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A History of the County; Its Townships, Towns, Churches,
Schools, Etc.; General and Local Statistics; Military
Record; Portraits of Early Settlers and Prominent
Men; History of the Northwest Territory;
History of Ohio; Miscellaneous
Matters, Etc., Etc.
Publ. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co.


Albert, Henry 751 Lynn  Twp.
Allen, Abel H. 638 Pleasant Twp.
Andrews, James 647 Hale Twp.
Andrews, John 648 Hale Twp.
Andrews, Lewis 648 Hale Twp.
Ansley, William 713 Liberty Twp.
Bailey, William 579 Taylor Creek Twp.
Baird, William S. 691 Washington Twp.
Baker, William  & Morris 618 Goshen Twp.
Baldwin, Daniel 649 Hale Twp.
Bales, George M. 742 Buck Twp.
Barnes, Joseph 673 Jackson Twp.
Beaver, James 742 Buck Twp.
Beem, Jacob 634 Cessna Twp.
Bell, Samuel 701 McDonald Twp.
Bibbler, Jacob 675 Jackson Twp.
Blalock, George 573 Round Head Twp.
Blansfield, Walter 703 McDonald Twp.
Bodley, Levi 588 Blanchard Twp.
Bowdle, Jesse 569 Round Head Twp.
Bowdle, Joseph W. 569 Round Head Twp.
Bramble, Anthony 608 Dudley Twp.
Briggs, Robert 673 Jackson Twp.
Bruen, Martin 701 McDonald Twp.
Buckmister, Harvey 649 Hale Twp.
Burris, Henry 607 Dudley Twp.
Butcher, George & Jonas 617 Goshen Twp.
Byers, Elisha 580 Taylor Creek Twp.
Calhoun, Samuel 633 Cessna Twp.
Campbell, Daniel 291 chapter 04
Canaan, John 750 Lynn  Twp.
Candler, James Marshall 708 Liberty Twp.
Car, John 607 Dudley Twp.
Carder, Armstead 702 McDonald Twp.
Carman, Marshall 667 Marion Twp.
Carter, Jonathan 569 Round Head Twp.
Caseman, Joshua 579 Taylor Creek Twp.
Castor, John 639 Pleasant Twp.
Cessna, Charles 630 Cessna Twp.
Cessna, Jonathan 640 Pleasant Twp.
Cessna, Stephen 632 Cessna Twp.
Chapman, Harvey 603 Dudley Twp.
Chapman, Henry 703 McDonald Twp.
Clappin, William 713 Liberty Twp.
Clement, David & Anson 604 Dudley Twp.
Codner, Samuel 603 Dudley Twp.
Coil, Thomas 701 McDonald Twp.
Cole, Henry 617 Goshen Twp.
Cole, William H. 742 Buck Twp.
Collins, Conrad 742 Buck Twp.
Collins, Thomas, James, John 579 Taylor Creek Twp.
Connell, William 701 McDonald Twp.
Conner, Patrick 663 Marion Twp.
Cope, Joshua, Sr. 602 Dudley Twp.
Crawford, Ephraim 692 Washington Twp.
Crow, Jacob 693 Washington Twp.
Cummins, George M. 617 Goshen Twp.
Darst, Harrison P. 692 Washington Twp.
Davis, Asa 602 Dudley Twp.
Davis, John R. 589 Blanchard Twp.
DeMoss, Lewis 604 Dudley Twp.
Dewitt, William C. 674 Jackson Twp.
Dick, Jacob 601 Dudley Twp.
Dille Brothers 648 Hale Twp.
Dille, John C. 638 Pleasant Twp.
Dodds, John 742 Buck Twp.
Dodds, Thomas 742 Buck Twp.
Dolson, Mathew 662 Marion Twp.
Dougherty, George 713 Liberty Twp.
Draper, Isaac 741 Buck Twp.
Dudley, Moses 601 Dudley Twp.
Dunson, Thomas 649 Hale Twp.
Edgar, David H. 587 Blanchard Twp.
Elzy, George 602 Dudley Twp.
