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  GEORGE S. HALL, Berlin township, farmer, post office Fredericktown, was born in 1846, and married in 1872, to Mira M. Auten, who was born in Berlin township, Knox county, Ohio, in 1852.  They have two children: Alice, born in 1873, and Joseph, born in 1875. 
     Mr. Hall came to Knox county in 1852, and located in Berlin township.  He is a farmer and also a dealer in stock.  The Hall family are of Irish descent.  The grandparents came from Ireland.
SOURCE: History of Knox County, Ohio - Mt. Vernon, Ohio: A.A. Graham & Co., 1881 - Page 680
  HALL, J. N., Hilliar township, carpenter, Rich Hill post office, was born in Chester county, Pennsylvania, Aug. 20, 1829.  Ten years later his parents, George and Jane Hall nee Cherry, came to Ohio and remained one year in Guernsey county, and then moved to Delaware county, purchasing a tract of one hundred and forty acres of land.  The parents both died on the land on which they settled in 1840.  The father died in 1858.  The mother survived her husband until 1876.
     The subject of this brief notice remained on the farm until he was nineteen years of age, when he went to learn the carpenter trade.  He built a number of the buildings in Knox and Delaware counties.   He is a good workman, and aims to do justice to those who employ him, and is held in high esteem by the community, who know him to be an honest man.  He was married to Miss Nancy Hupp, of Knox county, April 5, 1855. His wife died in 1871.  They had a family of five children, all of whom are living, viz.:  Sarah Jane, married to George Patton; Julia A., Mary Lutetia, Laura, and Robert M., living at home.
SOURCE: History of Knox County, Ohio - Mt. Vernon, Ohio: A. A. Graham & Co., 1881 - Page 680
  JOHN M. HALL, farmer and stock dealer, post office, Shaler's Mills.  He was born in Holmes county, Ohio, and was married to Amanda Durben, who was born in Knox county.  They have one daughter, Nellie.  Mr. Hall devotes most of his time to buying, selling and shipping horses and cattle.  In this he was very successful.
SOURCE: History of Knox County, Ohio - Mt. Vernon, Ohio: A. A. Graham & Co., 1881 - Page 680
  JOSEPH K. HALL, farmer and dealer in stock; post office, Shaler's Mills; was born in this county in 1853, and was married in 1879 to Mattie W. Knox, who was born in Holmes county in 1859.  Mr. Hall is one of the enterprising farmers of this township.  He also engaged quite extensively in dealing in stock.
SOURCE: History of Knox County, Ohio - Mt. Vernon, Ohio: A. A. Graham & Co., 1881 - Page 680
  LANE HALL, Jackson township, farmer, post office, Bladensburgh, is a native of Jackson township, and was born on the ninth of August, 1855.  He is a son of Obadiah Hall, one of the pioneers of Jackson township.  July 2, 1879, he was married to Mary B. McCamment, who was born in Clay township on the twenty-first day of Jan., 1861.  Politically Mr. Hall is a Republican.
SOURCE: History of Knox County, Ohio - Mt. Vernon, Ohio: A .A. Graham & Co., 1881 - Page 680
  WILLIAM B. HALL, Berlin township, farmer and stock dealer, post office, Shalers Mills, was born in Holmes county, Ohio, in 1844, came to this county in 1855, and was married in 1868, to Margaret Knight, who was born in HOlmes county in 1845.  They had two daughters, Leila, born in March, 1874 and Jennie R., in June, 1875.  Mr. Hall is engaged in farming, buying and selling stock.
SOURCE: History of Knox County, Ohio - Mt. Vernon, Ohio: A. A. Graham & Co., 1881 - Page 680
  JOHN F. HAMMETT, harnessmaker, Pike township, post office North Liberty, born in 1845, in Ashland county, Ohio, and was married in 1869 to Emily Mix,,, who was born in Independence, Richland County, in 1848.  They had one son, Judson J., who was born in 1870 and one daughter, Emma, born in 1871.  Mrs. Emily Hammett died in Independence in 1872.  Mr. Hammett's second marriage, in 1873, was to Mary C. Hammond, who was born in Fredericktown, Knox county, in 1856.
