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together with
Historic Notes on the Northwest
The State of Ohio.
Gleaned From Early Authors, Old Maps and Manuscripts,
Private and Official Correspondence and
all other Authentic Sources, Ohio - Publ. 1881
By R. S. Dills
Dayton, Ohio
ODell & Mayer, Publishers.

  Jefferson Twp. -
, farmer, is a son of George and Mary, who were married about 1817.  He was a native of Vermont, and went to Tennessee with his parents, Asher and Diana, when at about the age of four years, where he remained until 1811, when they came to Ohio and spent the remainder of their lives.  George, David's father, died in 1854, aged fifty-nine years.  Mrs. Reaves is still living with her son David, the subject of this sketch.  She is eighty-one years of age, and enjoying good health.  Our subject was born Oct. 1, 1822, in this county, where he has resided all his life, except two years of his youth spent in Madison County, Ohio, and about two years in Clinton County, then went to Illinois and spent about seven months.  He was thrice married, first to Mary A., Stewart of this county, in 1843: three children by this marriage, Mary E., James W., and Rachel A., two of whom are living.  James died at the early age of about six months.  Mrs. Reaves died May 15, 1849.  Mr. Reaves married Edna E. Short, of this county, Dec. 1, 1853; no children.  She died July 22, 1854.  He then married Mary E. Pownall of Highland County, Ohio, Dec. 14, 1858, six children is the result of this marriage:  Martha E.,  Edson C., Morris C., Jonathan P., two died in infancy.  Mr. Reaves's second wife, was a member of the Wesley Methodist Church.  At present, he owns no land except two lots in Port William, having sold his farm of sixty acres, which is well improved, but is about buying another.  Mary E., and Rachel are married; the others are unmarried and at home with their parents.  Mr. Reaves was elected assessor, in 1846, served two successive terms, was re-elected, in 1853.  Was elected treasurer of the township, in 1875, and has served several terms as township trustee.  He was elected assessor, in 1863, again in 1867, and in 1877.  His father was a Baptist minister and known over a great portion of the state.  He was captain of a military company in this county.  He was finally elected mayor.  His first school house was of logs with paper windows, the fire place was in the end of the house, seats were made of puncheon, etc.
Source: History of Greene County, Ohio - Publ. 1881 - Page 844
  Beaver Creek Twp. -
HENRY RIDENOUR, retired farmer, was born in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, in the year 1803.  When three years old, his parents removed to Maryland, where young Henry received the rudiments of his education.  At the age of ten, his father went to Virginia, in which state he remained with his parents till attaining his majority, when he returned to Maryland, where he was married in 1829, to Mary Ann Highland, of Washington County.  In the fall of his marriage, removed to Ohio, and settled in Knox County, where he resided three years, then came to this county, and located at Harbine's Mill, near which he lived for three years, then came to where he now resides.  He owns fifty-three acres of land, all under to pass his declining years.  To them five children have been born, four living, Ann Patience, John R., Thomas J., and Mary E. Upton was killed by an accident at Beaver Station, in 1862, aged twenty-five years.  John R., was a member of Captain Guthrie's Company, of Colonel Stephenson regiment, Ohio National Guards, and passed through some of the engagements at the close of the war.  Mrs. Ridenour died Mar. 1, 1875, aged sixty-eight years.  She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, having joined when seventeen years old, and lived and died in consistent, and exemplary Christian woman.
Source: History of Greene County, Ohio - Publ. 1881 - Page 619
  Bath Twp. -
HENRY H. ROCKAFIELD, farmer, Fairfield, was born in this township, Oct. 6, 1836.  Is a son of John and Susan E. (Cost) Rockafield, the former a native of Frederick County, Maryland, who spent his youth in three states, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, working in coal mines, chopping wood on the mountains, and other pursuits peculiar to that country.  Came to this state about the year 1820, and engaged at work with Mr. Cost, afterward his father-in-law.  After some years he married Susan E. Cost, and went on to a tract of land belonging to her father, which, in the course of time, he came in possession of.  Here he labored for many years, and reared his family of thirteen children, ten of whom are now living.  He died in July, 1859, and was buried on the farm, where he had spent the greater part of his life.  His wife died ten years previous.  Our subject was reared on this farm, and received his education in the common schools.  After the decease of his father, he farmed the place till 1869, at which time the youngest heir became of age, and the farm was sold.  He then went to German Township, Montgomery County, where he purchased land, on which he lived nine years, and then sold and came back near his birthplace, buying the property on which he lives.  He has been twice married; first in 1857, to Rebecca Carter, who bore him four children, and died in 1868.  The second marriage was consummated in in 1869, with Mary Ann Haller.  They have one boy as a result of this union.  Mr. Rockafield served his country four months in the One Hundred and Fifty-Fourth Ohio National Guard.
