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Reformed and Lutheran Graveyard.
Located at Caual Winchester
(Canal Winchester)
(Source: History of Madison Township, Franklin Co., Ohio - 1902)

The first burial was Leah Brown a sister of Chas. Brown

- A -      
Algire, George died 1854 aged 8 years s/o Amon and A. M. Algire
Algire, Milton died 1866 aged 15 years  
- B -      
Boyer, Lydia died 1846 aged 30 years w/o Solomon Boyer
Boyer, Daniel died 1848 aged 49 years husb/o Sarah Boyer
Bennedum, 5 children died 1840 to 1853   ch/o Joseph and Mary Ann Bennedum
Black, Betsey M. died 1846 aged 10 years d/o H. and P. Black
Bush, Albert L. died 1868 aged 1 year s/o G. and H. Bush
Born, Philip died 1854 aged 37 years  
- C -      
Chaney, Bertha died 1863 aged 2 years d/o J. and S. C. Chaney
Cannon, James died 1852 aged 51 years  
Carson, Wm. M. died 1862 aged 21 years s/o Leo and Matilda Carson
- D -      
Draygenston, Mary died 1841 aged 5 years  
Dellinger, Chas. E. died 1857 aged 5 months s/o Wm. and Mary E. Dellinger
Dellinger, Sarah died 1855 aged 47 years w/o Jacob Dellinger
Dellinger, E. L. died 1854 aged 25 years  
Dellinger, Catherine died 1873 aged 85 years w/o H. Dellinger
Dagon, Martha E. died 1856 aged 5 years d/o Chas. and Susanah Dagon
Dravenstott, Margaret died 1843 aged 4 years d/o Jacob and Elizabeth Dravenstott
- F -      
French, Pheba died 1849 aged 23 years w/o Patrick French
Finch, Mayella died 1843 aged 18 days d/o Hiram and Eleanor Finch
Finnefrock, Joseph D. died 1849 aged 4 months s/o Geo. A. and Francis J. Finnefrock
Fay, Henry E. died 1870 aged 7 years s/o J. M. and S. E. Fay
- G -      
Goettel, Henry died 1851 aged 17 years s/o John and Carolina Goettel
Gater, Susanah died 1848 aged 61 years w/o Timothy Gater
- H -      
Herrmann, John died 1847 aged 6 months s/o Henry and Phillipin Herrmann
Herrmann, Daniel died 1866 aged 3 years s/o Henry and Phillippin Herrmann
Helpman, Wm. died 1877 aged 38 years w/o Wm. Helpman
Harpst, Mary E. died 1857 aged 15 days d/o Edwad and Sarah A. Harpst
Hathaway, Sarah died 1853 aged 75 years  
Hathaway, Agnes died 1862 aged 79 years  
Hathaway, Wesley (balance of inscription obliterated) s/o Edward and Elizabeth Hathaway
Hesser, Henry died 1865 aged 40 years  
Hesser, John died 1858 aged 60 years  
Hesser, Franklin died 1858 aged 2 years  
Helpman, Josephus died 1848 aged 5 years d/o A. B. Helpman
Herkins, Sylvester B. died 1846 aged 19 years s/o David and Catherine Herkins
Hathaway, Emily Amanda died 1846 aged 9 months d/o Almanzor Hathaway
Hicks, George W. died 1855 aged 1 month s/o J. R. and M. Hicks
- J -      
Johnso, Martha died 1842 aged 6 years d/o Joseph B. and Nancy S. Johnson
Johnson, Infant children died 1844 aged 10 days infant children of J. B. and S. N. Johnson
- K -      
Kissel, John died 1850   s/o John and Elizabeth Kissel
Kissel, Chas. H. died 1855 aged 5 months s/o John and Elizabeth Kissel
Krafft, Oliver died 1855 aged 25 years  
Krafft, Frederick died 1851 aged 21 years  
- L -      
Susanah, Daniel died 1856 aged 66 years w/o Daniel Lether
Lether, Daniel died 1857 aged 69 years  
Lether, Sarah died 1871 aged 69 years  
Lther, Daniel died 1842 aged 1 year s/o Chas. and Catherine Lether
Lawrence, Elizabeth died 1865 aged 63 years w/o James Lawrence