     Mr. Hammett, when a young man, learned the harness trade with L. Ridgeley, in Jeromeville, Ashland county, Ohio.  After his marriage, he engaged in business in Independence, and remained there until after the death of Mrs. Hammett  - then went to Mansfield, worked with F. Johnson for one year 0 then came to Fredericktown, remained there till 1876, when he removed to North Liberty.  He is engaged in the harness business, but is an excellent mechanic, having an extensive custom business.  He is also keeping hotel, the only one in North Liberty, and it is first-class.
     The father of Mrs. Hammett, George A. Hammond, was born in Frederick county, Maryland; his parents emigrated to Ohio in 1819; he was married in 1837 to Elizabeth Anderson who was born in Virginia.  They had seven children: Sarah P., Ellen P., Thomas j., Francis E., Louis F., Harriet, and Mary C.  Mr. Hammond learned the shoe trade when a young man; he is still engaged in working at his trade; he is now among the oldest business men of Frederickstown.
(SOURCE: History of Knox County, Ohio - Mt. Vernon, Ohio: A. A. Graham & Co., 1881)
  LYMAN HENDRICK, tanner, Fredericktown, was born in Sunbury, Delaware county, Dec. 19, 1819; was married to Rhoda Runnian, who was born in Knox county, in 1827.  They had one daughter, Mary I., who was born in 1862.  Miss Rhoda Hendrick died in this county.  Mr. Hendrick was afterwards married to Mary Hodges, daughter of Joshua Hodges.
     Joshua Hodges
was born in Massachusetts April 2, 1780, and married Sophia Jones, who was born in Connecticut April 25, 1786.  They had the following family, viz:  Hiram Chapman was born in 1812; Harrison G., born in 1815; Julia, born in 1817, Clinton, born in 1819; Levi, born in 1821; Eliza, born i 1823; Mary, born in 1825; Harry, born in 1827, and Sarah, in 1829.  Mr. Hodges came to Knox county in 1837, and died in Mt. Vernon, in 1864.  Mrs. Sophia Hodges died in Morris township, this county in 1871.
     The mother of Joshua Hodges (whose maiden name was Phebe Chapman) was a sister of Jonathan Chapman, generally called "Johnny Appleseed."
(SOURCE: History of Knox County, Ohio - Mt. Vernon, Ohio: A. A. Graham & Co., 1881 - Page 690)
  JOHN HENEGAN, born in Scotland, in the year 1833, died in Olathe, Kansas, September 19, 1877, aged forty-four years.
     The subject of this sketch, with his father's family, came to Mt. Vernon in 1853, and resided here until his death.
     For nearly two years Mr. Henegan was confined more or less to his house by disease beyond a physician's healing part.  A short time prior to his death he visited Olathe to close up some business in that place.  He lived to finish that business, and then passed away from earth as calmly and as quietly as a child slumbering the sleep of innocence.  During the last few days of life he named many of his Mt. Vernon friends, wishing they were with him to soothe and cheer him in his declining moments, the end of which he knew was fast approaching.
     From early youth Mr. Henegan, devoted himself to railroading.  The last of such work was on the Cleveland, Mt. Vernon & Columbus railway, to the interest of which many years of his life were devoted.
     In 1867, in company with his father, he took the contract of constructing a canal around the Des Moines rapids, one of the greatest undertakings of the kind in America.  Other hands have just completed this great work.
     In the fall of 1874 he commenced work upon the new infirmary building, and brought it nearly to completion.  This building is the most substantial of the kind in the State, and an honor to the county, and also to the State.
     At the age of sixteen years, the subject of this sketch, with his father and mother, together with the rest of their family, left Glasgow, Scotland, September16, 1849 - Liverpool, England, Sept. 18th, and arrived at New Orleans, United States of America, on the twentieth day of December following; thus the voyage, between the port of departure and the port of disembarkation; appears to have been thirteen weeks and four days in duration.  To vary the interest, and to add to the perils of those "who go down to the sea in ships," the vessel, upon whose deck the lives and fortunes of the hardy emigrants were placed, was cast away in a storm, and thrown upon the shores of an island now called Concon, situated near the barren coast of Yucatan, Central America.  The passengers and crew were detained twenty-eight days upon that island.
