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in the WAR.
(Transcribed by Sharon Wick)


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Akerman, Jacob bat. D, 1st O. V. I.A.;
died in Mifflin in 1877.
Albright, Amos co. K, 82d O. V. I.;
died at Murfreesboro, Jan. 2, 1864.
Albright, Daniel co. F, 176th O. V. I.;
died of measles, winter of 1864-5
Albright, Edward corp. co. G. 23d O. V. I.;
3-year and vet. service
Albright, Emanual e. Aug. 1862, co. F, 120th O. V. I.;
dis. 1863, disab.
Albright, John co. C, 42d O. V. I.;
died at Memphis, spring of 1863.
Alexander, Wm. S. e. at Rochester, Ind. Feb. 7, 1865, co. A, 155th Ind. V. I.;
det. with co. on special guard duty at Salisbury, Md. some 2 months;
in hosp. at Salisbury, some 8 or 10 weeks, summer of 1865, typhoid fever;
dis. at Dover, Delaware, Aug. 10, 1865.
Alleman, C. T. e. at Jeromesville, May, 1864, co. I, 163d O. V. I.; fifer;
in hosp. at Wilsons Landing, Va. July, 1864, chronic diarrhea;
dis. at Columbus, Sept. 1864; Q.M. in Elliott Post, G. A. R.
Allen, Edward T. e. at Harrisburg, Pa. June, 1864, co. D, 76th Pa. V.I.;
in hosp. at Point of Rocks, Va. April, 1864, chronic diarrhea and hemorrhoids;
dis. at Harrisburg, Pa. Aug. 1865;
application for pension not yet properly considered;
mem. Elliott Post, G. A. R.
Allen, Frank in service in 2d O.V.C. and
dis. with regt.
Allenbaugh, David 3 yrs. in co. I, 32d O. V. I.;
9 months in pioneer corps.
Aller, Ernest co. C, 42d O. V. I.;
killed at Champion Hills, age 20 years.
Allison, Jas. H. e. May, 1864, corp. co. I, 163d. O. V. I.;
dis. with regt.
Ambrose, Wm. H. e. at Rowsburg, May 2, 1864, co. I, 163d O. V. I.; pro. 2d sergt.; in hosp. at Fort DeRussey, June, 1864, fever; in hosp. at Fortress Pocahontas, on James river, July 4, to Sept. 1864, injured by strain; det. at Harrisons Landing to put down pontoons; at Fort Powhatan to post hd.-qtrs.; dis. at Columbus, Sept. 10, 1864; charter mem. McCarty Post; P. C. first 3 years; 3 years post surg.
Ames, Holiday co. B, 102d O. V. I.; com. 2d lieut. pro 1st lieut.
Anderson, Jas. e. fall of 1862, co. C, 120th O. V. I.
dis. with regt.
Anderson, Watson H. co. K, 102d O. V. I.;
died April 8, 1865.
Anderson, Wm. e yrs in co. C, 120th O. V. I.;
died sine war.
Applegate, Aaron H. e. Aug. 1862, co. B, 120th O. V. I.;
pro.sergt. lieut. and capt. co. K; cap. at Snaggy Point;
held 1 year at the Camp Ford.
Applegate, Harvey co. B, 120th O. V. I.;
pro. sergt. lieut. and capt.
Applegate, Jas. M. 4-month service co. D, 163d O. V. I.;
died in 1878
Armstrong, Jas. 3 yrs. in co. B, 65th O. V. I.;
died Oct. 18, 1865
Armstrong, J. I. 18 mos. in co. A, McLaughlin's Vet. Cav.
Arndt, John e. Sept. 1865, co. F, 176th O. V. I.;
dis. June, 1865.
Arndt, Wm. B. served last year of war in co. E, 66th O. V. V. I.
Arnold, Dacre S. served through war in Pa. V.I.;
cap. at 2d Bull Run.
Arnold, Jacob P. e. May 5, 1864, co. F, 169th O. V. I.; dis. Sept. 1864
Arnold, John Anderson e. at Ashland, fall of 1861, co. K. 82d O. V. I.;
pro. 1st corp.;
killed by bullet shot through head at 2d Bull Run.
Arnold, Noah F. 2 yrs. in co. I, 47th Ill. V. I.;
died May 6, 1880
Artman, Geo. W. e. Feb. 1865, corp. co. B, 186th O. V. I.;
dis. with regt.
Atterholt, Henry Watson e. at Hayesville, Feb. 26, 1864, co. C, 120th O. V. I.;
in hosp. at Morganza Bend, La. malarial fever;
died on hosp. boat on way to Natchez, Miss. July 25, 1864.
Atterholt, Jas. e. at Camp Buckingham, Mansfield, Richland co. Dec. 16, '61, co. G, 65th O. V. I.;
minie-ball wound in right shoulder at Stone River, Dec. 31, 1862;
in hosp. No. 12, Nashville, with wound 1 month; Seminary hosp. Covington, Ky. 1 month; 3 weeks at Camp Dennison;
rejoined regt. at Murfreesboro;
wounded through right hand at Chickamauga, 2d day's fighting;
again wounded in ankle, before Atlanta; in hosp. with wounds at Nashville some 6 or 7 months in all;
dis. at Nashville, Dec. 16, 1864;
mem. Armstrong Post, G.A.R.
Ayers, A. served in co. A, 99th O. V. I. and co. D, 193d O. V. I.

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