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Official Roster
Soldiers of the American Revolution
buried in the state of Ohio

Source: The Official Roster of the Soldiers of the American Revolution
buried in the state of Ohio
Columbus, Ohio: Ohio Adjutant Generals Dept.
Publ. 1929 - 1341 pgs.


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  Enlisted in March 1778 for 1 year in Capt. Pichett's Company.
Re-enlisted May 1781 in Capt. Murdock's Company.  Wounded at Yorktown by piece of shell.
Born Meadville, Pa.  1746.
Married: Sarah Robinson, July 16, 1835.
Died: Manchester, Ohio, Jan. 30, 1849.
Buried in old Cemetery at Manchester, Ohio
Applied for pension May 10,1 834, at which time he was 88 years old.
His claim was allowed.
Further information: Sycamore Chapter
YEAGER, HENRY Mahoning Co.
  Ensign, Berks Co., 7th Company, 4th Bn., Pa. Archives Series 6, Vol. III, on p. 850, 6th Class, Jacob Buss' Company, Northampton Co., 1784, Vol. V, Pvt. in Pami 2nd Bn.
Children:  John, Daniel (mar. Elizabeth), Mary (mar. Jacob), Sarah (mar. Henry Brunsetter), Elizabeth (mar. Philip Stittle), Cristine and Saml.
Bur. Canfield.  Grave not located.
Came fr Lynn Twp. Northampton Co Pa in 1802 with Saml Everett.
Ref: Dr. Truesdales Hist. of Canfield, Trumbull and Mahoning Co., Hist. Vol. II, p. 57. 
Further information Mahoning Chap.
  Born: 1755
Died: July 26, 1844, near Congress Village
The grave was in a small plot in the corner of a field, 1/2 miles south of Congress Village.
Monument Inscription:  "John Yocum Soldier of 1776."
A Private in Lt. James Gleaves detachment of Berks Co., Pa. guarding convention prisoners.
Reference: Series 5, Vol. 5, p. 293.
Further information Wooster Wayne Chapter.
  Spy back of the British Lines around New York City. 
Br. 1748, New York
Children: Walter, James,
Died May 10, 1829, near Good Hope, O.
Bur. Rock Mills Cem., Fayette Co.  Cem. unplatted.
Marker Inscription: "In memory of Stephen Yoeman, who died May 10, 1829 in his 82 years."
GM by family in 1829.  Spy around New York, then a farmer and miller at Rock Mills.  Bought 1400 acres in Richard Bibb's Survey.
  Enl. in Baltimore Co., Md., 1st Aug. 23, 1776, later 1782; disch. Nov. 15, 1783.
Born 1739, as parents enroute fr. Ireland.
Parents: John Young;  the mother died at sea.
Married: 1st Mary Mackenzie; 2nd wife Rachel Allen nee Elsey bur. by him.
Reared a large family:  Youngest was David Y. (br. 1812, d. about 1900 at Forest, Hardin Co., O)
Died 1839
Buried. 1
mile north of Marseilles, Wyandotte Co. O, (on Enoch Thomas's Burying ground east bank of Tymochtee Creek). 
Landed at Baltimore, Md., where son was reared by "Polson" family.  Lived in Coshocton and Licking Cos., thence to Franklin, O; thence about 1828 to Marseilles, Oh. (then Burlington P. O.) later to farm on west bank of Tymochtee, near Marseilles, O. 
Further information Mrs. Lullah Walker Merriman, Ex-State Chairman, Natl Old Trails Chap.
  Served in the Revolutionary War.
Born: Fairfield Co., Connecticut, 1760
Died: 1842 at the age of 82 years and 19 days.
In 1790 moved to Uniontown, Pennsylvania, where he lived for many years and from thence to Ohio in 1830 and to Monroe Township, Knox Co., in 1836, where he resided until his death.
Reference:  Nortons History Knox Co., p. 317.
Further information: Kokosing Chapter
  Private in the Westmoreland Company (Pennsylvania) Militia during the war of the Revolution. (This data from records at State Library, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)
Born: Sept. 23, 1730
Died: October 18, 1812, aged 82 years 26 days.
