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A History of the County; Its Townships, Towns, Churches,
Schools, Etc.; General and Local Statistics; Military
Record; Portraits of Early Settlers and Prominent
Men; History of the Northwest Territory;
History of Ohio; Miscellaneous
Matters, Etc., Etc.
Pub. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co.

  Blanchard Twp. -
JOHN H. GARDNER, farmer, P. O. Dunkirk, was born in Franklin Township, near Black Fork, Richland Co., Ohio.  He is a son of Morgan and Cathem (Harvey) Gardner.  His father was a native of Maryland; died eight years ago at the age of seventy years.  His mother, a native of Jefferson County, Ohio, died at the age of forty-five years on the farm of our subject.  Our subject left home at the age of twenty-three years; was burning brick for two yeas, and for twenty years was in the lumber business.  He has cleared 500 acres of land and killed about as many deer.  He is now occupied in farming and stock-raising, which business he has followed five years; owns eighty acres of land in Blanchard Township, Section 29; eighty-one in Washington, Section 25, and forty acres in Cessna Township.  He was married to Mary Hiles, a native of Columbiana County, Ohio, by whom he has had six children, viz, James, Olive C., Lydia, Elsie H. Finny F. and PeterMr. Gardner was a member of the One Hundred and Seventy-sixth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company F., under Gen. Thomas.  Last September, he was taken sick, lost the use of his hand and was delirious for five days, requiring four men to hold him.  He is a Republican in politics, and cast his first vote for Gen. Scott.
Source: History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Pub. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 874

John J. Garlinger
Liberty Twp. -
JOHN J. GARLINGER, farmer, P. O. Ada, was born July 19, 1824, in Bedford County, Penn.  He was a son of William and Christina (Anhart) Garlinger, both of whom are natives of Pennsylvania, and of English descent.  His father, a carpenter and farmer, came to Ohio and settled in Columbiana County, and from there moved, in 1849, to this county, where he died in 1866.  Our subject's mother died in 1859.  The subject of this sketch was the third of a family of sixteen, and was reared on a farm.  He did not attend school, but picked up his learning after his marriage.  He started out in life with but 50 cents in his pocket, and, after working around and picking up odd jobs, he succeeded in buying some land in Liberty Township, and has added to it until now he is the owner of 240 acres.  In 1847, he married Mary Hardman, daughter of Michael and Mary Hardman, both of whom are Germans.  By this union there have been eleven children, ten living, viz:  John H., deceased; Minerva, wife of John Gerkey; Delorma T.; Mary L., wife of S. Phillips, farmer in Nebraska; Lucy E., wife of George Commans, proprietor of a tile factory; Abbie, wife of Josiah Boutwell, farmer in Hancock Count; Julia S., wife of Louis Boutwell; William F., farmer; Ida Alice, wife of Howard Begle; Florence E. and Sarah Ann.  Mrs. Garlinger is a member of the Christian Church.  Mr. Garlinger  is a Democrat in politics; is a Trustee and School Director, and a noted farmer of Liberty Township.
Source: History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Pub. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 1001
  Marion Twp. -
ELIHU GARWOOD, farmer, P. O. Ada, was born in Marion Township, Hardin County, Ohio, Sept. 23, 1851, and is of English-Scotch and German blood.  His father, Bani Garwood, was born in Fayette County, Penn., Apr. 11, 1815, and his mother, Ruth (Kelly) Garwood, on June 5, 1815, near Baltimore, Md.  His grandfather, Jesse Garwood, was a native of Pennsylvania, born in 1792, and came to Logan County, Ohio, in 1817, and to Hardin County, in 1835.  His grandmother, Sydney (Gregg) Garwood, was born in 1795, and was of Scotch blood.  They were firm and consistent members of the order of Friends.  The subject of this sketch was brought up on a farm in Marion Township.  He was married, Oct. 1, 1874, to Mary Elizabeth Myers, born in Shelby County, Ohio, Feb. 16, 855, a daughter of Joseph and Jemima Myers, of German and Irish extraction.  The five children born are as follows:  Myrtle, born Aug. 29, 1875; Lena, born Apr. 18, 1877; Bessie, born Oct. 21, 1878; Cora, born May 7, 1880, died at the age of two years; and an infant daughter (deceased), born Aug. 1, 1882.  Mrs. Garwood is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  In politics, Mr. Garwood is a Republican, and is serving his township as School Director and Constable.
Source: History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Pub. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 950
  Liberty Twp. -
ISAAC GARWOOD, farmer and fruit-grower, P. O. Ada, was born in Marion Township, Hardin Co., Ohio, June 30, 1842. He is a son of Bani and Ruth (Kelly) Garwood, the former a native of Pennsylvania, and the latter of Maryland.  They were the parents of seven children, of whom our subject is the second.  He was reared on the home farm, near where he now resides, and at the age of nineteen enlisted in Company D, Eighty-seventh Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and, three months later, was taken prisoner in Miles’ surrender at Harper’s Ferry, Va.  After being paroled, he came home, and engaged in school teaching, until exchanged, when he re-enlisted in Company A, One Hundred and Eightieth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, in which he served as Duty Sergeant until the close of the war, since which time, until recently, he has been principally following the vocation of school teaching, but has now located on a beautiful farm of twenty acres, near Ada, on Section 27, and devotes his time to fruit –growing and agriculture.  He has a beautiful grove of 400 cherry trees, and grows small fruits in abundance.  He was married, in 1871, to Minerva Longenecker, a daughter of David and Sarah (Hatfield) Longenecker.  She was born in Miami County, Ohio, Aug. 10, 1845, and is of English and German descent The five children born to them are Lorena Estella, born January 17, 1873; Althea May,  born May 6, 1874, and died Mar. 14, 1876; Maurice Jay, born Aug. 23, 1876, and died Mar/ 15, 1877; Alva Ray born Sept. 23, 1878; and James A., born Oct. 15, 1881.  Mrs. Garwood is a member of the Christian Church.
Source: History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Publ. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 1001
  Jackson Twp. -
SAMUEL GEORGE, (deceased) was a son of William George, who was of German descent, and who died in Columbiana County, Ohio, in 1844.  He was by occupation a carpenter and cooper.  His wife was Lena Hull, of Scotch descent; she died in 1849.  Of their twelve children, Samuel was the eleventh, and was born Sept. 14, 1818, and died Sept. 29, 1882.  He matured and was married in his native county to Catharine Eaton, and, in 1857, came to Hardin County. They settled west of Forest, where he bought 160 acres of land, all in the woods, which he improved, undergoing much hard work.  He was a man of large frame and good constitution; he was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and evinced a firm Christian character.  Mrs. George was born in Columbiana County, Ohio, in 1822, and now resides in Forest.  Of her five children, four are living, viz.: James M., William E., Jane F. (Mrs. William Metcher), and Ann M. (now Mrs. McKean.) Mr. Metcher
is one of the Township Trustees, was born in Hancock County, and is of German descent.  He owns a fine farm of eighty acres, and good town property in Forest, where he resides.

