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Source: History of Clermont and Brown Counties, Ohio - Vol. II - by Byron Williams - Publ. 1913 - Page 259

  E. A. LOCKWOOD.   In no other business in life is there a greater demand for intellectual ability, strong characteristics and sound judgment than in the management of a modern newspaper. In no other vocation is there greater need for diplomacy and fearlessness in advancing ideas and policies. In the eighty-five years the "Clermont Sun" has been in existence there has been associated with the editing and managing of the paper none but competent and capable men.
     The "Clermont Sun" was established at Bethel, in July, 1828, by Samuel Medary, who was Territorial Governor of Kansas during President Buchanan's administration, and who was a great uncle of the present business manager, E. A. Lockwood. The paper is operated under the firm name of Lockwood & Breeding, proprietors and publishers.
     The "Sun" has been the Democratic organ of the county since it was first established, although the county was controlled by the Republican party from 1878 to 1885. From 1885 to 1902, Mr. E. A. Lockwood held the editorship of the paper and since then has been the business manager. From 1932 to the present time Mr. John W. Lennin has attended to the editorial work.
     Mr. E. A. Lockwood was born in Madison, Ind., January 19, 1855, which place was his home until in 1862, when the family removed to Clermont county, Ohio. He is a son of Elder J. H. Lockwood, more extensively mentioned elsewhere in these volumes.
     Mr. Lockwood attended the public schools of the county until he was seventeen years of age, at which time he entered Parker's Academy, graduating in the class of 1875. He then spent two years at Butler University, at Irvington, Ind., near Indianapolis. From 1879 until 1882, Mr. Lockwood taught in the high school at Moscow, this county, and from then until 1885, he was superintendent of the schools at Bethel.
In 1879, Mr. Lockwood married Miss Susan J. Porter, who was born and reared near Nicholsville, a daughter of William and Asenath (Lane) Porter, early residents of Monroe township. They were of Scotch descent, and have been deceased for some years.
     Mrs. Lockwood died in June, 1895, at the age of forty years, leaving three sons:
Howard T., who is a civil engineer, is at present associated with the Wood-Harmon Company, of New York City, as chief engineer. He married Miss Emma Zimmer, of Williamsburg, Clermont county, Ohio. They have two daughters, Mary Elizabeth and Helen Porter.
     Allen P. is manager of the office of the Kelley Island Lime and Transport Company, of Buffalo, New York. He married Miss Pearl Cox, of Walnut Hills, Cincinnati. She is a granddaughter of the late Joseph Cox, ex-circuit judge. They have one daughter, Virginia Sue.
Henry A., of New York City, is connected with the Wood-Harmon, Real Estate Company. He married Miss Blanch MacDonald, of New Rochelle, New York.
     Mr. Lockwood married a second time, in August, 1902, Miss Josephine Zimmer, a sister of his son's wife. Mrs. Lockwood was born and reared near Point Isabel, Clermont county, and later resided near Williamsburg, until her marriage. She is a daughter of Joseph and Mary Zimmer, who were early settlers of Clermont county.
     Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood attend the Presbyterian church of Batavia, where Mr. Lockwood placed his letter when he removed from Bethel to that place. He united with the Christian church at Bethel years ago, changing only for the reason that there was no church of that denomination in Batavia.
In political views, Mr. Lockwood is always a Democrat.
Source: History of Clermont and Brown Counties, Ohio - Vol. II - by Byron Williams - Publ. 1913 - Page 29
  GEORGE C. LONGWORTH.  Business activity and energy have been the salient features in the life record of Mr. George C. Longworth, who is now engaged in conducting a general store at Felicity, Ohio.  He has a well appointed establishment and is doing a fine business, his annual sales reaching a gratifying figure.  Mr. Longworth is a Clermont county man, his birth having occurred at Felicity, Ohio, his parents being Joseph Morris and Georgianna (Clark) Longworth.
     Joseph Morris Longworth
was born at Cincinnati, just east of Broadway, where the Park now is, in 1836, and died in February, 1912.  He was a versatile man, being a farmer, banker and capitalist of Hamilton county, Ohio, and in later life engaged in the tobacco business and conducted a general store at Felicity, Ohio.  He served three and one-half hears in the Civil war, enlisting from Ohio in the One Hundred and Fifty-third regiment, Ohio volunteer infantry.  In politics, Mr. Joseph M. Longworth was a Republican, although he always voted for the best man and the best measures.
