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together with
Historic Notes on the Northwest
The State of Ohio.
Gleaned From Early Authors, Old Maps and Manuscripts,
Private and Official Correspondence and
all other Authentic Sources, Ohio - Publ. 1881
By R. S. Dills
Dayton, Ohio
ODell & Mayer, Publishers.

  Cedarville Twp. -
JOHN ORR, retired, Cedarville.  The above gentleman is one of the oldest living settlers in this township.  He was born in South Carolina Apr. 6, 1795.  He is a son of John and Rosana Orr, who were born in Ireland, where they were married, and in 1783 emigrated to America, settling in Chester County, South Carolina, in which they lived forty years, when they moved to Gibson County, Indiana, - he walking the entire distance when he was in the eighty-first year of his age.  Here they lived till their decease:  he in 1833, aged eighty-three years; she in 1838, eighty-four years.  They were parents of five sons and three daughters of whom only our subject survives.  The boyhood of our subject was passed in South Carolina, on the farm where he was born, living thereon until thirty-five years of age.  He received his education through the teaching of his father, who was a highly educated man.  In his native state he was married to Genet B., daughter of John McMillan, and after two children were born to them, emigrated to Indiana, where he built a log house of his father, after which he visited Illinois, and upon his return, came to Greene County in 1831, locating in Xenia.  In March, 1833, he came to Cedarville and erected the first frame house ever built on a town lot in the village.  He cleared most of the ground on which the town now stands.  He kept the first store in the place, having a stock of goods in his dwelling, from which he supplied  wants of the settlers.  In 1840 he built the house which he and his son occupied as a dry goods and clothing store.  His fair dealing and popular business habits, have always won the confidence and esteem of the people.  He has never been a political aspirant.  a Republican in politics, a lover of his country, a respecter of human rights, and a champion of any cause that tends to develop the happiness and well-being of humanity.  In the war of 1812 he served six months in Captain Chestnut's company of Colonel Meens' regular South Carolina militia,  and is on the pension rolls of the Government as open of the survivors of that war.  To Mr. and Mrs. Orr nine children were born, five of whom are living - Martha, Rosana, Elizabeth, Adassa, and James; the deceased are Genet, Mary A., John R., and Cammeron.  He has been a member of the United Presbyterian Church during a great portion of his life, and a ruling elder since 1822.  He is the author of a book entitled, "Some Thoughts on the Book of Revelations," which was edited in 1876.
~ Page 568 - History of Green County, Ohio - Publ. 1881
  Beaver Creek Twp. -
IRA S. OWENS was born Mar. 1, 1830, in Greene County, Ohio, two and one-half miles south of Xenia.  Was married to Miss Malinda Middleton, Dec. 13, 1855.  Enlisted in the Seventy-Fourth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Oct. 7, 1861; was finally discharged from service July 18, 1865.  The following October he removed, with his family, to Putnam County, Indiana, and remained there until Oct. 1869; but his wife dying October, 1869, he moved back to Yellow Springs, Ohio, and there wrote "Greene County in the War," which was published in Xenia, by the Torchlight Company, Mar. 21, 1872.  Was married to Miss Catherine Beal, and soon after removed to the farm on which he now resides, in the southwest corner of Beaver Creek Township.  Four children were born to him by his first wife, two boys and two girls.  Present address, Dayton, Ohio.
Source: History of Greene County, Ohio - Publ. 1881 - Page 618
  CHARLES B. PENNINGTON, (Ross Twp.) farmer, Selma, Clarke County, was born May 12, 1843, and reared in Chester County, Penn.  Came to Ohio in 1865, and located in Champaign County, remaining until 1878, when he came to this county.  Was married to Ann Atkinson, Oct. 3, 1877.  They have one child, Mary Laura, aged 19 months.  Mr. Pennington farms chiefly to grain, and has a farm of one hundred and sixty-four and a half acres, well improved, on which he lives.  Mr. and Mrs. Pennington are members of the Friends' Church.  Mr. Pennington  was educated in that church in Pennsylvania, and was then a member of the "Hicksites."  After he came to Ohio, he became converted to the faith of orthodox Friends, and united with them.  He is a strictly temperate man; never chewed or smoked tobacco, or tasted intoxicating liquors, and never took the name of God in vain.  His Christian life has been one of great satisfaction to him.  Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Pennington, Charles' parents, were natives of Pennsylvania.  Mrs. Pennington died Feb. 14, 1877, aged seventy-two years.