Source: History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Pub. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 958
  Liberty Twp. -
C. W. GILBERT, Ada, was born in Geauga Co., Ohio, Nov. 15, 1832.  He is the son of Harmond and Susan (Webster) Gilbert, the former of whom is a native of Vermont and the latter a native of Canada, both of English descent.  Harmond Gilbert was a farmer in Canada, and moved, in 1832, to Geauga County, Ohio, where he remained until 1845; he then moved to a farm three miles west of Ada, where his wife died in 1848, after which he settled in Ada.  He was twice married, and by his first wife had thirteen children, six of whom are living.  The subject of our sketch is the fourth child and second son.  Our subject received an ordinary education from the common schools, and chose farming for his trade, although he has also followed several other occupations during his lifetime.  Since 1862, he has farmed a great deal.  He is also a dealer in real estate.  In 1854, he married Mary, daughter of David Scott, of English descent, and a native of Warren County, Ohio.  They have four children - Elmer G., a telegraph operator in Cheyenne, Wy. T.; Carl J., who is attending a medical college in Cleveland; Attie now the wife of M. F. Eggerman, a teacher in the graded school in Ada; and Dexter D., who is in the stove and tinware business.  Mr. Gilbert is a Republican, in politics, and is a Royal Arch Mason.
Source: History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Pub. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 1002
  Liberty Twp. -
HORACE GILBERT, farmer, P. O. Ada, was born in Canada, Apr. 10, 1805.  He is a son of Josiah and Cloe (Barnard) Gilbert, both of English descent, and both natives of Vermont.  His father was a carpenter and joiner.  Our subject was educated at the common schools in Canada and Vermont.  In 1840, he emigrated to the United States, and settled in Ohio, Liberty Township.  He was married in 1833, Feb. 27, to Sarah Wood, a daughter of Hezekiah and Elizabeth (Savage) Wood.  Ten children have resulted from this union, five of whom are living - Berthina, wife  of John Shuster, a wealthy farmer and one of the early settlers of this township; Horace, deceased; Mary A., deceased, wife of Dr. Walters, a prominent physician, a sketch of whom may be found elsewhere in this volume; Alvin, deceased; Melissa, deceased, wife of William Kidd; Orinda A., deceased; Laura wife of Frank Ream deceased; eighth, _____; the ninth and tenth twins, Marantha and Miranda, the former, wife of William Cross, of Ada, and the latter, wife of Henry Ream, of Ottawa, who was formerly a citizen of Ada.  Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert are members of the Presbyterian Church.  Mr. Gilbert is the owner of the first store that was opened in Ada.  He bought it of the railroad company.  He also owns a valuable farm of 160 acres and considerable other property.  In politics, he is a Republican.
Source: History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Pub. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 1002

