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  PERCY FRENCH JAMIESON, president of the First National Bank of Batavia, Ohio, and one of the progressive and successful business men of Clermont county, was born at Batavia, Ohio, July 24, 1868, son of Milton Jamieson, extended mention of whom appears on other pages of these volumes.
     Mr. Jamieson, of this review, graduated from the Batavia public schools in 1887, then attended the University at Wooster, Ohio, joining the "Phi Gamma Delta" college fraternity, of which he is still a member. Soon after leaving college Mr. Jamieson accepted the position of secretary of Jones Brothers' Electric Company, of Cincinnati, Ohio, resigning within a year to become assistant cashier of the First National Bank of Batavia. He served the bank in this capacity until 1907, when he was elected cashier, and since January, 1912, has been the institution's efficient president. He assisted in the organization of the Batavia Improvement Company, and has served as its president to the present time. In 1933 he formed a partnership with A. V. Carroll, of Williamsburg, Ohio, for the manufacture of machine tools, and one year later organized the business into a stock company under the corporate name of the Carroll-Jamieson Machine Tool Company, serving since then as secretary and treasurer. The business has been very successful, the company owns its plant and ships machinery to all parts of the United States and is building up a foreign trade. In 1906, Mr. Jamieson started what is known as the Batavia Foundry Company as a partnership with James A. Norman, whose interest he purchased the same year; the plant was completely destroyed by fire, in February, 1912, but he rebuilt at once a much better building and the foundry is now doing a good business. He is a director and a vice-president of "American Liability Insurance Company," of Cincinnati, Ohio, besides other business interests.
     While never in any sense a politician, Mr. Jamieson has served on the Batavia council, was president of the board of public affairs for six years and is at present a member of the school board. He has ever taken an active interest and part in enterprises for the upbuilding of his home town. He was the organizer, in 1892, of the Batavia orchestra and is still leader. September 26, 1894, was solemnized the marriage of Mr. Jamieson and Miss Elizabeth Griffith, daughter of Thomas A. and Anna M. Griffith, of Batavia, Ohio. To this union have been born the following children: Donald G., born November 6, 1895; Katherine, born February 12, 1897; Robert B., born May 4, 1900; Elizabeth, born May 26, 1903; Mary Virginia, born September 19, 1905; and John G., born June 3, 1911.
     Mr. Jamieson is a member of the time-honored Masonic fraternity, including the Blue Lodge, Chapter and Council. Both he and Mrs. Jamieson are members of the First Presbyterian Church of Batavia, in which he is an acting elder, being also superintendent of the Sunday school.
Source: History of Clermont and Brown Counties, Ohio - Vol. II - by Byron Williams - Publ. 1913 - Page 47
  JOHN JARMAN is one of the most extensive farmers of Washington township, Clermont county, and belongs to the class of self-made en who have done so much for the progress and welfare of the county.  He is held in respect by his neighbors and enjoys the good will of all who know him.  He was born near Neville, Clermont county, in 1875, son of George and Alice Jarman, a sketch of whom also appears in this work.  The father was a prominent citizen of the county, industrious and thrifty, and is well remembered by many, as he was much interested in local affairs and was kindly disposed toward all.  He and his wife had four children, mentioned in connection with the sketch of the parents.
     Mr. Jarman attended school at Beech Grove, and after leaving school remained on the home farm with his mother until he attained his majority.   Sept. 16, 1902, he married Miss Hattie Essex, who was born at Rural, Clermont county, Mar. 9, 1879, daughter of A. L. and Rachael Belle (Reed) Essex, of Rural.  Her father, Albert L. Essex, is a retired tobacco buyer and in early years was a teacher and farmer.  He is a son of Albert and Joanna (Broadwell) Essex, born at Rural, in 1854, and resides in Washington township.  His father was born in New York, in 1818, and died in 1853, not long before the birth of his son.  His mother was born at Milford, Ohio, in 1823, and died in 1892,and both were buried in Rural cemetery.  Albert and Joanna Essex had four children, two of whom reached maturity: Frances, wife of William A. Jones, of Walnut Hills, and Albert L.
     Albert L. Essex
attended National Normal University, at Lebanon, Ohio, and for a short time studied at Augusta, Ky.  He taught some fifteen years in Franklin township, buying tobacco during the summer months.  He became foreman for H. P. Williams, an extensive tobacco buyer, and had a factory for several years.  In 1892 he built a warehouse, but since 1896 he has practically retired and his son carried on the business for some years, but is now connected with the American Tobacco Company.  He spent the greater part of his life in Franklin township, now the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Jarman.  He was elected by the Republicans to the office of justice of the peace, serving nine years in Franklin township and three yeas in Washington township, and served some time as trustee in the latter.  In 1878 he married Miss Belle Reed, born near Rural in 1856, daughter of Joseph and Rachael (Morgan) Reed.  Mr. Reed was born in Felicity in 1828 and died in 1904, and the mother was born near Rural in 1830, and died in 1885, both being buried at Mount Pleasant.  There were eleven children in their family, eight of whom reached maturity: Elizabeth, wife of Baker Flaugher, of Higginsport; Edward was killed in childhood; Belle, Mrs. Essex; Alphonso, who was accidentally killed; William of Cincinnati; Alvina, Mrs. Mahllon Vermillion, deceased; Laura, Mrs. Harvey Fry; Grant, died February, 1913, at Cincinnati; Edmond, of Kentucky.  Mr. and Mrs. Essex had five children born near Rural:  Hattie, wife of John Jarman; Paul, of Ripley, Ohio, married Mary Glazer, of Neville; Edith, wife of Alfred M. Demaris, living on a farm near Rural, has one child; the other two children, Eva and Wylie, died in infancy.  Mr. Essex had an uncle, Ferdinand Broadwell, who served in the Civil war, in the Twenty-second Ohio, and Mrs. Essex had two uncles, Frank and Charles Reed, who served in the war, the former of whom was wounded at Kenesaw Mountain.  Mr. and Mrs. Essex have worked hard and now enjoy their comfortable circumstances.  Mrs. Essex belongs to the Christian church at rural.
