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Historical Collections of Harrison County in the State of Ohio

With Lists of the First Land-owners, Early Marriages (to 1841), Will Records (to 1861), Burial Records of the Early Settlements
and Numerous Genealogies
By Charles A. Hanna
Published New York,
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1832 Feb. 21 1832 Mar. 15 THOMAS HALEY, Cadiz village
Wife: (name not given)
Grandsons: Joseph S. Healy, Harrison Griffith
Legatees: Henry Pepper, Mary Ann Pepper
Executors: Thomas Bingham
Witnesses: Nathan Reiley, Casper Singhaus

1850 Aug. 22 1851 Mar. 25 JAMES HAMMOND
Wife: (name not given)
Children: Harvey, George, William, Samuel, Mary Ann Fowler, Deborah Ruby
Executors: George Hammond, William Hammond
Witnesses: H. Worstell, Joseph McGonagle

1824 Sep. 13 1824 Nov. __ JOHN HANES, Harrison Co.
Wife: Rachel
Children: Sarah, Lewiza, Samuel, Israel
Executor: Israel Hanes
Witnesses: Joseph Fry, Benjamin Paisley, Robert Paisley

1827 Feb. 20 1828 Mar. 31 JOHN HAUN, German Twp.
Wife: Elizabeth
Children: Betsy, Polly, Catherine, Fanny, Susanna
Executor: John Wagner
Witnesses: Frederick Zollars, Benjamin Whitmore

1833 Mar. 23 1833 Jul. 23 ANN HANNA, German Twp.
Daughters: Ann, Prudence
Executor: Joseph McColloough
Witnesses: Joseph McCollough & John G. McCollough

(no date given) 1813 May 4 JAMES HANNA, Washington Co.
Wife: Anne
Children: Moses, Matthew, William, Joseph, Robert, Samuel, Prudence, Jean, Anne, Martha
Executors: James McNary & Robert Hanna
Witnesses: Moses McWhirter & John Smith

1847 May 13 1847 Aug. 16 JOHN HANNA, Harrison Co.
Wife:  (name not given)
Son: John E.
Son-in-law: John Oglevee
Nephews: John Rowland, James, and Willialm Finley Hanna
Grand-daughter: Mary Ann Small
Executors: John Oglevee & Thomas L. Jewett
Witnesses: M. Wilson & R. Teat

1849 Jul. 19 1849 Aug. __ JOHN HANNA, Shortcreek Twp.
Wife: Rachel
Brothers: William, James, Ezekiel, Samuel, Archibald
Grandsons: Samuel & John Hannan, & John H. Hammond
Legatee: Levi Dickerson
Executors: James Hanna & Alexander Hamnond
Witnesses: George Atkinson & Peter Thomas

18153 Jun. 21 1853 Nov. 29 MARY HANNA, Green Twp.
Daughter: Prudence
Other children: (not named)
Legatees: Foreign Missionary Society, American Bible Society & Educational Society of the Presbyterian Church
Executor: James Hanna
Witnesses: James Taggart, James Simpson

1854 Jun. 21 1854 Nov. 29 ROBERT HANNA, Mercer, Mercer Co., Pa.
Wife: Mary
Grandchildren: Mary Hanna Small, Jennette Small, Robert Wilson, Hanna Small, and Elizabeth Ann Small
All Children of Edward and Mary Ann Hanna Small
Nephews and Nieces: John Rowland Hanna, Henry James, William, and Thomas Hanna, Jane Auld (wife of John), and Mary Teachener (wife of Mathias), all children of brother, William Hanna;
also Robert Paxton, son of sister, Margaret Paxton, Mary Ann Alexander and Rachel Jourdan (wife of J. P.), both children of sister, Jane Alexander; James and Sarah Gray, children of sister, Elenor Gray;
Legatees: Robert Hanna Pollock, son of William Pollock; Mercer Female Institute; and American Missionary Association of the Associate Presbyterian Synod of North America;
Executors: Mary Hanna, William M. Stephenson, Thomas Lee
Witnesses: Joseph Sykes, John Moore

1856 Aug. 3 1856 Sep. 3 ROBERT HANNA, Green Twp.
Wife: Sarah
Executors: Lewis W. Ralston, James Hanna & Alexander Hanna
Witnesses: Thomas A. Purviance, & William Hanna

1839 Mar. 2 1839 Mar. )) THOMAS HANNA, Cadiz Twp.
Wife: Jane
Children: John, James, Thomas Elizabeth McKune, Mary Scroggs
Executors: sons, John Hanna, James Hanna & Thomas Hanna
Witnesses: M. Wilson, & Francis Grove

