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History of Ashland County, Ohio
with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches,
by George William Hill, M.D. -
Published by Williams Bros.


The Settlements in the Various Townships -
Lake - Mohican - Perry, Jackson - Green - Vermillion - Montgomery -
Orange - Mifflin - Milton - Clearcreek - Ruggles - Troy - Sullivan
Pg. 94

     In the settlement of the various townships prior to 1825, the arrival of pioneers has been fully detailed, and, since we will not have space for a personal notice of each pioneer, at a later period, we have concluded to give the name of each voter and male citizen, so far as possible, at that date.
     That the list may be properly arranged, we will first give the townships in the fifteenth range - Lake, Mohican, Perry and Jackson.
Lake -


Baker, Thomas
Balling, Elijah
Chandler, Robert
Emrick, Andrew
Emrick, George
Emrick, Jacob
Emrick, John
Emrick, John, Jr.
Ewalt, John
Ewalt, William
Gray, James
Green, James
Green, Jesse
Green, John
Green, William
Green, William
Green, William, Jr.
Greenlee, John
Greenlee, William
Hendrickson, William
Marks, Ephraim
Marks, George
Marks, George, Jr.
Marks, William
Newkirk, Henry
Newkirk, John
Newkirk, Reuben
Odell, L. D.
Odell, Nathan
Oram, Elijah
Oram, Henry
Oram, Joshua
Oram, Thomas
Riddle, John
Smith, Jabez
Smith, John
Webster, Asahel
Wetherbee, John
Wetherbee, Justuce
Wycoff, Peter
Wycoff, William
Young, J. C.
Mohican - The property holders were:
Allen, Silas
Ambrose, Austin
Andress, Robert
Arnold, James
Beard, Aaron
Beard, Asa
Beard, Calvin
Beard, Calvin, Jr.
Beard, Charles
Beard, Kendal
Bell, Simon
Bivins, Henry
Bivins, John
Black, John
Blew, Frederick
Blew, John
Boils, William
Botterfield, Joseph
Brown, Mary
Brown, Thomas
Bryan, James
Bryan, William
Bunn, Benjamin
Cameron, James
Cangman, Isaac
Caples, Robert
Carnes, Thomas
Carothers, Francis
Church, Edward
Clark, George
Cliff, Charles
Colier, James
Collins, Charles
Conkel, George
Cook, Jacob
Crum, Lewis
Cully, John
Cully, Matthew D.
Daily, Nathan
Dallas, Thomas
David, Carpenter
David, James
Dubbs, Henry
Eagle, John B.
Eagle, Thomas
Eagle, William
Ensminger, David
Ensminger, George
Ensminger, Michael
Ewing, Jacob
Ewing, James
Ewing, John
Ewing, William
Finley, Alexander
Finley, Hannah
Freeman, Luther
Freeman, Samuel
Gear, George
Gilbreath, John
Gill, Frederick
Gill, Isaac
Glenn, John, sr.
Glenn, Joshua
Gorsuch, John
Greer, Alexander
Greer, James
Hallinger, Isaac
Hargrave, Richard
Harpster, George
Harpster, John, sr.
Harry, Cyrus
Hart, George
Hayne, William
Heaney, John
Heller, Daniel
Heller, Samuel
Helper, William
Hiser, John
Hopkins, Henry
Houser, Jacob
Ingland, Isaac
Ingmand, Luke
Ingmond, Edmund 
Ingmond, Edmund, sr.
Isable, Charles
Isable, Heman
Jackson, Henry
Kelley, James
Kennedy, Archibald
Kiser, Frederick
Laix, George
Laix, John
Leathers, Jacob
Lybarger, Jacob
Mackenon, Allen
Martin, Benjamin
Martin, George
McClure, Thomas
McCombs, Joseph
McMurray, John
Metcalf, Edward
Metcalf, John H.
Metcalf, John H.
