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A History of the County; Its Townships, Towns, Churches,
Schools, Etc.; General and Local Statistics; Military
Record; Portraits of Early Settlers and Prominent
Men; History of the Northwest Territory;
History of Ohio; Miscellaneous
Matters, Etc., Etc.
Publ. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co.

Blanchard Twp. -
ELI TARBUTTON, blacksmith, Dunkirk, was born in 1847, in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio, and is a son of Jesse and Abigail (Mowery) Tarbutton.  His mother, who is residing in Springfield, is of English descent and a native of Virginia; his father (deceased), was born in Pennsylvania, of German extraction, and emigrated to Ohio at an early day.  Our subject was married in Urbana to Ellen, born Feb. 7, 1847, in Xenia, Greene County, Ohio, and a daughter of Mathias and Adela (Vale) Saum, but of German lineage.  Three children have resulted from this union, two boys and one girl, viz., Harvey E., born Nov. 5, 1871; Ola B., born Aug. 27, 1873; and Delmore P., born Feb. 13, 1871.  Mr. Tarbutton enlisted in the Fifth Ohio Volunteer Infantry in 1864, and was discharged in 1865.
Source: History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Publ. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 887

Blanchard Twp. -
ROBERT J. TAYLOR, farmer, P. O. Dunkirk, was born Sept. 5, 1835, in Morrow County, Ohio, and is a descendant of Zackary Taylor, was a native of Winchester, Va., and his mother, Rebecca Taylor, who is a resident of Fort Wayne, Ind., was born Mar. 29, 1804.  The subject of this sketch was reared and educated in Galion, Crawford County, where he lived up to his thirty-eighth year.  On Nov. 3, 1860, he was married to Hannah, daughter of John Waybell, and a native of Coshocton County, Ohio, where she was born May 21, 1841.  To this union there has been born a family of eleven children, nine surviving, viz., Joseph W., Robert S., Ulysses S., Benjamin, Harrison, Charles L., Julietta, Emma J. and Anna M.  Mr. Taylor in 1851, while in Crestline, sustained an injury on the Columbus & Cincinnati Railway.  He has been generally successful in business, and is the owner of 100 acres of land in Blanchard Township, Section 19, Range 3.
Source: History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Publ. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 888
Blanchard Twp. -
THOMAS W. TAYLOR, harness maker, Dunkirk, was born in 1836, in Hancock County, Ohio, and is of Irish extraction.  He was reared and educated in Hancock County.  He enlisted, May, 1864, in the One Hundred and Sixty-first Ohio National Guards, Company I, and served 100 days, participating in several skirmishes.  In 1860 he was married to Mary Fitzgibbon, a native of Detroit, Mich.  Two children have been born to them - Charles M., born July 11, 1864; and Mattie, born Oct. 6, 1866, died Apr. 22, 1871.  Mr. Taylor and his wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  Mr. Taylor built his residence in Dunkirk in 1876, at a cost of $1,200.  In politics, he is a Prohibitionist, and is a useful citizen of Blanchard Township.
Source: History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Publ. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 888
Blanchard Twp. -
WALTER TEEGARDIN, butcher, Dunkirk, was born Oct. 4, 1850, near Cairo, Allen County, Ohio.  He is a son of John and Diana (Oard) Teegardin, the former a native of Ohio and descended from the Pennsylvania Dutch, the latter born in Kentucky.  The subject of this sketch is the youngest of a family of seven, two sons and five daughters, one of the latter deceased, and has also a half brother.  He was educated in Allen County until fourteen years old, and for six years more in Washington Township, Hardin County.  He was reared on a farm.  He married, Oct. 31, 1871, near Dunkirk, Sarah J. Rush, a native of Hardin County, near Dunkirk, born April 1, 1848, and a daughter of Job and Ruth (Williams) Rush.  By this marriage, there have been four children, - James W., Nettie M., Charles D. and Florence D.  Mr. and Mrs. Teegardin are members of the United Brethren Church.  Mr. Teegardin is a member of the Knights of Honor of Dunkirk, Hardin Lodge, No. 1910, and in politics is a Democrat.  He has been successful in his business, which was established in 1879, and is the owner of his residence and other property in Dunkirk.
Source: History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Publ. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 888

