Beardmore.  Children of John N. and Jane are:  Isaac W., born Dec. 10, 1860, died Dec. 17, 1861; Mary Alazana, July 13, 1862, died June 15, 1863; no name, infant born Mar. 30, 1865, died Apr. 11, 1864; Aletta E., June 3, 1865; Thomas, Sept. 8, 1867- last two reside at home.  Address Mr. J. N. Tomlinson at Jerusalem, Monroe county, Ohio.
(Source: History of Monroe Co., Ohio - Publ. by H. H. Hardesty & Co., Publishers, Chicago and Toledo - 1882 - Page 27)

Salem Twp. -
GEORGE E. TOPP - merchant tailor of Clarington, was born at Wheeling, West Virginia, Oct. 18, 1856, and came into Monroe county with his parents, August and Elizabeth (Messerly) Topp, in 1866.  He married at Powhattan, Ohio Sept. 14, 179, Kate M. McGrew, daughter of Archibald and Lydia (Campbell) McGrew (the latter deceased), who settled in this county in1875.  Mrs. Topp's father was quite an early settler in Belmont county, a miller by occupation, and operated a grist-mill for a number of years at Wagee, Belmont county.  Mr. Topp and his father are among the enterprising business men of Clarington, and carry on a large merchant tailoring business.  He had two brothers in the war. William was in the 1st Virginia Cavalry, and was taken prisoner, escaped, and served during the war.  Charles was killed in service.  Address, Clarington.
(Source: History of Monroe Co., Ohio - Publ. by H. H. Hardesty & Co., Publishers, Chicago and Toledo - 1882 - Page 8)
Salem Twp. -
SAMUEL TSCHAPPAT - is a native of Monroe county, having been born in Switzerland township, May 19, 1845.  Ever since his seventeenth year he has been in the employ of the government, with the exception of two years.  On the 23d day of August, 1862, he enlisted in the 116th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, serving until the close of the war.  He participated in the following engagements; Winchester, Opaquan, Fisher's Hill, Cedar Creek, in the principal battles around Richland, at the surrender of Lee, and in numerous skirmishes and small engagements.  He was shot in the knee while on the skirmishes and small engagements.  He was shot in the knee while on the skirmish line at Winchester.  His brother, David Tschappat, was starved to death in Libby prison, and is now buried in Green Lawn Cemetery, at Columbus, Ohio.  Samuel was Assistant United States Marshall in 1870 in Monroe county.  He was assistant-postmaster at Powhattan Point for five years.  He still holds, and has filled, since 1876, the position of postmaster at Clarington.  Elizabeth Duerr became his wife at Clarington, Ohio, Jan. 18, 1874.  They have two children: Emma Gertrude, born July 6, 1876, and Katie, May 6, 1879.  Samuel's parents, Jacob and Susannah Tschappat, settled in this county in 1825.  John and Catherine Duerr are the parents of Mrs. Tschappat.  Address, Clarington, Monroe county, Ohio.
(Source: History of Monroe Co., Ohio - Publ. by H. H. Hardesty & Co., Publishers, Chicago and Toledo - 1882 - Page 9)
Centre Twp. -
THOMAS TWADDLE - and Levina Truex were married in Monroe county, Ohio, Dec. 9, 1858.  His birth place was Jefferson county, Ohio, and the date Aug. 10, 1830.  They have a family of six, all residing at home, as follows:  Florence T., born Nov. 19, 1859; Violet A., Nov. 19, 1861; Alice R., Apr. 7, 1864; Eveline A., Nov. 16, 1866; Lulu E., July 12, 1869; Olive G., June 30, 1872.  Mrs. Twaddle was born in Monroe county, Ohio, July 8, 1837, and her death occurred June 19, 1875.  Her parents were Benjamin and Elizabeth (Sype) Truex, both deceased.  Mr. Twaddle's parents, Phillip and Mary (Bruce) Twaddle, both of whom are deceased, settled in Monroe county in 1833.  Thomas was for three years in the war of 1861.  He served one year in the 77th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and then enlisted in the 116th Ohio Volunteer Infantry.  He was in the battles of Winchester, Cedar Creek, and several others in which the regiment took part.  He was wounded May 28, 1863, while on a scouting expedition.  He was transferred to the 62d Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and from that regiment to the 67th, in which he served until the close of the war, seeing some very hard service.  He is engaged in farming.  Address, Antioch, Monroe county, Ohio.