Emerson, Daniel 713 Liberty Twp.
Farnum, Amasa 604 Dudley Twp.
Faught, Benjamin 639 Pleasant Twp.
Faurot, James 702 McDonald Twp.
Fickel, Michael 700 McDonald Twp.
Foglesong, Peter 633 Cessna Twp.
Ford, Joshua 664 Marion Twp.
Ford, William 570 Round Head Twp.
Fry, John 589 Blanchard Twp.
Fry, John 689 Washington Twp.
Fuls, John 701 McDonald Twp.
Gardner, John 639 Pleasant Twp.
Gardner, Morgan 640 Pleasant Twp.
Garrett, Harrison 618 Goshen Twp.
Garrett, John 617 Goshen Twp.
Garwood, Jesse 663 Marion Twp.
Given, Alexander 699 McDonald Twp.
Given, William 570 Round Head Twp.
Goss, Solomon 602 Dudley Twp.
Gray, Isaac 631 Cessna Twp.
Griner, Jacob 691 Washington Twp.
Groves, David 571 Round Head Twp.
Gum Renatus 589 Blanchard Twp.
Gum, John 690 Washington Twp.
Gunn, John R. 751 Lynn  Twp.
Hacket, George 709 Liberty Twp.
Haines, William 750 Lynn  Twp.
Hale, Alfred 288 chapter 04
Hale, Alfred 740 Buck Twp.
Hamlin, Reuben 674 Jackson Twp.
Hampton, William C. 608 Dudley Twp.
Harper, Mr. 604 Dudley Twp.
Harriott, William 664 Marion Twp.
Hartoon, William 692 Washington Twp.
Harvey Brothers 640 Pleasant Twp.
Harvey, Elder Enoch 702 McDonald Twp.
Hastings, Spear, James, John 617 Goshen Twp.
Hatch, Chester 633 Cessna Twp.
Hatch, Gardner 604 Dudley Twp.
Hatfield, John 701 McDonald Twp.
Hatfield, Samuel 579 Taylor Creek Twp.
Hayes, James 638 Pleasant Twp.
Hayes, James 700 McDonald Twp.
Hemphill, William 701 McDonald Twp.
Henkle, John F. 572 Round Head Twp.
Henry, John 603 Dudley Twp.
Higgins, William 673 Jackson Twp.
High, Nicholas 712 Liberty Twp.
Hill, James 293 chapter 04
Hilt, James 568 Round Head Twp.
Hineline, Reading 639 Pleasant Twp.
Hisey, Mr. 618 Goshen Twp.
Hitchcock, Thomas 632 Cessna Twp.
Hites, John 702 McDonald Twp.
Hively, Samuel 692 Washington Twp.
Holt, Isaac 700 McDonald Twp.
Hoon, John 711 Liberty Twp.
Hoon, Philip 711 Liberty Twp.
Hosman, Levi 639 Pleasant Twp.
Houser, John 632 Cessna Twp.
Houser Brothers 638 Pleasant Twp.
Howey, John 672 Jackson Twp.
Hueston, James E. 292 chapter 04
Hueston, James F. 672 Jackson Twp.
Huffine, John 672 Jackson Twp.
Hyndman, Robert 712 Liberty Twp.
Irwin Brothers 571 Round Head Twp.
Irwin, Thomas 663 Marion Twp.
Jackson, Henry 607 Dudley Twp.
Jennings, Isaac 648 Hale Twp.
Johnson, Henry G. 742 Buck Twp.
Johnson, John 637 Pleasant Twp.
Johnson, Michael 617 Goshen Twp.
Johnson, Richard M. 710 Liberty Twp.
Jones, Abraham 603 Dudley Twp.
Kellogg, David 639 Pleasant Twp.
Kelly, Samuel 614 Goshen Twp.
Kennedy, Moses 649 Hale Twp.
Kenton, Simon 277 chapter 04
Ketch, Thomas 672 Jackson Twp.
Kibby, Moses 633 Cessna Twp.


Kindle, Issam G. 712 Liberty Twp.