Source: History of Greene County, Ohio - Publ. 1881 - Page 733
  Caesar's Creek Twp. -
ALFRED RODGERS, blacksmith, is a native of Kentucky, where he was reared and lived until the close of the rebellion, at which time his master (Abram Colwell) was compelled to release him from bondage, together with thirty-nine others.  He was born in March, 1829.  In December, 1860, was married to Lottie Evans.  Henry Grant, their only child, was born Sept. 22, 1869.  Mr. Rogers served in the army two years; came to Ohio in 1864, and has since that date been a resident of the state.  He has a home, consisting shop, as a workman he has few superiors, as his increasing business will fully attest.  He was taught his trade in Kentucky.  His in parents, Robert, who died in 1860, and Kittie (Coldwell), who died 1870, were blessed with twenty-one children, Alfred being the third.
Source: History of Greene County, Ohio - Publ. 1881 - Page 593
  Jefferson Twp. -
JOHN A. ROSS, farmer, is a son of Robert and Susanna (Alexander) Ross, who came from West Virginia in 1847, and died in this state.  They were members of the Presbyterian Church.  He was born Jan. 17, 1827, and united with that church at the age of nineteen, and came to Ohio with his parents, where he has a farm of two hundred and forty-two acres, well improved, residing on it, and farms to grain and stock, dealing largely in sheep, keeping from two to three hundred head of good stock all the time, some thoroughbred; also handles hogs, mostly of good stock.  Is yet unmarried, lives in a pleasant place, and is, perhaps, as happy as if he had a family.
Source: History of Greene County, Ohio - Publ. 1881 - Page 845
  Jefferson Twp. -
MATHEW F. ROSS, farmer, is a native of West Virginia, where he was partly reared, and came to this state with his parents, in 1847, where he has lived since.  Was married Apr. 3, 1856, to Miss Mary L. Blane of this county; two children are the result of this union, Oscar M., and Robert E., both of whom are deceased.  Oscar was born Aug. 27, 1861, died Aug. 27, 1862. Robert was born Sept. 8, 1863, died July 8, 1877.  Mr. and Mrs. Ross are members of the Christian Church of Bowersville.  Her father came to Ohio, in 1818, where he married Miss Elizabeth Lockhart, (Mrs. Ross's mother) about the year 1831, and where they lived the remainder of their lives.  Mr. Ross has a farm of one hundred and twenty acres, well improved, on which he lives, and farms to both gain and stock.  Of his stock, he makes rather a specialty of merino sheep.  Mr. Ross has thirty-two acres of land adjoining his on the east.
Source: History of Greene County, Ohio - Publ. 1881 - Page 844
  Jefferson Twp. -
WILLIAM R. ROSS, farmer, is a native of West Virginia, where he was reared and educated.  Came to Ohio with his parents when he was nineteen years of age, and married Miss Rachel Moon, Feb. 25, 1864, and four children are the result of their union: Clement, Susanna J., Mary F., and John Quincy, all living, and none married.  Our subject has a farm of two hundred and thirty acres, well improved, resides on it, and farms to grain and stock, making a specialty of sheep raising, keeping from two hundred and fifty to three hundred all the time, of good stock.  Mrs. Ross' father is a married Jane Turner, Mrs. Ross' mother, who died July 26, 1854.  He is yet a resident of this state.
Source: History of Greene County, Ohio - Publ. 1881 - Page 845


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