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Source: History of Marion County, Ohio - 1883


DANIEL UNCAPHER, first son of Joseph Uncapher, was born in Marion Township Dec. 21, 1837.  He obtained a good education, attending the Marion Academy a few terms.  When nineteen, he commenced teaching, continuing nine winters.  In 1863, he purchased 225 acres, locating in Big Island and Green Camp Township, living there till 1867, when he removed to Pleasant Township.  Mar. 1, 1869, he bought his present farm of seventy-eight acres.  He was married, Apr. 2, 1863, to Rebecca Riley, also a native of Marion Township born Feb. 22, 1810, and a daughter of Elias and Sarah A. (Moore) Riley  The names of their two children are J. Herman and Luther V.  he and family are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, he officially connected, and served four years as Superintendent of the Sunday school.  He is an active Prohibitionist.
(Source: Page 639 - History of Marion Co., Ohio - publ. 1883)
EDWARD W. UNCAPHER (deceased) was born in Marion Township Oct. 6, 1827, the eldest son and second child born to Solomon and Hannah (Shoemaker) Uncapher.  Having obtained such an education as the common schools of that primitive day afforded, he married, Nov. 6, 1857, Miss Nancy J. Cunningham, a daughter of James and Nancy (Barks) Cunningham.  She is also a native of Marion County, born Feb. 25, 1831.  The names of their children are Everett N., James O. and Olive V.  Mr. Uncapher bought eighty acres adjoining the homestead in 1855, and seven years later fifty-seven acres near the cemetery.  He owned at his death 240 acres of land.  He made all the improvements upon the home farm, building, in 1865-65, a $3,000 residence.  He was extensive raiser of fine stock, usually keeping from 200 to 300 head and was among the first to introduce Spanish Merino sheep into the county.  At one time he paid $400 for a Vermont sheep.  He was associated with L. C. Haines, in the wool trade, for many years; was a member of the Agricultural Board, and identified with the county fair in many ways.  He also reared the French and Clydesdale horses.  He was an industrious and enterprising citizen; was one of the movers in obtaining county pikes, having thirty shares of the Marion & Waldo pike (was Director and Overseer of the same, and twelve shares of the Marion & Prospect pike.  He began life a poor boy, but through his indomitable perseverance left an estate valued at $24,000.  He was a Democrat and a member of the United Brethren Church.  He was stricken with paralysis in the autumn of 1875, and died Apr. 11, 1877.  Mrs. Uncapher has added thirty-three acres to the farm.
(Source: Page 640 - History of Marion Co., Ohio - publ. 1883)
HIRAM L. UNCAPHER, who is classed among the prominent and esteemed young farmers of Marion Township, makes his home on section 28, where his birth occurred July 31, 1860.  His parents were Joseph and Rebecca (Stonebarger) Uncapher, the father born in Pennsylvania and the mother in Indiana.  Both are now deceased, the father, who was born July 12, 1809, dying April 12, 1894; and Mrs. Uncapher, who was born Oct. 16, 1817, passing from earth Apr. 24, 1892.  They were worthy and respected residents of Marion Township, and as old pioneers possessed the unlimited confidence of all who knew them.  They were farmers by occupation, and became well-to-do in prosecuting their chosen calling.  George Uncapher, the grandfather of our subject, came to America from France.
     To Joseph and Rebecca Uncapher was born a family of eight children, of whom Hiram L. was the youngest.  Of his brothers and sisters we note the following:  Daniel, born Dec. 21, 1837, in Marion County, is still living here, engaged in the pension and insurance business.  His two sons are J. Hermon and LutherIsaac was born June 27, 1839, and died May 19, 1841.  Silas was born Feb. 28, 1841, and is at present engaged in farming in Marion Township.  His children are Emma L., the wife of Albert Cummings; and Perry J. at home.  Darius was born Jan. 30, 1843, and now makes his home with his brother, John.  Thomas J. was born June 12, 1846, and makes his home in Big Island Township, where he has a good farm.  John N. was born Aug. 8 1850.
     Dec. 21, 1884, Hiram L Uncapher was married to Allie, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth (Huffman) Barks, natives, respectively, of Marion County, this state, and Pennsylvania.  Mr. Barks was born Oct. 14, 1833, and his good wife Mar. 8, 1836.  Their three children were Allie, Mrs. Uncapher, born Feb. 6, 1862; Levi, who was born Feb. 6, 1862, and died in infancy; and Olive, born June 19, 1864, and who resides at home.
     To Mr. and Mrs. Uncapher has been born a family of four children, namely: Oda B., born Sept. 16, 1885; Olive, Oct. 9, 1887; Zola E., Sep. 3, 1889; and Ella M., Jan. 30, 1892.  The latter is now deceased, passing away Sept. 17, 1894.  The farm of our subject comprises about seventy-five acres, which he cultivates in an admirable manner.  Mr. and Mrs. Uncapher are members in excellent standing of the Presbyterian Church.
Source #4 - Portrait & Biographical Records of Marion & Hardin Counties, Ohio - 1895 - Page 354
JAMES O. UNCAPHER was born on the old homestead May 30, 1855, the second son and child of Edward W. Uncapher; obtained May 30, 1855, the second son and child of Edward W. Uncapher obtained a common school education, and became associated, in his twentieth year, with his father in the rearing of fine sheep.  Since his father's death, he and his brother, Everett N., have been continuing the business very satisfactorily.  They keep, also, Clydesdale horses, some of the finest in the county, and a high grade of Durham cattle and Poland China hogs.

(Source: Page 639 - History of Marion Co., Ohio - publ. 1883)

MARTIN V. UNCAPHER was born May 1, 1840, a native of Marion Township and the son of Solomon and Hannah Uncapher, who came from Pennsylvania at an early day (when Marion had abut one shingle roof) and entered 160 acres of land.  Prosperity attended this father's labor, so that at one time he owned 600 acres of good land, and cleared eighty acres of farm land himself.  He had a family of sixteen children, twelve of them boys.  The district school gave Martin V. his education, and Mar. 28, 1861, he married Elizabeth L. Bush.  The names of their three children are Margaret J., wife of William Smith; Louis S. and Mary A.  Mr. Uncapher bought his farm of 138 acres in 1877, paying $59 per acre.  It is in good repair, drained by 400 rods of tile, and is worth $90 per acre.  Mr. Uncapher is a Democrat and a member of the royal Arcanum.
(Source: Page 645 - History of Marion Co., Ohio - publ. 1883)




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