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Source: Evening Post (New York, N. Y.) Issue: 9699  Page: 2
Dated: Friday, September 20, 1833
CHOLORA - Letters received yesterday from Fort Gibson, (Ark) to the 21st August, state that the Cholera at that post had subsided.  There had been but two deaths from any cause since the beginning of the month - Jour. of Com.
     The Delaware, Ohio State Gazette, of the 12th inst. says: - "The Cholera continues its ravages with little or no abatement at Columbus.  Two more deaths, (a Mr. Deitrick and wife) have occured about three males this side of Worthington.  The lady, we learn, was sister to Mrs. Whyte, who with her husband and child, died in Columbus about two weeks since, and she had been in that family nursing, till they died.  She returned home with the premonitory symptoms upon her - neglected herself till past help, and died about ten days since.  Her husband was taken on Monday morning last, and died in the evening of the same day.
Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette - Ohio
Dated: Saturday, Feb. 1, 1868
From Delaware, Ohio
Reunion of the 4th Ohio Infantry, at Delaware, Ohio, January 30, 1868,
Correspondence of the Cincinnati Gazette.
DELAWARE, January 31.
     The 4th Ohio Regiment held their first reunion at this place yesterday.  I know not how many of the members of the regiment still survive, but there were only sixty-nine present at the reunion.  In the evening they assembled in Templar Hall, where a bountiful supper was prepared.  All veteran soldiers in town, widows and orphans of soldiers, and some other friends, were invited to join in partaking of the supper.
     After supper, the following toasts were read and responded to:
     "The Fourth Ohio Volunteer Infantry - May the remembrance of her patriotism and service ever remain fresh in the history of the State, and teh gratitude of her people."
     Responded to by Col. J. H. Godman, of Columbus.
     "The heroic dead of the Fourth Ohio Infantry, who died that their country might live - May their names, and their deeds, ever be green in the memory of a grateful people."
     Responded to by Rev. D. G. Strong, of this place, Chaplain of the regiment.
     "Our disabled comrades, and the widows and orphans of our fallen comrades."
     Responded to by Gen. J. S. Jones, also of Delaware.
     "The memories of the camp and battle-field."
     Responded to by Lieut. J. H. Carr, of Wooster.
     "Our soldiers of the late war and their achievements."
     Responded to by Wm. Kepler of Delaware.
     The different speakers did credit to themselves in their addresses, all of which were received with hearty cheers.
     After this, Colonel Godman proposed that the old song, entitled "Rally Round the Flag, Boys," be sung by the audience.
     Chaplain Strong then requested the audience to sing the Doxology, commencing, "Praise God from whom all blessings flow," after which the band played the "Star Spangled Banner."
     Colonel Godman then returned thanks to the citizens of Delaware for their hospitality, and then announced that the next re-union of the boys of the Fourth would be held at Mt. Vernon, on the first Wednesday of February, 1869, at which time and place he hoped to see every living member of the "Glorious Old Fourth."
     As far as my observation extended the "boys" seemed to enjoy this first re-union.       M. I. J.
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