(Source: History of Monroe Co., Ohio - Publ. by H. H. Hardesty & Co., Publishers, Chicago and Toledo - 1882 - Page 5)
Centre Twp. -
CHARLES TWINEM - is a native of Ireland, his birth having occurred in Armagh county, Jan. 7, 1831.  His father, Thomas Twinem, was born in Ireland, Aug. 15, 1796, and died in Monroe county (where he settled in 1841), Nov. 1 1881, respected by all who knew him, and his mother, Mary A. Twinem, died Nov. 28, 1880; they came to Monroe county in 1841.  At Newcastle, this county, Mar. 19, 1968, Charles Twinem was married to Hannah M. Dalley, who was born in Armstrong county, Pennsylvania, Aug. 17, 1838.  Her parents were Abram Dalley, who died Mar. 12, 1842, and Mary (Guthrie), who came to this county in 1862, and is still living at the age of seventy-five years, and has been an invalid of Paley for the past eight years.  Mr. Twinem's family are: Mary B., born Nov. 9, 1869; Thomas E., Feb. 11, 1872; Oscar D., Mar. 18, 1875; William C., June 16, 1878.  Mr. Twinem was a member of Company B, 25th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, having enlisted at Woodsfield, Ohio, Apr. 29, 1861, going right from Camp Dennison to the front, and participating in the battles of Cheat Mountain, Green Brier, and others.  He was wounded at McDowell, Virginia, May 8, 1862, and after returning to his regiment, in December, 1862, was transferred to the Veteran Reserves on account of his wound and sickness.  Mr. Twinem is a farmer and stock-raiser.  Address, Antioch, Monroe county, Ohio.
(Source: History of Monroe Co., Ohio - Publ. by H. H. Hardesty & Co., Publishers, Chicago and Toledo - 1882 - Page 5)
Adams Twp. -
LEONARD TWINEM - is a resident of Adams township, Monroe county, where he settled in 1850.  He was born in Belmont county, Nov. 30, 1822, where he was married Dec. 21, 1848, to Martha (Henderson) Dysart, born in the same county, Oct. 6, 1820.  Their family consists of Martha (Feisley), born May 3, 1850, married Nov. 16, 1870, resides in Salem townships; Esabelle (Bonar), July 14, 1854, married Sep. 2, 1875; Sarah (Barber), Aug. 31, 1856, married Feb. 11, 1882; Agnes (Funkhauser), Mar. 4, 1858, married Nov. 9, 1876; Leonard, Sept. 4, 1860; James, Mar. 22, 1863.  Mrs. Twinem's parents, Andrew Henderson, deceased, and Jeanette (Nichol) Henderson lost one son in the late war.  Mr. Twinem's parents, Leonard Twinem and Mary McCullum, both deceased, came to this country from Ireland, and settled in Belmont county, Goshen township, in 1818, which was then a wilderness.  They endured all the hardships and privations of early squatters in a new country.  Their nearest postoffice was St. Clairsville, which was two miles away.  Mr. Twinem lived in Belmont county, until he was about 34 years of age, when he removed to Adams township, his present residence.  He is one of the enterprising men of the township, and takes great interest and uses his influence in the educational matters of the county.  He served as justice of the peace one term; he is now one of the trustees of the township.  Business, farming.  Address, Round Bottom, Monroe county, Ohio.
(Source: History of Monroe Co., Ohio - Publ. by H. H. Hardesty & Co., Publishers, Chicago and Toledo - 1882 - Page 24)


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