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Groveport Graveyard.
(Source: History of Madison Township, Franklin Co., Ohio - 1902)

     The oldest inscription in this graveyard is the following:  "Sacred to the memory of Catharine G., consort of John C. Richardson, M. D., and daughter of Captain Isaac Bowman, all natives of Shenandoah county, Virginia, born Dec. 23, 1787, departed this life Jan. 19, 1809, aged 22 years."

"Oh fairest flower, they failing breath is gone,
The sense to please no more,
The icy withering hand of death
Has rifled all thy fragrant store.
Calm be thy rest, sweet as a slumbers of a saint,
And mile as the opening gleams of promised heaven."


Allen, S. A. died ___ aged ____ Co. F, 90th Regt., O. V. I.
Adel, Hester A. died 1880 aged 50 years w/o G. Adel
Andrix, Jacob died 1875 aged 52 years  
Albert, James died 1843 aged 17 years  


Bigelow, J. A.     Co. B, 6th U. S. Cavalry, and Co. K, 14th Regt., O. V. I.
Blakely, Wm. J. died 1868 aged 40 years  
Blakely, Gordila J. died 1866 aged 35 years w/o Wm. J. Blakely
Brunner, Melissa died 1852 aged 2 years d/o J. and E. Brunner
Bastle, Wm. M. died 1884 aged 20 years s/o S. and M. Bastle
Bastle, John B. died 1885 aged 17 years s/o S. and M. Bastle - (See epitaph *)
Bastle, Mary D. died 1894 aged 47 years (See epitaph **)
Baughman, Lewis died 1856 aged 11 months s/o Solomon and Martha Baughman
Burke, Abraham died 1845 aged 68 years  
Boyd, James died 1875 aged 8 months s/o M. and C. Bishop
Blakely, Washington died 1871 aged 17 years s/o T. and E. Blakely
Barnhart, Mary E. died 1870 aged 39 years w/o Orange Barnhart
Byrne, Lida died 1876 aged 27 years w/o John Byrne
Bunn, Harrison W. died 1866 aged 30 years  


Campbell, George died 1853 aged 33 years  
Campbell, Henry died 1855 aged 1 year s/o Chas. and Emeline Campbell
Campbell, Josephine A. died 1873 aged 23 years d/o c. and E. Campbell
Campbell, Emeline died 1870 aged 41 years  
Chilles, Wm. Seabury White died 1854 aged 5 years s/o John and Hannah Chilles
Carder, Susannah died 1837 aged 40 years w/o ____ Carder
Carder, George died 1853 aged 29 years s/o E. and S. Carder
Carder, Henry died 1861 aged 68 years  
Carder, Lafayette     Co. C, 95th Regt., O. V. I., ____
Carder, E. G. died 1887 aged 41 years Co. G, 95th Regt., O. V. I.
Calkins, Alford died 1858 aged 4 months s/o Riley and Mary Ann Calkins
Clarbaugh, Ida Melissa died 1859 aged 9 months d/o B. D. and Sarah Jane Clarbaugh
Cramer, John C. died 1848 aged ____ s/o Wm. W. and Sarah A. Cramer
Cramer, Hugh L. died 1877 aged 3 years s/o G. and M. C. Cramer
Cramer, Mary E. died 1852 aged 1 year d/o W. and E. A. Cramer
Craig, David 1849 aged 50 years  
Carney, Jennie M. died 1857 aged 41 years w/o J. E. Carney
Cheeseman, Elizabeth died 1853 aged 3 years d/o I. and R. Cheeseman
Churchman, Elias     Co. B, Regt., O. V. I. ______
Churchman, Wealthy died 1868 aged 48 years w/o Elias Churchman
Chandler, Edgar Allen died 1865 aged 14 s/o Wm. and Adda Chandler
Cunningham, Edward M. died 1869 aged 25 years son of J. C. and J. R. Cunningham
Champe, Leander D. died 1873 aged 19 years s/o Geo. P. and D. R. Champe (See Epitaph ***)
Champe, George P. died 1898 aged 77 years  
Cherry, Infant died 1877   infant s/o O. and L. A. Cherry
Cavinee, Sarah died 1883 aged 47 years w/o Jacob Cavinee