Metcalf, Josiah
Metcalf, Melinda
Metcalf, Thomas
Mickmacken, John
Mitchell, Alexander
Mitchell, John
Murdock, David
Musgrove, Joseph
Nailer, Equiler
Nailor, John
Newbrough, William
Newel, Charles
Newel, Thomas
Newman, Thomas
Noggle, David
Noggle, Joseph
Norris, Joseph
Norris, William
Otto, John
Otto, Matthias
Owens, Richard
Potts, Jonathan
Raub, Jacob
Reed, James
Rice, Absalom
Richey, Robert
Ridgeley, Richard
Riley, Henry
Selby, Thomas
Sheldon, Nathaniel
Shinabarger, John
Skilling, Hugh
Slater, James
Smith, John
Smurr, Thomas
Steel, Adam
Steel, Jacob
Stoler, Jacob
Strouse, David
Strouse, Frederick
Trease, Jacob
Tyler, Benjamin
Tyler, Major
Tyler, Sarah
Warner, Samuel
Wible, William 
Winbigler, Francis
Winbigler, George
Winbigler, John
Winbigler, Richard
Wissamore, Daniel
Wissamore, Thomas
Wissinger, Thomas
Wonder, John
Woods, John
Perry -
Adams, John
Adams, William
Akrite, William
Allison, Alexander
Allison, James
Allison, John, jr.
Allison, John, sr.
Anderson, James
Ason, Robert
Buffenmyer, David
Buffenmyer, George
Buffenmyer, Henry
Buffenmyer, Mathias
Buffenmyer, William
Campbell, Arthur
Campf, Mathias
Carey, George
Carr, Hugh
Carr, John
Carr, Nicholas
Chandler, Joseph
Clark, David
Clark, Joseph
Cliff, Charles
Cline, David
Clodfelter, Philip
Cory, Aaron
Cory, John
Countryman, Jacob
Cunningham, David
Cunningham, David, jr.
Cunningham, Thomas
Deardorf, Samuel
Dickason, James
Dorland, Garrett
Dorland, James
Echer, Abraham
Ecker, Jacob
Eichelburger, Adam
Ellison, John
Ewing, James
Ewing, John
Friedline, Conrad
Fry, John 
Gierhart, Henry
Grindle, Henry
Grindle, Henry, jr.
Hamilton, John
Hamilton, William
Hare, Conrad
Hayes, Samuel Y.
Heffler, Christopher
Helman, John
Hern, John
Hileman, John
Hillis, John
Hillis, Robert
Hillis, William
Ihrig, John
Jackson, Isaac
Johnson, David
Johnson, Thomas
Kelley, John
Kelley, William
Kiplinger, William
Klinger, John
Klingman, Jacob
Lash, Henry
Lash, Jacob
Lash, Peter
Lash, Zacheus
Lattimore, John
Laughlin, Robert
Long, John
Lowry, Francis
Lowry, Lazarus
Mang, Peter
Mang, Philip 
Mang, Samuel
Maurer, John
McConahey, David
McFadden, Edward
McLain, John
McMiller, Solomon
Meloy, Hugh
Mogle, Valentine
Morgan, William
Moyer, Benjamin
Neal, Samuel
Nelson, James
Nelson, William, jr.
Onstott, Jacob
Paxton, Nathaniel
Pittinger, Daniel
Pittinger, John
Pittinger, John
Pittinger, Peter
Pittinger, Thomas
Rauch, Jacob
Raver, John
Rice, Christian
Robinson, Robert
Row, Michael
Row, Michael, jr.
Sapp, Henry
Scott, James
Selby, Thomas
Shawn, Frederick
Shinnebarger, James
Shisler, John
Shisler, William
Shissler, John
Smalley, Henry
Smalley, Henry
Smalley, Isaac
Smalley, John
Smalley, Richard
Smith, David
Smith, John
Spencer, William
Stockwell, Remember
Strouse, George
Summerton, Phineas
Swash, David
Tarryer, John
Thomas, John
Weggardt, Jacob
White, Jacob
White, Jacob, jr.
White, James
White, John
White, Samuel
Williams, Daniel
Williams, David
Williams, William
Wilson, Charles
Wise, Frederick
Worley, George
Worst, Henry
Zimmerman, Henry
Jackson -
Anderson, William
Berk, Peter
Berry, Jacob
Berry, John
Bowman, Peter
Brooks, Tate
Brown, Philip
Bruge, Adam
Bryan, Daniel
Bryan, John
Bryan, Shadrach
Chacey, Samuel
Chilcote, Joseph
Cole, Stephen
Cole, Thomas
Cole, Thomas, jr.
Copley, Tomas
Culler, Henry
Davout, John
Dinsmore, James A.