Source: History of Greene County, Ohio - Publ. 1881 - Page 762
  Jefferson Twp. -
, farmer, a native of Fayette County, Ohio, was born Aug. 11, 1856, is a son of John and Margaret (Sparks) Perrill, who were married in 1855.  He is a native of Pike County, Ohio, she of Kentucky.  There were eleven children of this family, nine of whom are living, George being the oldest.  He is also the oldest of eighty-four great grandchildren.  He is married in this county, Mar. 14, 1878, to Miss Elizabeth Vanniman, a daughter of Stephen and Rebecca J. Vanniman whose biographies appear in this work.  One child is the result of this marriage; Edith May, who was born Nov. 17, 1879.  They have a farm of one hundred and eighty-nine acres well improved, farms chiefly to grain.  Mr. Perrill is a member of the Odd-fellows of Bowersville Lodge, No. 559, joining September, 1880.  Mrs. Perrill  is a member of the Methodist Protestant Church of Bowersville.
Source: History of Greene County, Ohio - Publ. 1881 - Page 843
  Caesar's Creek Twp. -
ABEL PETERSON, farmer, is a son of Jacob and Hannah (Stookey) Peterson, and was born Oct. 18, 1811, in Hardy County, Virginia, the natives place of his parents.  They died in Ohio; Mr. Peterson, Jan. 3, 1867, aged about eighty-two years, and Mrs. Peterson, Dec. 13, 1857, aged seventy-one years. They were parents of ten children, eight of whom are living.  Abel, our subject, is the second child, and was married, Sept.2 6, 1844, to Alivia E. Weaver, of this county.  Four children is the result of this union: Mary E., Martha J., Hannah C., and Clarissa A., three of whom are married.  Hannah C. and her husband, Charles E. Harrison, are living in the house with her parents.  Mary and Martha reside in Hill County, Nebraska.  Clarissa is yet single, and at home.  Mr. and Mrs. Peterson are members of the Reformed Church, he uniting about the year 1833, and his wife about 1854.  He has a farm of one hundred and thirty-five acres, and farms chiefly to grain.  He came to Ohio in the fall of 1817, and has been a resident of the state ever since.
Source: History of Greene County, Ohio - Publ. 1881 - Page 892
  Caesar's Creek Twp. -
ABEL F. PETERSON, farmer, is a native of this county, and was born July 27, 1841, and was also reared and educated in this county.  He was married to Eliza J. St. John, of this county, Oct. 13, 1868, and five children is the result of the union: Mary E., Clarissa A., Orie I., Carrie B., and Cyrus, all of whom are at home with their parents.  Mr. and Mrs. Peterson are members of the Reformed Church, he uniting at the age of sixteen years.  His wife was formerly a member of the Methodist Church, she having united with the Reformed Church after marriage.  Mr. Peterson was a member of Company D, One Hundred and Tenth Ohio Volunteers, enlisting Aug. 22, 1862, and discharged Oct. 2, 1862.  He was in several heavy battles, among which were the Wilderness, Cold Harbor, and Spottsylvania, and came home without a wound.
Source: History of Greene County, Ohio - Publ. 1881 - Page 592
  Cedarville Twp. -
JAMES W. POLLOCK, farmer, Cedarville, born in Logan County, Ohio, Jan. 12, 1841, is the son of John and Jane (Elder) Pollock.  James, subject of this sketch, spent the earlier part of his life at home with his parents.  July, 1862, he enlisted in the Forty-Fifth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and the hardship of an unusual career of a soldier's life commenced; was mustered in the service at Columbus.  Soon after his enlistment his regiment chased John Morgan on his raid, until he was captured, after which he had his horse, a great favorite, shot from under him, near Knoxville, Tennessee, and taken prisoner, with a number of his comrades, on the 19th of October, 1863.  He was incarcerated in the following prisons:  Atlanta, Georgia; Bell Island, Libby and Andersonville; in the latter place he remained for six months, suffering, all the horrors of a prison life.  He also had experiences in Millen, Charleston, and Florence prisons.  Sixteen of his comrades, that were taken prisoners with him, perished in Andersonville, he being the only one that survived the hardships of that awful place.  He witnessed the hanging of six Union soldiers, in prison, by their one men, for murdering and robbing their own comrades.  He weighed one hundred and seventy pounds when captured, and has not weighed to exceed one hundred and forty any time since; still, Mr. Pollock does not draw a pension, and has not asked for one.  Nov. 4, 1870, the subject of this sketch married Miss Nettie Anderson, daughter of Samuel and Jane Anderson, by which union three children are now living - Edith, Jennie, and Junia.  The family are members of the United Presbyterian Church.
~ Page 569 - History of Green County, Ohio - Publ. 1881


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