Dehority, Absalom died 1866   aged 63 years.
Dildine, Chester V. died 1879 aged 11 years s/o Robt. F. and Mary A. Dildine
Dildine, Mary died 1855 aged 65 years w/o Hermon Dildine
Dildine, Harmon died 1859 aged 72 years  
Dildine, Henry T. Clark died 1842 aged 2 years s/o Jesse and Elizabeth Dildine
Dildine,, Ines died 1865 aged 8 months d/o G. M. and F. J. Dildine
Dildine, Joseph died 1855 aged 41 years  
Dildine, Sarah E. died 1853 aged 1 year d/o Jesse and Elizabeth Dildine
Dildine, Susan died 1855 aged 42 years w/o Joseph Dildine
Dildine, twin infants died 1843   infant sons/o Joseph and Susan Dildine
Dildine, Wm. E. died 1861 aged 2 months s/o Robt. F. and Mary A. Dildine
Dildine, Zephaniah died 1851 aged 1 year s/o E. L. and S. A. Dildine
Darnell, Eleanor B. died 1849 aged 20 years w/o Salem Darnell
Darnell, James M. P. died 1848 aged 9 years s/o Archibald and Mary Darnell
Darnell, Laranntheadotia died 1849 aged 1 month d/o G. and E. Darnell
Durant, Wm. S. died 1864 aged 3 years s/o Wm. S. and A. Durant.


Eberle, John died 1851 aged 50 years  
Ebright, Lether died 1851 aged 1 year s/o D. R. and L. R. EbrightZ
Eberle, Mathias died 1851 aged 3 yars s/o John and Elizabeth Eberle
Ell, Andrew F. died 1852 aged 13 days s/o I. P. and M. A. Ell


Fearn, Cora B. died 1856 aged 11 months d/o J. H. and C. C. Fearn
Friend, Geo. W. died 1839 aged 5 months s/o I. and H. Friend
Friend, Hannah died 1839 aged 27 years w/o Isaac Friend
Fuller, Orlando died 1836 aged 40 years  
Fullon, Emma died 1871 aged 1 year d/o J. and E. Fullon


Gambler, Joanna born 1793 no death date given w/o J. Gambler
Gambler, John died 1863 aged 65 years  
Gares, Louisa died 1875 aged 77 years w/o Samuel Gares
Gares, Samuel died 1859 aged 63 years  
Gares, Samuel J. died 1859 aged 3 months s/o F. A. B. and Jane Gares
Garey, Wm.     Co. B, 128th Regt., O. V. I., ______
Geisler, Christina died 1884 aged 65 years  
Giberson, Sarah J. & James H. died 1847   twin children of Wm. and M. Giberson
Glit, Chas. died 1848 aged 1 year s/o C. and M. Glit
Goodman, Clarinda J. died 1848 aged 2 years d/o Thomas and Sarah Goodman


Hamler, Lewis . died 1889 aged 28 years s/o I. and S. Hamler
Hamler, Sarah S. died 1888 aged 56 years w/o Isaac Hamler
Hanner, Francis died 1857 aged 2 years s/o John and Nancy Hanner
Harris, Wm. C. died 1852 aged 22 years  
Havely, Elizabeth died 1877 aged 60 years w/o Adam Havely
Hermon, Jonathan died 1847 aged 23 years  
Hermon, Robert died 1860 aged 72 years  
Hermon, Susannah died 1843 aged _____ w/o Robert Hermon
Herrick, Ann E. died 1846 aged 21 days  
Heston, WAlker died 1850 aged 10 months s/o John P. and Catharine Heston
Hews, Sarah A. died 1851 aged 10 months d/o Thos. L. S. and Adaline Hews
Hickle, Nancy died 1865 aged 48 years w/o John Hickle
Hook, Wm. F. died 1836 aged 7 years s/o Geo. and Angelina Hook
Hooker, A. Burke died 1857 aged 31 years  
Howell, Isaac W. died 1854 aged 1 year s/o J. G. and S. Howell
Howell, James G. died 1870 aged 49 years  
Hughes, Mary C. died 1846 aged 1 year d/o Thomas and Christina Hughes
Hull, Nancy died 1843 aged 22 years w/o Julius Hull


