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Kramer Graveyard.
Located on B. F. Ashbrook's land, in No. 31.
(Source: History of Madison Township, Franklin Co., Ohio - 1902)


Axtell, Amzi died 1840 Aug. 27 aged 42 years  
Axtell, Casanda died 1840 Jul. 13 aged 34 years w/o Amzi Axtell
Agle, Henry S. died 1853 aged 1 month s/o J. and R. Agle
Baker, _______ died 1824 aged ___ d/o Isaac Baker
Cramer, Luiza died 1837 aged 35 years w/o Jacob Cramer
Cross, Chas. died 1830 aged 59 years  
Colman, John died 1848 aged 51 years  
Colman, Mary died 1835 aged 37 years w/o John Colman
Cross, Elizabeth died 1822 aged 52 years w/o Chas. Cross
Cross, Emily Jane died 1844 aged 34 years w/o Israel Cross
Cross, Israel died 1853 aged 44 years  
Caldwell, James died 1865 aged 73 years  
Crook, Wm. died 1851 aged 4 years s/o Geo. and Rachel Crook
Dove, Christena died 1838 aged 38 years w/o Reuben Dove
Dove, Enoch & Elizabeth died 1825   infant children of Reuben and C. Dove
Dove, Elijah died 1825 aged 4 months ch/o Reuben and C. Dove
Dove, Samuel J. died 1830 aged 1 year ch/o Reuben and C. Dove
Dove, Henry H. died 1832 aged 9 months ch/o Reuben and C. Dove
Dove, Moses and Aaron died 1837   infant children of Reuben and C. Dove
Derr, Barbara died 1853 aged 33 years w/o Geo. G. Derr
Derr, Elizabeth died 1846 aged 37 years  
Derr, Barbara died 1843 aged 54 years w/o John Derr
Fry, Matilda died 1844 aged 22 years w/o John Fry
Fry, Matilda died 1844 aged 8 months d/o John and M. Fry
French, Wm. W. died 1836 aged 14 years s/o Reuben and Sarah French
Harmon, Eliza died 1842 aged ___ d/o Geo. and Sarah Harmon
Harris, Kizia died 1823 aged 1 month d/o Philomen and Jane Harris
Harmon, Sarah died 1855 aged 63 years w/o George Harmon
Kramer, Mical died 1823 aged 43 years s/o old Adam and Crestena Kramer
Kramer, Jacob died 1866 aged 64 years  
Kramer, Lewis died 1847 aged 69 years  
Kramer, Margaret died 1863 aged 87 years w/o Lewis Kramer
Kramer, Martha died 1853 aged 23 years w/o Lewis Kramer
Kramer, Sarah died 1849 aged 2 years d/o George and Catherine Kramer
Kramer, Barbara died 1823 aged 23 years w/o Adam Kramer
Kramer, Sarah died 1860 aged 44 years w/o Jacob Kramer
Kramer, Edward died 1831 aged 3 weeks s/o David and Elizabeth Kramer
Knepper, Susannah died 1850 aged 22 years w/o Daniel Knepper
Kramer, Philip0 died 1812 aged 6 years s/o Ludwig Kramer
Kramer, Samuel died (no date) aged ____ s/o Adam and Abigail Kramer
Kramer, Adam died 1815 aged 63 years  
Kramer, Andrix died 1827 aged 24 years w/o John Kramer
Lines, Elizabeth died 1842 aged 31 yeas w/o Elias Lines
Lines, Elias died 1843    
Lanning, Cisley died 1823 aged 38 years w/o Isaac Lanning
Lecrone, Catherine A. died 1838 aged ____ d/o Daniel and Sarah Lecrone
Miller, Conrad died 1846 aged 66 years  
Miller, Hannah died 1821 aged 45 years w/o Conrad Miller
Miller, Elizabeth died 1849 aged 70 years w/o Conrad Miller
Moore, Emeline died 1847 aged 2 years d/o Levi and Margaret Moore, Jr.
Needels, Elizabeth died 1813 aged 12 years d/o Philomen and Sarah Needels
Needels, Amanda died 1848 aged 9 days d/o J. W. and A. J. Needels
Robinson, Stephen died 1836 aged 34 years  
Rockey, Daniel B. died 1845 aged 29 years  
Samsel, Paul, Jr. died 1851 aged 34 years  
Samsell, Sarah Ann died 1852 aged 44 years w/o Henry Samsel
Samsel, Mary Ann died 1854 aged 29 years w/o Henry Samsel - (her twin sons sleep with her)
Samsel, John M. died 1835 aged 23 years  
Samsel, Elizabeth died 1834, Nov. aged 44 years w/o Paul Samsel
Samsel, Sarah died 1835, Nov. aged 38 years w/o Paul Samsel
Slife, John S. died 1844 aged 53 years  
Slife, Wm. S. died 1848 aged 31 years  
Slife, Polly died 1849 aged 11 years d/o Henry and Catherine Slife
Slife, Deliah died 1849 aged 18 years d/o J. S. and M. M. Slife
Slife, Rachel A. (no dates)   d/o S. and M. Slife
Slife, Henry     (balance of inscription faded)
Shultz, Wm. H. died 1842 aged 4 years s/o Jacob adn Ann Maria Shultz
Schoonover, Henry died 1833 Jul. 7 aged 40 years  
Schoonover, Perry died 1833 Jul. 12 aged 7 years s/o Henry and Sarah Schoonover - victims of the cholera
Schoonover, Elizabeth died 1822 aged 72 years w/o John Schoonover; d/o John and Margaret Courtright
Schoonover, Mary died 1823 aged 4 months d/o Abraham and Margaret Schoonover
Schoonover, Sally died 1827 aged 25 years w/o John Schoonover
Samsel, Mary Ann died 1844 aged 26 years w/o James Samsel
Samsel, Minerva died 1847 aged 23 years w/o James Samsel
Samsel, Elizabeth died 1842 aged 4 years d/o James and Margaret Samsel
Samsel, John M. died 1835 aged 24 years  
Samsel, Sarah W. died 1852 aged 32 years  
Samsel, James died 1849 aged 11 years s/o Paul and Cyrena Samsel


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