Blanchard Twp. -
JAMES M. TERRY, farmer, P. O. Dunkirk, was born June 12, 1845, in Marion County, Ohio, and is the son of Champnis and Rebecca (Peters) Terry, of English, German and Irish ancestry.  He pursues farming for an occupation, and owns fifty-four and a half acres of land in Section 21 and 28, Blanchard Township.  He was living in Marseilles, Wyandot Co., Ohio, where, in 1870, he was burned out, but for eleven years has been a resident of Hardin County.  He enlisted in the One Hundred and Forty-fourth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company G, and served four months, and was in the battle of Monocacy Junction, besides several skirmishes.  On the 9th of April, 1878, he was married to Harriet E. Simpson, born in June, 1848, in Hardin County, the daughter of John and Margaret (Clark) Simpson, of German and Irish descent.  Seven children have been born to them - Leora May, born in Wyandot County; the others were born in Hardin County, viz., Lewis B., Troy C., Jessy J., Ida (deceased), James A. and John M. (born Mar. 1, 1883).  Mr. Terry and his wife are members of the Bible Christian Church, in which the former is a Class Leader.
Source: History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Publ. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 888

Hale Twp. -
ANDERSON THOMPSON, farmer, P. O. Mount Victory, was born in Clark County, Ohio, Feb. 10, 1821.  He is a son of John and Elizabeth Thompson, the former a native of Virginia, the latter of New York.  They moved to Clark County, Ohio, thence proceeded to Union County in 1821, where John Thompson died in 1858, followed by his widow in 1864.  The subject of this sketch came to Hardin County in March, 1860, and two years after bought and sold fifty acres of land, and subsequently bought and sold various other tracts.  He finally purchased thirty-eight acres, half of which he has sold to his son, J. W.  He was married, Feb. 3, 1841. to Anna, daughter of William and Rebecca Conklin.  She was born in Mill Creek Township, Union County, Ohio, Nov. 23, 1820.  To this union have been born eight children, of whom live survive, viz., Elizabeth. wife of John James; George L.; Hester M., wife of John Burris;nMartha M., wife of Thomas Harvey; and John W.; three infants deceased.  Mr. and Mrs. Thompson are members of the Christian Church.  Mr. Thompson is a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and has filled the office of Justice of the Peace in Mill Creek Township, Union County, Ohio, and the office of Constable in Dudley Township, Hardin County.
Source: History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Publ. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 945
Liberty Twp. -
DAVID THOMPSON, farmer, P. O. Ada, was born in Highland County, Ohio, May 16, 1823, and is a son of Joseph and Amy (Beals) Thompson.  His mother is still living at the advanced age of eighty-seven years and resides with him.  Our subject, who was one of a family of six never attended school except for seven days in his life.  He was first working at teaming, and then was on the railroad for two years, and finally, in 1855, was able to buy eighty acres of land in Liberty Township, to which he has since added, and now owns 317 acres.  In 1856, he married Eliza J.
, a daughter of James Mooney, of German descent.  He has had by this union three children— William, a farmer, who owns eighty acres of land; Joseph, and Margetta (deceased).  Mrs. Thompson is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  Mr. Thompson votes on the Democratic side in politics, and is a noted farmer in Liberty Township.
Source: History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Publ. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 1030
Goshen Twp. -
DAVID THOMPSON, farmer, P. O. Kenton, was born in Wyandot Co., Ohio, Feb. 14, 1834.  He is a son of David and Mary (Anderson) Thompson, natives of Halifax, Va.  Our subject was brought up to the occupation of a farmer, and has followed it though life.  He is the owner of a farm of forty-four acres in this county, Range 12, Section 15, Township 4, and of 160 acres joining Wyandot County, Range 12, Section 10, Township 4.  On Aug. 16, 51, he was united in marriage with Margaret, daughter of Henry and Sallie (Stout) Schriver, native of Pennsylvania.  Mrs. Thompson was born in August, 1833, and died May 25,1882, leaving five children living out of a family of nine, viz., Elinor born Apr. 19, 1854, died at the age of four months; John F., born Jan. 1, 1856; Anna M., born Jan. 2, 1858; Albert R., born April, 1860, died January, 1864; Henry W., born January, 1863; Lewis M., born May 2, 1865; Elnora A., born Sept. 9, 1867, died May 9, 1880; David M., born Sept. 5, 1870, died 1880, and Jennie M., born Nov. 30, 1872.  Our subject enlisted in the One Hundred and Twenty-third Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company A, under Capt. Chamberlain, and was discharged at Cumberland Jan. 21, 1865, having served four years and four months.  He was a member of the Invalid Corps, No. 466.  Mr. Thompson is a man of ability, and is one of the enterprising farmers of Goshen Township.
Source: History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Publ. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 917
Goshen Twp. -
JOHN THOMPSON, farmer, P. O. Kenton, was born in Halifax County, Va., Apr. 17, 1830.  His parents, David and Mary (Anderson) Thompson, emigrated to this State when our subject was two years old.  John was educated at the common schools of this county, and for his occupation has followed farming.  He is the owner of 200 acres of land in Section 15, where he has resided during the last four years.  He was married, Sept. 15, 1853, to Caroline, daughter of Jonathan and Scotia (Wilson) Wilkins, the former of German and the latter of English descent.  Mrs. Thompson was born in Licking County, Ohio, Dec. 5, 1834, and was educated at the schools of Wyandot and Van Wert Counties.  But one child has blessed this union - Bertie Lee, born Mar. 28, 1877.  Mr. Thompson was a member of the One Hundred and Twenty-third Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company A, having enlisted Aug. 16, 1862, and was discharged June 30, 1865, at Indianapolis, Ind.  Mr. Thompson is prominent among the farmers of Goshen Townships, and is an active enterprising citizen.
Source: History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Publ. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 916
Pleasant Twp. -
Kenton, Ohio, was born in Marion County, Ohio, three and a half miles west of the town of Marion, Apr. 27, 1823.  He received his schooling in Marion, and after completing his studies taught school and studied law there, under the direction of Judge Ozias Bowen for a year.  After a course of lectures in Cincinnati, he married a Miss Margaret Espy, of Marion, Ohio, and moved to Kenton in 1849 to begin the practice of law.  In 1853, he associated himself with others in organizing a bank, under the firm name of Cary, Thomson & Kinnear, and took an active part in the management of the same until Oct. 4, 1861, when his army record began with the formation of Company A, of the Eighty-second Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, of which company he took the Captaincy.  Soon after the command reached the scene of hostilities, he was appointed Major of the regiment.  Shortly after the battle of Bull Run, he received the appointment of Lieutenant Colonel, and, Mar. 13, 1865, was brevetted Brigadier General "for gallant and meritorious service during the war."  General Thomson fought in sixteen battles; at Peach Tree Creek his life was saved at the expense of his pocket knife, which the bullet crushed into a handful of bits, still preserved at his home as a relic of "the late unpleasantness;" at Gettysburg, his horse was shot from under him, and for his gallant conduct during the battle the Eighty-second Regiment presented him with a magnificent Damascus sword, sheathed in silver and bearing the inscription "Present to Lieutenant Col. D. Thomson by the non-commissioned officers an privates of the Eighty-second Regiment, as a token of their appreciation of his noble conduct at Gettysburg, July 1, 2, and 3, 1863."  At the battle of Averysboro, Mar. 16, 1865, Gen. Thomson received a severe wound, from the effects of which he has never entirely recovered.  At the close of the war, he again engaged in banking, but becoming involved in the panic of 1873, his concern was compelled to withdraw from business.  From 1874 to 1882, he resumed the practice of law, and, in 1882, accepted a position in the Pension Department at Washington, D. C., which he is now filling.