Jamson, John Wm. died 1865 aged 71 years  
Jeffries, Emily died 1849 aged 3 years d/o John and Mary J. Jeffries
Jenkins, Luke V. died 1871 aged 22 years  
Jenkins, Parley L. died 1852 aged 4 years s/o W. and J. Jenkins
Joes, Julian Edgar died 1851 aged ____ s/o Jacob and Hannah Joes
John, Adam died 1848 aged 41 years  
Johnson, Amanda M. died 1874 aged 23 years  
Johnson, Francis L. died 1873 aged 11 years  
Johnson, Geo.     Co. F, 18th regiment  U. S. infantry
Johnson, Isaac T. died 1873 aged 18 years  
Johnston, Harrison R. died 1883 aged 24 years  


Kauffman, America J. died 1859 aged 11 years d/o Jacob and Jane Kauffman
Kauffman, Elizabeth C. died 1852 aged 21 years d/o Jacob and Jane Kauffman
kile, Rhoda died 1886 aged 57 years w/o Robert Kile
Kile, Robert died 1877 aged 58 years  
King, Addline died 1846 aged 2 years d/o Jeptha and Olive King
Kraner, Ann died 1889 aged 79 years w/o H. Kraner
Kraner, Henry died 1858 aged 54 years  


Little, Mary C. died 1853 aged 9 years d/o J. and S. Little
Long, Lula died 1867 aged 6 months d/o H. and H. A. Long
Long, Henry died 1881 aged 61 years  
Luce, Henry D. died 1851 aged 18 years s/o Mark and Margaret Luce


McCormick, James     Co. B, 118th regiment, O. V. I., ____
McCoy, Sarah died 1874 aged 57 years w/o A. McCoy
McWilliams, S. died 1871 aged 46 years  
Mansfield, A. F.     Co. B, 188th regiment, O. V. I., _____
Mansfield, Fredrick died 1876 aged 47 years  
Mansfield, Harmon died 1876 aged 67 years  
Mason, Grace L. died 1875 aged 3 months d/o Wm. and Mary Mason
Mason, Lulu died 1873 aged 2 months d/o Wm. and Mary Mason
Miller, Hattie D. died 1889 aged 15 years d/o Henry and Caroline Miller
Miller, Jason died 1871 aged 25 years Co. H, 18th regiment W. S. I.
Millisee, David died 1850 aged 26 years  
Moore, Kate G. died 1881 aged 27 w/o F. A. Moore
Morris, Ruth died ____ aged 67 years w/o J. Morris, Jr.


Neff, Elizabeth died 1840 aged 1 year d/o D. P. and Hannah Neff
Nichols, Margaret J. died 1841 aged 3 years  
Nichols, Sylvester died 1838 aged 51 years  
Nigh, James G. died 1850 aged 2 years s/o G. S. and Mahala Nigh
Nigh, Mahala died 1848 aged 35 years w/o George Nigh
Nigh, Sarah M. died 1850 aged 14 years d/o Geo. S. and Mahala Nigh


Osborn, Clarindae died 1846 aged 5 years d/o Albert and Martha Osborn
Osborn, Infant died 1839 aged ____ Infant d/o Albert and Martha Osborn


Patrick, John died 1882 aged 54 years  
Patrick, Nancy J. died 1880 aged 43 years w/o John Patrick
Paul, Wm. H. died 1852 aged 1 month s/o J. R. and Catharine Pal
Peters, Francis W. died 1876 aed 15 years s/o S. A. and C. A. Peter
Peters, Silas Allen died 1878 aged 55 years  
Piester, J. M. died 1888 aged 40 years  
Piester, Lina May died 1877 aged 1 year d/o J. and L. Piester
Poland, Catharine died 1851 aged 44 years w/o Richard Poland


