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Franklin County,



Gabeirl, Charles, grocer,  res. S. W. corner 3d and North.
Gale, E., Union Hotel, w. s. High near Rich.
Galloway, Orris B.,   res. S. s. Rich near 7th.
Gardiner, Mrs.   res. S. s. State bt. Front and High.
Garner, John, chairm'k'r., res. S. s. Town bt. 3ed and High.
Garner, Thos., chairmaker, res. N. s. Town bt. 4th & 5th.
Gaver, Elias, tailor, res. S. s. Town bt. 3ed and High.
Gavins, E., baker, res. S. W. cor. Broad and Front.
Geer, Geo., iron merchant, bds at American Hotel.
George, Henry, carpenter, res. E. s. Scioto bt. South & Mound
George, James (G. & Brown) grocer, res. N. s. Broad near High.
German Evangelical Church,   near N. W. cor. Mound and Third.
German Lutheran Church,   e. s. 3d bt. Rich & Town.
Getler, Frederick,  laborer, res. W. s. 4th near S. P. Lane.
Getz, George, laborer,  res. W. s. 3d bt. Mound & Friend.
Gibbs, Jesse, pumpmaker, S. s. Broad near Front.
Gilbert, M. J., (Brush & G.) att'y. at law, res. S. W. cor. High and Gay.
Gill, W. A. (G. & McCune,)  res. W. s. Front bt. Broad and State.
Gillet, Horace S. teacher, D. & D. Asylum, res. S. side Rich. Bt. 5th & 6th
Glazier, Joseph N.,  livery stable keeper,  res. N. s. Town near 4th.
Glenn, A. E.,  printer, res. N. s. Rich bt. 3d and High.
Gliles, Christian laborer, res. E. s. 3d near Mound
Glover, E., printer,  res. E. s. Front bt. Mound & South.
Godecke, Wm.,   res. N. E. Cor. Front and S. Pub Lane.
Godman, Israel, cabinetmaker, res. W. s. 3d bt. Town and Rich.
Goodale, L., merchant, W. s. High bt. Town and State.
Goodline, Jacob,   res. Bt. 2d alley and South Pub. Lane.
Goodman, Peter, shoemaker, res. E. s. 3d near Mound
Gootsel, Richard, laborer, res. N. E. cor. 3d and North.
Grafton, Rachel, Mrs.   res. S. s. Rich. Bt. 3d and High.
Graham, John, surveyor, res. S. s. Friend bt. 3d & rth.
Green, Andrew, teamster, res. S.E. cor. Front and S. Pub. Lane.
Greenleaf, John, plasterer, res. W. s. Front near Friend.
Greenwood, John, mer. W. s. High near Mound.
Gregory, Mrs.,   res. N. s. Broad bt. 3d and High.
Griffin, James, brushmaker, res. N. s. S. P. L. bt. 3d and 4th.
Griffin, Mrs.   res. E. s. High near Town.
Griffith, Timothy (G. & Carr) merchant, bds. At American Hotel.
Grove, Wm.,   res. S. W. cor 4th and Long
Grover, Ira,   res. W. s. 3d near Rich.
Gwynne, E. (G. & Lamson) merchant, W. s. High near Stae.
Haddock, Samuel,   res. N. W. cor. Front and South.
Hall, Edward, mason, res. N. W. cor. North and Third.
Hall, Francis, coffeehouse, res. W. side Front near State.
Hall, J. S., carpenter, res. North side Gay near Third
Hand, Thomas B. (Ball, H. & Co.) hatter, boards at Buckeye.
Handford, Z.   res. North side Broad near High.
Hanes, Hiram, chairmaker,  res. E. side 5th near Friend.
Hanna, Alexander, printer,  boards at Wm. Thomas'.
Hardy, Arnold, mason, west side Fourth bt. Broad and State.
Hare, Jacob,   res. North side Rich bt. 5th and Fourth.
Harper, George, stagedriver, res. South side Town near Fifth.
Harris, John, plasterer, res. North side Friend bt. Third and High.
Harrison, Wm., blacksmith, res. West side Front bt. Friend and Rich.
Harter, Jacob, carpenter, res. East side Front bt. Mound and South.
Hartman, John, grocery, north side Broad near Front boards at G. Whites.
Harvey, Elias, carpenter, res. Third bt. Gay & Broad.
Harvey, G. B.   res. West side High near Gay.
Harvey, John A.  (H. & Seibert) bookbinder, boards at G. B. Harvey's
Hawe, P. J., printer,  res. South side Broad near Front
Hawley, J., physician, res. North west cor. High and Friend, 2d story.
Hayden, P. (H. & Co.)  S. E. cor. Broad and Fourth.
Hecock, ____ carpenter,  res. N. E. cor. High & Mound.
Heevey, Daniel, guard O. P., res. S. W. cor. Front and North.
Heffner, D. F., clerk, res. North side Broad near Front.
Heffner, S. T.,   res. North side Broad bt. Front and Water.
Heindle, Henry, brickmaker, res. N. E. cor. 3d & 3d al'ys.