Drodge, Benjamin
Duncan, John
Durfee, James
Dyarman, Robert
Dyarman, Samuel
Eldridge, Henry
Fast, Francis
Fast, Martin
Foreman, Michael
Fulton, James
George, James
Gierhart, Jonas H.
Goerge, John
Goodwin, Daniel
Green, Thomas
Hamilton, Hanson
Harbaught, John
Harris, William
Hellman, Jacob
Henry, Adam
Henry, Peter
Hoy, Chas
Johnsonbaugh, John
Kane, Peter
Keen, John
Kelley, John
Keny, Adam
King, Job
Kiplinger, Henry
Kiplinger, Henry, jr.
Kiplinger, Jacob
Kiplinger, John
Kiplinger, Michael
Kiplinger, Peter
Kitchin, Moses
Kramer, Jacob
Kuhn, John
Lafler, John
Landis, Samuel
Langherry, John
Lee, Josiah
Livingston, John M.
Long, George
Long, Noah
Loucks, Peter
Lyons, Isaac
Lyons, Nathaniel
Markle, Michael
Mathews, Jesse
McBride, Amos
McBride, Thomas
McConahey, Samuel
McConnell, Alexander
McCoy, James
McMeekin, James F.
Meason, John
Mickey, Isaac
Miller, Frederick
Moyer, Hnery
Nelson, John
Oxenrider, Jacob
Priest, Hankey
Priest, John
Prosser, William
Prosser, William
Proudfit, David
Raker, John
Ramsey, John
Ramsey, William
Raser, Solomon
Rickle, John
Rickle, Mathias
Rickle, Michael
Rickle, Peter
Ruffcorn, William
Shaffer, Martin
Shaffer, Nicholas
Shisler, Henry
Smiley, John A.
Smiley, Robert
Smith, Thomas
Smith, William
Solomon, Mokle
Sprinkle, David
Swape, Lawrence
Tarryer, John
Tucker, David
Urie, Thomas
Vavolman, John
Weaver, Conrad
Yearick, Peter
Young, John
We will return to range sixteen, and give a list of property holders and voters in Hanover, Green, Vermilion, Montgomery and Orange townships, in 1825.
Hanover -
Askew, Isaac Y.
Bull, George W.
Bull, Thomas J.
Burwell, John
Burwell, William
Butler, Stephen
Clark, Ransom
Cunningham, William
Davidson, George
Davidson, George, jr.
Dawson, Robert
Garrett, Samuel
Harbaugh, Amos
Haskell, Nathaniel
Hendircks, Samuel
Hibbard, Calvin
Hibbard, Edward S.
Hildebrand, John
Kay, William
Lisar, John
Mapes, John McCoy
Pell, Gilbert
Reno, John
Robinson, William
Shearer, Thomas
Smith, Andrew
Snyder, George
Spafford, Chester
Strong, Abel
Taylor, Thomas
Webb, William
Winters, Abner
Zeers, Anthony
Green - The following list is as nearly accurate as tradition can make it:
Adsit, Moses
Ady, James
Ayres, Isaac N.
Bailey, John
Brown, William
Byers, James
Byers, Joseph
Castor, Conrad
Castor, Noah
Chambers, John
Chapel, Caleb
Conine, Jeremiah
Conine, Richard
Cook, Pelham
Coulter, David
Coulter, John
Coulter, Jonathan
Coulter, Thomas, sr.
Crawford, George
Crosby, Aaron
Crosser, Adam
Crosser, Michael
Cunningham, James
Darling, Willialm
Davidson, George
Davidson, Robert
Dehaven, Nathan
Doney, Isaac
Fisher, Sylvester
Gee, Uriah
Gladden, James
Glass, John
Graham, Samuel
Guthrie, C.
Guthrie, George
Guthrie, John
Guthrie, Richard
Guthrie, Samuel
Guthrie, William
Gwin, Azariah
Gwin, James
Gwin, Joseph
Hill, Calvin
Hill, Harvey
Hill, Joseph
Hill, Josiah L.
Humphrey, Andrew
Hunter, James
Hunter, William
Irwin, James
Irwin, Robert
Irwin, William
Johnson, William
Jones, Joseph
Jones, Moses
Kinney, Aaron
Kinney, John
Marshall, Almarine
Martin, Isaac
McFall, James
McNaull, James
McNaull, William
Menor, Isaac
Murphy, Benjamin
Neptune, John
Odle, Moses
Oliver, Daniel
Oliver, John
Oliver, Lewis
Pallee, Trew
Palmer, John
Parish, Joseph
Pearce, Andrew
Pearce, Lewis
Pearce, William
Rice, Alexander
Rowland, James
Rowland, John M.
