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Hopewell Graveyard.
Located on Section No. 9, near Hopewell Church
(Source: History of Madison Township, Franklin Co., Ohio - 1902)


Andrix, Francis died 1859 aged 7 years d/o J. and S. Andrix
Belford, Clarissa died 1823 aged ___ w/o Morgan Belford
Benet, Thomas R. died 1839 aged 1 year s/o Thomas and Elizabeth Bennet
Bishop, Stephen died 1848 aged 3 months s/o Wesley and Elizabeth Bishop
Bishop, John died 1834 aged 23 years child of Samuel and Mary Bishop
Bishop, Wesley died 1847 aged 35 years child of Samuel and Mary Bishop
Bishop, Jackson died 1866 aged 47 years child of Samuel and Mary Bishop
Bishop, Louisa died 1850 aged 30 years w/o A. J. Bishop
Bishop, Andrew J. died 1866 aged 47 years  
Bishop, Clarinda died 1830 aged 1 year d/o Wesley and Elizabeth Bishop
Bishop, Noah died 1827 aged 78 years  
Bishop, Thankful died 1832 aged 81 years w/o Noah Bishop
Bishop, Samuel died 1842 aged 57 years  
Bishop, Mary died 1868 aged 81 years w/o Samuel Bishop
Bunn, Elizabeth died 1860 aged 72 years w/o Henry Bunn
Bunn, Frederick died 1871 aged 58 years  
Bunn, Henry died 1848 aged 68 years  
Bunn, Malinda died 1850 aged 4 years d/o John and Prudence Bunn
Bunn, Jefferson L. died 1883 aged 35 years s/o Frederick and Charlotte Bunn
Burton, Joshua died 1835 aged 90 years  
Burton, Thomas Becket died 1829 aged 35 years  
Burton, Nancy died 1836 aged 44 years w/o Thomas Burton
Cameron, Alexander died 1846 aged 62 years  
Cameron, Anna died 1833 aged 55 years w/o Alexander Cameron
Childs, John died 1830 aged 56 years  
Childs, Lydia L. died 1846 aged 6 months d/o John and Hanna A. Childs
Childs, Mary died 1835 aged 28 years w/o Wm. Childs
Cole, Armenta died 1853 aged 22 years w/o Wesley Cole
Cole, Broad died 1831 aged 79 years  
Cole, Mary died 1836 aged 56 years w/o Shadrach Cole
Cole, Polly died 1844 aged 29 years  
Cole, Shadrach died 1845 aged 66 years  
Crosslly, Henry died 1863 aged 83 years  
Crossly, Mary Ann died 1871 aged 86 years w/o Henry Crossly
Dildine, Andrew died 1825 aged 46 years  
Dildine, Elisha died 1833 aged 25 years  
Dildine, Julian died 1842 aged 27 years  
Dildine, Holman died 1838 aged 49 years  
Dildine, Robert K. died 1834 aged 1 year s/o Henry and Matilda
English, Pheba died 1849 aged 29 years w/o William F. English
English, Jacob B. died 1834 aged 15 yars s/o John and Elizabeth English
Egbert, James died 1827 aged 20 yeas s/o John and M. Egbert
Evans, Jemima D. died 1847 aged 8 months. d/o George and Mary Evans
Evans, Rebecca J. died 1832 aged 2 years d/o James and Huldah Evans
Gameilch, Hannah died 1873 aged 44 years  
Gard, Elizabeth died 184 aged 8 months d/o Dr. B. F. and Elizabeth Gard
Giberson, Hezekiah died 1838 aged 86 years  
Groom, Ezekiel died 183 aged 69 years  
Groom, Moses died 1852 aged 38 years  
Groom, Mary died 1849 aged 58 years  
Groom, Elizabeth died 1833 aged 31 years w/o John Groom
Groom, Thomas died 1858 aged 40 years  
Groom, Noah died 185 aged 74 years  
Groom, Lucy died 1853 aged 64 years w/o Noah Groom
Groom, David J. died 1858 aged 33 years  
Groom, Almira died 1839 aged 3 years d/o Thomas and Nancy Groom
Groom, John F. died 1863 aged 34 years s/o T. and N. Groom
Groom, Thomas died 1881 aged 85 years  
Groom, Nancy died 186 aged 70 years w/o Thomas Groom
Groom, Daniel R. died 1875 aged 49 years  
Groom, Susan died 1878 aged 48 years w/o Daniel Groom
Groom, Pheba died 1816 aged 32 years second wife of Moses Groom
Groom, Margaret died 1847 aged 23 years third wife of Moses Groom
Groom, Catherine died 1838 aged 21 years w/o Moses Groom
Hainer, Mary Fidela died 1847 aged 2 years d/o Ely and Rebecca Hainer
Hall, Emma R. died 1853 aged 5 days d/o T. H. and S. Hall
Hewitt, Fannie R. died 1885 aged 34 years w/o John Hewitt
Halzworth, John M. died 1859 aged 62 years  
Havely, Adam died 1842 aged 62 years  
Havely, Mary died 1832 aged 51 years w/o Adam Havely
Hulva, Christena died 1842 aged 32 years w/o Josiah Hulva
Hawkins, Mary M. died 1847 aged 1 year d/o J. and Elizabeth Hawkins
Hawkins, Daniel W. died 1843 aged 1 year s/o F. J. and Elizabeth
Iberson, John died 1816 aged 48 years  
Kilborn, J. H., Dr. died 1834 aged 26 years  