     Georgianna (Clark) Longworth was born at Rural, Clermont County, Ohio, in 1848, and passed away in 1910.  She became the mother of six children, three of whom are deceased.  Thos living are:
     George C., of this mention.
     Apphia L.
is the wife of Dr. C. H. Mason, of Felicity, Ohio
     Dr. Thomas, of Felicity, Ohio.
     George C. Longworth obtained his education in the schools of Hamilton county, Ohio, and entered the business world in the insurance business, as adjuster of claims.  In this capacity he continued for a period of two years, after which he was employed as clerk.  In 1892, he opened his general store at Felicity, and it is the largest in the village.  Mr. Longworth owns the store on Main and Union streets, also the store building on Main and Market Streets.  He is the owner of two nice farms in Washington township, and his success in the past gives promise of greater success in the future.
     In politics, Mr. Longworth votes for the best man for all offices, and has served for one term as town treasurer, with great satisfaction to all.
     Mr. Longworth is a member of the Masonic lodge, and of the Eastern Star, and is prominent in both organizations.
     Mr. Longworth is well known in Felicity as a reliable business man, well qualified to conduct his large interests, and is one of the most highly respected citizens of the county.
Source: History of Clermont and Brown Counties, Ohio - Vol. II - by Byron Williams - Publ. 1913 - Page 83
  MANVILLE LYON is well known in the neighborhood of Edenton, Clermont county, where he has built up a good business in the past twenty-two years.  He is a good business manager and has won success by his uprightness and honesty.  Mr. Lyon enjoys the confidence of his customers and carries the best line of goods possible.  Although his home is in Wayne township, Clermont county, his operations are chiefly within the boundaries of Brown county.  He was born on a farm near Westboro, Clinton county, Ohio, Dec. 29, 1861, son of Azel and Julia (Odon) Lyon, his father being a son of Thomas Lyon, who was a soldier in the Revolution.
     Azel Lyon was born and reared at Whitehall, N. Y., and served in the War of 1812.  He was twice married and died when his son, Manville, was but six years old.  After the death of the father the widow had a home, but had to earn her living, with the help of her children.
     The subject of this sketch received a good common school education and remained with his mother until he reached young manhood.  He began at an early age to earn money to help his mother, and his first recollection of work was dropping corn at twenty-five cents per day.  He left home when he was seventeen years of age and went to work by the month on a farm, remaining four years each at two different places, in the latter of 1hich he learned the huckster business, which he has since followed on his own account.  He was married, June 7, 884, at Midland City, Clinton county, to Miss Mary J. Conklin, of Westboro, where she was born.  She is a daughter of Westboro, where she was born.  She is a daughter of James R. and Margaret E. (Morseman) Conklin and received a common school education.  In November, 1886, this couple moved to Edenton, and in 1890 they were able to buy a huckster business for themselves.  It was small at first, but by his honorable dealing Mr. Lyon has added to his list of customers, year by year, until he has an extensive trade.  In 1899 he added farming to his business, purchasing seventy-eight acres near his home.
     Mr. Lyon has done business with some of his customers ever since he began operations on his own account, and is on excellent terms with them.  He has stopped on his rounds every time he made a trip, for the past twenty-two years, with one customer, where he remains over night.  HE takes an interest in everything affecting the general welfare and prosperity of the region and in politics is a Democrat.  He has served as townshp treasurer and has been school teacher for ten years.  He is a member of the Blue Lodge and Chapter of Masons at Blanchester, and has filled all the chairs in the former.  He is a representative citizen, well regarded by all, industrious and energetic, and has many friends.
     Six children were born to Mr. Lyon and his wife, namely:  Emmett, who was a student in the high school at Blanchester, died at the age of eighteen eyars;  Margaret E., a graduate of the Blanchester High School, in the class of 1910, attended Wesleyan College, at Delaware, Ohio, one year; two children died in infancy; Tacy is at home with her parents, and Galen M.  The family have a pleasant home in Edenton, and the farm land is well improved.
Source: History of Clermont and Brown Counties, Ohio - Vol. II - by Byron Williams - Publ. 1913 - Page 798

Source: History of Clermont and Brown Counties, Ohio - Vol. II - by Byron Williams - Publ. 1913 - Page 804




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