1830 Apr. 4 1830 Aug. 3 WILLIAM HANNA, Green Twp.
Wife: Mary
Children: Esther, Ann, Prudence, Mary, Jane, Martha, Margaret, Sarah, Louisa, James, William, Robert, John, Samuel
Executors: Mary Hanna & John Taggart
Witnesses: John McCullough, Samuel Moorehead & Daniel Welch

1838 Dec. 29 1839 May __ WILLIAM HANNA, Green Twp.
Wife: (name not given)
Legatee: William Stone
Brothers, Sisters & Mother:
Executor: Robert Hanna
Witnesses: Moses Keneday & James Hanna

1838 Nov. 30 1839 Aug. __ SAMUEL HARGRAVE, Harrison Co.
Children: Lemuel, Charles, Martha, Jane, Anna Creem, Mary Bates
Executor: Charles Hargrave
Witnesses: Robert Ladd, Thomas Ladd, Benjamin Hunniecutt

1828 Sep. 28 1830 Mar. 30 JOHN HARMAN, Harrison Co.
Wife: Caty
Son: Jacob
Executor: Van Brown
Witnesses: Van Brown, J. B. Emery

1834 Feb. 20 1834 Apr. 1 JOHN HARMON
Wife: Magdalena
Children: Michael, George, Jacob, Sally Benedick
Executors: Magdalina Herman & David Miller
Witnesses: John Wagner & Henry Snyder

1847 May 15 1855 Nov. 8 PETER HARRISON, Harrison Co.
Wife: (name not given)
Children: Elisha, John, William, Richard, Barzabal, Enoch, Daniel, George, Unity Pallot, Hannah Davidson, Patience Wright, Lydian Ann James
Executors: Elisha Harrison, John Harrison
Witnesses: Thomas Lewis, James Romick, George Atkinson

1852 Mar. __ 1852 Jun. 28 ELIAS HART, Frederick Co.
Wife: Margaret
Executor: Margaret Hart
Witnesses: Lloyd Dorsen, Willialm H. Albaugh & H. C. Steinor

1839 Dec. 24 1840 Dec. 7 JOHN HASTINGS
Wife: Jane
Children: William James, John
Grandson: James Hastings
Executors: William Hastings, John Hastings
Witnesses: Adam Dickerson, John Dickerson & Benjamin F. Gudgeon

1860 Jun. 8 1860 Jun. 19 ELIZA H. HATCHER, Cadiz Twp.
Husband: Mahlon B.
Brothers: Alfred, Robinson & Fleming Pumphrey
Aunt: Sophia Boone
Sisters: Emily Ellen Holmes, Susanna Pumphrey
Nieces: Eliza A. Holmes, Eliza Hogg Pumphrey & Eliza Ann H. Pumphrey
Nephew: Thomas Hogg Pumphrey
Cousins: Elizabeth Compher, Wesley Boone,
Legatees: Cyrus McNeely, Jane McNeely, Lidia Talbott
Executors: Cyrus McNeely
Witnesses: Thomas Philips, F. Hamilton

1851 Aug. 18 1856 Dec. 11 JOHN HAVERFIELD, Cadiz Twp.
Wife: (name not given)
Children: James, Nancy
Nephew: John Clark
Executors: (names not given)
Witnesses: William Arnold & John Barcroft

1851 Dec. 1 1852 Apr. 5 JOSEPH HAVERFIELD, Cadiz Twp.
Wife: Catherine
Children: Gillespie, George, Mary Ann
Executor: James H. Haverfield
Witnesses: William Arnold & Thomas Love

1858 Oct. 18 1859 Jun. 21 WILLIAM HAVERFIELD, Cadiz Twp.
Wife: (name not given)
Son: John
Executor: John Haverfield
Witnesses: John A. Bingham, James H. Haverfield & John Robb

1844 Apr. 11 1844 Nov. 16 JAMES HAWTHORN
Wife: Rosanna
Children: Hannah Maxwell, Margaret Ann McNary, Nancy, Jane, Arabella, Robert, William, Samuel E.
Executors: Robert C. Hawthorn, John McNary, William Stewart
Witnesses: Alexander Hammond & Reuben Brennan

1837 Jan. 23 1845 Apr. __ JAMES HAZLETT
Wife: Mary
Children: John Hazlett, and others, not named:
Executors: John Wagner, James Hazlett
Witnesses: John Gruber & Lewis Ralston