     During their forced residence upon the island, the passengers and crew, imitating the people of the country in which most of them were seeking a new home, organized a government and made laws for their own protection, and unanimously elected Mr. William Henegan the first governor of the State of Concon, Central America.  The necessity of this organization was soon apparent.
     The island of Concon, for its favorable and safe harbors, was one of the favorite rendezvous of the piratical vessels making those waters their cruising grounds.  One of those sea rovers passing the island, the captain seeing the wrecked ship of the emigrants, determined to take position, and rob it of all the rigging and stores left upon it, (the passengers and crew, while waiting for rescue, living in tents upon the shore).
     To allay suspicion, the pirates also landed, and pitched their tents a short distance from the shipwreck, as though they wished to rest awhile from their bloody and murderous career.  One of the crew of the wrecked ship, wandering over the island one day, being weary from his long and difficult tramp, threw himself down behind some rocks and fell asleep.  How long he had remained in that unconscious state he knew not.  He was finally awakened by hearing voices in conversation, apparently immediately above him.  Listening for awhile, he gathered enough of their conversation to convince him that the voices belonged to some of the crew of the piratical vessel, and that the rascals were detailing to themselves their plans for attacking the unfortunate voyagers and sacking the wrecked vessel.  After the departure of the loquacious pirates, the sailor made his way to his own camp, and detailed the plot of the pirates to Governor Hanegan.
     After a consultation with his council, the governor formed his plans for retaliation, which were to capture the pirate vessel and put to sea with his little colony.  This was "carrying the war into Africa," with a vengeance, yet, under the circumstances, was perfectly justifiable.
     The governor's plans were well laid, and would have been successfully carried out, had not one of the passengers betrayed the governor's plans to the pirate chief.  The pirates immediately struck their tents and began their retreat to their boats and thence to their vessel.  In the melee that ensued, the pirate captain was wounded so severely as to compel his crew to take him upon their shoulders.  In this condition, with their helpless captain, the pirates reached their boats and made for their vessel.  When upon her deck, they hoisted sails and put out to sea, leaving eh shipwrecked in possession of their diminutive republic.
(SOURCE: History of Knox County, Ohio - Mt. Vernon, Ohio: A. A. Graham & Co., 1881 - Page.689)
  DANIEL HENRY, carpenter, Union township; post office Gann, was born in Pennsylvania March 25, 1834, and came to Knox county in 1858, and settled in Jefferson township.  He enlisted in company B, Ninety-sixth regiment Ohio volunteer infantry; went to the south in 1862, and returned at the expiration of this time, in 1865.  In 1875 he was married to Miss Grear,  They had one child that died in infancy.
(SOURCE: History of Knox County, Ohio - Mt. Vernon, Ohio: A. A. Graham & Co., 1881)
  JOHN HENWOOD, deceased, Monroe township, a native of Washington County, Pennsylvania, was born Feb. 22, 1800;  married Miss Jane Taylor in 1825, of same county, born in 1798.  They settled in Washington county, Pennsylvania and remained until 1840, then emigrated to Ohio and located in Monroe township, this county, on the farm now owned by their son, John Henwood, Jr., where they passed the remainder of their days.  He deceased August, 1870.  His companion survived him until August, 1874.
     They reared a family of six children - Mary A., John, Samuel C., Flora J., Taylor, and Amanda, all living except Samuel C., who enlisted in the fall of 1861, in company A, Sixty-fifty regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, served two years as a private, and was then promoted to second lieutenant, which position he filled until he fell a victim to the enemy's bullets, at the battle of Chattanooga, on the seventeenth day of September, 1864.
(SOURCE: History of Knox County, Ohio - Mt. Vernon, Ohio: A. A. Graham & Co., 1881)
  FRANK HERDMAN, Fredericktown, blacksmith, was born in Utica, New York, in 1845, and came to Ohio in 1870.  He was married to Mary E. Cochran, who was born in Knox county.  They have three children viz: Isabella, born in 1874; Harry, in 1877; and Frank, in 1879.