Buried: Mound View Cemetery, Mount Vernon, Ohio, Block 1, Lot 2.
Monument inscription: "Isaac Young, died Oct. 19, 1812, aged 82 years and 26 days."
Further information: Kokosing Chapter
YOUNG, JACOB Fayette Co.
  Born: 1751
Died: May 29, 1833, Washington Court House.
Buried: Washington, Court House. Lot 205, Sec. 8.
Monument inscription: "Jacob Young died May 29, 1833 aged 82 years"
Grave Marker by family in 1833.
Further information: Washington Court House Chapter
YOUNG, MORGAN Delaware Co.
  Private under Cols. Munson and Frelinghuyson, Capts. Gaston, Carnes, Samuel Morris, and William Young.
Buried: Berkshire Twp.
Further information: Delaware Chapter
Born about 1756 in Merrimack Co., N.H.
Children: one son Abiathar Young
Buried: Tupper Plains Cemetery, Meigs Co., Ohio;
Grave Marker by family soon after death.
Reference:  New Hampshire State Papers Vol. 33.
Further information: L. L. Roush, 525 Gallia Ave., Portsmouth, Ohio.
Accepted but not verified by Jane Dailey State Chairman
  Col. Defended Fr. Henry, 3 da siege.  His home a store house for munitions.
Br. Berkeley Co., Va.
Died Nov. 19, 1812, (age 66 yrs.).
Bur. Walnut Grove Cem., Martins Ferry, O.
MI: "He was the first permanent inhabitant in this part of the Western World.  He died as he lived an honest Man."  Founder of Zanesville, O.
Died in Wheeling.
Ref.: Natl No 48124, p. 59, Vol. 49, D. A. R. Lin. and Mrs. Etzler, Wheeling Island, Wheeling, W. Va.  Mrs. Guy Hetzel "Stone Acres" Wheeling W. Va. 
Further information Wheeling W. Va. Chap.
  (Wife of Ebenezer Zane, of "Powder fame") she went fr Ft Henry to Col Zane's house, where he tied a table cloth around her wrist, filled it with powder.  Fleet of foot, she returned amid volleys, unharmed.  "A man will be such great loss.  I will not be missed" she had said.
Mar Ebenezer Zane
D 1814 at 66 yrs of age.
Bur Walnut Grove Cem, Martins Ferry, O.  Grave not marked but being marked both in Martins Ferry and monument of Wheeling Park.
Ref: Same as "Ebenezer Zanes."
Fur infor Mrs A. L. McFarland, St Clairsville, of Wheeling D.A.R. Lin.
ZANE, ISAAC Muskingum Co.
  Captured by Indians at age 9, and carried to Lakes; Gave important information to Gen Edwd Hand, 1777;  Granted land patent on Mad River Northwest Territory.
Br 1753, Berkeley Co., Va.
D 1816 Zanesville, O. 
See Howe's Hist Coll of Ohio Vol 2, p 104, altho a conflict of statements, his record has been accepted by he D.A.R. for services in Rev. (Jane Dailey State Chairman).
Further information Natl No 36680, p 239, Vol 37, D.A.R. Lin.
ZANE, SILAS, CAPT. (County not stated)
  1st Lt and Capt 13th Virginia, Dec. 28, 1776, Capt. Feb. 9, 1777.  Dismissed Jan. 25, 1778  (Heitmans Historical Register of the Officers of the Continental Army, p. 611.
Born between 1747 - 1753, Berkeley Co., Va.
Married 1st _______m 2nd Mrs. Katherine Ryan, near 1780.
Children:  Elizabeth by near;  Silas had by 2nd marriage, Killed by Indians on the Scioto River (Ohio) 1785.  The traditions of the family and the suppositions of some historians are, that his body was thrown over board in the Scioto river.  He was in command of Ft. Henry, when his sister "Betty" ran for the gunpowder.  He was an active partisan during the Revolution and the border wars.  He participated in the defense of Ft. Henry when it was besieged by Indians and British in Sept. 1782.  (Beach's Indian Miscellany, p. 59).  He was in the defense of Ft. Henry when invaded by Indians, Aug. 31, and Sep. 1, 1777.  (Field Bk of the Rev. Vol. 2, p. 478)  He was bold, able and gallant co-laborer with his pioneer brothers. 