1859 Apr. 27 1861 ug. 2 MARY HAZELETT
Daughter: Nancy Tope
Executor: George Shambaugh
Witnesses: Samuel Foreman & Lucinda Foreman

1842 Mar. 25 1845 Apr. __ EDWARD HEATH
Wife: Mary
Children: Nancy, Sarah, Mary Johnson, Elizabeth Petty, John, Edward, Benjamin
Executors: John Cramblett
Witnesses: Richard Parker & Joel Cramblett

1839 May 18 1847 Mar. 13 STEPHEN HEAVLIN, Cadiz Twp.
Wife: (name not given)
Children: John, Samuel, Stephen, George, Adam, Alexander, Mary, Phenel, Sally, Cecil, Jane, Bell, Nancy
Executors: (names not given)
Witnesses: Thomas Bingham, Josiah Scott

1814 Aug. 16 1815 May 25 SOLOMON HEDGE
Sisters: Catherine, Jamima
Executor: King Cash
Witnesses: Walter B. Beck, Andrew McNeely, Phineas Inskeep

1855 Jul. 2 1859 Feb. 9 JOHN HEFLING, Washington Twp.
Wife: (name not given)
Children: Nestley, Noah, John, Louisa Smith
Executs: Noah Hefling, Joseph D. Smith
Witnesses: Hillery Moore, S. R. Magee, & William Griffith

(no date given) 1827 Sep. 3 JOHN HEMRY, North Twp.
Wife: Catherine
Children: John, Henry, Isaac, George, Abraham, Elizabeth, Magdalin, Mary, Sarah, Anna
Executors: Henry Hemry, Isaac Hemry
Witnesses: Maholm Stewart & John Hagey

1857 Jul. 27 1859 Jun. 17 JOHN HENDERSHOT
Wife: Elizabeth
Executor: Elizabeth Hendershot
Witnesses: Thomas Phillips & Lewis Lewton

1852 May 25 1852 Jun. 21 THOMAS HENDERSON
Wife: (name not given)
Nephews and nieces (mentioned - names not given)
Executors\: Alexander Haverfield
Witnesses: William H. Watson & A. H. Burtch

1835 Feb. 25 1835 Mar. 30 ANDREW HENDRICK
Wife: Elizabeth
Children: Andrew, John, Jacob, James, George, Margaret Sickles, Susanna Ferrier, Mary Spangar, Rachel Hendericks
Executors: Elizabeth Hendricks & David G. Meguire
Witnesses: George Roush & Richard Lyons

1818 May 29 1818 Aug. 4 JOHN HENDRICKS, Archer Twp
Wife: Margaret:
Children: Peter, Andrew, John, Jacob, Joseph, Mary Picaly, Eve Gailigar, Sarah Leiser
Executors: Margaret Hendricks, & Peter Hendricks
Witnesses: John Forsyth, Abraham Kail

(no date given) 1860 Dec. 11 JAMES HENRY
Wife: (name not given)
Brother: Samuel
Sister: Elizabeth Henry
Nephew: Nicholas S. Henry
Executor: James Kirkpatrick
Witnesses: John Beall & J. M. Estep

1845 Nov. __ 1857 May 19 JANE HENRY
Sisters: Margaret, Elizabeth
Executors: Margaret Henry & Elizabeth Henry
Witnesses: William Boggs & James Simeral

1858 Feb. 20 1858 Jun. 30 MARGARET HENRY
Legatee: Elizabeth Henry
Executor: Elizabeth Henry
Witnesses: Charles Cobbs & Hiram Lafferty

1845 Apr. 17 1845 Aug. __ VALENTINE HIBBS
Wife: (name not given)
Children: (mentioned - names not given)
Executors: William Hibbs, Amos Smith
Witnesses: William C. John & R. S. Hallaway

1838 Feb. 25 1840 Dec. 7 JOHN HILBERT
Wife: Elizabeth
Children: Daniel, Henry, Jacob, Peter, John, Catherine, Lydia, Sally, Mary, Elizabeth, Sophia
Executors: Peter Hilbert & Daniel Hilbert
Witnesses: Nathan Adams & John Wagner

1815 Apr. 2 1815 Apr. 28 PETER HILBERT, Shortcreek Twp.
Wife: Elizabeth
Children: Susannah, Lydia, David
Executor: brother, Daniel Hilbert
Witnesses: James McNutt, Martin Snyder, & Ebenezer Gray