     Mr. Herdman learned the blacksmith trade in Detroit, Michigan, and is now enghttp://www.marionhistory.com/aged in doing custom work.  He is a first class mechanic, accommodating and obliging.  All who wish work in this line will do well to give him a call.
  BENJAMIN F. HESKITT, deceased, was a minister of the Methodist Episcopal church from 1856 till his death, January 4, 1863.  He was captain in the Fifty-first Ohio volunteer infantry, and was wounded at the battle of Stone River, and lived but two days.  Rev. Heskett was born in Loudoun county, Virginia, Feb. 2, 1823, and was married Sept. 17, 1857, to Miss Almira V. Chandler, of Martinsburgh.  One son, Stanley F., was the issue of this marriage.
  DAVID HESS, Union township; farmer; post office, Gann, was born in Adams County, Pennsylvania, in 1808.  In 1837 he came to Jefferson county, Ohio, and lived there until 1842, when he removed to Knox county, Ohio, where he still remains.  The same year he commenced to erect a grist mill in Howard township, and he was six years building it, doing all the work himself.  At this time he sold the mill, and moved to Millwood; remained there two and a half years, and came to his present farm in 1850.  In April, 1829, he was married to Miss M. E. Clingar, who lived with him until 1877, when she died, leaving him ten children.  They were all married except Elizabeth, who stays with her father.  Milling and building mills is his business.
  FRANK P. HESS, was born Oct. 10, 1834, in Jackson township, Knox county, Ohio.  He was married to Maria Melick, daughter of Daniel Melick, an old pioneer of Jackson township, on the third of April, 1845.  Mrs. Hess was born in Jackson township Jan. 1, 1833.  They have had five children, viz:  Evaline, born April 17, 18549, and who died Nov. 16, 1876; Mary B., born February 14, 1859; Thomas Jefferson, born Jan. 28, 1862; Isodore J., born May 3, 1864;  and Laura Iona, born June 15, 1867.
     Mr. Hess is a justice of the peace of Clay township, and resides in the village of Bladensburgh.
  GEORGE HESS, Pike township, farmer, post office, Democracy, was born in this county, Union township, in 1851, and was married in 1876 to Emeline Gressling, who was born in Wayne county in 1850.  Mr. Hess is engaged in farming in this township.  He is an enterprising and good citizen.
  GEORGE W. HESS, Hilliar township, foreman of the Cleveland, Columbus & Mt. Vernon railroad, was born in Frederick county, Maryland, Mar. 14, 1842.  When he was five years of age his parents, David and Mary E. Hess, came to Knox county, Ohio, and settled in Howard township, where Mr. Hess built a mill on the Little Jelloway, which is yet standing.  The subject of this sketch learned the milling trade with his father.
      In May, 1861, he enlisted in company F, Sixteenth Ohio volunteer infantry, three months' service.  Shortly after his return from the three months' service he enlisted in company *, ____ Ohio volunteer infantry, (September, 1861,) for three years, and participated in the battles of Perryville, Stone River, and Chickamauga, after which he veteranized, and was in the battles of Mission Ridge, Resaca, Kennesaw Mountain, Siege of Atlanta, Franklin, and Nashville, besides numerous skirmishes.  During the Atlanta campaign he was under fire for sixty-three consecutive days.  He was discharged at Louisville, Kentucky, Oct. 19, 1865, having served his country four years and three months.
     The following year after his return he went west and was with a surveying party for mail service.  In 1872 he was engaged on the railroad, and in June, 1878, he was given section number nineteen.  He is held in esteem by all who know him, and is an efficient and trusty fireman.
     He was married to Miss Mary E. Sapp, daughter of Robert Sapp, of Union township, Knox county, Dec. 20, 1868.  They had three children, two of whom are living - Thomas C. and Charles E.