History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Publ. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 819
Pleasant Twp. -
METELLUS THOMSON (son of Gen. D. Thomson), dealer in dry goods, Kenton, Ohio; after having served a clerkship of four years, attained his majority and entered into business on his own account in the year 1871.  He was the first man in the history of the county to begin a business on a strictly cash basis and maintain the same rule without variation; everything is one price and his customers all pay cash.  In 1871, two assistants were all the help needed to transact his business; at the present time, 1883, ten salesmen and sales ladies, together with himself and a cashier, are kept busy attending to the wants of h is customers, who are constantly increasing in number.
History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Publ. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 819
Liberty Twp. -
JOHN TRESSEL.  Few of the residents of Liberty Township have been more closely identified with its growth, and with that of Hardin County as well, than the subject of this sketch, who for many years has made his home on section 8.  He has one of the early settlers of his locality, and entered from the Government the land on which he still resides.  At the time of his arrival here, the entire county was heavily timbered, and there were but eight voters in the township, seven of them being Democrats.  Through the years that have since come and gone, he has taken an unwearied interest in the welfare of his fellowmen and the progress of the township.
     In Warren Township, Tuscarawas County, Ohio, John Tressel was born Oct. 24, 1810, being the son of George and Catherine (Shuster) Tressel.  His father, who was born in Washington County, Pa., about 1780, was engaged in agricultural pursuits in that state until 1808, when he removed to Tuscarawas County, Ohio, and settled upon a farm of one hundred and sixty acres given him by his father-in-law.  Upon this place he made his home until his death at the age of seventy-six years.  During the War of 1812 he was drafted, but was never called into active service.  During the early years of his residence in Ohio, Indians were numerous, but they were friendly and never molested the settlers.
     In Washington County, Pa., about 1800, George Tressel married Miss Catherine Shuster, whose birth occurred there about 1782.  Her parents, who were natives of Germany, crossed the Atlantic in the same ship, and their time was sold to the same man to pay their passage.  While thus employed they became engaged and shortly afterward were married.  Though they bore the same family name, they were not related to each other.  Their daughter Catherine was the fourth of their twelve children.  The parents of George Tressel were also natives of Germany.
     The family of which our subject is a member consisted of twelve children, of whom Adam, Christina and Catherine died in infancy.  Of the others we note the following: Sarah married Samuel Wingate, and is now deceased; Margaret, also deceased, was the wife of Levi Hoffman; Daniel, who is now eighty-six years old, is a resident of Tuscarawas County, Ohio; John is the fourth in order of birth; George died in Clay County, Ind., when about fifty-five years of age; Polly, deceased, was Mrs. Joshua Slutz; Samuel died in Tuscarawas County at fifty years of age; Susanne, deceased, was first the wife of Jacob Keyes, later married Joseph Opp, and afterward was united with George Etherton; and Henry died in Tuscarawas County, when about twenty-five years old.
     The early education of our subject was gained in the primitive schools of Tuscarawas County, and the room in which he studied his lessons had puncheon benches, greased paper instead of window panes, and a crude writing desk that extended along one side of the building.  His school studies were continued, subject to many interruptions, until he was twenty-one.  In 1830 he was examined by the first Board of Examiners appointed in the county, and, receiving a certificate, soon began to teach, which occupation he followed for eight years.  In those early times twenty-four days made a school month, and the teacher was required to teach every other Saturday.
     At the age of twenty-three Mr. Tressel married, and he then rented a sawmill, which he operated about eight years.  The winter months, meanwhile, were devoted to teaching and to odd jobs.  Grain was at that time cut with a sickle, but Mr. Tressel, not being handy with that instrument, bought a cradle, in the use of which he soon became expert.  For cradling he was paid one-half bushel per acre, and for cradling and binding received a bushel, and so rapidly did he work that he could cradle three or four - acres a day.  Prior to his marriage he entered eighty acres of the land he still owns, and hither, after eight years spent in Tuscarawas County, he came in June, 1844.  He has since added forty acres to the property, and the most of the land he has cleared by his own efforts.  About three years after coming here he erected a gristmill, and the following year built a sawmill, which he operated for nineteen years.  Since discontinuing milling, his attention has been given principally to farm work.
     In Tuscarawas County, Ohio, Mar. 10, 1836, Mr. Tressel married Miss Eliza H. Lappin, who was born there Apr. 19, 1819, and died Apr. 16, 1856, in Hardin County.  She was a daughter of Samuel and Comfort (Hilliary) Lappin, who for many years resided in Tuscarawas County.  Her marriage resulted in the birth of nine children, two of whom died unnamed in infancy, and Sallie, Ann and John passed away in childhood.  The others are Martha Jane, wife of Jefferson Rutledge, of Ada; Samuel, who was accidentally killed in 1868; George, a clerk in Lima, Ohio; and Angeline, wife of Charles Strahm, of Columbiana County, Ohio.
     The second marriage of Mr. Tressel took place in Hardin County on New Year’s Day of 1857, his wife being Mrs. Mary Wells, who was born in Carroll County, July 28, 1828.  Her father was born in Pennsylvania, February 29, 1804, a descendant of Irish ancestry.  In Carroll County, about 1826, he married Susanna Wilkin, who was born there Oct. 14, 1807, and died May 2, 1855; his death occurred Dec. 24, 1835.  Mrs. Tressel and her twin sister, Rachel, were the eldest of five children, the others being William, Catherine and James.  Mrs. Tressel was first united in marriage with Amos Wells, who at his death left two children. Unto Mr. and Mrs. Tressel there were born seven children, of whom two (twins) died unnamed, and Hester, a twin of Albert, died at the age of thirteen.  Alice Samantha is the wife of Erastus Turner and lives in Liberty Township; Albert cultivates a farm adjoining his father’s; Dora married Howard Turner, and resides on a farm on the west county line; and James Grant, a farmer by occupation, is cultivating a portion of the home place.
     In religious belief Mr. and Mrs. Tressel are identified with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ada.  His political affiliations are with the Republican party, and he is a stanch advocate of its principles.  For three years, while residing in Tuscarawas County, he served as Justice of the Peace, and for twelve years was similarly occupied in Liberty Township, Hardin County.  Interested in educational affairs, he held the office of School Director for about thirty years, and during that long period was instrumental in organizing several schools, and in promoting the cause of education in the township.  For one term he was Township Trustee, and also filled the 'position of Assessor for one year.  In all these varied positions he has rendered credit to himself, and served satisfactorily to all concerned.  Now in the declining years of his useful life, he is in the enjoyment of the comforts which he accumulated in years of toil, and in his pleasant home, ministered to by his devoted family, he passes his time quietly and happily.