M. V. Gilbert
Liberty Twp. -
M. V. GILBERT, photo artist, Ada, was born Jan. 6, 1844, in Mahoning County, Ohio.  His grandparents, Samuel and Nancy (Fowler) Gilbert, on his father's side, were natives of New Jersey; those on his mother's side, Peter and Elizabeth (Glass) were natives of Maryland.  They lived to an advanced age, and his great-grandfather lived to be one hundred an seven years old.  Our subject moved with his parents, in 1850, and settled in Allen County, two miles south of Maysville, and afterward moved into Maysville.  His education was very incomplete, as he attended school only two months in the winter, and had in all about one year of schooling.  But after his marriage, he took lessons in reading, writing, and some lessons in music, and soon became more proficient.  He has acquired a taste for literature and is now subscriber to the Encyclopedia Britannica.  In 1861, Mr. Gilbert enlisted in the Fifty-fourth Ohio Volunteers (Second Regiment of the Zouaves), at Camp Dennison.  He was in the Corinth campaign, and then proceeded to Memphis, and finally reached Chattanooga.  He was in the whole campaign of Atlanta, and was discharged in 1864, after a service of three years and twenty days.  On his return home, he learned photography, at Lima, of his cousin, Thomas Dalzell, and set up a gallery in Ada in 1865.  On Apr. 25 1865, Mr. Gilbert was united in marriage with Mary Elizabeth Groty.  They have eight children, four of whom are living, two boys and two girls.  Mr. Gilbert owns the residence on Main street, where he lives, and also the two photograph galleries.
Source: History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Pub. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 1002
  Liberty Twp. -
R. L. GREENWOOD, baker, Ada, was born Mar. 7, 1845, in Greene County, Ohio.  He is a son of Robert and Elizabeth (Layman) Greenwood, both natives of Virginia and of English descent.  His father pursued farming all his lifetime.  Our subject was brought up on the farm and attended the common schools of Greene County Up to the age of twenty-two years, he worked on his father’s farm and then did farming for himself.  In 1870, he married Isabella Maynard, who was born in Dayton, Ohio.  Two children were the result of this union - Harry M. and Anna Grace.  Mr. and Mrs. Greenwood are members of the Presbyterian Church.  Mr. Greenwood, when he first came to Ada, opened in the grocery business, in which he remained eighteen months, when he started the bakery, at which he has been very successful.  Mr. Greenwood is an industrious, energetic man, well educated, and is highly respected by all who know him.  In politics, he is a Democrat.
Source: History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Publ. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 1003
(Transcribed by Teri Eriksen)
  Cessna Twp. -
PLINY GROVER, farmer, P. O. Kenton, was born in Hardin County, Ohio, May 6, 1840.  His parents are Samuel and Margaret (Gerard) Grover, the former of German and the latter of French ancestry.  They came to Ohio in 1814 and to Hardin County in 1837.  The subject of this sketch was reared on a farm and obtained a fair education from the common schools of Hardin County.  In 1868, he was married to Lizzie A., a daughter of Philip and Catherine (Mingle) Shingle), of German lineage.  This union has never been blessed with children.  Mr. Grover went to California in 1862, and on his journey back in 1866, rode horseback from North Angelos to Jacksonville, Ill.  He is employed in cultivating his well-kept farm, located in Section 25, Cessna Township.
Source: History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Pub. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 922

C. A. Guider
Washington Twp. -

Source: History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Pub. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 970

  Cessna Twp. -
JUDGE DANIEL GUIDER, saw-miller and farmer, P. O. Kenton, was born Oct. 4, 1850, in Washington Township, Hardin County, Ohio.  He is a son of Augustus and Christina (Daniel) Guider, both emigrants from Germany in the year 1832.  Our subject was married, Feb. 17, 1876, to Emma, a daughter of I. N. and Mary Huey.  This union has resulted in three children, viz., Ollie Verba, born Feb. 7, 1877; and Ira True, born Jan. 24, 1879; and Daisy Grace, born Feb. 9, 1881.  Mr. and Mrs. Guilder are both members of the Church of Christ.  Mr. Guider is a Democrat in politics, and is now serving as Township Clerk.
Source: History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Pub. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 923
  Cessna Twp. -
WILLIAM H. GUIDER, farmer, P. O. Kenton, was born in Columbus, Ohio, Feb. 24, 1840.  He is a son of August and Christina (Daniel) Guider, both natives of Germany, who came to Ohio in 1835 and settled in Hardin County in the spring of 1841.  Our subject was united marriage, Jan. 2, 1868, with Marriett Ault, of Pennsylvania descent, a native of Medina County, Ohio, and a daughter of George and Mary Ault.  The four children resulting from this union are Emma May, John William, Mary Ann, and Sarah Jane,  Mr. Guider, during the war, served fourteen and a half months in the Eighty-second Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and eleven and a half months in the Second Ohio Volunteer Battery.  He and his wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
Source: History of Hardin Co., Ohio - Pub. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 923





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