Kirkland, Samuel 663 Marion Twp.
Kirkpatrick, David 663 Marion Twp.
Knight, John 284 chapter 04
Koons, William 750 Lynn  Twp.
Kraft, John 692 Washington Twp.
Kridler, Andrew 690 Washington Twp.
Lantz, Alexander 663 Marion Twp.
Latimer, John 709 Liberty Twp.
Latimore, John 607 Dudley Twp.
Lay, Lorenzo Dow 573 Round Head Twp.
Layton, William 703

McDonald Twp.

Leonard, Lloyd 633 Cessna Twp.
Leonard, Samuel 649 Hale Twp.
Leper, Allen 632 Cessna Twp.
Liles, Jeremiah 580 Taylor Creek Twp.
Livingston, Thomas 571 Round Head Twp.
Lownes, Elias L. 604 Dudley Twp.
Lynch, George 693 Washington Twp.
Mahan, John 568 Round Head Twp.
Markley, Frederick 693 Washington Twp.
Marsh, Jonathan 649 Hale Twp.
M'Arthur Family 289 chapter 04
McIntire, Benjamin 580 Taylor Creek Twp.
Mason, Jonathan 614 Goshen Twp.
Mathews, Bernard 639 Pleasant Twp.
Mathews, Levi 631 Cessna Twp.
Mathews, William & Abraham 609 Dudley Twp.
McAdams, James 662 Marion Twp.
McBride, John 690 Washington Twp.
McCall, Thomas 649 Hale Twp.
McCloud, William 741 Buck Twp.
McClure, John 662 Marion Twp.
McCoy, Isaac 663 Marion Twp.
McDonald, William 700 McDonald Twp.
McElhaney, Isaac 662 Marion Twp.
McElroy, Hugh W. 710 Liberty Twp.
McKelvey, William 588 Blanchard Twp.
McKennan, Uriah 571 Round Head Twp.
McMillen, Robert 690 Washington Twp.
McQuown, Samuel 617 Goshen Twp.
McVitty, John 674 Jackson Twp.
Mentzer, Samuel 742 Buck Twp.
Millar, John 618 Goshen Twp.
Miller, Andrew 580 Taylor Creek Twp.
Miller, James 667 Marion Twp.
Monitt, Thomas 663 Marion Twp.
Moore, William 572 Round Head Twp.
Morrison, Leonard 691 Washington Twp.
Mowrey, George 589 Blanchard Twp.
Nelson, James M. 667 Marion Twp.
Norman, Nathaniel 752 Lynn  Twp.
Obenour, Harman 692 Washington Twp.
Orth, Adam 690 Washington Twp.
Packer, John 672 Jackson Twp.
Patterson, Samuel 664 Marion Twp.
Paxton, William 741 Buck Twp.
Peaver, John 608 Dudley Twp.
Peaver, Joseph 639 Pleasant Twp.
Petty, Andrew 689 Washington Twp.
Pfeiffer, John Adam 618 Goshen Twp.
Pimperton, William 672 Jackson Twp.
Piper, Amos 752 Lynn  Twp.
Pisel, William 672 Jackson Twp.
Pool, Alexander 617 Goshen Twp.
Porter, Andrew 580 Taylor Creek Twp.
Pugh, Eli 711 Liberty Twp.
Pugh, Hugh 617 Goshen Twp.
Purdy, Stephen 673 Jackson Twp.
Reifenstein, John 692 Washington Twp.
Rice, Clement 750 Lynn  Twp.
Richards, Leonard 742 Buck Twp.
Richey, Samuel & Andrew 293 chapter 04
Rightmire, Benjamin 701 McDonald Twp.
Roby, Josiah 603 Dudley Twp.
Ropp, John 672 Jackson Twp.
Roseberry, Joseph 618 Goshen Twp.
Rutledge, Richard 571 Round Head Twp.
Ryan, Jacob 633 Cessna Twp.
Ryan, John 638 Pleasant Twp.
Ryan, Joseph 664 Marion Twp.
