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A History of the County; Its Townships, Towns, Churches,
Schools, Etc.; General and Local Statistics; Portraits of
Early Settlers and Prominent Men; History of the
Northwest Territory; History of Ohio; Map of
Brown County; Constitution of the
United States, Miscellaneous
Matters, Etc., Etc.
Published:  Chicago:  W. H. Beers & Co.



  Huntington Twp. -
ELIJAH GARRISON, farmer, P. O. Aberdeen, was born in Mason County, Ky., Apr. 3, 1829, and is a son of James and Mary (Sullivan) Garrison, natives of Virginia, who settled in Kentucky in an early day, where they lived for a number of years, when they removed to this county, and afterward removed to Indiana, where they now reside.  Three of their children, viz., William, Susan and our subject, reside in Brown County.  Our subject was reared on the farm, in Kentucky, until twelve years old, when he came to this county, and in 1853, went to Indiana, where he lived till 1865, at which time he returned to Brown County, and located where he now resides.  He owns 120 acres of land, and is a member of Charter Oak Lodge, No. 137, I. O. O. F.  He and his wife are members of the Christian Church.  They were married in 1850.  She was Margaret, the daughter of John Steele, of this county, formerly of Virginia.  Seven children have been born to them, viz., William R., James A., Thomas E., Sophronia, John, Mary J. (deceased), and Sarah B. (deceased).  Mr. Garrison has been successful in life, and his every effort has been blessed with success.
Source: The History of Brown County Ohio - Chicago - W. H. Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page  162
  Clark Twp. -
ENOCH R. GARRISON, farmer, P. O. Hamersville, was born on the farm where he now resides, in this township, Mar. 12, 1839.  He is the son of Ephraim and Charlotte (Rammel) Garrison, natives of New Jersey, of English descent.  He received a common school education, and early began the work of a farmer, in which he has since continued.  He owns seventy-eight and a half acres, upon which his whole life has been spent with the exception of three years spent in Pike Township.  He was the youngest of six children, and is the only one of them now living, and he and Mahlon F. were the only ones that reached their majority.  Mr. Garrison was married in 1850 to Elizabeth Brooks, by whom he had four children, viz.:  Charlotte F. (wife of Merrit Turner), Abigail M., Mary A. and Arrilla.  The parents are both members of the Christian Church.  Mr. Garrison is a Democrat in politics, and a member of the society of Grangers.
Source: The History of Brown County Ohio - Chicago - W. H. Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page  184
  Perry Twp. -
ANTHONY GAUCHE, farmer, P. O. Vera Cruz, son of John C. and Mary E. Gauche, was born in France in 1832.  When fourteen years of age, his parents came to this country with a family of five children, besides Anthony.  His father was a weaver by trade, and worked in a cotton factory on Third street, in Cincinnati one year, and then moved to Williamsburg, Clermont Co., Ohio, where he worked at farming, and weaving five years.  He then moved to the southwestern part of this township, but did not buy land or settle permanently at that time.  He bought 100 acres of land in Jackson Township, Clermont County.  Anthony  was married in St. Patrick's Church, Fayetteville, Sept. 26, 1856, to Mary M., daughter of William and Elizabeth (Crone) Bamler, born in this township.  They have two children, John E., born Jan. 13, 1858, and Elizabeth C., born July 24, 1874.  They have a fine farm of 105 acres, ninety-five of which are in a high state of cultivation.  Mr. Gauche has been Supervisor in this township two years, and School director six years.  The family are members of the Catholic Church.