Rarey, Adam died 1839 aged 53 years  
Rarey, Mary G. died 1868 aged 78 years w/o Adam Rarey
Rarey, Adam S. died 1828 aged 2 years child of Adam and Catherine Rarey
Rarey, Anna C. died 1825 aged 4 months child of Adam and Catherine Rarey
Rarey, Catherine died 1821 aged 1 year child of Adam and Catherine Rarey
Rarey, Jesse died 1825 aged 2 years child of Adam and Catherine Rarey
Rarey, Sarah Ann died 1831 aged 1 year child of Adam and Catherine Rarey
Rarey, Eliza died 1849 aged 40 years w/o Wm. H. Rarey
Rarey, Ellen G. died 1871 aged 62 years w/o F. Rarey
Rarey, Frederick died 1879 aged 62 years  
Rarey, John S. aged 1866 aged 38 years s/o Adam and Catherine
Rarey, Wm. H. died 1857 aged 33 years  
Rarey, Wm. H. died 1877 aged 65 years  
Rarey, F. E. died 1858 aged 5 months child of F. and E. Rarey
Rarey, J. C. died 1861 aged 13 years child of F. and E. Rarey
Rarey, M. E. died 1854 aged 10 months child of F. and E. Rarey
Rarey, R. B. died 1845 aged 3 months child of F. and E. Rarey
Rarey, Cyntha died 1857 aged 36 years w/o C. W. Rarey
Rarey, twin infants died 1857   infant daughters of C. W. and C. A. Rarey
Rarey, A. B. died 1881 aged 46 years  
Rawn, Clark died 1849 aged 1 day s/o Jacob and Hannah Rawn
Rawn, Hannah died 1849 aged 28 years w/o Jacob Rawn
Reckets, Dora B. died 1875 aged 4 years d/o Maggie Reckets
Reeves, Mary E. died 1852 aged 9 months d/o P. and A. Reeves
Reeves, Abagail died 1864 aged 38 years w/o Peter Reeves
Reeves, Hannah A. died 1875 aged 34 years w/o Peter Reeves
Reeves, Infant daughter died 1867 aged __ infant d/o P. and H. Reeves
Robinson, Lillie G. died 1875 aged 1 year d/o Lida Robinson
Robnett, Andrew W. died 1853 aged ___ s/o C. G. and A. Robnett
Ross, Irwin T. died 1851 aged 4 months s/o A. and E. Ross
Rowland, George W. died 1875 aged 45 years  
Ryne, Owin died 1883 aged 1 year s/o F. and R. Ryne


Sarber, Infant daughter died 1854 aged __ infant d/o David and Mary C. Sarber
Senter, Chas. A. died ___ aged 20 months s/o F. M. and ___ Senter
Senter, L. S. died 1863 aged 45 years (See epitaph )
Senter, Orestes D. A. died 1863 aged 16 years s/o L. S. and S. M. Senter
Seymour, Nettie M. died 1869 aged 15 years  
Seymour, Pearl died 1878 aged 5 years s/o W. P. and E. G. Seymour
Shaffer, Infant daughter died 1847 aged __ infant d/o Moses and Sarah Shaffer
Sharp, Chas. died 1871 aged 1 month s/o J. G. and M. Sharp
Sharp, Geo. B. died 1858 aged 2 years s/o J. G. and M. Sharp
Sharp, John G. died 1874 aged 47 years  
Sharp, Joseph died 1847 Feb. 16 aged 32 years  
Sharp, Martha died 1876 aged 43 years w/o J. G. Sharp
Sharp, Mary died 1847 Apr. 29 aged 30 years w/o Joseph Sharp
Sharp, Sarah Jane died 1847 Mar. 4 aged 4 months d/o Joseph and Mary Sharp
Shirey, Lewis C. died 1860 aged 3 years s/o Martin and Elizabeth Shirey
Shirey, Rhoda died 1858 aged 10 years d/o Lewis and Elisa J. Shirey
Sidner, Elizabeth A. died 1851 aged 2 years d/o D. and J. Sidner
Smith, Mary Ellen died 1868 aged 22 years w/o Adam Smith
Stine, Ann died 1850 aged ____ w/o E. Stine
Stine, Charlotte died 1852 aged 16 years d/o E. and A. Stine
Stevenson, Edward     Co. B, 128th O. V. I., ____
Stevenson, Eliza died 1852 aged 25 yaers w/o J. P. H. Stevenson
Stevenson, Harriet A. died 1851 aged 30 years w/o C. J. Stevenson
Swisher, Luther Laflin died 1871 aged 1 year s/o J. E. and Ellae Swisher