Ryan, Meshack 664 Marion Twp.
Ryan, Thomas 712 Liberty Twp.
Salmon, William 602 Dudley Twp.
Sapp, Jacob 711 Liberty Twp.
Scott, Hamilton 664 Marion Twp.
Scott, James 579 Taylor Creek Twp.
Scott, James 742 Buck Twp.
Scott, John T. 571 Round Head Twp.
Seig, Jacob 581 Taylor Creek Twp.
Shadley, Asaph 664 Marion Twp.
Shadley, Sampson 662 Marion Twp.
Sheldon, William 702 McDonald Twp.
Shroll, Jacob 692 Washington Twp.
Shuster, John 713 Liberty Twp.
Shutz, Hiram 604 Dudley Twp.
Sims, Jeremiah 618 Goshen Twp.
Sleichter, David 711 Liberty Twp.
Smith, Archibald 693 Washington Twp.
Smith, John G. 693 Washington Twp.
Smith, Joseph B. 589 Blanchard Twp.
Snoddy, Abner 649 Hale Twp.
Spencer, Watson 573 Round Head Twp.
Spracklin, Peter 604 Dudley Twp.
Stamatz, Henry 570 Round Head Twp.
Stevenson, Charles W. & Samuel 294 chapter 04
Stevenson, Charles W. & Samuel 579 Taylor Creek Twp.
Stevenson, Homer P. 580 Taylor Creek Twp.
Stewart, Robert 751 Lynn  Twp.
Storer, Ezekiel 700 McDonald Twp.
Sudor, John F. 662 Marion Twp.
Summerville, Robert 691 Washington Twp.
Templeton, Alexander 571 Round Head Twp.
Tharp, Levi D. 647 Hale Twp.
Thomas, Joel 741 Buck Twp.
Thompson, James 662 Marion Twp.
Thomson, Jacob 570 Round Head Twp.
Thorne, Amariah 710 Liberty Twp.
Thorne, William 690 Washington Twp.
Thorp, Henry D. 580 Taylor Creek Twp.
Thurman, George 607 Dudley Twp.
Tidd, Samuel 291 chapter 04
Trump, Daniel 632 Cessna Twp.
Ulin, Benjamin 692 Washington Twp.
Vansky, Moses 701 McDonald Twp.
Vermillion, Daniel S. 750 Lynn  Twp.
Wagner, Samuel 638 Pleasant Twp.
Wagoner, Barnhart 691 Washington Twp.
Ward, David 607 Dudley Twp.
Warner, David 674 Jackson Twp.
Warner, Edward 673 Jackson Twp.
Wejount, Conrad 693 Washington Twp.
Wheeler, Portius 603 Dudley Twp.
Whitesides, Mr. 633 Cessna Twp.
Wilcox, Edward 750 Lynn  Twp.
Wilcox, John 580 Taylor Creek Twp.
Wilcox, Jonathan 750 Lynn  Twp.
Wilcox, Thomas 580 Taylor Creek Twp.
Wilcox, William 691 Washington Twp.
Wiles, Robert 589 Blanchard Twp.
Wilkin, William 751 Lynn  Twp.
Williams, Jonathan 648 Hale Twp.
Williams, Joseph 702 McDonald Twp.
Williamson, William 639 Pleasant Twp.
Wilson, Elijah 713 Liberty Twp.
Wilson, James 703 McDonald Twp.
Wilson, John 711 Liberty Twp.
Wilson, Joseph 631 Cessna Twp.
Wilson, Robert S. 672 Jackson Twp.
Wilson, Thomas Harvey 631 Cessna Twp.
Yauger, Jacob 618 Goshen Twp.
Zahler, Jacob 701 McDonald Twp.
Zahner, Reuben 691 Washington Twp.
Zimmerman, Andrew 572 Round Head Twp.
Zimmerman, Elijah 703 McDonald Twp.
Zimmerman, Jacob 674 Jackson Twp.
Zimmerman, John 674 Jackson Twp.
Zimmerman, Michael 572 Round Head Twp.






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