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Source:  Daily Ohio Statesman - Columbus, OH
Dated: November 6, 1837
It will be seen by proceedings in our paper, that Samuel W. Hildreth, Esq., one of the members of the last Legislature from Knox county, died recently at St. Marys in Mercer county, whither he had removed the past summer.
Source: Plain Dealer - Cleveland, Ohio
Dated: Oct. 26, 1850
Death on the Plains
The St. Louis Republican gives the deaths that have been reported at Fort Laramie during the summer.  The number of names given is 262; many more deaths are said to have occurred, but not reported.  The record was kept and furnished by the officers at the Fort.  We give the names from Ohio and Indiana, contained in the Melancholy record:
Hiram BAKER, Knox county, Ohio, died of Cholera, June 5th, on Little Blue Biver, aged 19 years.
Source:  Cincinnati Daily Enquirer - Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio
Dated: Dec. 24, 1869

     TERWILLIGEN - BLEVIN -  At Goshen, O., Dec. 2, Hiram Terwilligen to Miss Mary Blevin.
     LEVERING - SHALER - Dec. 7, in Waterford, Knox Co., O., Joseph Allen Levering to Mattie A. Shaler.
Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette
Dated: Feb. 24, 1881
Suit for Divorce Against Harry G. Armstrong by His Wife, Georgiana B. Armstrong.
     The following application for divorce was filed yesterday in this City against Col. Harry G. Armstrong, a former well known resident of this city.  At present Col. Armstrong is engaged in publishing the Mt. Vernon Republican at Mt. Vernon, Ohio.  The defendant was in this city on Monday and Tuesday, and the plaintiff was enabled to get service of summons upon him.  It might be remarked in passing that this is the third case of this kind in which the Colonel has figured during the last few years.  The petition is as follows:  The plaintiff Georgiana B. Armstrong, states that she has been a resident of the County of Hamilton and State of Ohio for more than one year last past; that on teh 23od October, 1879, she intermarried with the defendant, Harry G. Armstrong; that since said marriage the plaintiff has at all times conducted himself as a chaste, loving and affectionate wife,  and has faithfully performed all the duties devolved upon her as the defendant's wife; that, notwithstanding the premises aforesaid, said defendant about three weeks after their marriage commenced a course of cruelty and abuse toward the plaintiff, which continued down to the time of the desertion hereinafter named, said defendant using violent and abusive language, and at times assaulting the plaintiff, and driving her from his presence; that in the month of December, 1879, with violent temper, he turned and locked her out of their bedroom, leaving her exposed to the cold, barefooted and in her night clothes, and this he repeated in January, 1880, in the night time, at their house, No. 87 Barr street, Cincinnati, Ohio, and likewise, about said last named date, turned her out of their home after her return from church in the day time; that, on the 16th day of March, 1880, the defendant deserted the plaintiff, and remained away from her ever since; that since said date teh defendant has entirely neglected and refused to live with her or to give her the daily necessaries to support life; that at the time of said desertion, he left Cincinnati and went to Mt. Vernon, O., where he became a resident and the owner of the Mt. Vernon Republican, a weekly newspaper, and has ever since refused to take the plaintiff with him or to permit her to come to him, or to send her any money to provide for her needs; that when he left he plaintiff he took with him her pictures, family relics, valuable wedding presents, and other property belonging to her, and deprived her of the use and enjoyment thereof; that, at divers times during the year1880, the said defendant falsely and maliciously defamed the plaintiff's good name; that he represented in the community in which they respectively lived that she was insane, that she was demented, was subject to dangerous fits and spasms, which said defendant knew to be wholly false, but which he gave as his reasons to said communities for not supporting and for abandoning her; that on the 21st of February, 1881, the plaintiff called to see said defendant at the Florentine Hotel, in Cincinnati, beseeching him to return to and life with her, and to aid in maintaining her, but that he violently assaulted her, and forced her from his presence and out of his room, and shut and locked the door thereof against her, refusing her a home or any aid in her support, wherefore the plaintiff charges the said defendant with gross neglect of duty and cruelty.  The plaintiff further states that, notwithstanding she did so, as aforesaid, faithfully conduct herself as the said defendant's wife, he did commit adultery at times and with persons unknown to the plaintiff, during the year 1880, at Mt. Vernon and at Cincinnati, and other places unknown to the plaintiff since his marriage as aforesaid, with one Edith Brown and with others to the plaintiff unknown.  Wherefore the plaintiff charges said defendant with the crime of adultery.
     The plaintiff further states that she is the owner in her own right by gift from her parents of an unimproved tract of land in said county, in Foote's subdivision on Walnut Hills.  She further states that said defendant owns various notes, bills payable, accounts, and as she is informed and avers, certain valuable bonds; that he is entitled to and does draw from the United States Government $15 per month, and that Joseph W. Taylor, W. F. Baldwin, and Harry D. Armstrong are indebted to the defendant, and have his property in their possession; that he will, unless restrained by the order of this court, transfer and incumber said estate and property, and his said debtors will pay said money to him, and that he will conceal the same and prevent the plaintiff from realizing anything upon any decree in favor of her as alimony which the court may hereafter render.
Wherefore the plaintiff prays the court for a decree granting to her a divorce; for a reasonable allowance of alimony pendent lite, and for permanent alimony; for restoration to her maiden name; for a proper order securing to her her separate estate free from the claims of the defendant, and an injunction against he disposition of his property.  Judge Avery granted a temporary order against the defendants to compel them to show cause why they should not be restrained from disposing of the property as asked.  Messrs. Tilden, Buchwalter & Campbell appear for the plaintiff.
(Taken from Genealogy Bank - Transcribed by Sharon Wick)
Source: Duluth News -
Date: May 10, 1910
May 9 -
Acting on telegraphic advice received from the sheriff of Knox county, Ohio, Police Chief Harry L. Brooks found Alice Maxwell, a beautiful 17 year-old girl, at the Home hotel this morning.  She was taken to police headquarters and there met her mother, who came her from Mt. Vernon, Ohio, in search of her daughter.
     The girl left here home and came here with Howard Bartlett, aged 24, a married man.
     Shortly after the girl was taken to headquarters word was received that Bartlett had returned to the hotel, but when officers went in the front door he jumped off a rear porch and made his escape.  He is charged with abduction.





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