  HENRY HESS, farmer, post office, Shaler's Mills - He was born in Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania in 1823.  In 1839 he came to Ohio, and located in Berlin township.  In 1844 he was married to Sarah Frederick who was born in Ohio in 1824.  They had six children.  Isaac was born in 1845, Amanda A., in 1864, Eli, in 1851, Jacob, 1853, Martha, in 1858, and Sarah A. in 1861.  Mrs. Sarah Hess died with cancer, in 1876; was buried in Owl Creek Cemetery.  She was a worthy member of the German Baptist church.  Mr. Hess located on the farm where he now resides, and which he owns in 1854.  He is a prominent and official member of the German Baptist church.  His sons are liberally educated.  Eli  is teaching vocal music.  Jacob is engaged as salesman in the Gregor store.
  J. T. HESS, M. D., Mt. Vernon, was born in Washington county, Pennsylvania, Feb. 16, 1830.  His parents were born and married in the same county, and emigrated to Ohio with a family of four children, in May, 1830.  His father settled in Jefferson township, Knox county.  He was educated at the common and select schools in Mt. Vernon.  Dr. Hess  read medicine with Dr. Shannon and Professor Smith, of Philadelphia.  He attended the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and graduated in the spring of 1857.  He first practiced in Bloomfield, Morrow county, Ohio, and a short time in Fredericktown.  August 14, 1862, he was commissioned assistant surgeon in the Ninety-sixth O. V. I., served one year with the Thirteenth regulars, General Sherman's regiment, when he was commissioned surgeon and assigned to the Ninety-sixth Ohio, Colonel Vance's regiment.  He was in charge of the United States hospital at Fort Gaines during the summer of 1863.  April, 1864, he was taken prisoner at Sabine Cross Roads, and was held three months, until June, and then took charge of the hospital at Carrollton, Louisiana.  He returned to his regiment and was with it until the close of the war.  He was division surgeon from early in the spring of 1865, until the close of the war.  He amputated hundreds of limbs.  On his return he took up the practice of medicine in Delaware, Ohio, where he remained until the spring of 1877, when he took up his residence in Mt. Vernon.  He married Miss Sophia C. Colwill, August 19, 1850.  She is the daughter of William Colwill, deceased.  She was born in England, near London, Oct. 12, 1830.  They had three children, Emma D., wife of E. C. EMley, of Centreburgh, an infant and Agnes I.
  LEWIS HESS, Berlin township, farmer, post office, Shaler's Mills, born in Knox county in 1851, and married in 1863 to Harriet Mishey, who was born in Pike township, this county.  They have three children - Olie W., born in 1864, Ida E., in 1868, and J. Clifford C., in 1871.  Mr. and Mrs. Hess are both members of pioneer families.
  REV. MARTIN L. HESS, itinerant minister, Jefferson township, son of Henry and Prudence Hess, born January 30, 1830, in Fayette county, Pennsylvania, was brought to Knox county, by his parents, in the spring of 1847, who located in Jefferson township, where he received his education.  At the age of twenty-five he took a five years' theological course.  During that time he was ordained for the ministry by the United Brethren in Christ, and has labored twenty-five years.  On the twenty-fifth day of September, 1866, he united in marriage with Miss Elender Kelley, born in Holmes county, Oct. 18, 1837.  After his marriage he remained in Holmes county about three years, when he removed to Jefferson township, Knox county, where he remained one year.  He then moved to Coshocton county, remaining there two years.  After making a journey to the west he located in Jefferson township, Knox county, on the old homestead formerly owned by his father, two miles east of Jelloway; there he has since remained, engaged in the ministry.
  MICHAEL HESS, Berlin township; retired; post office, Shalers Mills, was born in Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, in 1817, and married in 1837, to Elizabeth Hare, who was born in Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania in 1819.  They had ten children:  David, born in 1838; Lewis, in 1841; Israel, in 1843; Catharine L., in 1845; Jacob C., in 1848; Wilson S., in 1850; John S., in 1853; Ezra J., in 1855; Francis M., in 1858, and James P., in 1859.  The deceased members are Jacob C., Ezra J. and James P.  The following are married: David Hess, married to Mary McDaniels, now deceased, and resides in Floyd county, Iowa; Lewis Hess, married to Harriet Mishey; Israel Hess, married to Isabella Welker; Catharine Hess, married to George Ankney, deceased.