Source: The History of Brown County Ohio - Chicago - W. H. Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page  136
  Huntington Twp. -
A. B. GILBERT, farmer, P. O. Aberdeen, was born near where he now lives Oct. 28, 1810, and is a son of William and Margaret (Fryer) Gilbert.  His father was born in Pennsylvania Mar. 1, 1776; Margaret, his wife, was born Dec. 16, 1777.  They were married in Virginia, and, in 1808, with a family of five children, came to Ohio, and settled where our subject now resides.  He here purchased 202 acres of land, for which he paid $2 per acre.  He moved into a cabin that had been built by a man named Gunsalus, who held a lease on the land he had purchased.  The land he cleared up and improved, and lived on during his life.  He was a Justice of the Peace and Trustee many years, and during military days was a Captain of militia.  He and his wife were members of the M. E. Church.  To them were born the following twelve children, five of whom were born in Virginia - Elizabeth, Ruth, Nathan, John, Sarah, William, Alex. B., Rachel G., Walter G., Peggy, Robert D. and Benjamin E.  Mrs. Gilbert died in 1822.  Mr. Gilbert was married to Betsey Anderson, who bore him two children, namely Howey A. and an infant.  His second marriage was celebrated with Betsey Ramy.  He died Oct. 28, 1830.  A remarkable coincidence exists in the fact that his father and mother lay a corpse upon his birthday, and that his brother Nathan was married to his second wife upon the same day.  William Sr., was a soldier in the war of 1812.  Our subject was brought up, as are all pioneer boys, with plenty of hard work, privation and exposure.  He was fond of hunting and fishing, and his spare time was spent in these sports in preference to attending school.  He was married, in January, 1830, to Catherine, the daughter of John and Elizabeth (Cruzen) Housh, who settled in this township in 1804.  After his marriage, he settled on the place where he now lives, and where fifty-two years of his life have been spent.  He has been fortunate and unfortunate during life, and yet has a competency for his remaining years.  He has operated a saw-mill since he was thirteen years of age.  To him have been born two children - Dyas and John.  He has twelve grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.  The father of Mrs. Gilbert was born in Pennsylvania, and his mother in Maryland.  They settled in this township on the East Fork of Eagle Creek, where they purchased 200 acres of land, where he died about 1850.  She died about 1864.  They were parents of twelve children, of whom five are living, namely - Mary A., Catherine, Rachel, Lucy and Harrison.  The deceased are - Anna, Betsey, Nancy, India, William, Gilbert and JAckson.  He held some of the minor offices of the township.  He served in the war of 1812 - in the Lake expedition.  Mrs. Gilbert was born in this township Sept. 3, 1802.
Source: The History of Brown County Ohio - Chicago - W. H. Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page  162
  Huntington Twp. -
DYAS GILBERT, farmer, P. O. Aberdeen, son of A. B. Gilbert, was born Oct. 9, 1830.  In 1852, he was married to Harriet, the daughter of Aaron and Elizabeth (Moore) Pence, after which he located where he now resides.  He has held the office of Trustee six years, and been identified with other minor offices; he is a member of Aberdeen Lodge, No. 137, I. O. O. F., and Magnolia Encampment, No. 186, having passed the chairs of each.  He is also a member of Ripley Lodge, Knights of Pythias; was first Chancellor Commander of Gretna Green Lodge, No. 99, K. P., and in the winter of 1881 was elected a Representative to the Grand Lodge at Columbus, Ohio.  He owns 115 acres of good land, well improved.  To Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert have been born nine children, viz.:  Albertine, Sarah K., Hillis R., Nathan A., Mary L., Homer G., Minnie J. Effie B. and Cassius C. - deceased.  Aaron Pence was a son of Peter and Susan (Roush) Pence, of Virginia, who settled in Adams County, Ohio, in  1797.  Aaron Pence died Apr. 21, 1861.  He was the father of ten children, six living, viz.:  Alfred, Daniel and Lizzie (Davidson) Moore, of Virginia, who settled in Adams County, Ohio, in 1797.  He died in 1815; he was a soldier in the war of 1812.  Mrs. M. died in 1851.  Thirteen children were born to them, viz.:  William, Thomas, Daniel, Wesley, Nancy, Mary A., Hannah, Harriet, Elizabeth, Sarah, Rebecca and two that died in infancy.
Source: The History of Brown County Ohio - Chicago - W. H. Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page  162
  Huntington Twp. -
JOHN R. GLASSCOCK, farmer, P. O. Aberdeen, was born in Kentucky in 1817, and is a son of Gregory and Elizabeth (White) Glasscock, natives of Virginia, who settled in this township in 1817, and followed farming ten years, after which the father bought cattle and drove them to Eastern markets for six years; he then settled in Highland County, Ohio, where he died in 1851.  By his first wife he had five children, viz.: Mary A., Samuel H., James W., John R. and Valentine.  By his second wife (Susan Fristo) he had two children, viz.: Israel and AlandaMr. Glasscock, Sr. was a soldier in the war of 1812.  His first wife died in 1827.  Our subject was married in 1840 to Mary J., the daughter of Caleb and Matilda (Ross) Atherton.  To them have been born eleven children, four of whom are living, viz.: Elizabeth F., Caleb A., Milton B. and Thomas H.  Caleb enlisted, in 1861, in the Seventieth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, was veteranized in 1864, and discharged in 1865.  Mr. Glasscock owns sixty acres of land;  he and his wife are members of the Methodist Church, to which they have belonged many years.
