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Menonite Graveyard.
Located on David Martin's land, in Section No. 24
(Source: History of Madison Township, Franklin Co., Ohio - 1902)


Brenneman, Manassah died 1849 aged 14 months s/o John and Sophia Brenneman
Bowman, Sarah died 1849 aged 2 months d/o J. and M. Bowman
Bowman, Jacob died 1884 aged 71 years  
Bowman, Mary died 1888 aged 81 years w/o Jacob Bowman
Brenneman, Catharine died 1883 aged 45 years w/o Noah Brenneman
Brenneman, Lydia died 1889 aged 46 years w/o Noah Brenneman
Detwiler, Anna died 1863 aged 25 years w/o Samuel Detwiler, Jr.
Detwiler, Isaac died 1862 aged 21 years s/o S. and E. Detwiler, was killed at the
  battle of Stone River, Tenn.
Detwiler, Elizabeth died 1854 aged 49 years w/o Samuel Detwiler
Detwiler, Samuel died 1874 aged 77 years  
Dill, infant died 1877   s/o J. K. and C. Dill
Dochterman, Magdelena died 1862 aged 59 years w/o Jacob Dochterman
Dochterman, Jacob died 1877 aged 72 years  
Dochterman, Jacob died 1859 aged 23 years s/o J. and M. Dochterman
Dochterman, Mary died 1873 aged 46 years w/o Levi Dochterman
Furgeson, Adaline died 1857 aged 1 year d/o S. & W. Furgeson
Good, John died 1862 aged 44 years  
Good, Elizabeth died 1897 aged 72 years w/o John Good
Good, John died 1866 aged 12 years s/o J. and E. Good
Good, Anna P. died 1889 aged 2 years d/o Absalom and L. M. Good
Horning, Catharine died 1851 aged 14 days d/o Jacob and Anna Horning
Hoffman, Barbara died 1855 aged 24 years w/o Henry Hoffman
Hoffman, Adda died Jan. 21, 1845 aged 42 yrs 6 mos. 19 da w/o George Hoffman (See Note 1)
Hoffman, Geo. died 1857 aged 54 years  
Horst, Susannah died 1848 aged 4 weeks d/o David and Mary Horst
Hurst, Henry M. died 1848 aged 10 months s/o D. and M. Hurst
Hare, Susanah died 1865 aged 35 years w/o P. Hare
Herr, Christina died 1848 aged 48 years w/o Samuel Herr
Herr, Samuel died 1869 aged 29 years s/o S.  and C. Herr
Hare, Samuel died 1876 aged 67 years  
Lehman, Ida E. died 1867 aged 3 years d/o Jacob S. and Emeline Lehman
Lehman, Abraham died 1868 aged 68 years  
Lehman, Catharine died 1878 aged 72 years w/o Abraham Lehman
Lehman, Lemuel S. died 1888 aged 15 years s/o A. S. and M. Lehman
Leidy, John     Co. F, 1st Ohio Cavalry
Leady, John died 1881 aged 72 years  
Leady, Eliza died 1869 aged 54 years w/o J. Leady
Martin, Elizabeth died 1888 aged 58 years w/o David Martin
Martin, John died 1863 aged 9 months s/o D. and E. Martin
Nicklas, Peter died 1851 aged 38 years  
Nicklas, John died 1852 aged 1 year s/o P. and E. Nicklas
Steman, Simon B. died 1863 aged 2 years s/o Geo. and Lydia Steman
Steman, David died 1893 aged 58 years  
Steman, Catharine died 1877 aged 75 years w/o Nicolas Steman
Steman, Nicolas died 1878 aged 76 years  
Steman, Nicolas died 1896 aged 67 years  
Shuman, Mary G. died 1869 aged 5 years d/o J. and M. Shuman
Strohm, Jacob died 1878 aged 5 years s/o H. B. and E. Strohm
Strohm, J. died 1888 aged 86 years w/o J. Strohm
Strohm, H. B.     Co. F, 159th O. V. I.
Strohm, Lydia died 1892 aged 28 years d/o E. and H. Strohm
Strohm, Samuel died 1899 aged 32 years s/o E. and H. Strohm
Smith, Infant died 1887   s/o Amor and Leah Smith
Steman, Martha died 1900 aged 75 years w/o Henry Steman
Vandemark, Infant died 1875   d/o G. G. and J. J. Vandemark


NOTE 1: Actual words on stone:  Adda, weib von George Hoffman, starb, Januar 21, 1845, is alt worden 42 Jahre, 6 monate, 19 Tag.  This is the first burial in these grounds.

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