     After marriage Mr. and Mrs. Jarman located near Neville, where he has some three hundred acres of land under his control, part of which he owns.  He has demonstrated unusual ability as a farmer and in business transactions, being very successful in his enterprises.  He is a Republican in politics.  He is a Mason and also belongs to the Junior Order of American Mechanics.  Mrs. Jarman belongs to the Christian church,.  They have four children, all born near Chilo: Paul, born July 16, 1904, attends the school at Beech Grove, which his father and grandfather Jarman attended; Alice, born Apr. 9, 1907; John, born Nov. 8, 1910, and George Allen, born May 25, 1913.
Source: History of Clermont and Brown Counties, Ohio - Vol. II - by Byron Williams - Publ. 1913 - Page
  ROBERT L. JOHNSTON.  The Johnston Paint Company 224-30 Main street, Cincinnati, wholesale and retail dealers and manufacturers of paints, oils and paint supplies of all kinds, is well known over the entire United States by reason of the excellency of their products and the business integrity and enterprising methods of the men who are at the head of the concern.  The company makes a specialty of "Johnston's Dull Kote" paint, which gives such perfect satisfaction in every way.
     The officials of the company are as follows:  R. F. Johnston, president; R. L. Johnston, vice-president; W. G. Johnston, secretary, and H. P. Aiken, treasurer.  The board of directors are:  R. F. Johnston, R. L. Johnston, W. G. Johnston, H. P. Aiken, B. F. Bruenger, Charles Boalt and Lowe Emerson.
The Johnston Paint Company was incorporated in 1905, with a capitalization of $50,000, and employs nine traveling representatives, who distribute their goods from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from the Great Lakes to Mexico.  The growth and progress of this company has been very gratifying  to all who are interested in any way.
     Mr. Robert L. Johnston is a native of Clermont county, his birth having occurred at Moscow, August 30, 1846.  He is a son of William and Mary (Fee) Johnston, the latter being also a native of the county and died in the forty-seventh year of her age, at her home in Moscow, Ohio.
     William Johnston was born at Campbell, Scotland, in 1806, and came to America with his widowed mother when he was nine years of age.  They located at Nicholsville, Monroe township, and there William was reared and educated in the school at that place.  Later he studied medicine and practiced at Moscow, where he resided until his death, in 1876.  He was a Mason, being a Knight Templar.
     The marriage of Mr. Johnston to Miss Mary Pattison was celebrated in Moscow, Ohio.  Her father, W. G. Pattison, resides in Brown county, where she was born.
     Mr. and Mrs. Johnston have had six children born to their union:  Robert F.; L. P. is in the War Department at Washington, D. C., where he was married, and is the father of one child, a daughter; W. G., of Cincinnati, is a member of the Johnston Paint Company; Miss Mary A., at home; Mrs. Dr. George Lane, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; Mrs. C. B. Jones, of Cincinnati, is the mother of one child.
     The life of Mr. Johnston has been one of great activity in business, and is an example of that class of men who, by their earnest and honest industry, have achieved success in the battle of life, being rewarded by a measure of prosperity.
Source: History of Clermont and Brown Counties, Ohio - Vol. II - by Byron Williams - Publ. 1913 - Page
  GEO. G. JONESMr. George G. Jones is known throughout the manufacturing circles of Clermont county, Ohio, as a. man of unquestioned integrity and sound business judgment, combined with a never failing courtesy to all with whom he is called upon to meet.  The present prosperous condition of the Jones Heel Manufacturing Company, of which he is president and active general manager, is largely due to his energetic efforts.
     Mr. Jones is not a native of Clermont county, his birth having occurred at Fishing Creek, Pa., on Dec. 5, 1872.  He is a son of Francis W. and Monema (Gregory) Jones, the former of whom was a miller of Fishing Creek, Pa.  George G. Jones was reared and educated at Fishing Creek, until he was about eighteen years of age, when he entered the Valparaiso University, in the class of 1892, and was graduated from the scientific department with the degree of Bachelor of Science.  He then entered upon the study of civil engineering, which he followed for a short period.