The Zane family is a remarkable one. (Pioneers of Fairfield Co. ( Ohio) p. 13, 16).  He died young, leaving two small children,  Elizabeth Zane Dew Chapter, Nelsonville, Ohio, named for  his dau. 1926.
Further informatrion:  Elizabeth Zane Dew Chapter.
  Served as Pvt. in Casper Stoeover's Company, 3rd of 2nd Bn. Lancaster Co., Mill, with brothers Henry and Lewis. 
Born Oct. 5, 1755, Lancaster Co., Pa.
Parents:  A descendant of Ludwig Zehring, who came from Baden, Germany, to Pa in 1725. 
Mar I____________ Umberger who died before his removal to Ohio in 1819; married 2nd Anna Maria Rauch, (born Apr. 11, 1762, died June 22, 1839,
Buried Germantown).
Children:; Henry, Elizabeth, Catherine;
2nd. wife, 
  Christian, John, Philip, William D., Jacob David, Bernhard, Peter, Anna Maria, Susan, Marthat. 
Died June 5, 1832 in Warren Co., O.
Buried Springboro, Warren Co., O.  Came to Ohio in 1819.
Ref:  Natl. No. 38391 and 44661, D. A. R. Lin. 
Further information Richard Montgomery Chapter S. A. R.
ZEIGLAR, DAVID, MAJ. Montgomery Co.
  In 1775 joined the American Forces, and served with honor in the army of Rev. till the treaty of 1783.
Born, In Heidelberg, Germany, Aug. 16, 1748.
Parents:  Johann Heinrich and Louisa Fredericka Kern Zeiglar.
Married Lucy Anna Sheffield at Marietta, 1789, (d. Nov. 18, 1820).
Died Cincinnati, O. Sept. 1811
Buried in Presbyterian Church Cem but re-interred in Woodland Cem., Dayton, O. lot 1 to 4, Sec. 55 to 65.
Marker Inscription: "Major David Zeigler, to whose memory this stone is erected was born in the city of Heidelberg 1748.  Held a commission and served in the army of Russia.  Migrated to Pa 1775; joined Army of Revolution till the treaty of 1783 the Independence of his adopted country was acknowledged.  In the western country he served under Gen. Harney and St. Clair and died in this city Sept. 1811; Universally esteemed and respected."
Grave Marker by S. A. R.  Bronze marker in 1919.
1st Pres. (Mayor) of Cincinnati, O.
Ref: Howes Hist. of Ohio, Vol. 1, p. 853.
Further information Jonathan Dayton D. A. R. and S. A. R. of Montgomery Co.
  Pvt. Col. Ludwig Wettner's 2nd German Regt. Continental Line, 1776.  Corp. Capt. Strough's Company.  Enl. for 3 yrs. July 25, 1776; disch. Oct. 12, 1779.  This name also appears in 1782 in Balzar Orth's Company.
Born 1747, came from Germany 1757.
Married Christina, Jan. 7, 1770.
Children: Joseph (in war of 1812) and others.
Died 1829 Washingtonville, O.
Buried Lutheran Cem., Washingtonville, O.  Grave not marked as soldier.
Ref: Pa Archives, 5th series Vol. 3, p. 801, Vol. 5 p. 242.
Miss Mary Pow, Salem, O., 3 great grand dau.
Further information Mahoning Chapte.
ZUCK, JACOB Mahoning Co.
  Private Chester Company Militia.  Capt. Evan Anderson 1780.  Same as above in 1781.
Born: 1746
Died: 1819
Buried: Old Mennonite Cemetery, east of Byers Corners
Reference: Pennsylvania Archives. Series 5, Vol. 3, page 596 and 630
Further information: Mahoning Chapter.


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