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History of Greene County, Ohio,
its people, industries & institutions
by Hon. M. A. Broadstone, Editor in Chief -
Vol. I. & II.
Publ. B. F. Bowen & Company, Inc.,
 Indianapolis, Ind.


Mr. & Mrs.
Charles Hoover
CHARLES HOOVER.   The late Charles Hoover, who died at his farm home in Jefferson township on July 30, 1914, and whose widow is still living there, was born on a farm in the vicinity of Wilmington, in Clinton county, Ohio, June 14, 1845, son of Jacob and Rachel Hoover, both of whom were born in that same county, and who were the parents of eight children, those besides Charles being Calvin, Milton, Leander, George, Caroline, Amanda and Ella.
     Charles Hoover
remained on the home farm in Clinton county until his marriage in the fall of 1871, when he established his home on a forty-acre farm in Jefferson township, this county, the place where his widow is still living, and there he spent the rest of his life, his death occurring in the summer of 1914.  He improved the place and increased his acreage to one hundred and fifty-three acres.  Mr. Hoover was a Democrat and had served on the school board.  He was connected with the Odd Fellows lodge at Bowersville.  He was buried in the cemetery at Sabina.
     On Nov. 9, 1871, Charles Hoover was united in marriage to Delitha A. Hunt, who was born in Jefferson township, this county, daughter of Hezekiah and Rachael (Johnson) Hunt, the former of whom also was born in this county and the latter, in Clinton county.  Hezekiah Hunt was the owner of a hundred acre farm in Jefferson township and there died at the age of sixty-seven.  His wife died at the age of sixty-five.  They were Quakers and were the parents of six children, those besides Mrs. Hoover being Stephen, deceased; Eliza J., deceased; Jefferson T., who is still living on a part of the home farm; Clayton, deceased and Almeda, deceased. To Mr. and Mrs. Hoover eight children were born, namely: Calvin, Albertus, married Ollie Harness and is farming in the vicinity of Jamestown; Elmer J., who married Allie Claybaugh and is farming the home place; John A. and James M., twins, the former of whom married Lola Stewart and is at home; Clarence C., a clerk in a store at Salina, who married Tina Pope; Donna E., who married Howard Cochran, of Dayton; Claude, proprietor of a garage at Wilmington, who married Loie Stewart, and Bertha A. who is at home.
Source: History of Greene County, Ohio, Vol. II - publ. by  B. F. Bowen & Company, Inc., Indianapolis, Ind.,
1918 - Page 604
  JOSEPH T. HUTCHISONJoseph T. Hutchison, proprietor of a Beavercreek township farm on rural mail route No. 3 out of Xenia, is a native son of Greene county, and has lived here all his life, occupant of the farm on which he now lives since 1896.  He was born on a farm in Xenia township on May 20, 1871, son of Joseph Andrew and Isabella (Harner) Hutchison, both of whom also were born in this county and the latter of whom is still living, now a resident of the city of Xenia.
     Joseph Andrew Hutchison, who was a veteran of the Civil War, was born on a farm in Miami township, not far from the border of Xenia township, Mar. 12, 1837, son of John B. and Ann (Tenbrook) Hutchison, who had come to this county from Chester county, Pennsylvania, where both were born, and whose last days were spent here.  Joseph B. Hutchison was born in 1802 and grew up in Chester county, Pennsylvania, remaining there until after his marriage, when, in 1826, he came to Greene county, he and his wife driving through a small covered wagon with their belongings, and settled on a plat of ground now owned by Frank Corry on the Clinton pike in Miami township.  He was a blacksmith by trade and for a while after coming here followed that trade, but presently bought a farm on the Clifton pike in Xenia township, where he remained until his retirement, when he moved to Yellow Springs, where he spent the rest of his life, his death occurring on Oct. 29, 1877.  He and his wife were the parents of thirteen children, of whom eleven grew to maturity, namely: Eleanor, who became the wife of J. G. G. Adams, of Miami township; John K., who married Catherine Townsley and moved to Garnet, Kansas; Nancy T., who married Isaac Shearer and moved to Indiana; Elizabeth M., who married Frederick Shoemaker, of Goes Station; Sarah Ann, who died unmarried in 1897; Joseph A., father of the subject of this sketch; Margaret, who married James M. Stevenson and moved to Kansas; Mary Jane, who married Frank Crapp and moved to Indiana; Matthew, who married Ella Gossett and is now living at Xenia; William H., who married Jennie Bull and established his home in Xenia township, and James Elder, who married Hester P. Baker and established his home at Yellow Springs, where his last days were spent.
     Reared on the home farm, Joseph Andrew Hutchison remained there until the outbreak of the Civil War, when he entered the service of the Union and for three years and nine months served as a soldier, being mustered out as a member of Company L, Third New York Cavalry.  Upon the completion of his military service Mr. Hutchison returned home and after his marriage went to Sedalia, Missouri, where he remained for three years, at the end of which time he returned to Greene county and bought a farm of one hundred and twelve acres across the pike from his father's place in Xenia township, where he remained until 1880, in which year he sold that farm and bought a farm of one hundred and eighty eight acres in Beavercreek township, where he spent the rest of his life, his death occurring there on July 29, 1901.  His widow is now living at Xenia.  She was born in Xenia township, this county. May 16. 1848, daughter of Charles and Mary (Morgan) Harner, further mention of whom is made elsewhere in this volume.  Mrs. Hutchison is a member nf the Presbyterian church, as was her husband, he having been an elder in the church.  By political persuasion he was a Republican, but was not an office seeker.  To Joseph Andrew and Isabella (Harner) Hutchison were born seven children, of whom the subject of this sketch was the second in order of birth, the others being the following: Charles H., born on Dec. 29, 1868, who married Alice Dilts and lives on a farm in the vicinity of Logansport, Indiana; Frank R., who married Margaret Phillips and is engaged in the hardware business at Xenia; Leigh A., born on Feb. 1, 1877, who married Jennie Moore and is living on a farm on the Bellbrook pike in Spring Valley township; Ralph W., Sept. 23, 1880, who married Anna Fierstein and lives in Xenia township; Carrie, Mar. 4, 1884, who is now (1918) attending the College of Osteopathy at Kirksville, Missouri, and Dr. Elder Hutchison, a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, who married Ann Kincade and who upon the declaration of war against Germany in 1917 volunteered his services in the National Army and was stationed at Camp Taylor, Louisville, Kentucky, preparatory to service abroad.
     Joseph T. Hutchison grew up on the home farm and supplemented his schooling in the local schools by taking a commercial course in Antioch College.  After leaving college he rented a farm and began farming on his own account. Three years later he married and a year afterward bought the old Smith place of ninety-five acres in Beavercreek township, and has ever since made his home there.  Since taking possession of that place Mr. Hutchison has erected a new set of buildings, his residence having been built in 1914.
     On Apr. 25, 1895, Joseph T. Hutchison was united in marriage to Carrie Andrew, who was born in Beavercreek township and who is the adopted daughter of Samuel G. and Keziah Andrew, who reared her from childhood, and to this union have been born three children, Samuel Andrew, born on' Aug. 20, 1899; Lois Belle, May 31, 1901, and Joseph Ersle, May 21, 1903, all of whom are now students in the Xenia high school.  The Hutchisons are members of the Second United Presbyterian church at Xenia.  Mr. Hutchison is a Republican.
Source: History of Greene County, Ohio, Vol. II - publ. by  B. F. Bowen & Company, Inc., Indianapolis, Ind.,
1918 - Page 541


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