     The real business career of the subject of this review began at Orangeville, Pa., in 1894, when he entered into a partnership for the manufacture of shoe heels. In this venture he met with a reasonable success until in 1903, when he was visited by an unfortunate fire, which carried away his entire business.  He was only partially reimbursed by insurance, but with his accustomed optimism did not allow his misfortune to master him, for in 1905 he was again in business.
     Mr. George G. Jones was married in New York City, on Dec. 4, 1897, to Miss Ruby Jean DeLong, of Orangeville, Pa., where she was born and received her education.  She is a daughter of Jerome B. and Flora (Golder) DeLong.
     Mr. and Mrs. Jones are the parents of four children:
     Mabel Jeannette was born at Orangeville, Pa., May 20, 1902.
     Rebecca Jean was born at Orangeville, Pa., Dec. 30, 1903.
     Frances Louise was born at Batavia, Ohio, Dec. 22, 1905.
     George G.. Jr., was born at Batavia, Ohio, Feb. 7, 1911.
     In political views, Mr. Jones is a Republican, but is not an office seeker, prefering rather the quiet and peace of the private citizen.  His first ballot was cast for President McKinley.
     Both Mr. and Mrs. Jones are members of the Methodist Episcopal church, and in his former home he was a teacher of the normal class in Sunday school.  In 1907 he became a member of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Batavia, of which he has served as senior warden and has taken the royal arch degree.
     Although he has been in Clermont county but seven years, Mr. Jones has made himself a leading figure in the affairs of the county, and the town in which he is making his home.
Source: History of Clermont and Brown Counties, Ohio - Vol. II - by Byron Williams - Publ. 1913 - Page 454
  WILLIAM H. JONESWilliam H. Jones is a substantial farmer and stock raiser of Jackson township, and is respected as an upright citizen.  He is largely self-made and has made his way in the world through energy and hard work.  He is an intelligent and progressive farmer and successfully follows approved modern methods in his operations.  He was born in Sterling township, Brown county, Ohio, Sept. 20, 1869, son of Levi and Sarah (Doris) Jones, natives of Clermont and Brown counties, respectively.  The father was born near Goshen in 1845, and now lives on the farm in Brown county, where all his children were born.  He served from Ohio in the One Hundred Day Service, and by trade was a mechanic, carpenter and
chair maker, following these occupations for a number of years.  The mother was born in 1845 also.  They had four children:
     Etta, wife of Harvey Cregar, deceased;
     Almeda, wife of Charles Patton, of Clinton county, Ohio;
     William H., and
     George C., of Brown county.
     Mr. Jones attended school in Sterling township, Brown county, remaining with his father until attaining his majority.  On Mar. 19, 1888, he was united in marriage with Miss Minerva Wallace, born near New Hope, Scott township, Brown county, June 14, 1870, daughter of Nichols and Martha (Brown) Wallace, natives of Brown county.  Mr. Wallace was born in 1848 and his wife in 1850, and they now live in Clermont county, although for many years they carried on farming in Brown county.  They had fifteen children, born in the two counties just mentioned, namely:
     Four who did not reach maturity;
, wife of Adam Morse, living near Edenton;
, wife of Allen Malot, of Brown county;
, Mrs. Jones;
, wife of Walter Henderson, of Warren county, Ohio;
, wife of Gus Hulick, of Batavia, Clermont county;
and Lena, twins, the former living in Cincinnati, and the latter the wife of Richard McElfreth, and is now deceased;
, of Clermont county, married Gertrude Turner;
, wife of Quinn Leonard, of Owenton, Ky.;
, at home with his parents;
, wife of Jacob Lang, of Cincinnati. 
Both the Jones and Wallace families were among the very early settlers of Brown county.
     After marriage Mr. Jones and his wife spent four years in Brown county, spent two years in Pike township, spent the two succeeding years at Crosstown, Clermont county, and returned to Brown county.  Eight years later they located at East Fork, Jackson township, Clermont county, remained there three years, and in March, 1909, moved to their present home on the farm owned by Samuel Pridmore, an uncle of Mr. Jones.  He runs two hundred and nineteen acres of land, devoted to general farming, and does well for himself and for the owner.  He is a Democrat in politics, and he and his wife are members of the Methodist church.  They have had five children, of whom three now survive, namely:
     Alma, born in Clermont county, Sept. 22, 1888, died at the age of twenty-one months, and is buried in Brown county;
     Carroll, born in Brown county, in 1891, married Miss Florence Johnson, of Clermont county, and they have one child, William;
     Etta, born in Brown county, in 1894, at home;
     Letha, born in 1896, died when two days old;
     Goldie Catherine, born in Clermont county, in August, 1910.
The family have a wide acquaintance and many warm friends.  Anthony Wallace, the
grandfather of Mrs. Jones, and her uncle, Jacob Wallace, served in the Civil war, John and James Jones, uncles of William H. Jones, also served in that war from Ohio.
Source: History of Clermont and Brown Counties, Ohio - Vol. II - by Byron Williams - Publ. 1913 - Page 815

Source: History of Clermont and Brown Counties, Ohio - Vol. II - by Byron Williams - Publ. 1913 - Page  106




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