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1860 Mortality List

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US Federal Mortality Schedule 1860 Brown County, Ohio,

Lewis Township, enumerated by John L. Jones
Day, Mary E. 1m F       Oh Feb   Brain fever 14d
Fythin, Arnold L. 2 M       Oh Oct   Inflammation of bowels 6d
Innis, Martha 4m F       Oh Feb   Inflammation of stomach 3d
Stewart, John 2m M       Oh Mar   Whooping cough 14d
Ross, Catherine 83 F     Md NY Oct   Palpitation of Heart? 45d
Day, Charley B. 11m M       Oh Oct   Inflammation of brain 28d
Carter, Levi 56 M     Md Ky Mar Farmer Consumption 75d
Metzgar, James 3 M       Oh July   Thrown from    horse Sudden
Myers, Ida M. 1m F       Oh Mar   Blank 15d
Sale, Sharlottie 87 F       Oh Jan   Consumption 30d
Clark, Maggie 2 F       Oh Feb   Influenza 14d
Townsley, W. F. 10 M       Oh Sep   Putrified sore throat 5d
Turner, Ann 53 F     Md Oh July   Consumption 90d
Turner, Robert 9m M       Oh Aug   Whooping cough 24d
Wise, Emma 3 F       Oh Sep   Bleeding of nose 21d
Wolf, John 3 M       Oh Dec   Fire burn 1d
Park, Avenia 1 F       Oh Sep   Croup 3d
Bolander, Lewis 1 M       Oh May   Inflammation of bowels 9d
Brannon, Winiferd 10m F       Oh Aug   Summer     complaint 40d
McGloughlin, Patric, 35 M     Md Mongen Ireland Apr Daylaborer Scalded 3d
Hicks, Elizabeth 26 F       Oh July   Bronchitis 90d
McWilliams, Jane 16 F       Oh Mar   Consumption 120d
Lindaman, Amanda 10m F       Oh May   Whooping cough 24d
Wilks, Mills 50 M     Md Oh Sep Steamboat Pilot Inflammation of liver 21d
Bucher, John 65 M     Md Ky Feb Farmer Neuralgia of brain 6d
Fiscus, Joseph 80 M     Wd Unknown Sep   Unknown 10d
Whisman, Mary 3m F       Oh Dec   Whooping cough    old age 21d
Peterson, Jarret 85 M       Unknown Jan   Old age 60d
Perry Township, enumerated by William Boyle
Agnes, Mathias 19 M     S Oh Jan Sadler Consumption 3m
Frazee, Caroline 37       Md Oh Jan Farmer's wife Consumption 5m
Murphy, Macy 2         Oh Mar   Spasms 2d
Carney, James 48       Md Ireland Feb Farmer   Consumption 4m
Scully, Catharine 4         Oh Feb   Fatal paralysis 1y
Halpner, Nicholas 53       Md Ireland Mar Farmer Consumption 4m
Birman?, Mames 20       S Oh May Farmer Accident  
Hoover, George 4 M       Oh May   Appoplectic fit  
Monahan 55 M     Md Ireland June Farmer Diabetes ?m
Long 4 F     S Oh Oct   Typhoid fever 1m
  45 M     Md Ireland Mar Farmer Hepatitis 6m
_ovalt? 31 F     Md Oh Apr Farmer's wife Uterine Hemmorage 4d
Beanger?, John 11m M     S Oh Dec   Per___? 2d
Donahue 6m M       Oh Dec   Pneumonia 6d
Robison 4 M       Oh Sep   Cy____? 2d
Walters 60 M       Ireland Dec Farmer Congestion of the Liver 2m
Hoover, Catharine 30 F       Bader, Ger Apr Farmer's wife   4m
Mahoney, Eliza 35 F     S Ireland Aug Laborer Consumption 2y
Bennett, Mary 16 F     S Ireland Sep     5m
Reeves 36 F     Md NJ Feb Farmer's wife P_____? Fever 21d
McCaffrey 9m M     S Oh July   Cholera Infantum 1d
George, Victor 35 M     Md France May Carpenter Consumption 1y
Thompson, Will? 11 M     S Oh Feb   Gangrenous Diptheria? 35d
Kelly, Catharine 54 F     Md Ireland Feb Farmer's wife Consumption 2y
Pleasant Township, enumerated by  John L. Jones 
Evans, Joseph M. 11 M       Oh Dec   Accidental fall 12d
Warner, Eliza 43 F     Md Pa Feb   Unknown 24d
Armstrong, Matilda A. 27 F     Md Oh Mar   Suicide by shooting Sudden
Wiley, Rebecha?, H 15 F       Oh Mar   Unknown  
Jackson, Franklin 58 M B X Md Ky Apr   Unknown  
Crouch, Thomas 35 M     Md Oh Dec Carpenter Unknown  
Lindsey, Jasper N. 6m M       Oh June   Cholera Infantum 21d
Mann, Eliner J. 32 F     Md Oh Oct   Consumption 75d
Tucher, Samuel 55 M     Md Va Oct Farmer Inflammation of bowels 18d
Woods, Nathan C/ 39 M     Md Oh Aug Farmer Consumption 10d
Karns, Isabella 62 F     Wd Oh Mar   Inflammation of bowels 25d
Crabb, Sarah 69 F     Md Oh Apr      
Kendle, Narcissa 35 F     Wd Oh Dec   Consumption 25d
Aichey, Sarah 42 F     Wd Oh Jan      
King, William 68 M     Md Pa Nov   Ulcerated bowels 20d
Pearce, Sarah 24 F       Oh Mar   Measles 35d
Parker, John H. 2 M       Oh Feb   Convulsions 10d
Allen, _anah B. 2m F       Oh Nov   Whooping Cough 21d
Ripley Township, enumerated by  B. F. Johnson
Rankin, Mary A. 39 F     Wd Oh June   Consumption 180d
Snider, John 1m M       Oh Apr   Thrash 21d
Delong, E. M. V. 1 F       Oh Apr   Inflammation of the lungs 14d
Mitchell, Isaac 76 M     Md Pa Apr Wagon Maker Lung fever 5d
Esterby, William 30 M       England Jan Blacksmith Suicide by Lo----- Sudden
McDaniel, Mary J. 35 F     Md Oh July   by cutting her own throat  
Campbell, Mary J. 33 F     Md Oh Mar   Epilepsy 7d
Wylie, M. L. 1 F       Oh Apr   Inflammation of the lungs 14d
Burcan, Mary 4 F       Oh Jan   Burnt by falling in fire Sudden
Brafford, Elizabeth 64 F     Md VA Feb   Appoplexy Sudden
Cowen, W. W. 3 M B X   Oh May   Lung fever 21d
Cowen, Francis E. 8 F B X   Oh Aug   Disentary 14d
King, Montezuma 4 M       Oh Aug   Flux 21d
Bowen, Harry 3m M       Oh May   Flux 14d
Gaffiee?, William 45 M     Md NY Oct Cooper Abcess of the liver 28d
Glass, Margaret 23 F       Pa May   Consumption 180d
Glass, Nancy 19 F       Pa Aug   Consumption 180d
Eraus, Elmer 4m M       Oh July   Inflammation of the lungs



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