Lawrence, James died 1877 aged 74 years  
Lehr, Wm. J. H. died 1871 aged 1 year s/o E. and M. Lehr
Lehman, George, Sr. died 1859 aged 60 years  
Lehman, George died 1856 aged 24 years  
Lehman, Elizabeth died 1861 aged 30 years w/o George Lehman
Lehman, Magdalena died 1864 aged 64 years w/o George Lehman, Sr.
- M -      
Meyer, Maria E. died 1847 aged 2 years d/o Henry and Catherine Meyer
Meyer, Infant died 1847 aged 2 days infant s/o Henry C. Meyer
Myreir, Andrew died 1844 aged 31 years  
Myers, Eleanor died 1842 aged 12 years d/o George and Margaret
Myers, George died 1844 aged 56 years  
Myers, John died 1850 aged 27 years  
Myers, Sarah C. died 1850 aged 25 years  
Myers, Anna B. died 1850 aged 30 years  
Myers, Lucretia died 1850 aged 18 years  
Myers, Catherine died 1847 aged 91 years d/o Abraham Stump; widow of John Myers
Matthews, Chancey died 1841 aged 1 month s/o Simeon and Pheba Jane Matthews
Matthews, David J. died 1847 aged 7 years s/o Simeon and Pheba Matthews
Miller, Joseph died 1846 aged 55 years  
Miller, Pheba died 1860 aged 45 years w/o Joseph Miller
McKelvey, Mary died 1856 aged 28 years w/o James McKelvey
- O -      
Overhalzer, Peter died 1844 aged 61 years  
- P -      
Persoll, Mary died 1842   w/o Benjamin Persoll
Price, Philip died 1867 aged 49 years  
Price, Jemima died 1857 aged 38 years w/o Philip Price
Price, Emily A. died 1861 aged 5 months d/o Philip and Amanda Price
- R -      
Ringer, Edward died 1858 aged 18 years s/o Jonas and Sarah Ringer
Ringer, Sarah died 1865 aged 50 years w/o Jonas Ringer
- S -      
Sergeant, Ann died 1845 aged 2 years d/o John and Lydia Sergeant
Speaks, Geo. W. died 1852 aged 9 months s/o Chas. W. and Sarah A. Speaks
Sommerville, Elvira A. died 1853 aged 3 years d/o James H. and Elizabeth Sommerville
Speilman, Eddie C. died 1873 aged 1 month s/o John H. and Catherine Speilman
Swisher, Nicholas died 1845 aged 10 years s/o Peter and Hettie Swisher
Schrock, Emily A. died 1847 aged 11 months d/o Jacob and Elizabeth Schrock
Sunday, Daniel died 1844 aged 4 months s/o A. and S. Sunday
Schmitt, Frederick gestorben (died)
Sept. 24, 1854
  geboren (born) Nov. 2, 1801
Schmitt, Franz died 1854 aged 20 years  
- T -      
Tallman, Oliver C. died 1859 aged 1 year s/o Henton and A. M. Tallman
Tallman, Emily Adaline died 1846 aged 1 year d/o Henton and Amanda M. Tallman
Thompson, Geo. McC. died 1819 aged 2 years s/o John B. and Mary Ann Thompson
Trine, Lucy A. died 1853 aged 1 year d/o R. and S. Trine
Trine, Eliza A. died 1870 aged 1 year d/o B. F. and M. Trine
- W -      
Wagoner, Martin B. died 1845 aged 6 month s/o John and Margaret Wagoner
Wagoner, Elizabeth M. died 1851 aged 28 years w/o John Wagoner
Williams, Elleni died 1855 aged 7 months d/o G. W. and M. J. Williams
Wallet, Daniel died 1849 aged 2 years s/o Daniel and Rebecca Wallet
Werner, Henry died 1849 aged 3 years s/o John and Mary Werner
- Z -      
Zarbaugh, Elizabeth died 1854 aged 6 years d/o Peter and Martha Zarbaugh
Zimmer, Henry died 1852 aged 32 years  
Zimmer, John H. died 1853 aged 2 years s/o Eli and Leah Zimmer
Zimmer, Laura died 1862 aged 1 year d/o Eli and Leah Zimmer
Zimmer, Philip died 1856 aged 69 years  
Zimmer, Elizabeth died 1846 aged 61 years w/o Philip Zimmer


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