Thompson, Wm. M. died 1871 aged 1 years s/o Wm. R. and H. A. Thompson
Toy, Addison died 1841 aged 27 years  
Toy, Catherine died 1842 aged 27 years w/o Wm. Toy
Toy, Charles died 1835 aged 67 years  
Toy, Drucilla died 1837 aged 30 years w/o Wesley ToyZ
Toy, James died 1834 aged 13 days s/o Wesley and Drucilla Toy
Toy, John E. died 1840 aged 4 years s/o Wm. and Catherine Toy
Toy, May died 1876 aged 6 years d/o C. and M. R. Toy
Toy, Sarah E. died 1846 aged 3 years d/o Wesley and Minerva Toy
Toy, Minerva died 1874 aged 53 years w/o Wesley Toy
Toy, Wm. Addison died 1841 aged 2 months s/o Addison and Sarah Toy
Trott, Claudia Bell died 1870 aged 3 months Trott, Claudia Bell


Vance, Josiah died 1852 aged 30 years  
Vanhorn, Linney H. died 1875 aged 5 years s/o H. S. and E. Vanhorn
Vanwormer, Andrew J. died 1870 aged 51 years  
Vanwormer, Wm. A. died 1865 aged 6 months s/o A. J. and M. C. Vanwormer


Watson, Elizabeth died 1848 aged 26 years w/o Jonathan Watson
Watson, Eva died 1847 aged 53 years w/o William Watson
Watson, Margaret died 1845 aged 1 year d/o John and Nancy Watson
Whetzel, David died 1883 aged 73 years  
Whetzel, Elizabeth died 1887 aged 73 years w/o David Whetzel
Whetzel, Eliza C. died 1848 aged 1 year child of D. and E. Whetzel
Whetzel, Frederick died 1847 aged 2 years child of D. and E. Whetzel
Whetzel, May I. died 1857 aged 5 years child of D. and E. Whetzel
White, James Dixon died 1853 aged nine years s/o Jeremiah and Elizabeth White
Whitestine, Rebecca died 1855 aged 34 years  
Willie, Clara died 1862 aged 21 years d/o A. and M. A. Willie
Willie, Ellen died 1867 aged 15 years d/o A. and M. A. Willie
Willie, Martha A. died 1852 aged 3 years d/o Augustus and Martha Ann Willie
Willie, Nettie died 1878 aged 2 years d/o David M. and M. A. Willie
Willie, Thos. C. died 1865 aged 22 years s/o A. and M. A. Willie
Woodring, C. P. died 1872 aged 40 years  
Woodring, Henry died 1874 aged 17 years s/o C. P. and M. Woodring
Woodring, Solomon died 1876 aged 71 years  


Young, Francis Marion died 1858 aged 17 years s/o John and Mary Ann Young
Young, Lorenzo D. died 1853 aged 1 month  
Yourd, John died 1876 aged 50 years Co. H. 95th regiment, O. V. I.
Yourd, Sousannah H. died 1874 aged 18 years  


Zinn, Abraham died 1870 aged 44 years  
Zinn, Elizabeth C. died 1863 aged 11 years d/o Moses and T. A. Zinn
Zinn, Elnorie died 1892 aged 34 years  
Zinn, Fannie E. died 1861 aged 2 years d/o M. and T. A. Zinn
Zinn, Ida J. died 1855 aged 5 months d/o M. and T. A. Zinn


* Epitaph for John B. Bastle: Dear son John, who left us so sudden, Father, Mother, Sister and Brother all miss you at home; I trust you are safe in the arms of Jesus"
** Epitaph for Mary D. Bastle:  "Tis sweet to die when gone before - the loved ones of my heart, - My angel sons, say, Mother come, - We never more shall part."
*** Leander D. Champe:  "Those hands once so skilled in music here, are now touching the Golden Harp"
Epitaph for L. S. Senter: "Positive in his convictions, he made no compromises with expediencies."

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