Source: History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Publ. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 1031
Jackson Twp. -
J. R. TRISSLER, farmer, P. O. Forest, is a grandson of David Trissler, farmer, who was born in Germany, but many years ago emigrated to America and settled in Maryland, and in 1859 came to Hardin County, where he and his wife both died at advanced ages.  Of their children, George W. was the father of our subject, and was born in Maryland in 1810.  He reached his majority in Fayette County, Penn., where he married Ann Robinson, who was born in Lincolnshire, Eng, in 1797.  In March, 1839, they, with three children, reached Hardin County.  He kept adding to what he already had, until a neat and comfortable competency marked the result of his untiring efforts.  This he divided with his children.  His occupation in early life was shoe-making, but latterly he devoted his time totally to rural pursuits.  He and wife belonged to the Methodist Episcopal Church, but finally became members of the Christian Church, in which faith they died, he in April of 1875, and she in September of the same year.  Two of the children still survive—Mrs. William Hempy and J. R.   The latter was born in Fayette County, Penn., Dec. 24, 1836, but has, since three years of age, lived in this county, now owning 222 acres of land.  In 1859, he married Martha, daughter of Robert Wilson, Sr.  She died in 1863, leaving one daughter, Annie Laurie.  His second wife is Margaret J., daughter of Thomas Hueston, whom he married in 1864.  She was born in Jackson Township in 1837.  The issue of this union is two children—Thomas H. and
Annie H.