     Mr. Hess emigrated from Pennsylvania to Berlin township, Knox county, in 1839, and purchased a farm from Alfred Hampton.  He remained upon the farm over eleven years.  In 1850 he purchased a part of the Ellicott farm of G. Shafer, and remained there till 1879, when he moved to Ankneytown.  Mr. Hess was elected infirmary director in Knox county in 1875, and reelected in 1878, an office that he filled with credit to himself and satisfaction to the public.  He was elected justice of the peace in Berlin township for one term, and positively refused to accept the second term.  Mrs. Hess is a member of the German Baptist church.
  EPAPHRODITUS HILDRETH, Miller township, a pioneer of Miller township, is a son of William and Ruth Hildreth, of whom mention is made in the biography of Arnold Hildreth.  He was born August 5, 1808, in Hartford county, Connecticut; came with his parents, in 1814, to Ohio, and in 1817 came to Miller township, where his youth was spent, and where he has resided ever since, being engaged in farming.  He now lives, and for more than three score years has lived, at the old homestead.  He is a man of social habits, strong convictions and honesty of purpose.
     June 9, 1832, he was married to Miss Emeline Eddie, a native of Connecticut, who was born Nov. 9, 1808.  They had one son, Albert E., born April 12, 1834.  Mrs. Hildreth died Dec. 18, 1874.  Albert was reared on the old homestead, educated at the common schools, and is one of the substantial men of the township.  April 20, 1853, he married Miss Jennie, daughter of Samuel Cake.  They have one son, viz: Frank E., born April 19, 1858, who is an intellectual, promising boy.
  CHANCEY P. HILL, Fredericktown, hardware merchant, born in New York in 1820; came to Ohio in 1836 and located in Fredericktown; was married in 1842 to Ann Sargent, who was born in Knox county in 1818.  They have one child - Mary Blanch.
     Mr. Hill
was a soldier in the late war and a member of company H, One Hundred and Forty-second regiment, Ohio volunteer infantry.  He served out his time and was honorably discharged.
  HISSONG, WILLIAM P., Berlin township, was born in Worthington township, Richland county, in 1840, married in 1861, to Electa Ann Grubaugh, who was born in Richland county, in 1841.  They had ten children:  Oliver, born in 1863; Nancy, deceased; Charles, born in 1866; Lilla, in 1868; Eli, in 1870; Ira, in 1872, William, in 1873; Albert, deceased; John, born in 1878; Joseph, in 1879.  Mr. Hissong came to Knox county in 1867, and has resided here since that date.
  MR. AND MRS. EZRA HOOK, East Gambier, Mt. Vernon.  Mr. Hook is a native of Licking county, Ohio, where he was born Mar. 25, 1820, and where he resided until 1847, being engaged in farming; was married Dec. 10, 1844, to Miss Honor Hunt, daughter of Jonathan Hunt, who was one of the earliest pioneers of Knox county.  After their marriage they resided three years in Licking county, when, in 1847, they bought her father's farm, and her parents made their home with them during the balance of their lives.  Mr. Hook still gives his attention to farming, but has resided in the city, since which Mr. Hook has been keeping a first class boarding house.  They have had a family of three children, one of whom, their eldest daughter, Sarah E., is deceased, who died in her twenty-third year.  Thomas J. and Alice G. are the names of the surviving ones.
(Source:  History of Knox Co., Ohio, Past and Present - Publ 1881 - Page 698)
  ABRAHAM HORN, was born Jan. 2, 1813, in Washington county, Penn., and was married Mar. 16, 1837, to Miss Rebecca Staats, who was born Jan. 28, 1818, in Butler twp.  They have had ten children, viz: Catharine, Jacob, Louisa, Joseph S., Maria, Mary M., Magdalena, Selonia Alice, Rebecca Jane, William Osborn, Benjamin Franklin; all living except Joseph S. and Benjamin Franklin.  Joseph S. was wounded at Big Shanty, Georgia, June 22, 1864, and died the following day.  Benjamin F. died Sept. 30, 1862.  Catharine married to William J. Withrow, Apr. 22, 1860.  Jacob was married to Isabella Withrow June 22, 1861.