1845 Oct. 10 1845 Nov. __ LITTLETON HILL, Cadiz Twp.
Wife: Elizabeth
Children: Sarah, Elenor, Saloame, Mary, Roland, Littleton, William H.
Executors: Thomas Hogg, John Bricker & Zepheniah Bayless
Witnesses: H. S. McFadden & William J. Fry

1849 Jun. 14 1853 Jun. 13 ANTHONY HILLER
Wife: (name not given)
Children: Peter, Daniel, Bowen, Louisa
Executors: (names not given)
Witnesses: Daniel Black & Robert McCauley

1848 Apr. 21 1855 Sept. 4 PETER HIMEBAUGH, Rumley Twp.
Wife: (name not given)
Children: George, Margaret Gillespie, Peter, Daniel, William, Joseph
Executors: Daniel Himebaugh & Joseph Himebaugh
Witnesses: John Gruber & Franklin M. Gruber

1848 Dec. 17 1849 Jan. 3 JACOB HINES, Archer Twp.
Wife: Susannah
Children: Jacob, Peter, Amos, John George, Elizabeth Buchanan, Margaret, Abigail
Executors: George Hines & Joseph Buchanan
Witnesses: Samuel Shaffer, William Wilson & Hugh Cavan

1823 Sep. 4 1823 Nov. 11 RUDOLPH HINES
Wife: Sarah
Children: Daniel, Williams, James, John, Isaac, Samuel, Joseph, Mary, Martha
Executors: John Hines, John Mitchell
Witnesses: Thomas Christy, William Henderson & J. Harris

1845 Feb. 4 1845 Apr. __ WILLIAM HINES
Wife: Sarah
Children: Christopher, John, David & two daughters, (not named)
Executor: John Hines
Witnesses: John Cramblett, William Lyport

1849 Oct. 2 1849 Dec. 17 FREDERICK HISELER, German Twp
Wife: (name not given)
Children: Henry, Solomon, Frederick, John, Samuel, David, Catherine, Rachel, Susanna, Elizabeth, Nancy, Charlotte, Sarah
Executor: David Easterday
Witnesses: Frederick Abel & John Gruber

1823 Oct. 23 1829 Mar. 31 THOMAS HITCHCOCK
Wife: Isabella
Children: John, Samuel, Isaac, Naomie Ferrell, Jane Hill, Amelia Mahon, Nancy Ferrell, Ann Leara
Executor: John Hitchcock
Witnesses: Willialm Tingley, William Cavanee & William Lowery

1861 Feb. 12 1861 Mar. 26 ANDREW HOGGE
Sister: Phebe Hogge
Nephew: Martin Van Buren Hogge
Executor: Mark Wilkin

1855 Oct. 5 1857 Oct. 20 JOHN HOGG, Mt. Pleasant, Jefferson Co., O
Wife: Miriam
Children: William, George T., Timothy K., Sarah Ann Simeral, Mary Tipton, Ann, Elizabeth, Caroline
Grand-children: MAry Ann, George H., James V., and Ann Elizabeth Simeral; William B., and John Hogg Tipton; John T., Nancy M., and Rachel Jane Mitchell
Sons-in-law: Robert C. Kir_ler
Niece: Hannah Brown
Executors: William M. Estep & Jonathan Binns

1844 Sep. 7 1860 Nov. 9 PHEBE HOGGE, Washington Twp.
Children: Andrew, Phebe
Executors: Mark Hogge & Thomas Holliday
Witnesses: Thomas J. Holliday & Nancy Holliday

1827 May 2 1827 Sep. 4 ROBERT HOGGE
Wife: Pheby
Children: Robert Mark, Matthew, James, William, Andrew, Jane, Polly, Pheby
Executors: Robert Hogge, Mark Hogge
Witnesses: Joseph Fry, Bazaleel Steel, Joseph Bigley.

1839 Sep. 5 1841 Feb. 8 WILLIAM HOGG, Fayette Co., Pa.
Wife: Mary
Nephews: George, John and Thomas Hogg, George Familton;
Niece: Dorothy Wilson
Legatee: Timothy Rogers
Executors: George Hogg, John Hogg
Witnesses: James l. Bowman & James Veech

1859 Sep.7 1859 Oct. 1 JOHN HOLLETT
Wife: Elizabeth
Children: William George, Joseph, Benjamin, John, Hannah Hibbs, Sarah Hibbs, Elizabeth Whitington
Executors: Joseph Hollett, Jonathan Hollett
Witnesses: Thomas Wilson & John Knox