Source: The History of Brown County Ohio - Chicago - W. H. Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 163
  Jefferson Twp. -
BASIL GLAZE, farmer, P. O. Russellville, was born Dec. 17, 1825, in Brown County, Ohio.  His parents were James and Mary Glaze.  His grandfather was one of the first settlers of Brown County, having settled here at a very early day, when, what is now known as Brown County, presented the appearance of an unbroken forest.  He settled near the place at present occupied by the subject of our sketch.  Here amid the thrilling scenes of pioneer life, he reared James Glaze, father of our subject, who, when he grew to manhood, married Mary Kinnett, by whom he had ten children; five of whom are still living.  James quietly passed away in May, 1862, after devoting a life of usefulness, to both the world and church.  He having been a member of the Christian Church.  His widow survived him until March, 1875.  Basil, the subject of our sketch, was early taught the principles by which a man might become a successful agriculturist, and having put those principles into practice, he has met with abundant success.  In his youth, he received but a limited education.  In September, 1847, he was united

in the bonds of matrimony, to Margaret J. Mineaw, who was born April, 1828.  To them have been born two children - Samuel C. and William P. They are both members of the Christian Church.  Mr. Glaze is a self-made man, having now about sixty acres of land in his possession, earned by his industry, perseverance and determination to succeed.
Source: The History of Brown County Ohio - Chicago - W. H. Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 238

  Clark Twp. -
WILLIAM GOULD, deceased, son of William and Miriam (Rounds) Gould, was born in Clark Township Feb. 20, 1820, of English descent.  His mother was a daughter of Lemuel Rounds, a Revolutionary soldier; our subject was married to Mary Wilson, daughter of Levi and Elizabeth (Anderson) Wilson, natives of Vermont, who was born May 4, 1825.  He enlisted in Foster's Independent Cavalry in February, 1862, and fell a victim to typhoid or malarial fever at Corinth, Tenn., June 6, 1862, in the service of his country.  He left four children, viz.:  Levi (married to Sarah A., daughter of Peter Kellum), Rosella (at home with her mother).  Mr. Gould only lived to participate in the battle of Corinth, and thus passed away one of our county's noble defenders.
Source: The History of Brown County Ohio - Chicago - W. H. Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 185
  Lewis Twp. -
C. E. GRIFFITH, farmer, P. O. Feesburg.  Among the mechanics of Lewis Township we mention the name of Hamilton Griffith, the father of our subject, who was born in Pennsylvania in 1824, and died in Lewis Township, Brown County, Sept. 5, 1880.  He was his father's second child, and was raised a farmer boy, but subsequently learned the blacksmith trade, to which he devoted about a quarter of a century, and from 1848 he reised in Ohio, save two years in Indiana.  First he engaged near David Barr's, but resided in Ohio, save two years in Indiana.  First he engaged near David Barr's but soon after married Rebecca daughter of Mark Day, who was born and raised in Lewis Township.  She died about 1855; four of her five children are now living.  Mr. Griffith was, as most of the pioneers, a judicious manager, and erelong owned a good farm in R. Lawson's Survey, No. 1716, where he resided at the time of his death.  His political Affiliations were in accordance with the Democratic party, and his religious ideas with the Christian Church.  Of his children, C. E., the third, was born in Lewis Township, Apr. 27, 1849.  He has always been a resident of his native county; was raised to farm life, which he still enjoys, and owns (with his wife), 142 acres of good land, well improved.  He has not yet reached the meridian of life, and is well fixed in this world's goods.  He was married to Elizabeth, daughter of Solomon Jennings; she is born in 1852 in Louis Township.  To this union four children have been given - Jennie L., Solomon J., Orlando H. and Jesse E.  Mr. Griffith and wife are both members of the Christian Church
Source: The History of Brown County Ohio - Chicago - W. H. Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page 103
  Huntington Twp. -
HARRISON GRIFFITH, farmer, P. O. Ripley, was born where he now lives, Oct. 12, 1812, and is a son of Mason Griffith, who came from Virginia, and located where our subject lives in 1812, and where he bought eighty acres of wild land; he died in 1855, aged upward of sixty years; his wife died in 1870, aged eighty-seven years.  Our subject was married in 1844 to Miranda Thompson, by whom he has had ten children, viz., Mason, Frances, Mary E., Andrew T., Amanda J., Alexander W., Jesse, Lou, Emma, William T. S., and  Susan B., deceased.  Mr. Griffith owns seventy three acres of land.  He and wife have been members of the Methodist Episcopal Church for many years.  Hezekiah and Eliza (Bennett) Thompson, parents of Mrs. Griffith, were natives of Maryland, and settled in Kentucky in 1821.  In 1824, Mr. Thompson died, when his wife, with her four children, settled in this township for one year, then went to Ripley.  She died in 1871, aged seventy-one years.  Mrs. Griffith is the only one of her children living.