Rowland, Simon
Shambarger, Jacob
Shambarger, John
Shambarger, Philip
Simmons, Otho
Simmons, William
Skinner, Alexander
Smith, Chandler
Smith, Jedediah
Snyder, David
Stroud, Joel
Studley, Joseph
Tannehill, Basil
Tannehill, Charles
Taylor, William
Tennehill, Melzer
Van Hoon, John
Van Hoon, Peter
Van Zile, Jesse
Vanscoyce, Jonathan
Vanscoyce, Stephen
Vaughn, John
Wallace, William
White, John
White, Joshua
White, Samuel
Winter, A.
Wolf, Isaac
Wolf, Warring
Vermillion -
Baker, Nathaniel
Bell, William
Bennett, Abraham
Bennett, Aquilla
Bennett, John
Bennett, Michael
Bennett, Peter
Block, Daniel & sons
Blurt, John G.
Brown, John
Bushnell, Collins
Bushnell, Homer
Bushnell, Jotham
Bushnell, Sterling G.
Bushnell, Thomas
Bushnell, William
Byerly, Andrew
Campbell, James
Clapper, John
Cox, James E.
Cox, John, sr.
Cox, John, sr.
Cox, Thomas
Craig, Samuel
Craig, William
Dalton, Edward
Davis, Ephraim
Dawson, Joseph
Dawson, Robert
Dragon, Peter & sons
Duncan, John
Duncan, Joseph
Eckley, David
Eckley, Ephraim
Eckley, George
Eckley, Jeremiah
Eihinger, Andrew
Eihinger, Christian
Eihinger, Frederick
Eihinger, George
Eihinger, Philip
Eihinger, Samuel
Emery, John
Emery, Walter
Emery, William
Ewing, David
Ewing, George
Ewing, George
Ewing, Henry
Ewing, James
Ewing, John
Ewing, Lewis
Ewing, Stephen
Ewing, Titus
Ewing, William, jr.
Ewing, William, sr.
Farver, John
Finley, Daniel
Finley, Hugh
Finley, Isaac
Finley, Robert
Friend, George
Friend, Jacob
Friend, Michael
Friend, Philip
Galloway, John
Galloway, Thomas
Galloway, William, jr.
Galloway, William, jr.
Goudey, George
Goudey, James
Goudey, Thomas
Goudey, William
Grubaugh, David
Grubaugh, John
Grubaugh, Joseph
Grubaugh, Michael
Grubaugh, Thomas
Hall, John
Hammond, Nathaniel
Harlan, Daniel
Harlan, Samuel
Harman, Daniel
Harman, John
Harman, Peter
Harman, Samuel 
Harman, Samuel, jr.
Harper, John
Harper, Thomas
Harper, William
Hayes, George
Hayes, Linus
Hayes, Titus
Hazlett, David
Hersh, George
Hervey, William
Hewey, Thomas
Hill, Reuben
Hoagland, Aaron
Hoagland, Enoch
Hoagland, Isaac
Howard, John
Huff, Jacob
Hughes, Joel
Humphrey, Andrew
Humphrey, William
Insign, Edwin
Insign, Linus
Insign, Lucius
Insign, Walter
Jackman, Henry
Jackman, Henry
Jackman, Richard
Jackman, Robert
Jackman, Robert
Jackman, Samuel
Johnson, Abraham
Johnson, John & sons
Johnson, Uriah
Kelley, Patrick
Kilmer, Isaac
King, John
Kirk, John
Lemon, John
Lemon, Robert
Lemon, William
Marshall, George, Jr.
Matthews, David
Matthews, John
McCrary, William
McCrory, James
McCrory, John
McGuire, Thomas
McLaughlin, George
McLaughlin, Marshall
McLaughlin, William
McNabb, John
Metcalf, Mashem
Mowdy, John
Naylor, Aquilla
Nealy, James
Newman, Andrw
Newman, James
Newman, William
North, George
North, William
Palmer, James & sons
Palmer, Jonathan
Porter, Daniel
Porter, John
Purdy, Peter M.