1855 Jun. 18 1855 Jul. 16 ROBERT HOLLIDAY, Freeport Twp.
Wife: (name not given)
Executors: R. K. Price, Eldred G. Holliday
Witnesses: John Greewalt, Valentine H. Romans, R. K. Price

1858 Mar. 8 1858 Mar. 17 JOSEPH HOLLIER
Wife: (name not given)
Legatees: Robert Pittis, Amelia Hazlet
Executor: Dr. S. R> Magee
Witnesses: Robert Pittis & Henry Hillyer

1836 Jun. 24 1837 Mar. 27 DANIEL HOLLOWAY
Wife: Mary
Children: Jonas, John, Mary
Executors: Wife, Mary Holloway, and Jonas Holloway
Witnesses: Isaac Jones, Enoch Jones, Zachariah Lowden

1848 May 1 1851 Jun. 6 JACOB HOLLOWAY
Wife: Martha
Children: Daniel, William, Jacob, Sarah
Stepson: John Warfield
Nieces: Ann Branson, Eliza Wilson, Nancy Faucett
Executors: Daniel Holloway, William Holloway  & Jacob Holloway
Witnesses: Asa Branson & Caleb Brockee

1857 Jan. 24 1857 Mar. 11 JONAS HOLLOWAY
Wife: (name not given)
Children: William J., Daniel, John F.., Isaac J., Mahalah A., Sarah M.;
Executor: John Green
Witnesses: James J. Billingsley & Henry J. Randall.

1841 Jun. 7 1842 Mar. 2 CHARLES HOLT, Athens Twp.
Wife: (name not given)
Children: Samuel, Cyrus, Thomas, & Amy
Grand-daughter: Elizabeth Holt
Executor: William McFarland
Witnesses: William Arnold, S. McCormick & James Boyd

1834 Feb. 20 1834 Oct. 28 ELIZABETH HOOPS
Children: James, Joseph, Thomas, Sarah, Ann
Executor: Thomas Hoops
Witnesses: Samuel Barber, Ann Barber & James R. Hague

1832 Apr. 26 1835 Feb. 11 GEORGE HOSPELHORN
Wife: Margaret
Children: Henry, Jacob, John, Elizabeth Welsh, Hannah Dayhuff, Mary Gottschall
Executors: John Hospelhorn, George Fisher
Witnesses: John Shober, Phillip Dots, Jr.

1847 Jul. 16 1848 Mar. 21 BENJAMIN HOUSE
Wife: (name not given)
Children: Hillery, William, Robert, Matilda Clark, Polly, Sally, Clarissa Endsley, Peggy Randal
Legatees: John, William, David & Mary Jane Riddle
Executors: William House & Robert House
Witnesses: David Lewis, William Ramsey & B. S. Ford

1822 Aug. 29 1822 Sep. 22 JOHN HOVEY
Wife: Mary
Children: Isabella, Sally, Margaret, Elizabeth, Jane, Nancy, Esther, John
Grandson: Joseph Gilbert
Executor: David Thompson
Witnesses: John Maholm, Thomas Bingham, J. Harris

1859 Jun. __ 1859 Nov. 25 JOSHUA HOWARD, Cadiz Twp.
Wife: (name not given)
Children: (mentioned - names not given)
Executor: Obadiah Slemmons
Witnesses: Alexander Cessna, (. Slemmons

1846 Apr. 13 1846 Apr. __ WILLIAM HUEY
Wife: Agnes
Daughter: Jane
Nephew: Hamilton King
Step-son: Isaac Pratt
Sister: Elizabeth Irwin
Executors: Agnes Huey & Gideon Seymore
Witnesses: James Cameron, Samuel Cummings, Jr.

1826 Oct. 4 1826 Nov. 3 JAMES HUMPHREY
Brothers: David, George
Sisters: Nancy, Betsy, Polly, Agnes
Executors: John Pollock, Sr., Joseph McKee
Witnesses: Thomas Johnson & Joseph McKee

1853 Sep. 5 1853, Dec. 13 JOSEPH HUNT, Freeport Twp.
Wife: Salina
Grand-sons: Albert James Hunt & Joseph Hunt
Executor: Samuel Mahaffey
Witnesses: Samuel Mahaffey & Thomas Johnson

1826 Jun. 17 1826 Oct. 19 GEORGE HURLESS
Wife: Mary
Executor: Samuel Hurless
Witnesses: John Crom, John Firebaugh

1850 Dec. 18 1851 Mar. 31 SARAH HURLESS
Children: Mary, Magdeline, Christina, John
Executor: John Hestand
Witnesses: Thomas McClintock & Isaac Alexander


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