Love, William C.

died 1838 aged 10 years s/o William and Margaret Love
Leavengood,Jacob died 1849 aged 72 years  
Leavengood, Mary died 1861 aged 76 years w/o Jacob Leavengood
Lanning, Sarah R. died 1821 aged 56 years  
Lanning, John died 1831 aged 18 years s/o Susan Lanning
Lincoln, John F. died 1855 aged 11 months  
Mackeyayers, Thomas died 1859 aged 56 years  
Miller, Lucy J. died 1877 aged 14 years d/o G. H. and E. MILLER
More, Henry died 1843 aged 80 years  
Moore, Oake died 1839 aged 68 years  
McClish, Nancy died 1832 aged 1 year d/o J. A. and Patience McClish
McGarity, Sarah died 1877 aged 65 years  
McGarity, Elizabeth died 1850 aged 40 years sw/o Wm. McGarity
McGarity, William died 1879 aged 70 years  
Moore, Sarah died 1823 aged 26 years w/o John Moore
Oakley, William C. died 1843 aged 27 years s/o Jeremiah and Charity Oakley
Oakley, Margaret died 1848 aged 23 years w/o Thomas A. Oakley
Pontius, Philip died 1845 aged 61 years  
Pontius, Catherine died 1854 aged 75 years w/o Philip Pontius
Pontius, Charles died 1887 May 10 aged 75 years  
Pontius, Elizabeth died 1887 Apr. 30 aged 75 years w/o Charles Pontius
Perrill, Raleigh C. died 1891 aged 48 years  
Polen, John died 1888 aged 13 years s/o Wm. and M. Polen
Perrill, Joseph W. died 1847 aged 1 year s/o Z. H. and R. C. Perrill
Paynd, James W. died 1861 aged 10 years s/o W. H. and S. A. Paynd
Ranier, Amelia died 1854 aged 71 years  
Rhyan, Elizabeth C. died 1851 aged 1 year d/o Jacob and mary Rhyan
Rhyan, Jacob died 1875 aged 47 years  
Rarey, John Florence died 1864 aged 35 years  
Rarey, George died 1850 aged 55 years  
Rarey, Jane died 1836 aged 30 years w/o George Rarey
Rarey, Sarah died 1872 aged 65 years w/o George Rarey
Rose, Henry died 1844 aged 64 years  
Rarey, Clarence E. died 1890 aged 25 years;  
Ranier, Sarah died 1820 aged 52 years w/o Daniel Ranier
Ranier, Daniel died 1842 aged 77 years  
Ranier, Abigail died 1823 aged 55 years second w/o Daniel Ranier
Ranier, Hulda died 1840 aged 73 years third w/o Daniel Ranier
Ranier, Daniel died 1836 aged 23 years  
Ranier, Abraham died 1831 aged 31 years child of Daniel and Sarah Ranier
Ranier, Sarah died 1821 aged 18 years child of Daniel and Sarah Rainier
Ranier, Rebecca died 1823 aged 18 years child of Daniel and Sarah Ranier
Ranier, Isaac died 1863 aged 69 years  
Ranier, Mary died 1871 aged 74 years w/o I. Ranier
Ranier, Willie died 1864 aged 6 months s/o J. F. and A. Ranier
Ramsey, Jane died 1847 aged 38 years s/o Lockhart Ramsey
Smith, Mary E. died 1877 aged 11 months d/o Stephen and Abigail Smith
Swayer, Abraham died 1876 aged 63 years  
Swayer, John died 1864 aged 56 years  
Swayer, Sarah died 1855 aged 78 years  
Showham, Thomas died 1865 Jul. 30 aged 73 years father
Showham, Susan died 1865 Jul. 18 aged 72 years mother
Simons, Stephen died 1856 aged 74 years  
Simons, Mary died 1845 aged 59 years w/o Stephen Simons
Wright, Agnes died 1830 aged 62 years  
Wright, Mary Bunn died 1868 aged 25 years  
Whatie, Wm. W. died ____ aged 4 months s/o Orin and Lucinda White
Young, Adam died 1849 aged 29 years  
Young, Charity died 1831 aged 2 years d/o Thomas and Sarah Young
Young, Robert F. died 1849 aged 3 years s/o A. and E. Young


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