Reed, Jacob
Reed, William
Roarick, Abraham
Ryland, Willialm & sons
Scott, Andrew
Scott, John
Scott, John, jr.
Scott, John, sr.
Scott, Weekly W.
Scott, William
Scott, William
Sherrick, David
Shriver, George
Sigler, Henry & sons
Smith, James B.
Smith, Stephen
Spirter, William & sons
Stafford, John
Stafford, Nathan
Stafford, Thomas
Steel, John
Stover, John
Strickland, Joseph & sons
Strickland, Joseph & sons
Strickland, Mahlon
Strickland, William S.
Updegraff, Solomon
Vangilder, George
Vangilder, Jeremiah
Vangilder, John
Vangilder, Peter
Vanzile, Alfred
Vanzile, Azariah
Vanzile, Thomas
Whittington, James
Whittington, John
Whittington, Samuel
Williams, J. H.
Williams, Robert
Williams, Robert, jr.
Wilson, John
Workman, Joseph
Workman, Stewart
Workman, Thomas
Montgomery -      The forgoing list, although very full, may not contain all the settlers of 1825.  In obtaining the list, we had to rely mostly upon tradition.
Andrews, Alanson
Anicbus, Amos
Aten, John
Aten, Richard
Bailey, Elias
Barr, David
Baughman, Abraham
Baughman, Henry
Baughman, John
Baughman, Samuel
Beer, Richard
Benton, Seth
Boots, James
Brooks, Joshua
Brown, Thos. H.
Brubaker, John
Burns, Samuel
Butler, George
Callehan, Jesse
Carr, John
Carter, Daniel
Carter, Daniel, jr.
Clark, Richard
Cline, Conrad
Cline, Jacob
Cline, Jonas
Cline, Ludwig
Cline, Philip
Cole, James
Conley, Joseph
Cook, Seth B.
Crouse, Jacob
Cuppy, Benjamin
Cuppy, James
David, Urie
Dolby, Aaron
Drumb, Andrew
Drumb, Uriah
Drumb, William
Dunaway, Levi
Emmons, Benjamin
Figley, Jacob
Gallup, Jacob
Gamble, Josiah
Gierhart, Henry
Graham, Francis
Griner, Martin
Grubaugh, Jonathan
Grubaugh, Michael
Harriman, David
Harvuot, Jonathan
Heller, Jacob
Heller, John
Herriman, Daniel
Herriman, John
Holmes, Abraham
Hough, John
Hull, John
Ingland, Asa
Jacobs, John
Jones, Isaac
Keller, John
Kellogg, Burr
Kellogg, Sage
Kellogg, Wells
Kindall, James
King, Moses
Knight, Ezekiel
Kuykendall, James
Kuykendall, John
Link, Adam
Lockhart, David
Maize, Thomas
Markley, Aaron
Markley, David
Markley, Jonathan
Marley, Joseph
Mason, Andrew
Mason, John
Mathews, William
McClusky, Jacob
McCommon, John
McCune, William
McKeral, Elijah
McKeral, Elisha
McNaull, John
Mickey, Daniel
Miller, Alexander
Montgomery, William
Moore, Hugh
Mullen, John
Myers, Abraham
Myers, Michael
Mykrants, Christopher
Mykrants, Jacob
Mykrants, John
Newell, Joseph
Newell, Robert
Newell, Samuel
Nighingill, E. D.
Oldshue, Daniel
Oram, Thomas
Palmer, George W.
Palmer, Joseph
Proudfit, Andrew
Proudfit, James
Proudfit, John
Ralston, James
Ralston, Robert
Ralston, Robert, jr.
Riddle, Michael
Robinson, Daivd, jr.
Robinson, David, sr.
Rowland, John
Rowland, Samuel
Rutter, Andrew
Shaffer, Jacob
Shaffer, John
Shaffer, Nicholas
Shaffer, Peter
Shearer, Benjamin
Shearer, Solomon
Sheets, Joseph
Sheets, Samuel
Sheets, William
Sheradden, Solomon
Sherradden, Abraham
Sherradden, Paul
Sirkel, Benjamin
Skilling, William
Slocum, Elias
Slocum, Willard
Smith, John
Smith, Therygood
Smith, Thomas
Springer, Henry
Springer, John
Stair, Jacob
Sutherland, John
Swaney, David
Swaney, James
Swaney, Wesley
Swineford, George
Swineford, John
Swineford, Peter
Swineford, Samuel
Thomas, George
Thomas, Leonard
Thomas, Michael
Thomas, Peter
Urie, George W.