(Source:  History of Knox Co., Ohio, Past and Present - Publ 1881 - Page 699)
  ELI HORN, farmer, post office address, Bladensburgh.  Mr. Horn is owner of a very fine farm on the beautiful prairie in the northeast corner of Clay, and is a well-to-do citizen.
(Source:  History of Knox Co., Ohio, Past and Present - Publ 1881 - Page 699)
  GEORGE W. HORN, carpenter, post office, Pipesville; was born in Jackson twp., Knox county, Ohio, on the thirtieth day of May, 1846.  He was married Aug. 23, 1866, to Miss Elizabeth Ann Giffin, daughter of Hiram and Mary Giffin.  She was born Dec. 8, 1847.  They have one child, viz: Willis Elmore, who was born in Butler twp., July 17, 1868.  Mr. Horn was a member of company F, Second Ohio heavy artillery, and served during the war.  He is a Republican, and is a member of the Knox county central committee from Butler township.
(Source:  History of Knox Co., Ohio, Past and Present - Publ 1881 - Page 699)
  JACOB HORN, was born in Washington, Penn., Jan. 1, 1815, and removed to Butler township, Knox county, Ohio, in 1816.  He was married Mar. 12, 1845, to Miss Keuren Happuch Morningstar, who was born in Knox county, Ohio, Mar. 10, 1818.  They have had six children, viz: Abraham, born Oct. 3, 1845; Elizabeth, born June 7, 1847; William, born Sept. 5, 1849; Solomon, born Oct. 1, 1857; Alonzo, July 11, 1857; Mary Ellen, July 9, 1860; all living except Alonzo, who died Jan. 27, 1863.  Mr. Horn is owner of two hundred and eleven acres of good farming land.
(Source:  History of Knox Co., Ohio, Past and Present - Publ 1881 - Page 699)
  MARTIN C. HORN, deceased, was one of the wealthiest farmers of Clay township, owning about five hundred and thirty-seven acres of good tillable land at his decease.  He was a native of Knox county, was born April 9, 1823, and married to Jane Crumrine, November 11, 1847; six children being born unto them; three, Laura, Lennie and Emma, are living.  Mr. Horn was a highly respected citizen, very ambitious and industrious, and was census enumerator for the present census.  He died at his home, near Martinsburgh, July 25, 1880.
  SOLOMON HORN, farmer.  He is a native of Butler twp., born Nov. 23, 1820.  He was married Aug. 14, 1845, to Sarah Stats.  They have had six children: George W., Eli F., Lewis L., Joseph N., Landora E., and Calvin Wheeler.  Lewis died Feb. 19, 1863; Landora E., died Nov. 10, 1870.
(Source:  History of Knox Co., Ohio, Past and Present - Publ 1881 - Page 699)
  WILLIAM HORN, was born in Jefferson twp., Knox county, Ohio, on the fifth day of September, A. D. 1849.  May 21, 1871, he was married to Ellen Giffin, daughter of Hiram Giffin, They have had one child, Marie Mc___, who was born Apr. 21, 1874, and died Dec. 28, 1879.
(Source:  History of Knox Co., Ohio, Past and Present - Publ 1881 - Page 699)
  WILLIAM R. HORN, was born Nov. 17, 1850, in Union township, Knox county, Ohio.  Mar. 29, 1874, he was married to Miss Mary Jane Green, of Monroe township, Knox county, Ohio.  They have one child, Maria, born Dec. 18, 1876.
(Source:  History of Knox Co., Ohio, Past and Present - Publ 1881 - Page 699)
  R. HYATT, farmer, Liberty township.  He was born in Liberty township, September 11, 1848, and is the son of Mescheck and Elizabeth Hyatt.  He spent his youth on a farm, and has followed farming as his vocation.  He spent four years in the Western States.  He married Elizabeth Ann Bryan, November 19, 1871.  They have one child, named Maggie A.


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