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Blendon & Old Pioneer

Asbury Graveyard.
located in Section No. 9
(Source: History of Madison Township, Franklin Co., Ohio - 1902)


Alder, D. Slices died 1870 aged 24 years  
Alder, Isaac D. died 1871 aged 3 months s/o D. S. and M. E. Alder
Algire, Zachariah died 1844 aged 30 years  
Algire, John died 1841 aged 30 years s/o Jacob and Sarah Algire
Armstrong, Ernstina died 1841 aged 1 year d/o John and Susan M. Armstrong


Bulen, Chas. died 1892, aged 26 years s/o Wm. and M. A. Bulen
Brown, Samuel died 1897 aged 64 years  
Brown, Rebecca E. died 1837 aged __  
Brown, Mary A. R. died 1862 aged 48 years w/o Matthew Brown
Brown, Matthew died 1894 aged 83 years  
Bulen, John died 1894 aged 75 years  
Bulen, Mary died 1880 aged 56 years w/o John Bulen
Bulen, Nancy J. died 1870 aged 25 years d/o Wm. and M. A. Bulen
Brown, Pitts died 1855 aged 56 years  
Brown, Nancy died 1859 aged 57 years w/o P. Brown
Brown, Pitts M. died 1865 aged 21 years  
Brown, Malinda A. E. died 1866 aged 27 years  
Brown, Mary S. died 1870 aged 28 years w/o O. J. Brown
Burkey, Amanda died 1848 aged 6 years d/o Joseph and Elizabeth Burkey
Ball, John died 1845 aged 19 years  


Codner, Margaret died 1879 aged 92 years w/o Oliver Codner
Cramer, Wm. H. died 1882 aged 41 years  
Cramer, Wm., Jr.     Co. K, 133d O. V. I.
Cramer, Lillie M. died 1886 aged 16 years d/o Wm. H. and A. Cramer
Coble, John died 1887 aged 83 years  
Coble, Jane died 1843 aged 36 years consort of John Coble
Coble, Jacob died 1846 aged 76 years  
Codner, Infant died 1847   infant son of Robert and Mary Codner


Easterday, John W. died 1852 aged 3 years s/o H. and M. Easterday


Friend, Joseph C. died 1886 aged 22 years  


Garrison, Evaline died 1852 aged 29 years  
Garrison, Charlotte died 1858 aged 67 years w/o John Garrison
Gray, Littleton R. died 1852 aged 47 years  
Gray, Anna died 1881 aged 74 years w/o L. R. Gray
Gray, Leroy S. died 1864, Atlanta, Ga. aged 23 years s/o L. R. and A. Gray


Hare, Bertha C. died 1877 aged 1 year d/o J. and J. E. Hare
Hartrum, James W. died 1851 aged 8 months s/o T. and L. Hartrum
Hudson, Wm. T. died 1840 aged 1 year  
Hersh, Julian died 1852 aged 12 years d/o Benjamin and Mary Hersh
Hamler, Nancy J. died 1854 aged 1 year d/o Wm. H. and Lucinda Hamler


Kile, Rebecca W. died 1885 aged 98 years w/o Robt. A. Kile
Keys, Lucinda died 1850 aged 33 years w/o John Keys


Loner, Rebecca died ___ aged ___ w/o John Loner
Loner, Daniel M. died 1865 aged 24 years s/o John and Rebecca Loner


Meeker, Sarah died 1892 aged 80 years  
McGuffy, Cyrus Ray died 1885 aged 6 months s/o C. R. and M. McGuffy
Mink, Lula Olive died 1888 aged 6 months d/o Wm. and Mary Mink
Myers, Pauline died 1856 aged 10 days d/o J. and S. I. Myers


Needes, Philomon died 1841 aged 70 years s/o Thos. and Sarah Needels
Needels, Sarah died 1844 aged 56 years consort of Philomon Needels
Needels, Infant died 1844   infant s/o Philimon and Nancy Needels
Needels, Rebecca died 1847 aged 47 years w/o J. J. Needels
Needels, Philomon died 1840 aged 1 year s/o Thos. B. Needels
Needels, Willimet died 1854 aged 2 years d/o W. P. Needels
Needels, Heber died 1877 aged 5 months s/o J. and M. J. Needels
Needels, John A. died 1876 aged 62 years  
Needels, Nancy died 1854 aged ____ w/o P. Needels


Patterson, Miranda died 1881 aged 72 years w/o Thos. Patterson
Patterson, Thomas died 1891 aged 82 years  
Powell, Francis A. R. died ____ aged 1 year s/o James R. and Matilda Powell


Robinson, Harry L. died 1884 aged 1 year s/o John and I. Robinson
Richards, Mary A. died 1847 aged 5 years adopted d/o H. M. and M. A. Cryder


Swisher, Henry C. died 1894 aged 57 years  
Skidmore, Isaac died 1845 aged 7 years s/o Robert Skidmore
Swisher, Jacob died 1890 aged 87 years  
Swisher, Anah died 1862 aged 51 years w/o Jacob Swisher
Swisher, Phil M. died 1862, Gallatin, Tenn. aged 24 years  
Stevenson, Sarah M. died 1852 aged 11 years d/o James and Rachel Stevenson
Swisher, Pheba M. died 1870 aged 27 years d/o J. and A. Swisher
Shiseden, James E. died 1846 aged 1 year s/o J. and J. Shiseden


Thompson, Miller F. died 1891 aged 64 years  
Thompson, Sarah J. died 1890 aged 62 years d/o M. F. Thompson
Thompson, Bennett died 1888 aged 67 years  
Thompson, Sarah died 1884 aged 90 years w/o M. Thompson
Taylor, Nanny Bell died 1886 aged 1 year d/o Lot B. and M. Taylor
Taylor, Henrietta died 1857 aged 54 years  


Williams, Elizabeth died 1841 aged 73 years  


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