Source: History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Publ. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 965

Blanchard Twp. -
ELI TRUMP, farmer, P. O. Dunkirk, was born May 18, 1834, in Stark County, two miles northwest of Canton, Ohio.  He is the son of Peter P. and Mary (Ream) Trump, both natives of Pennsylvania, and both born in the year 1803.  John Trump, his grandfather, was a native of Pennsylvania, and moved to Ohio in 1812.  The father of our subject is a pioneer of Stark County, where he is the oldest living man but one.  By occupation he was a miller, and was the first white man to sell flour in Canton, and also the first owner of a spring wagon. He has always been the foremost man in the building of the town, was at the head of all enterprises and is now enjoying the fruits of his industry.  Mr. Eli Trump was reared on a farm until fourteen years of age; is now, by occupation, a farmer, and controls 160 acres of land.  He formed two marriages in his lifetime; the first was in the fall of 1858, with Clementine Park (deceased), and his second with Margaret Baughman, a native of Hancock County, Ohio, born April, 16, 1841.  To this union there have been six children, five living - M. E. (deceased), Ida E., Flora A., Rebecca J., Frank S. and Charles C.  Mrs. Trump is a member of the German Reformed Church.  Mr. Trump has filled the office of Township Trustee and is a useful citizen of Blanchard Township.
Source: History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Publ. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 889

Marion Twp. -

Source: History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Publ. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 955





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