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together with
Historic Notes on the Northwest
The State of Ohio.
Gleaned From Early Authors, Old Maps and Manuscripts,
Private and Official Correspondence and
all other Authentic Sources, Ohio - Publ. 1881
By R. S. Dills
Dayton, Ohio
ODell & Mayer, Publishers.

  Cedarville Twp.
JAMES JEFFREYS, furniture manufacturer, Cedarville, was born in Greenville County, Virginia, Jan. 30, 1821.  Is the son of Silas and Susan (Pruit) JeffreysSilas was a descendant of the Catawba tribe of Indians.  James was married Sept. 7, 1852 to Miss Nancy Wooten, who bore him six children, three of whom are now living, Salathiel A., Elmer, and Emma.  His first wife dying, he again, Jan. 24, 1865, married Elizabeth Crone, daughter of Levi born by the last marriage, U. H. W. O., and Ernest.  James is the senior member of the Jeffreys Furniture Manufacturing Company salesroom, No. 9 Greene Street, Xenia, where can be found the latest patterns in furniture.
Source: History of Greene County, Ohio - Publ. 1881 - Page 565
  Cedarville Twp.
MASON JEFFREYS, furniture manufacturer, Cedarville, was born in Cedarville, Sept. 8, 1835, and is the son of Uriah and Caroline Jeffreys, who were born in North Carolina, and came to this county about the year 1830.  Uriah was a descendant of the tribe of Catawba Indians.  Mason, the subject of this sketch, remained at home with his parents until he reached his majority, receiving his education in the common district schools.  In 1860, he married Miss Decatur and Emeline Heithcook.  Three children have been born to them, two of which are now living, John R. and Freddie.
Source: History of Greene County, Ohio - Publ. 1881 - Page 566
  Silver Creek Twp. -
SMITH JENKS, farmer and stock dealer, Jamestown, is a native of this county; was born Jan. 1, 1845, and is a son of Levi and Elizabeth (Sanders) Jenks, residents of Fayette County, where they were married in 1822.  They had a family of eight children - our subject being the third - seven still living.  Our subject was married in Fayette County, to Miss Rebecca, daughter of Enos and Eunice (Ross) Harper, Oct. 1845.  Two children, Alice J. and Levi E. both living, are the result of this union.  Mr. Jenks has a farm of fifty acres, well improved, situated three miles east of Jamestown, where he lives.  He is one of Silver Creek Township's prominent stock dealers - trades in all kinds of stock.  He served three months in the rebellion in Company C, Fifth Ohio Cavalry.  Was in several heavy battles, and came home without a wound.
Source: History of Greene County, Ohio - Publ. 1881 - Page 797
  Jefferson Twp. -
, farmer, Bowersville, is a native of this township, where he was reared, and married Miss Eliza J. Ogan.  Ten children were born to them: Fadona, Solomon, Euphemia, Elma, Victoria, Ida May, Alonzo, Lora and Cora; Victoria and Ida, deceased.  Mr. Johnson's father, Thomas, was born in Maryland, Sept. 5, 1781; his mother, Margaret (Stewart), in West Virginia, in 1790, where they were married.  Of this family there were six children:  William S., Elizabeth J., Robert, and Mary A., living; Joseph and Margaret, deceased.  Mr. Johnson came to this county in 1814; he and his wife died here, and were interred in Bowersville cemetery.  Mrs. Johnson jr.'s parents, Evan and Susanna (Wikel) Ogan, were natives of West Virginia' he died in Missouri, she in Illinois.  They were parents of eighteen children, all living; the youngest is about thirty years of age.  Mrs. Johnson, the oldest, was born Apr. 6, 1825.  Our subject has a farm of eighty acres, well improved, on which he lives, situated one and one-half miles northwest of Bowersville.  He had, at one time, two hundred and eighty acres here, but lost two hundred acres through the failure of a brother.
Source: History of Greene County, Ohio - Publ. 1881 - Page 842
  Jefferson Twp. -
, wagon and carriage maker, Bowersville, is a native of Ross County, and came to this county with his parents in 1849, where he has since resided, except five years which he spent in Indiana.  William and Margaret (Cox) Johnson, his parents, were married in Ross County; he was a native of Ohio, where he died, she of Indiana, where her parents died.  They owned the land where Indianapolis now stands.  There were nine children of this family, eight living:  Elizabeth, Malinda, Martha, Mary, John, Maria, William H., and Elijah; Melissa died about 1860, aged about thirty-five years.  Our subject was married, Aug. 15, 1878, to Miss Elizabeth F. Stevens, of Xenia; one child, Melvin S., who was born May 1, 1879.  Mr. Johnson is a good workman, and does a thriving business.  The receipts for work done in his shop last year amounted to about $3,000.
Source: History of Greene County, Ohio - Publ. 1881 - Page 842
  Miami Twp. -
WILLIAM S. JOHNSTON, general business, Yellow Springs, was born in Montgomery County, Ohio, in the year 1815, and is a son of Thomas and Margaret Johnson, the father a native of Maryland, and the mother of Virginia.  They immigrated to Ohio in the year 1814, with a family of six children, three boys and three girls.  W. S., the subject of our sketch, was married in 1836 to Miss Nancy A. Stevens, daughter of Andrew and Ann Stevens, of this county.  His first wife died in 1853, by whom he had seven children: Margaret A., Joseph S., Martha J., Abner, William E., and Nathaniel  Was again married in 1854, to Miss Jane A. Cameron, daughter of Eli Gaskil of Clinton County, Ohio, and had two children by her, Emma May, now dead, and Josephine.  He is a member of Yellow Springs Lodge No. 421, F. and A. M.  He had been real estate and personal assessor for over nine years.  Received his education in Greene County, where the principal part of  his youth was spent.  He is now on the shady side of life and is uncommonly active, with a whole-souled, lively and genial disposition, that bids fair to carry on for many years to come.
Source: History of Greene County, Ohio - Publ. 1881 - Page 703
  Xenia Twp. -
C. B. JONES, physician, Xenia, was born in 1849.  In 1833 his father George W. Jones, immigrated to this county from Virginia, and his mother came from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1818, when but a child.  They reared a family of nine children.  The subject of this sketch received his education as a physician in 1872, in Cincinnati, and commenced practicing the same year.  Was married to Miss Alice Ewing in 1874, and has two children, Florence  and Ewing, who are both young, and living with their parents.  Is now physician at the Soldier's and Sailors' Orphans' Home, near this city, which position he had held for over five years.  Is master of the Masonic lodge in this city, and is a young man who, by his gentlemanly deportment, has gained the good will and a fair portion of the patronage of the people of his county.
Source: History of Greene County, Ohio - Publ. 1881 - Page 501


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