Urie, James
Urie, Samuel
Urie, Solomon
Urie, Solomon, jr.
Vantilburg, Daniel
Vantilburg, Henry
Wachtell, George
Wachtell, Henry
Wachtell, Jacob
Walker, Alanson
Wallace, William
Wertman, Simon
White, Franklin
White, Samuel
Whiting, Samuel B.
Wolf, Jacob
Wolf, John
Zimmerman, Peter
Orange -
Anderson, John P.
Aratman, Solomon
Artman, Adam
Baker, John D.
Baughman, Henry
Biddinger, Isaac
Biddinger, Peter
Biddinger, Philip
Bishop, Henry
Bishop, John
Bishop, Joseph
Bowlsby, Samuel C.
Bowman, John N.
Bowman, Masham
Boyer, Martin
Brown, Thomas
Bryan, Silas A.
Bryan, William
Bryte, Nathaniel
Burge, John Y.
Bush, Christian
Campbell, Daniel
Campbell, George
Campbell, James
Campbell, Robert
Carr, Joshua
Cassel, John
Chilcote, Elijah
Chilcote, Humphrey
Chilcote, John
Chilcote, Mordecai
Clark, James
Culbertson, Robert
Cunningham, Aaron
Dfast, David
Donley, Thomas
Erb, Abraham
Fast, Abraham
Fast, Christian, sr.
Fast, George
Fast, Jacob
Fast, Nicholas
Fast, William 
Fitzgerald, William
Fluke, Henry
Fluke, John
Fluke, Philip
Fluke, Philip, jr.
Fluke, Samuel
Fulmer, Jacob
Fulmer, John
Hall, George
Hartman, David
Hartman, John
Heister, John
Hiffner, David
Hiffner, Frederick
Hiffner, Henry
Hiffner, Jacob
Hiffner, Jacob, jr.
Hiffner, Valentine
Jones, Nicholas
Kendig, Jacob
Kilgore, James
Krebs, Christian
Krebs, Jacob
Krebs, John
Krebs, Mathias
Krepps, Henry
Linard, John
Mackerill, Joel
Mason, Jacob
Mason, Martin, sr.
McConnell, George
McConnell, John
McConnell, Thomas
McDowell, James
McDowell, John
McDowell, William
McLaughlin, James
McLaughlin, Robert
McMeekin, Hance
Metcalf, Samuel 
Metcalf, Vachel
Murray, Edward
Murray, George
Murray, Hugh
Murray, James
Murray, John
Murray, Patrick
Murray, William
Norris, Amos
Patterson, William
Reaser, Daniel
Richards, James
Richards, John
Richards, Samuel
Ricket, Christopher
Ridenour, Jacob
Ridenour, Michael
Sheets, Michael
Shroder, Jacob
Sibert, John
Snyder, Joseph
Stull, Isaac
Stull, John
Summers, Daniel
Switzer, Jacob
Thomas, Josiah
Tilton, Aaron
Tilton, James A.
Tilton, John
Tilton, Samuel
Tucker, David
Tucker, Henry
Tucker, Jonathan
Tucker, Josiah
Urie, Thomas, jr.
Urie, Thomas, sr.
Vance, Valentine
Welch, Ephraim
Young, Jacob
     We will now enumerate the pioneers of range seventeen, which includes the greater part of the townships of Mifflin, Milton and Clearcreek.
Mifflin -
Abey, Isaac
Andrews, Francis
Andrews, John
Autsbarger, John
Autsbarger, Michael
Bare, Benjamin
Baum, Jacob
Baum, Peter
Beninghoff, John
Bennett, Aquilla
Bentley, Robert
Bolles, David
Bolles, Joseph
Bolyeat, Henry
Bolyeat, Jacob
Bolyeat, Jonas
Bolyeat, Stephen
Braden, Samuel
Brubaker, David
Brubaker, Henry
Brubaker, John
Charles, John
Charles, Joseph
Chew, James
Copus, James, jr.