Heintz, Adam, blacksmith, res. West side Scioto bt. Broad and State.
Hemel, Adam,   res. North side South bt. 3d and High.
Heneman, Frederick,   res. South side South bt. Front and Scioto.
Henley, Sam'l., plasterer, res. N. side Rich. Bt. 5th & 6th.
Hensel, Adam, grocery, res. N. E. cor. H. & Mound.
Herd, Wm., painter,  res. West side Front bt. Broad and State.
Hess, Nicholas, blacksmith, res. N. W. cor. 4th & S. P. L.
Hesser, John S., hatter, res. East side Scioto bt. State and Town
Hettishammer, Valentine, grocery, res. East side Scioto near State.
Hewett, Jeremiah, laborer, res. West side 3d near S. P. L.
Heyl, Conrad, painter, res. S. E. cor. Front & Rich.
Heyl, L., att'y at law, res. East side High near Friend.
Heyl, Peter, laborer, res. N. W. cor. New & College.
Hibbs, Adin G., miller, res. East side 3d near Mound.
Hicks, David, baker,  res. East side High near Friend.
Hicks, John, laborer, res. East side Front near Broad.
Hide, Warner, laborer, res. East side Third bt. Mound and South.
Higgins, Clark, (A. Stewart, & Co. ), res. South side High near Mound.
Hillery, Calvin, carpenter, res. N. W. cor. Front and Long.
Hillery, Luther, carpenter,  res. N. W. cor. Front and Long.
Himrod, John, painter, res. East side Frotn near Rich.
Hinderer, Gotleib, cabinetmaker,  res. N. W. cor. Fifth and S. P.  Lane.
Hindershott, Peter, laborer, res. North side S. P. L. bt. Fourth and Fifth
Hindle, Mrs.   res. North side Friend near canal bridge.
Hines, Oliver P., mason, res. S. side Friend bt. 5th & 6th.
Hinkle, John, cartman, res. N. E. cor. Mound and 5th.
Hinkle, Wm., grocer, west side High near Friend, res. N. E. cor. Mound and Fifth.
Hird. W,/. teamster, res. North side Mound near 4th.
Hitchcock, H. L., Rev.,   res. North side Friend bt. 3d and High.
Hitler, Jacob, prov. Store, res. W. side Front near Friend
Hitz, Christian, laborer, res. North side Mound near 5th.
Hodgkins, Mary Jane,   res. S. E. cor. Fourth ans State.
Hoffman, John, assistant W. O. P., res. East side Water near North.
Hoffner, George laborer,    north side Cherry alley east of Front
Hoge, James, Rev. Dr.,   res. N. W. cor. Broad & 4th.
Holdon, E. A., grocer,  west side High near 1st al'y.
Holt, J. S., boacksmith, N. side Friend near Fifth.
Hook, Leonard, tailor, west side 5th near S. P. Lane.
Hopcroft, Henry,  painter,  res. W. side Fifth bt. Friend and Rich.
Horger, G., shoemaker, S. W. cor. High and S. P. L.
Hosack, Robert, carpenter, res. East side Town east of Seventh.
Hoster, L., brewer, res. South side S. P. Lane bt. Front and High.'
Howard, Elias, teamster, res. South side Gay bt. Third and Fourth.
Howard, Hiram, capenter, res. East side Gay near 3d.
Howard, Horton,  constable,  res. West side Third bt. Town and Rich.
Howard, Jonathan, stonecutter, res. West side Third bt. Town and Rich.
Howell, G. W., (Cushman & H.) res. North side Rich near Sixth.
Howl, Charles, carpenter, N. side South near High.
Hoyt, Enis, grocer, res. West side S. Pub Lane near New.
Hoyt, L.,   res. South side Mound bt. 3d and High.
Hubbard, Osmer, tailor, res. North side Cherry alley near Front.
Hubbard, Wm. B., att'y at law, res. South side Rich bt. High and Third.
Hubbell, R. H., state agent,  res. West side Front bt. Broad and State.
Huff, A., guard O. P., res. South side North near Water.
Hughes, John, plasterer, res. South side Rich bt. Front and Scioto.
Hulburt, Heland, Rev.,   res. N. E. cor. Fourth and State.
Hume, Isaac, coachtrimmer, res. North side Gay bt. High and Third.
Hume, Robert, Jr., clerk, boards at Whitehill's.
Humphrey, E.,   res. S. W. cor. Gay and Third.
Humphrey, L., (L. H. & Co. ) coppersmith, res. S. W, cor. Gay and Third.
Hunt, John, blacksmith, east side High near 5th al'y.
Hunter, Joseph,   res. South side Rich west of Scioto.
Hunter, R. J., guard, O. P., res. West side Broad bt. Front and Scioto.
Hunter, Wm., drayman, res. East side High bt. Broad and Gay.
Huntington, H. T.  (Whiting & H.) bookseller, res. South side Statenear Third.
Hurd, H., Buckeye House, north side Broad near High.
Hutton, Wm.,  laborer, res. West side Fourth bt. North and Spring.
Hymrod, Jacob, painter, res. N. side Rich bt. 5th and 6th.


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