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Source:  Baltimore Patriot - Maryland
Dated: July 29, 1813
Ohio - Zanesville, July 21
FROM Fort Meigs.
     By a private in Capt McCune's company, from this county, direct from Fort Meigs, we have seen a letter from the captain, dated July 6.
     A number of discharged men, in proceeding towards, Fort Defiance, had been attacked by a party of Indians, and some of them killed.  A party was ordered out to reconnoitre, and captain McCune escaped narrowly from being killed by a party of Indians, who were in ambuscade on the river bank, watching the motions of the detachment. - Maj. Anthony Pitzer had his leg fractured, by the falling of a tree, near the Fort, and was not expected to live. - Walter T. Deaver, a fine young man from this county, had died, and one other in the same company.  The company's time of service will shortly expire.
     Our informant further states - that Gen. Clay was still commandant, and that he supposed there were about 3000 men at the fort; that active preparations were making for some extraordinary movement.  Capt. Wm. McConnel's company were at Lower Sandusky, and would be discharged in a few days.  Col. Paull's regiment, (last from this place) had arrived at Upper Sandusky on Wednesday last, and would proceed immediately on to Lower Sandusky.  Colonel Johnson's regiment of mounted men, and col. Bull's squadron were at Cleaveland.
Source:  Grand Forks Herald - North Dakota
Dated: Oct. 26, 1885
A published portrait of Return Jonathan Meigs Jr., one of the early settlers of Ohio, leads to an old reminiscence in the Hartford Courant.  His father was a resident of Middletown, and his singular name originated thus.  In the early history of Middletown, Mr. Jonathan Meigs asked a lady to become his wife.  She refused him, and Meigs felt so badly that he left her house weeping.  She, observing his grief, cried out to him when he was a few rods from her, "Return, Jonathan Meigs."  He went back, she accepted him, and they were married.  He declared that the words uttered by the young woman gave him more comfort than any other that he ever heard.  Therefore, wishing to express his gratitude, he named his first child Return Jonathan Meigs.  The son became Postmaster-General of the United States and Governor of Ohio.
(Found at Genealogy Bank, transcribed by Sharon Wick)
Source: Cleveland Gazette, Cleveland, Oh - Page 2
Dated: Saturday, Sept. 29, 1900
Hillsboro, O. - Miss Minnie Riggs is visiting Cincinnat - Mr. Benjamin Thomas and Miss Jennie Lynn were married Tuesday, Sept. 18, by Rev. Simeon White - The Baby of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Woods died Saturday the 22d.  - Several of our people attended the . of P. celebration at Washington C. H., on teh 24th. - Mrs. Mary Butler, of Cincinnati visited Mrs. Chas. Donaldson last Sunday. - Messrs. Geo. W. Bolden and David H. Young are better. - Mrs. David Green and Miss Green of Leesburg visited the former's mother,  Mrs. Noah Barker on the 22d. - Rev. Simeon W. White attended the Ohio A. M. E. conference at Wilmington.  - Chas. Metcalf was injured at Rucker's stone quarry on teh 24th. - Justice L. Williams was married at Bainbridge last week. - Howard Powell has returned from a week's visit to his mother in Lebanon, O.
Source:  Tucson Daily Citizen - Arizona
Dated: July 6, 1901
Charles A. Donnally Died in Ohio
     Ex Quartermaster Sergeant Charles Andrew Donnally, known to almost every Citizen of Tucson died in Pomeroy, Ohio on the 30th of June, of Malignant cancer.  It will be a matter of solace to his friends that he passed away without a groan in a comatose condition.  His ending was the natural result of a long year of suffering when amid untold mental agony, not a complaint passed his lips.
     Charley Donnally belonged to Arizona.  He was of Arizona.  His life's work was part of Arizona's history.  His identification with the army was the outcome of the loss of a fortune on a St. Louis warehouse bond.  His first act when he recovered from the shock was to enlist in the army to live a life of western campaigns, and Indian warfare, and the Fast knew him to more until he went home for possible surgical aid.  Mr. Donnally's father and mother survive him at the ripe old age of 81, and his only sister is Mrs. Mary Donnally Kelso, the famous lecturer,  Charley Donnally's friends in Tucson are legion.  They will grieve for a friend.
(Source: Genealogy Bank)(Transcribed by Sharon Wick)
Source:  The Lima news
Date:  Jan. 4, 1929
Apoplexy is Fatal
Mrs. Vina Carmean, 50, died at Middlepoint from apoplexy. As Vina Leman she was born in that village. She leaves her husband, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lamnan, and five daughters, Mrs. Clarence McClure, Toledo; Mrs. Charles and Mrs. Edward Stewart, Lima; Doris and Doneta Carmean at home. Services will be held Saturday at 10 a.m. at Middlepoint M. E. church.
(Source:  Norita Shepherd Moss)



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