Copus, Wesley
Cotner, Fred
Croninger, Benjamin
Croninger, Leonard
Culler, Michael
Culler, Phillip
Davis, Isaac
Deal, Frederick
Deter, Philip
Doty, James
Doty, Joseph
Edwards, C.
Egner, Peter
Enos, Francis
Gardner, William
Gates, John
Gongwer, John
Hahn, Christian
Hazles, Hugh
Hershey, Benjamin
Hoover, Daniel
Hoover, Joseph
Hughes, Joseph
Kagy, Isaac
Kagy, Martin
Kagy, Samuel
Kauffman, Daniel
Kauffman, John
Keever, Jacob
Koogle, Jacob
Lambright, John
Lambright, Lewis
Landis, John
Lattimore, William
Lemon, John
Lemon, Robert
Lewis, Charles
Lewis, Nathan
Lewis, Samuel
Markley, Jacob
Matthews, Daniel
Matthews, Martin
McCrony, John
Morehead, Calvin
Newman, William
pettet, Jonathan
Reed, Charles M.
Richey, Andrew
Richey, John
Scott, Samuel
Sheller, Jacob
Simpson, Joseph
Simpson, Samuel
Smith, Henry
Stehman, Jacob
Stofford, John
Sunday, Henry
Sunday, John
Vail, James
Vail, John
Vail, Solomon
Vautilburg, John
Vesper, Christian
Walters, Solomon
Will, Jacob 
Will, Joseph
Woodhouse, John
Yehman, John
Yehman, Joshua
Young, David
Young, David
Young, Henry
Young, Michael
Zehner, Isaac
Zehner, Mathias
Zehner, Samuel
Milton -
Albert, George
Anderson, Hugh
Anderson, James
Anderson, John
Anderson, Joseph M.
Andrews, Elijah
Andrews, James
Andrews, Obed
Armstrong, Lemon
Arnold, Daniel
Barnes, Andrew, jr.
Barr, David
Barr, Robert
Barr, Stephen
Baum, Adam
Baum, Jacob
Baum, Jacob
Baum, Samuel
Bechtel, Joseph
Bechtel, Peter
Blughlauger, Jacob
Braden, Thomas
Brubaker, Benjamin
Brubaker, Benjamin
Brubaker, Peter
Brubaker, Peter
Burns, Andrew, sr.
Burns, Hugh
Callin, Hugh
Callin, William
Campbell, Henry
Campbell, John
Chambers, John
Charles, Joseph
Clay, David
Clay, John
Corts, Lewis
Cotner, Jacob
Crawford, David
Crawford, James
Culler, Jacob
Doty, Abraham
Doty, John
Doty, Samuel
Ferrell, James
Ferrell, Obediah
Frienhart, Frederick
Garber, George
Gebhart, Jacob
Greenawalt, Peter
Hall, George
Hall, James
Hall, John
Hazlett, John
Heal, John
Heltman, Joseph
Hilburn, Amos
Hilburn, Samuel
Hillburn, James
Hiller, Jacob
Hilton, John
Holderman, John
Houston, Nottingham
Imhoff, John
Imhoff, Peter
Imhoff, Theodore
Imhoff, William
Kauffman, John
Keever, Henry
Kelley, James
Kelley, William
Klingan, John
Link, Adam
Lockhart, Alexander
Lockhart, Allen
Lockhart, William
Lora, Jacob
McCartney, George
McCartney, Robert
McConoughey, James
McCrory, John
McCrory, Robert
Mellinger, Joseph
Mercer, A. E.
Mercer, Franklin
Mercer, Jackson
Mercer, Levi
Miskin, Benjamin
Motter, Samuel
Myers, Abraham
Myers, Jacob
Myers, John
Myers, John
Neal, Henry
Neal, John
Neese, Peter
Nelson, John
Nelson, Robert
Nelson, Scott
Nusbaum, John
Nusbaum, Peter
Owens, Archibald
Perrine, Nicholas
Pollock, David
Pollock, James
Pollock, John
Pollock, Joseph
Reed, Alexander
Rutan, Abraham
Rutan, Nicholas
Ryall, George
Ryall, John
Short, James
Smeltzer, John
Smeltzer, Michael
Smith, Thomas
Souser, John
Starrett, John
Stoner, David
Stout, David
Stout, John
Sulcer, Frederick
Teel, David
Thomas, Samuel
Webster, Abel A.
