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Source: Daily Ohio Statesman - Dated June 27, 1849
Cholera in Columbus.
Mrs. Domigan
, an Irish lady, living in the  immediate neighborhood of the Jewett property, on South Rich Street, where the other deaths by Cholera occurred, was taken with the premonitory symptoms on Monday night, died last night.  The immediate neighbors of the deceased knew nothing of the attack until late yesterday afternoon, nor was medical assistance called in until the patient was too far gone to be resuscitated.  This makes the ninth death by cholera since Thursday, when the disease made its appearance in this city, and all of which happened in the immediate neighborhood of the dwelling where the cholera made its first appearance.
     The city continues to be filled with all sorts of rumors, in relation to cholera cases.  Every person attacked with a diarrhoea or with vomiting is reported as suffering with the cholera, and from this fact, it is exceedingly difficult in making up a report to distinguish between the real and supposed cases.  One of our physicians, familiar with the disease in 1832, and who is now in practice in this city, informed us that he has frequently, within the last few days, been called upon to prescribe for cases of diarrhoea, with the rice-water discharges, attended by vomiting, and although several of these cases, if not checked in the very first of the disease, would have run late cholera, yet he has not yet met with a case which he would be willing to call the Asiatic Cholera, in this city.
     Many cases similar to those spoken of, are no doubt trumpeted forth as cholera, because the watery diarrhoea and vomiting are considered, and generally with truth, as the premonitory symptoms of cholera.  Persons so attacked should at once consult the family Physician, there being little or no doubt that the disease, in that stage, readily yields to prompt medical treatment.
     Dr. Gard reports a case of cholera in Franklinton (Mrs. Wheeler,) on yesterday.  She was successfully treated by him and is convalescent.
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Source: Plain Dealer - Cleveland, OH
Dated Oct. 3, 1918
Eighteen More Succumb to Pneumonia; Spanish 'Flu' Invades Chillicothe.
CAMP SHERMAN, CHILLICOTHE, Oct. 2 - Spanish influenza has broken out at Chillicothe.
     The announcement tonight that 251 cases of the disease have been reported in the city proper came shortly after medical officers at Camp Sherman had reported that, in their opinion, the crest of the epidemic at the camp had been reached.
     Last night and today saw the number of new cases admitted to the camp hospital materially lower and tonight but a small percentage of the canton- ent's population was in need of medical attention.
     The estimated number of cases at Camp Sherman today was 4,000, being 682? more than at noon yesterday.  Medical authorities __d their opinion that the epidemic has been checked on the fact that new cases were coming in much more slowly today than heretofore.
     Deaths reported since the discovery of the influenza epidemic at Camp Sherman were brought to a total of forty-five by the eighteen mortalities reported in the twenty-four hour period ended today noon.  This was seven less than during the preceding day.  All deaths, including that of one nurse.  Miss Lois LINN of Springfield, were the result of pneumonia.
     In Chillicothe no quarantine has been put into operation, local and federal officials believing the situation is not serious.  Every possible precautionary measure, however, is being taken and all places where the pubic congregates have been closed and a request to persons living outside Chillicothe that they remain outside the city have been made.  No deaths have occurred at Chillicothe.
     The following deaths between noon yesterday and noon today were announced tonight:
     Miss Lois LYNN, nurse, base hospital, home 18 W. Cecil street, Springfield.
     Lieut. Michael J. Farrell, Troy, N. Y.
     Private Luther Dilley, Andia?
     Private Ray A. Patterson 21 N. Bright street, Springfield.
     Private Otto C. McVey, Dunkirk
     Private William Maixhan?, Preston, Wisc.
     Private Busby, Jewett
     Private Haven S. Loury, Cambridge
     Private Sylvester Griggs, Appleton, Mo.
     Private Ira W. Noland, South Bend, Ind.
     Private Elza Storer, Seaman.
     Private Hitchison Twenty-seventh company, Seventh training battalion, 1921 E. 69th street, Cleveland.
     Private Leroy Burba, Xenia
     Private John H. Farrell, Columbia
     Private Alex V. Greer, West New York, N. Y.
     Private Robert C. Bigger, Cadiz
     Private Todd Barksdale, colored, Jackson, Tenn.
     Private Charles E. Head, Mitchell, Ind.
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