Source: The History of Brown County Ohio - Chicago - W. H. Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page  164
  Huntington Twp. -
JESSE GRIFFITH, farmer, P. O. Ripley, was born in this township in the year 1817, and is a son of Mason and Winnie (Willoughby) Griffith.  They were born in Virginia, and came to Kentucky when single.  They were married in Kentucky, where they lived for several years, and about the year 1810 or 1812 he purchased land in this township, on which he resided many years.  He then removed to Logan's Gap, where he purchased land of Gen. Cochran, on which he died in 1854, at the age of about sixty-eight or sixty-nine years.  To them were born nine children, of whom only two are living, namely, Harrison and Jesse.  The deceased are Willoughby, Harriet, Lucinda, Jane, and Catherine, and two names unknown.  He was a soldier in the war of 1812, for which service he received two land warrants.  He was a successful man in his business and accumulated a good property.  Mrs. Griffith was a member of the Campbellite Church.  Our subject was reared on the farm, and was married to Miss Melinda, the daughter of Richard and Mary (Housh) Brown, old settlers in this county.  Our subject has lived in this township all his life, and in 1841 came to where he now lives.  He owns twenty-four and one-fourth acres of land on the Ohio River.  To Mr. and Mrs. Griffith, have been born eight children, namely, Henry, Mary E., Richard, Oliver B., Nancy, Harrison, Reny and Wylie.  Mrs. Griffith was born in this township in the year 1822.
Source: The History of Brown County Ohio - Chicago - W. H. Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page  164
  Huntington Twp. -
OWEN GRIFFITH, farmer, P. O. Ripley, was born in Union Township, and is a son of Alfred and Phoeba (Parker) Griffith.  Alfred Griffith was born in Virginia, and was a son of John Griffith, a native of Virginia, who settled in Union Township in 1804.  In 1808, they came to this township, and in 1812 settled on land that is now owned by Charles and Owen Griffith, where a permanent home was made.  John Griffith died in 1840; his wife having died previously.  Their sons all became residents of the county, and are all deceased.  Alfred was married to Phoeba, the daughter of Solomon and Nancy Parker, of Kentucky.  After his marriage, he located on his father's farm, where he lived during his life; he died in 1875, aged seventy-nine years.  His wife died in 1880, aged fifty-one years.  He had been twice married, and by his second wife had seven children, viz., Owen, Adeline, Charles, Ellen, Frances, Elijah and an infant.  By his first wife, Ann Lacy, he had two children, viz., Leander and Ann.  Our subject was born in 1852, and has always resided in the township.  In 1876, he was married to Mary, the daughter of James and Mary Cochran, by whom he had three children, viz., Ezra, Owen and an infant.  He owns 116 acres of well-improved land.  He and wife are members of the Christian Church.
Source: The History of Brown County Ohio - Chicago - W. H. Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page  165
  Byrd Twp. -
WILLIAM A. GRIMES, farmer, P. O. father.  Joshua Grimes, the grandparent of our subject, located in this township, near the Adams County line about the year 1807.  He cleared a farm and raised a family.  John, the father of William, our subject, was then only sixteen years of age.  He, John, married Mary Geeslin and they raised a family of nine children, six boys and three girls.  Of these children, seven are living.  Grandparent and father of William A., both died in this county; the latter in 1862.  Both bore an active part in the early settlement of Brown County, and took an active interest in the M. E. Church, as well as township and county affairs.  William A. Grimes was the fourth son born to his parents in Byrd Township, Brown County, in 1834.  He was married in 1857, to Miss Julia, daughter of Noah and Martha Pettingen.  Mr. Grimes has always taken a keen interest in the growth and advancement of Brown County.  For twenty years he has been prominently identified with the M. E. Church at Decatur, and is one of the enterprising, energetic farmers of the county.  His living children are John W., Mary E., Minerva J., Laura, Maud and Ella.  His estimable mother, who survives the father, is at this time living in the eighty-second year of her age.
Source: The History of Brown County Ohio - Chicago - W. H. Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page  302
  Union Twp. -
A. GROPPENBACHER, tailor, Ripley.  The subject of this sketch was born in Bavaria, Germany, in 1845.  IN 1861, he crossed the Atlantic and selected a location at Cincinnati, Ohio, where he became occupied working at his trade.  In 1868, he made his way to Ripley, and with the small capital at his command opened his present place of business.  His stock will now average about $6,000, and by close at attention to business has secured a permanent trade, which will aggregate from $18,000 to $20,000 per annum.  His marriage to Miss Mary Emerich a native of Connecticut, occurred in this city.  The union has been blessed with two children, Frank and WillieMr.. G. is a member of the Masonic order, and he numbers among the enterprising merchants of Ripley.
Source: The History of Brown County Ohio - Chicago - W. H. Beers & Co. - 1883 - Page  67



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