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Source:  Democratic Northwest, Napoleon, OH - Vol: 35  Page: 9
Dated: Jan. 5, 1888
In Napoleon, Ohio, on December 29, 1887, James Shasteen, Sr., aged 72 years, 9 months and 27 days.
 - ELLENWOOD. - In Napoleon, Ohio, January 3rd, 1888, Orrin Ellenwood, aged 47 years, 4 months and 28 days.
Source:  Democratic Northwest, Napoleon, OH - Vol: 36  Page: 9
Dated: May 17, 1888
     TUCKER -
On the 4th of May, 1888, near Grelton, Henry county, O., Eliza A., wife of John Tucker, aged about 67 years.

     DULL. - In Damascus township, Henry county, O., May 4th, 1888, of tumor, Delilah Dull, aged 70 years, 18 days, wife of John Dull.  And now, Mr. Editor, your kindness and indulgence in the pat in granting space in your worthy paper to speak of the life and character of the departed, gives us courage to ask again for space to chronicle a few items, relating to the death of one so widely known, so highly esteemed.  Early in the history of this county, with her companion they entered the wilds of this part of the county and entered land, away from the river, and at that early day were low and wet and seemingly possessing but few commendable features; but by industry and energy they changed the forest and apparently low grounds to one of the finest farms in the township.  The deceased was a daughter of Rev. H. Kimberlin of Wood county, O., deceased, and early in life embraced religion and united with the U. B. Church, of which for many years she was a worthy member.  It was the privilege of the writer to often visit this home and share their hospitality; I am not saying to much to assert that Damascus township has lost one of its best citizens, the home a kind and tender mother, the husband a loving wife.  She will live in the hearts of many.
     The funeral services were held on Sabbath, May 6th, in the old Beaver Creek Chapel.  It was one of the largest gatherings ever convened at the Chapel; after which she was taken to the Beaver Creek cemetery to await the resurrection of the just.       J. W. M.

Source:  Democratic Northwest, Napoleon, OH - Vol. 37  Page 9
Dated: Oct. 10, 1889

OVERHULS.  - At his home in Monroe township, Henry county, Ohio, on Oct. 1st, 1889, of cancer of the stomach, Jesse Overhuls, aged 60 years, 11 months and 25 days.
HOOVER - Joseph Hoover was born March, 10th, 1808, and died Sept. 15th, 1889, aged 81 years, 6 months and 5 days.
    Mr. Hoover served as an apprentice weaver with George Stout at which trade he became a very efficient workman - having followed it as a livelihood for over 30 years.  Mr. Hoover was first married at the age of 20 years to Miss Mary M. Socride, April, 1828, with whom he lived 10 years, when God saw fit to call her from the earth, leaving Mr. H., a widower with eight small children, four of whom are yet living.  He remained a widower for two years - was again married to a Miss Mary Neff July 2nd, 1840, with whom he lived 32 years, when God again saw fit to deprive him of his companion, leaving him a widower with four more children.  He remained single seven years when he again took unto himself another companion by the name of Mary Babcock with whom he lived for 10 years, when God saw fit to all him from earth to Glory.
   Mr. Hoover was born in Fairfield County, Ohio, where he resided until September, '48, when he moved to Henry Co., where he has lived ever since - Henry county at that time being very sparsely settled.  He is termed one of its oldest settlers, and the oldest man in Liberty township at the time of his death.  He leaves seven children living, four left with the first wife and three with the second.  He also leaves twenty-four grand children and twelve great grand children. 
He cast his first Presidential vote for Andrew Jackson, in 1832, and voted for every Democratic candidate since, never missing a campaign.  He was a member in good standing of the Christian Union Church for over twenty-seven years.  He died a christian and is now reaping the reward of a long and well spent christian journey.
     The pall bearers were Jacob Segrist, Geo. Tester, John Frederic, James Young, Geo. Chroninger and Samuel Snyder.  The funeral was held at the Hebron Church, Rev. McBride officiating.  His remains were interred in the Liberty Chapel Cemetery, there to remain until the Judgment day, when, we are told, it will be resurrected.
     Dear children, mourn not for him, for he has gone to that place where sorrow and trouble never enter and affliction never can come.  The deceased died of consumption.
          Through days of doubt and darkness a
          In fear and trembling breath,
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Source:  Democratic Northwest, Napoleon, OH - Vol: 40  Page 9
Dated: Aug. 25, 1892
Suicide at Defiance
     At 8 o'clock Friday afternoon Clinton D. Turner, a well-known citizen of Defiance, donned his best wearing apparel, and telling his wife that he was going down street, left the house.  At supper time he did not return, and inquiry developed the fact that he had not been seen anywhere during the afternoon.  Search for the missing man was at once instituted, and was continued until about 10 o'clock, when L. C. Davidson learned that a hat had been found near the river by a boy named Streicker.  The boy was found and at once located the spot where he had found the hat.
     The Auglaize river was dragged, and a body found, which proved to be that of Turner, who had committed suicide by drowningHis mind was unbalanced by recent real estate speculations, he believing that he had been swindled in the deals.  He was a respected citizen, and a married man, but leaves no children.
Source:  Democratic Northwest, Napoleon, OH - Vol: 403 Page 9
Dated: Oct. 3, 1895
Sad Death
     Died at the home of her parents in Washington township, Sept. 14th '95, Ella, daughter of Jas. and Sarah Biggins, aged 17 years, 8 months and 23 days.  The lady was one of our gifted young teachers who through perseverance her work had nobly begun.  But the reaper of death oft takes the fairest flowers among his harvest.  She leaves her sorrowing parents, her brothers and sister and a large circle of friends, to mourn her untimely departure.                     A. FRIEND.


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