Wharton, James
Wharton, John
Whitmarsh, Benjamin
Williams, Ebenezer
Williams, Isaac
Williams, Joseph
Williams, Robert
Woodburn, John
Zehner, David
Zehner, Henry
Zehner, Peter
Zehner, Samuel
Clearcreek -
Aten, John
Anderson, James
Andrews, William
Akright, Jacob
Abbott, Jeremiah
Bryte, John
Burns, David
Brown, John
Bailey, Nathaniel
Blann, Daid
Bennett, John
Brink, Thomas
Bailey, John
Bailey, Abel
Beymer, George
Cook, Thomas C.
Coonelson, John
Crow, Lewis
Cuppy, John
Clayburg, Abraham
Cooper, John
Casey, Job
Cook, John
Crampton, Joel
Downer, George
Downer, John
Dayhuff, Moses
Davis, JosephElliott, Patrick
Fast, Joseph
Freeburn, John
Freeborn, Richard
Freeman, William
Freeman, Samuel
Foulks, Jacob
Fisher, Henry
Fisher, Thomas
Ford, Thomas
Ford, Elias
Ford, Elijah
Gilchrist, William
Gribben, James
Goldsmith, Nicholas
Goldsmith, Vincent
Harper, Matthew
Haney, James
Haney, John
Haney, Thomas
Hendricks, John
Houston, Robert
Huffman, Abraham
huffman, Samuel
Harvuot, Isaac
Harvout, Joseph
Harvouot, Joseph, jr.
Jackson, John
Jackson, Joseph
Jackson, James
Kellogg, Sylvanus
Loughton, James
Laughton, Matthew
Munhollen, Thomas
McMeekin, Hance
Marshall, Joseph
Merfert, Robert
McBeth, Robert
McMeekin, William
McClain, Jacob
McMeekin, William, jr.
McKibben, Joseph
McCready, Alexander
McWilliams, John
Owens, John
Poag, James
Porter, Alexander
Palmer, Ephraim
Patterson, Robert
Potter, Eliljah
Price, William
Prosser, John
Peterson, Nicholas
Rigdon, John
Ross, Thomas
Shaw, William
Smith, John
Sith, Adam
Stratten, David
Scott, Joseph
Snook, Casper
Scott, John
Skinner, Alfred
Sprott, Thomas
Sprott, Thomas, jr.
Slonaker, Jared N.
Vanmeter, Isaac
Vonostrand, Peter
Wright, Joseph
Wagner, Casper
Whitlock, Thomas G.
Wright, Thomas
Youngblood, Mr.
Ruggles - The voters and property holders of this township, in 1825, were as follows:
Barnes, Justus
Bates, Truman
Beach, Daniel
Carter, Norman
Carver, Aldrich
Durfee, Perry
Ferris, Abraham
Fox, Reuben
Roorback, Jacob
Sacket, Harvy
Smith, Ezra D.
Sturtevant, Bradford
and shortly after:
Camp, Samuel
Gates, J.
Hall, John
Monroe, Samuel
Taylor, Enoch
Weston, Solomon
Troy - It is believed there was not a single white inhabitant within the township in 1825.  At that period it was a common hunting-ground for Indians, and the pioneer hunters, of what now constitutes the county of Ashland.
Sullivan -
Carlton, Joseph
Chamberlain, Jesse
Chamberlain, Richard
Chapman, Uriah
Close, Benjamin
Close, Henry
Close, R. M.
Diamond, Isaac
Durfee, ___
Gould, John
Hendryx, John
Hooker, Harris
Hooker, John
Mann, A.
Mann, George
Marsh Aretas
Marsh, Abijah
Munson, John
Palmer, James
Parmely, Asahel
Parmely, Ashley
Parmely, John
Parmely, John, jr.
Parmely, Sylvanus
Rice, Thomas
Tillotson, Daniel
Woods, William

     It will be seen by consulting the foregoing lists, that the population of the territory now constituting Ashland county, in 1825 was much larger than is supposed by many.  If we estimate six members to each family, the aggregate number of people in this region must have reached nearly eight thousand.  When we reflect that in 1812 the entire population did not exceed one hundred and fifty souls, the settlement of the wilds of Richland county, for the next thirteen years, must have been exceedingly rapid; while the erection of cabins and improvements dotted almost every part of the forest.


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